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Chad Valley Workbench

About the Chad Valley Workbench

The Chad Valley Workbench is full to bursting with fantastic accessories making it ideal for lots of roleplay fun either individually or playing with a builder buddy.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9146745
EAN/SKU: 9146745
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Chad Valley Workbench Reviews

4/5   'My son absolutely love it he thinks hes a real builder which make us laugh'

4/5  Tmorgan97 'Its a christmas present so havent used it yet but looks good.'

5/5  Angel 'Very good quilty my nephew loves it bargin price too'

5/5  Chelle 'Great for my grandsons who love playing fixing. Good price and easy to set up for them and put away in the carry case.'

5/5  JOBEN 'Perfect for put daughter to help Daddy around the house. Nice that it can fold away as well!'

5/5  Stephas 'Bought this for my sons 2nd birthday, he loves it, it’s great value for money, lots of accessories and easy to put together!'

5/5  GG 'Ideal for the 'mini handyman' how thinks he's helping aroundvthe house..great fun, sturdy and folds away nicely for easy storage'

5/5  Shell 'My son plays this everyday not suitable for under 2s as has small parts'

4/5  Jenna 'Does the job, smaller than I thought though, also not the best quality but imaginative play is good, for the price I'd say it's OK.'

5/5  Izzy 'My son loves playing with this pretending to fix things and it was fab value for money'

5/5  Sweetpopcorn 'This was brought as Christmas present for my son. He should like it and he can use his own tools instead of trying to play with mine'

4/5  Mlonghurst 'Whilst a little flimsy the tools and bench have given hours of fun, whilst our Grandson loves taking it apart he is also learning now to put it back together.'

4/5  Angel 'My child loves pretending how he can build things and using these creative tools he continues doing what he likes.'

5/5  Dibdib 'Can't wait to give this to my little boy, he's plays with the nurseries constantly, so will be a welcome gift for him'

5/5  Marius 'My boy is happy thanks'

3/5  Ab 'Bad bad quality doesn’t hold to'

5/5  Mo123 'Not very strong when put up kept falling apart'

5/5  Lilyangel 'I bought this for my grandson for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It is well worth the money and the quality is good would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Bernie 'Easy assembly and grandson loved it'

3/5  Sandy 'I felt the quality very poor'

5/5  Piggy1970 'Grandson is nearly 3 and as a imagination loves interactive play'

4/5  Ericthered73 'Easy to assemble and provides hours of fun for my grandson also parts are a safe size for small children'

5/5  Jpelling 'I have searched the internet for one of these for a while and am very happy with this! Value is great can't wait to see my son play with it'

5/5  Niddy01 'Have bought this for our great grandson for xmas, as he loves 'helping' great granddad when he does repairs around the house/'

5/5  Raju 'Reasonable price for the quality. Undeniably a good quality product. My son loves it and loves to play with them.'

5/5  H 'The product was good quality and worth the money'

4/5  Alex 'Ordered and collected in an hour my daughter loved her workbench easy to put together plenty of fun was had with the tools and extras supplied the workbench supplied wasn't as shown in the catalogue but as my daughter is into diggers as soon as she saw the jcb logo it made it even better'

5/5  Mariolina 'Happy with product not Argos fast track wasn't that fast'

5/5  Alexsol1984 'Thank you very much. It's a gift for my nephew at his 2-year-old birthday, which he loved enormously. It's been a long time before he took another toy. Follow the gifts for my daughter - she hardly like Frozen.'

5/5  Dom 'My nephew loved it'

5/5  Samr 'My son has not stop playing with this since I bought it! He absolutly loves it! They only reason I rate it down slightly on the quality is because you have to build it with the toy screws provided and they come loose (but my son likes fixing it back together) but overall excellent product for the value of money'

4/5  Joni 'Bought for birthday present for my nephew, he loves it, quality great and quick service 10/10'

5/5  Sam 'I got this for my son with his xmas money He loves it Very good little table/tool box'

4/5  Louise 'Good for the money'

5/5  Mummy3 'My little man loves the tools. Keeps asking for batteries for the drill but if doesn't take any. Good buy hours of fun'

5/5  MkT 'Ideal for the price'

5/5  Faz 'Perfect tool kit includes everything kids need to have fun'

5/5  Becky 'Good quality & fun for kids'

4/5  P.lane 'Bought for my nephew. Good hit so far but straight away noticed that the legs would buckle if any weight is put on it. Design for legs could be better/stronger.'

