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About the Chad Valley Crocodile Xylophone

Your most cherished will love pulling this brightly coloured Chad Valley Crocodile Xylophone around with them during their creative adventured for music on the move! Amuse your little one whilst engaging and encouraging their visual and aural senses with vibrantly hued keys, a fun crocodile shape and charming musical notes. Size H9, W30, D15cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8338963
EAN/SKU: 8338963
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Chad Valley Crocodile Xylophone Reviews

5/5   '1yr old grandson loves it an so do I if I'm honest lol'

5/5  Mgiraffe 'It is educational and fun Got it as an offer so it’s reasonable too Nice size'

4/5  Schumi 'Recomend, good nicely build toy, will provide lots fun and trick imagination for any kid'

5/5  David 'Well built quality toy very difficult for the kids to break and they're having lots of fun with it'

5/5  MrsD 'My little boy loves this'

5/5  Alice 'Got for a at birthday and they loved it!'

5/5  Angel 'My son loves it plays with it all the time'

5/5  Julia 'The 1 year old recipient of this toy was really happy! It is bright and colourful, thank you'

5/5  Ben10 'She love it it is very good'

5/5  Courtney 'I bought this for my daughters 1st birthday and she absolutely loves it!'

5/5  NLC 'Products exactly as described my little boy loves it.'

5/5  Mum 'My 17th month old son absolutely loved it'

4/5  Mughal 'My baby didn’t like it'

5/5  Katlin 'Got this for my godson. He loves it .'

5/5  Shohal 'Very creative toy for toddlers'

5/5  Eaw 'My 2 year old has had alot of fun with this. Very sturdy and loud'

5/5  Freda 'My granddaughter ladies this, she loves making noise and this is perfect for her'

5/5  Becky 'My baby loves to sit and play with this toy alot'

5/5  Rb11 'Very colourful and fun! My son walks everywhere with it!'

5/5  Surrinder 'Love watching my little grandson sit and play: it’s handy because he is able to pull around'

4/5  Daniella 'Got this for my sons first birthday and he loved it. Loves the fact it has a string to it can chase him. Stick is small and easily lost though.'

5/5  Beck 'Great for learning, my little one loves to pull it along and make music! Fantastic for the little ones fine motor skills, and it's so colourful!'

5/5  Jack 'The 1 year old it was bought for loves it and plays with it all the time!'

3/5  JKno8 'It's ok toy . It's smaller than imagine . My little boy played for couple of days only . It could be cheaper , because it's nothing too great about it .'

5/5  Amy 'Excellent quality for the price and lots of fun'

5/5  Pammie 'My 1 yr old granddaughter loves playing with her new toy. Brightly coloured and well made!'

5/5  Lm2501 'Very good value. Bought for my 1 year old and he loves it. Good quality too.'

5/5  Saff 'Lovely toy, bought it my son ready for Christmas and already know he will love it!'

5/5  Nicole 'Perfect for my daughter for her Christmas , I opened it up to make sure it was in working order and it’s fantastic!'

5/5  Lea 'Son really loves it. i love that the stick can be stored in the mouth, so it doesnt go missing'

5/5  Om 'Brought this for my niece great toy and good value for money'

5/5  Glynno 'The boy I bought it for loved it, played with it.'

5/5  Chris28 'Perfect for a 1 year old. Well made and brightly coloured'

5/5  Chin 'My daughter loves it!'

4/5  Stacia 'Really nice to play with and my daughter love she it. Only problem is the little beater for xylophone isn't attached to anything so quite easy to misplace.'

5/5  Ash 'This toy has made my son so busy playing with the toy and not crying much. Finally I found the perfect toy'

5/5  Harleigh 'Not a very bulky toy I’d say it’s fairly compact which is ideal with how many toys kids end up with! Very sturdy and don’t see my heavy handed son breaking it in any way. Lovely character, would be better if they maybe had other animal options? But very impressed overall'

5/5  Louloulinz 'It's nice and bright, sounds great and works as an instrument as well as a pull along, which helps baby with encouragement to walk around, plus its a fun wooden croc and I'm always a big fan of the wooden sustainable toys, as opposed to plastic! Amazing and well worth the cost.'

