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Chad Valley 4 Piece Metal Drum Set

About the Chad Valley 4 Piece Metal Drum Set

Your child is sure to have plenty of creative fun using this Chad Valley drum set. With the look and feel of an adult kit, this scaled version will excite budding rock stars as they begin their journey to stardom. Don’t stifle the genius and save your pots and pans from further punishment! This complete metal drum set includes bass drum (14 inches), mounted tom drum (8 inches), snare drum (8 inches), brass cymbal (9.5 inches), wooden drum sticks and bass drum pedal. The boxed product weight of the Chad Valley 4 Piece Metal Drum Set is 5kg.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3499797
EAN/SKU: 3499797
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Chad Valley 4 Piece Metal Drum Set Reviews

5/5   'Great product and good value for money'

5/5  Vic4 'This drum kit is far superior to others we looked at for our granddaughter. She loves it . Brilliant.'

4/5  John 'This is a well made drum kit. Consists of 3 different type drums and a cymbal. Each is made of wood with metal supports around the skins. My two boys have enjoyed playing with this and it has stood up to a good bashing with no visible signs of damage to the skins. It makes a good sound, as good as can be expected from a pair of 6 year olds. Only downside is you need to purchase a seat separately, but it can be used when the child is standing. Good value for money.'

4/5  I Do Not Like Nicknames! 'Good product.'

4/5  Jeannie 'Really good product sadly came without drum sticks'

5/5  Brzozar2 'Very good quality product. It sounds very realistic for a 'toy' instrument.'

5/5  Natalie 'Best present i got my mental 2 year old as he is in to his musical instruments. I might live to regret this buy but to see my sons cheeky smile and hear his laugj when he knows he driving hos sister up the wall is all worth it. Made of wood and fab height.'

5/5  Jane 'Lovely gift for my step son'

1/5  Trace8 'Came without drumsticks and bits missin couldnt change it had none in stock. will not buy from argos again'

5/5  Nicnak71 'My 4 year old son loves these drums. Good sturdy drums and strong drum sticks. Don't buy these if you don't like noise!!!'

1/5  Kaylz 'Unfortunately this drum kit had parts missing and as my daughter is almost 8 it's difficult to return as she thinks it's came from santa'

5/5  Sunny 'Great product, got for a little musican in the making.'

5/5  Granny K 'I bought the drum kit for my grandson for Christmas. I have tested it myself and am very pleased with the quality and sound. Role on Christmas to see my grandsons face'

5/5  Dee 'I bought this drum set for my wee boys 6th birthday. Thought it might me too small .but for this price couldn't get any better.worth of money .my wee one left very very happy. And hight was perfect for him too.'

3/5  Pam 'Only down side is the brackets that hold the top drums in isn't very strong'

5/5  Gabsndav 'Great little drum set. Was bought for my 3 year old boy. Great value for money and so much better than anything else I could find at this price. Went together easily and actually has decent sound. He absolutely loves it. We invested in an adjustable stool (from elsewhere) as this doesn't come with one. Perfect for the budding drummer. Recommended.'

4/5  Daveargos 'Good quality kit for price, kids (9 and 12) both like the set. Louder than you'd expect for size, tone / tuning of set not great but ok to practice on/introduce to drums.'

5/5  Emzs4u 'This chad vally drum kit is fab! My six year old loves it looks small when you get the box but when you set it up its alot bigger than you think its going to be.highly recomend already know a friend who has bought one for her child.Easy to set up and put away.'

5/5  Kdawg 'This little drumkit was a winner for my daughters birthday present. She loves the colour and it's a great way to spend the day! It is a brilliant size and fairly easy to assemble. Great sound. Excellent value'

5/5  FM 'Great value for money. Easy to put together and great entertainment for your child. My son loves it and I'm glad I bought it for him'

5/5  Lea787 'My 4 year old loves this. Better quality than expected- we did get it the sale at about £35. Not sure we'd have paid full price.'

5/5  April 'Bought these for my son for his birthday and was thrilled to bits with it!! he loves them and they good and sturdy allowing him to hit the drums properly :-)'

5/5  Nic 1320 'Though I thought initially they were expensive this product is well made and I have no doubt will last a long time.'

4/5  Jamsieboy1 'Great we set of drums.'

5/5  Oss 'Highly Recommend it my grandson loves it'

5/5  LM 'Really impressed with the quality, my 5 year old loves it! Very happy with my purchase'

4/5  Shazza15 'Bought this drum lot for my 5 mmyear old grandson and he loves it. He's had a drum kit before but it was flimsy and it didn't last long this on be is more substantial and looks quite strong so hopefully should last longer. Easy enough to put together too.'

4/5  Johnnyb 'Good starter drums to get them to express their musical flair'

5/5  G 'Really pleased with this. Lovely looking and feels robust. The 3 year old enjoys it, as does his 8 year old brother. A really nice purchase. It is loud though!'

5/5  Joanne 'My daughter loved it, loads of fun'

5/5  Megan74 'An excellent value for money drum set from 3-6 years old'

5/5  Mrsaudin 'Son absolutely adores it, great drum kit'

5/5  Kira 'Great child drum set made one 6 year old very happy thanks. Xx'

5/5  Happy Gran 'This product is real entertainment value. My little great grandaughter who is three years of age just loves this drum set .'

5/5  Annie 'This should come with free paracetamol! My daughter loves it but at this present moment in time she has no rhythm hence the 1 star for sound. I'm sure once she learns to play a bit better it will go up to 5 stars!'

4/5  Loulou 'Bought this for my 2 1/2 year old grandson for Christmas and he loves it seems sturdy and looks good.'

4/5  Nanny 8 'Bought this drum kit for my 4 year old grandson for Christmas. It was nice and solid and looked really good, it was fairly easy to put together. The perfect accessory for this would be a set of ear plugs.'

4/5  Moviestar 'Looks good when assembled, quite sturdy, foot pedal a bit tricky to attach. overall though a good buy. Good Christmas gift for children of about 3-4 years.'

5/5  Teasey 'I was really impressed by this drum set for my grandchild. The quality far exceeded my expectations. Although an expensive gift for a younger child I deem it very good value as he is likely to have it for some time rather than wreck a cheaper one.'

5/5  Wonky Donkey 'Great product, not too big, very realistic, my son loves it'

5/5  Mazza15 'The drum kit was easy to assemble and both grandchildren aged 3 and 15 months absolutely love it. It would have been ideal if a stool had been supplied at the ideal height with the drums, or as an extra.'

5/5  Andy1502 'I purchased the drum kit for Christmas for my 2 year old son and he absolutely loves it. Not so good on the ears but worth it seeing how much enjoyment it brings'

1/5  Gopher31 'I was very happy with this set when i set it up but i noticed that it looked fragile where the drums attach to the main drum. My son, within 2 minutes of playing lent on the snare drum and it snapped off! This is cannot be fixed and is ridiculous. The drum is not fit for purpose.'

5/5  Reap20 'Bought this for my grandson for christmas, absolutely loved it. Spent most of the evening playing on it, so it was a little noisy, but the joy on his face was worth it. It was easy to assemble and looks quite sturdy.'

5/5  Cc 'Great Value for money, very good quality I don't think you could buy a better drum kit for just £45'

4/5  Ray78 'Great little kit, purchased for my 3 year old son. Quality & sound are excellent, however MAJOR disappointment as no stool was included, would seem obvious that a stool or seat would be included given the age of the intended audience'

4/5  Ian 'Very happy little boy Christmas morning, easy and quick to put together and good sound'

5/5  Diane 'Good value.. Our Grandaughter is 3yrs and was over the moon with the set.'

4/5  Lisa 'I have a 4 year old boy and this drumset was a great buy for him, easy to put together and very sturdy compared to others. Had to get a stool to go with it so it would have been better for this to come with the set but overall a great buy'

5/5  B 'Bought this as a christmas present for my 2 year old and so far so good, easy to put together once I figured out what was what, perfect size for young children and having had a little go myself I definitely think it will bring hours of fun.'

5/5  Dav ID 'Excellent Drum Kit. Well made good sound. Grandson loves it.'

4/5  ROBBIE 'Seems a bit expensive but good quality, and a bit of fun for a 7 year old, good job the neighbours are understanding tho......lol'

4/5  Lola14 'This drum set is a good buy and is exactly as described. One criticism is that it does not come with a little stool. Otherwise I would recommend it.'

5/5  Nanny Apple 'Great little drum kit bought for my grandsons 2nd birthday. Good quality and fun to see him bashing away, singing to his noise and wiggling his body to the beat. Nice looking and strong construction. Well worth it.'

4/5  Nadia 'We bought this drum kit for my daughter's 4th birthday. My husband said it was easy to put together. My daughter loves it and it is very very loud so we should have purchased ear plugs too!! It looks smart. It would have been perfect if it came with a little stool. We are currently using the box it came in as a stool.'

5/5  Bbf1971 'Sturdy construction. Great quality. Would recommend. bought this for my 4 year old nephew. Wanted a drum kit sturdy, not splitting after a day or so. Clearly its going to get a hammering from an excited child so wanted something up for the task. This is an excellent product. First it's really sturdy and 9 weeks on still in one piece after constant use. It's self assembly but not complicated to do. Made of metal construction, proper wooden drumsticks so a real feel of quality to the product.'