3/5  MrT 'Bright colours, a snapping crocodile and the ability for your little angel to drive you insane with the sound of constant twanging! ... A definite to be kept in the box and palmed off to your least favourite siblings kids as a gift!!'

4/5  LaurenGillon 'Good product, good size! The stick is maybe slightly small but can be attached to product which is good!'

5/5  Potters 'My son adores his new toy takes it everywhere banging as he goes !!!! Very durable toy'

4/5  Charlie 'Really cute toy and excellent value for money!'

5/5  Rp 'My boy loves this. Initially be didn't show much interest but then he got the hang of the string Ahmed loves his croco'

4/5  R1 'Love the fact its wooden, great price, kids love it.'

5/5  Kirstee 'My niece loves this she is just 1 and loves the noise and that you can pull it along.'

5/5  Munnin 'Excellent in store service with help staff'

5/5  Lou 'Good value wooden xylophone. My 10 month old loves this. It's bright, tough and has no easily removable small pieces, so choking risk is minimal. Obviously, supervise your child while using anything that could be a risk but, I tugged at every metal bar and attachment to check for anything loose before letting my son use it. Everything is well-secured. Very pleased with my purchase and the price.'

4/5  Lilypops 'This would have had 5 stars if the stick was attached.. 1yr old loves making a noise then hiding the stick.'

5/5  Emily 'Both my boys love this! Great product.'

5/5  Reviewer 'This was better quality than I was expecting! lovely wooden toy, good value for money and my nephew loved it'

5/5  Julia 'My 8 month baby very like it. good quality and design, He don't playing yet, but so like it, and its will be more interesting for him in the future'

5/5  EmmaandFreddie 'Well made and nice tone to the individual bars. Snappy mouth that holds the xylophone striker. My baby boy loves the string and seeing it pulled along as well as hitting it.'

5/5  Stratmanrocker 'Nicely designed toy for 1-2 year old. Sadly only 7 music notes - better it it had an octave!'

5/5  Steve 'Great little toy not too noisy lol'

5/5  Oaky 'Overall fun toy, multifunctional,as well as simplicity'

5/5  Kate 'My children love this. It’s well made and safe for my 1yr old. Glad we bought it'

4/5  Tee 'A great gift for daughter she loves playing it and very portable and not heavy'

5/5  Sanjayne 'Lots and lots of fun for my little guy and my newborn enjoys looking at it too'

5/5  Mel 'Good quality wood, nicely painted and sounds fabulous. Mouth opens and closes when LO drags the toy around.'

5/5  Shazza28 'Brought for use at my house. My 9 month grandson bangs it. He seems to like it.'

3/5  ML 'On the face of it, this is a pleasant toy that will give hours of pleasure to a inquisitive child, however I found it a little frustrating that there are only 7 keys, which means that it does not provide a full octave of notes. This might seem rivial comment for a toy for 12 month + child, but when one is trying to get a child to start to learn and appreciate music having a full octave would complete the natural sound! I wish I noticed that before as I would have looked at alternate options.'

5/5  Fara 'Fun to play with kids my little one likes to play but get hurt while getting hit by its tail when tapping'

5/5  Louise 'This was a great present for my son, his face and laugh is priceless as he makes musical fun'

3/5  Nickie 'It looks good but would of been better if it had a long string to pull it along'

5/5  RLG 'Brilliant present for my little boy'

5/5  Kat 'I love this toy, it looks great and is well done. Both my 1yo (who the toy is for) and 5yo really enjoy it.'

4/5  MummaMartinez 'Cute little xylophone which can be a pull along toy too. I gave it 4 stars & not 5 as the tapping stick wasn’t in the box so I had the agg of exchanging it!'

5/5  Rbl 'Bought for my sons first birthday. He absolutely loves it as he can make noises and pull it along too. Super recommend!'

3/5  Benny 'Brilliant value for money, good quality'

5/5  Billie 'Kids absolutly love it'

5/5  LSim 'My year old Nephew loved it! He had a whale of a time bashing it and making music.'

5/5  SK 'Bought for my grandsons first birthday, excellent little toy, he loved it.'

5/5  Russell 'I should have bought this sooner for my toddler, it's well made in bright colours and produces a decent sound. He also enjoys it as a pull along animal, so two toys in one!'

4/5  RachieB 'It does what it’s suppose to keys my little one entertained for a short time.'

5/5  Ruthie 'Our one year old loves this little robust toy'

4/5  Ann 'Great idea to have it as a pull along'

5/5  Heb3 'Works well and looks good too.'

3/5  MusicalMum 'A good toy for little ones, but if you are a musical adult, it's incredibly frustrating. The 7 notes form notes D - C of a C major scale... without the middle C! It's really annoying that you can't play any proper nursery rhymes as there isn't the first note of the scale. It's clearly meant to have 8 notes, as it was surely supposed to be red to form a rainbow. It would be better if the little mallet was on the end of the string to stop it getting lost. Also, technically it's a glockenspiel.'

5/5  Sonny 'Would buy it again as a present my grandchildren love it.'

5/5  Philippa 'This was a fantastic gift for my nephews first birthday! He thoroughly enjoys making loads of noise using it! And he does it all with a massive grin on his face'

5/5  Nibbs 'A gorgeous xylophone for little uns. Wooden toys last a lifetime and this is so cute. A lovely addition to any toddlers playroom. Very happy with purchase at a very competitive price.'

5/5  JackieN 'My granddaughter loves this. That’s good enough for me.'

5/5  Tinac 'I bought this as he likes making music and he plays with it constantly'

5/5  Gilly 'Bought with offer for gransons 1st birthday wanted the ball pit, but your advised me about having the two items, looks lovely and colourful but decided to keep this item and give it him at Christmas, as he has lots for birthday.'

5/5  AJJ 'This went down well as a 1st birthday present. Daughter loves to play with it, making music, pulling the string and playing with the moving parts.'

5/5  Pirate 'My grandson loves it.'

5/5  Rahman 'My little girl likes it and it makes good sounds'

5/5  Babychels 'My luttle boy loves his music an this was a great toy to add to the collection his on it for hours'

5/5  Nanacaz12 'Granddaughter loves it. Such good value and solid made. Good job because she loves bashing it!!'

5/5  Sixy 'My Grandson thought this was brilliant. Very easy for little hands to use.'

5/5  Slim 'Such a good toy for a little one, well made and hours of entertainment'

5/5  NAT 'Lovely toy, my little one has had lots of fun playing with it. Very colourful, great that you can store the mallet (stick) in the the toy! so easy to lose if you don’t have anywhere to put it! Such a great price for a lovely toy'

3/5  Caroline 'Nice little wooden toy, although I was hoping the bars would be wooden (xylophone translates as 'wooden sound' - this should be called a glockenspiel with metal bars) for a gentler sound when it's getting whacked by a baby. I got it half price so can't complain. The colours are nice and having wheels and string to pull along gives it a second play purpose.'

5/5  Naz 'Nephew loves hitting the xylophone, making music and busting some moves'

4/5  Pigeon 'Cannot give the xylophone full stars as it has yet to be tested out by my young grandson. Chad valley was always a good make though back in the day so hoping it lives up to it’s name.'

4/5  Barbara 'This xylophone is cute and has a pull string to pull it along. The stick for the xylophone can be slotted into the mouth so not easily lost- a nice touch! At half price in the sale it was worth it.'

5/5  Kitty 'Perfect for a gift. Kid is happy to pull it along.'

5/5  Nicem1 'My little one loves these wooden pull along toys (she’s two) and this one gets played with every day. It’s very well made and looks great. The xylophone is a nice little bonus for us, rather than the main feature. Excellent value for money.'

5/5  GT 'Perfect present for my young son. I love that its wooden but still colourful.'

5/5  PollyMc 'Lovely design and colours for little ones and the noise it creates'

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