5/5  Branco 'This really keeps the little one happy playing along to Gary'

5/5  Mrs Allen '... for our 2 year old. He loves it. Its sturdy and sounds great (should come with ear plugs for parents though) Only wish it came with a stool. Easy to assemble and very good value for money'

5/5  Catey 'This is a good quality, sturdy little drum set and good value for money. We bought this for our Godsons, three vigorous little boys under 7. It was a firm favourite with them immediately, allowing them to have a good excuse for making lots of noise. Even their mum and dad forgave us eventually'

4/5  Becky33 'My son absolutely loves this drum set. He had it as a Christmas present and really enjoys drumming away! It feels quite strong and sturdy. A good starter kit.'

5/5  Natalie 'I bought this drum kit for my nephew. It was easily essembled and is just like a mini kit with a lovely sound (not sure my brother agrees!!) I would say it is the perfect size for my nephew (he is four). The only thing I felt was a minor disappointment was the lack of stool to go with it, although I was aware of this before I purchased the item so it didn't put me off!'

5/5  Kazza 'Was a bit wary at first as I was buying these for 5 year olds and the reviews were saying they were way too small. I took the chance and am so glad I did. Not only is the size more than adequate for 5 year olds but the drums are really good quality. When putting them together you have to tighten the skin of the drum around the rim, confirming that these drums are an excellent choice for a child's first set of drums. Noisy, but well worth it :)'

5/5  Lindylou 'I didn't want a childs drumset that was lightweight and plastic that would not only sound wrong but fall over when being played. Although this was just under twice the price of the cheapy toy set it is well worth it as the quality will obviously last for many years to come. It is well finished looks professional and built to last. The only downside it although it has a base pedal it has no stool so a further shop was required to find the right height stool'

5/5  Tambarina 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my 3 year old and he loves it, as does his 6 year old brother!!!! It does have to be assembled but it only took my husband about 10 minutes. It is a lot more robust than the usual toy drum kits you get and can really take some hammer. A definate purchase for any future rock star!!!'

1/5  Disgruntled Of Sussex 'I bought this as a christmas present for my youngest child who had been looking forward to getting his drum kit from Santa for months. He unwrapped it on the big day to find half the components were missing. I was left with little other than three large metal cylinders and a couple of loose drum skins that couldn't be attached. There weren't even any drumsticks. There were tears and tantrums, sulks and slammed doors. Good job my child wasn't as upset as I was or it would have been even worse.'

4/5  Charlieann 'Lovely drum kit. strong, sturdy and makes a great sound. Also just the right size for keeping in a small house. My 3 year old daughter loves it. Wise it had come in other colours though.'

5/5  Toalie 'This is high quality and durable. Basically an adult kit but smaller. Proper skins and great base drum kick pedal. Just no high hat, but kids don't mind. Great value!'

5/5  Oddbod4711 'Christmas present for Grandson(3yrs) can't wait to hear what the daughter & son-in-law call me & the wife ha! ha!'

4/5  Rebecca2 'The Toy drums were ideal for my 4 year old son, real wooden sticks and strong skins. The only thing they lack is a stool but apart from that they were a very good buy.'

5/5  Robs 'Bought the drum set for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She loves it and so does her big sister. It is good quality and easy to put together. A great purchase indeed!'

5/5  Tigees82 'I brought this drum kit for my two year olds birthday and he absolutely loves it. I was worried that he may be too young but it's perfect. It doesn't come with a stool but he uses a little plastic chair with a back when he wants to sit down which is perfect for his age. Easy to put up and not a bit of plastic in sight. Buy this drum!'

5/5  Trudy 'My grandson is over the moon with his drum kit ( not sure about his mum). No really it is like the real big kit but only smaller. I would have liked a stool included. That's the only fault I had.Britons got talent here we come .'

4/5  Rph1496 'Very good drum kit, easy to put together and position and very loud!'

5/5  Sticks McGlerky 'Bought an inferior drum kit (not from Argos) which was broken in minutes. This quality metal product was easy to construct and is still going strong and loud, All the kids love it. If you can't cope with the sound of kids having fun and enthusiastically drumming, don't buy this product, because you may be listening to it for a while!.'

5/5  Jaxs 'Bought this for our five year old, great quality, great sound, took a while to assemble, he loves it, so does his three year old brother. Would definately recommend.'

4/5  Sid 'Brought this for my son and he is happy. Good value for money compared to few others in the market.'

5/5  Midge 'My nephew loves these drums, they are easy to set up, and it doesn't take long for him to show us how it's done, he is 3 and they are perfect for him now and for the next couple of years.....I may not be a favourite auntie with his mum lol but they are amazing and I'm so glad I brought them'

5/5  Fifi 'Got it with a discount so very happy with purchase. It is more strudy that expected too. Be prepared for lots of noise as it's popular with all visiting children!!'

4/5  Adrimar 'This is the first drum kit I buy for my 3 year old son and I am pleased with the sturdiness and overall quality of the instrument. He has Been having fun and we use his small hair rather than a stool which luckily fits well at the moment. I am happy with this purchase although can be noisy at times!'

4/5  Christof 'Sturdy skins and generally a good build. My 2 1/2 year old is loving it! When putting it together, I noticed one of the clamps holding the stabilisers was broken. Thankfully they supply a replacement bracket in the box. It is taking a beating and doing pretty well. The brackets don't clamp drums in place so well, but a overall good first drum kit.'

4/5  MartinM 'It is good drum set for my 4years old son,only thing i miss is the hi-hat.Without that is hard to learn how to play properly.'

5/5  Freezer 'Bought the drum set as a Christmas gift and it didn't fail to impress! It had easy to understand instructions, the drum kit was put up in a very short space of time! It looks professional, sturdy with a brilliant sound! My little boy cannot believe he has a REAL drum kit and everybody who sees it, always wants to have a go!'

5/5  Daz 'Bought this for a budding Rock star at christmas. Got this one as it looks the part, not one made of plastic! You have to assemble the base drum by putting a frame around the skins and tightening the long bolts but the hassle is well worth it as the depth of sound from all drums is astounding for the price. The sound does not distort and you can adjust the positions to suit your little tub-thumpers seating position. One drawback is that for some reason, the bass pedal beater occasionally comes off! View yourself as being a member of the road crew and this is only a minor problem with an otherwise brilliant piece of kit. I expect it to last longer than my eardrums. It's also good fun for dad too!'

5/5  Mum Of Two 'Bought this drum kit for my son's 4th birthday. At first I thought it was a little expensive but after buying a cheaper version from a well known supermarket which broke within 24 hours I decided to take a chance on this one. I'm so glad I did - it is fantastic quality and my son loves it (so does his dad who can't resist having a go!) It will last him a good few years. Definitely worth spending the extra money.'

5/5  Tiny 'Brilliant sound just like a real drum kit, very loud! My two boys one who is 5 years the other 1 years love it :-)'

5/5  This little drum kit is first class for any budding drummer. It is well made and has a great sound. Just to make it clear this drum kit is not metal it is made of wood just like any full size drum kit, we were very pleasantly surprised to find that this kit is made the same way as full size ones. Might be good to change the description as a 'metal' drum kit might put customers off. 'An excellent and very robust drum kit. Even my 3 year old boy cannot break this'

5/5  Looks good easy to put together sounds excellent and the grand children love it. Don't know about the parents. Only thing missing is the stool .Excellent starting kit for children to see if they like drumming without going in to the expense of an expensive large kit. 'Ed'

5/5  Bought this for my 3 year old son and he loves it. It is very quick and easy to assemble and very durable. Excellent for a first time drum as it can take a hammering. Realy happy with it. 'Peter'

5/5  I got this fab drum set for my son's 5th birthday and he loves it, its much better than thought it would be and esey to set up. he plays for hours with it and i would recomend it if you are looken for a starters kit for a girl or boy. 'Amy'

5/5  Very well made bit of kit for the young drummer. 'Rosalind'

5/5  I bought this for my 3 year old son, he loves it! The size is good not to big but big enough. Great value for money. 'JB'

5/5  Excellent choice for my grandson easy to fit togrther 'Bayley'

5/5  I got it for Christmas for a family member she is 4 and she loves it I'm a drummer and got a bigger kit but 4 fun I used it 1 nite with friends it was wicked very well used :) 'Val'

5/5  Item bought for 7 year old granddaughter,now a budding drummer!Solid piece of kit with just enough pieces for a beginner. 'Carl'

5/5  Very noisy, a big hit with the grandson 'Mishka'

4/5  Grandchild (4) loves it. Exactly what he asked for.Not sure son in law loves it though. 'Philippa'

5/5  Really sturdy and good quality/value. Not made of thick card like some I looked at. Only downside it doesn't come with a stool. 'Granddad'

4/5  We purchased this product as a present for Christmas. It's fantastic value for money a really great sturdy drum kit for our 4 year old, to replace a cheaper one we had brought the year before. It doesn't come with a stool but we had a spare one so no great problem for us but could be a dissapointment if you were expecting one. 'Caroline'

5/5  Excellent service brilliant totally satisfied! 'Louise'

5/5  0 'Walty'

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