5/5  Kaz 'Bought this for my daughter for Xmas she kept going on about having a tool set so she could be like her grandad and helped out. It is a bit fiddly to put away but easy to put together. My daughter loves it! She now thinks she's a builder definitely recommend'

5/5  Drew 'Brilliant toy. Very pleased lad at xmas'

4/5  Jo 'My 2 year old today tool loving Son thought this was an amazing Christmas present!!'

3/5  Claire 'You have to use all the toy screws to construct the table legs which leaves none to be played with and the legs are very flimsy once built. My son enjoys playing with it but it quite often collapses and needs rebuilding, and he's generally quite gentle when he plays'

5/5  Becca 'Amazing value for money. Many hours of play from this toy'

4/5  Kez 'Bought my son this tool bench for Christmas and he loves it very happy!!'

4/5  Jackie 'Got two for my little nephew's for Christmas thay love them very good value for money'

5/5  Sophs 'Brought for my 2 year old and he has great fun playing with this tool bench. Good for the money and tools are sturdy.'

5/5  Juno 'Great fun for little ones'

5/5  Peaches 'My nephew loved his work bench and wanted to take it everywhere'

3/5  R 'Was fun but toppled over easy and the screws come apart too easy'

5/5  Gail58 '20 month old Grandson loves this - would only suit up to a 2-3 year old The good thing is that it folds away'

5/5  Laura S 'Well worth the money. My boy has hours of fun with this. Fab toy!'

4/5  Donnapikewhite 'My nephew loves playing with this'

5/5  Rhino 'Grate for my nephew to learn'

5/5  Jodie 'Brilliant service so quick and easy to use'

5/5  Emma 'I got my nephew this, and he has non stopped played with it the second I gave it to him. He has hours of fun playing with it daily. For how big the item was (in a carry case) I am really please with how big it actually folds out into and all the accessories it comes with! Absolute bargain!'

2/5  Bob The Builder With Young Twins. 'Not great quality. Once assembled, legs do not remain secure. Wobbly and not stable.'

5/5  Lizzzzzeeee 'A delightfull gift for a special three year old'

5/5  Deano 'My 5year old son has autism /aspergers syndrome and he loves anything to do with building, we got him this as he overcame his anxiety about going to school in the mornings and he absolutely loves it. It's great value for money and it has everything a toolkit needs. The only problem we have is trying to find enough jobs around the house to keep him amused and occupied.'

5/5  Jessie H 'Bought this for my grandson. He played with it all the time.'

5/5  Poppy7 'Bought this workbench as a gift and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of tools etc. Great quality for small children and hours of fun'

5/5  Mazza 'Quite strong and versatile for little hands, am going to purchase the separate set of tools to go with it.'

3/5  Shelley 'The item collapse into a case which was handy but once made up was only small so wouldn't last'

5/5  Cupcake23 'My 3 yr old son absolutely love this. He's always playing with it and building new things, his imagination is great.'

5/5  Kimmyb 'I saw a friends little boy playing with this workbench, he was having so much fun that I decided to buy one for my grandson for Christmas. I did so the next day, I know he will love it.'

4/5  Mattie1980 'Great product for half price'

5/5  SuzzieB 'Great value for money! My 6 year old grandson loves this bench. Especially the fact that it folds away and be carried about giving that extra special touch to any child that likes to keep things neat and tidy as he does. I would recommend the Bob the tool belt and Bob the builder drill. These 3 items altogether provide many hours of imaginative play and fun. Only downside was that there could do with something to secure the holder for the bits and bobs.'

5/5  Msemsky 'Compared to others on the market this is the cheapest and it is a well known make. I liked this so much that not only did I get it for my son but I also bought one for another child's birthday present. Looks like it cost much more then it does.'

4/5  Betty 'Bought for 3 year olds birthday. He loved it for about 20mins whilst he pretended to saw wood in half and drill holes, then got distracted by cake. Only downside is that the drill isn't battery powered. There is an opening for batteries, but it has no internals. Shame, as that would have made it more fun for him, instead of me having to make drill noises with me mouth.'

4/5  Debra 'Easy to construct and robust, lots of tools'

5/5  Colin 'My grand daughter loved her present excellent value very educational'

5/5  Shell 'My nephew absolutely loved this toy very age appropriate loves all the tools as just like daddy have recommended this to other friends brilliant buy great value for money'

4/5  Lucy 'Great for hours of entertainment, can help daddy with the diy too!!!'

4/5  . 'Good little toy, downfall though is that the legs are fixed together with the toy screws which means there are none left to play with, plus they don't hold the legs together tightly so it's very unstable. Good for just a cheap little toy but I wish I'd have spent more on a better one'

5/5  BobbyMac84 'Brilliant!!'

5/5  Carv 'My grandson was pleased with this gift and is playing with it constantly. The set is good value despite the fact that the drill is not battery operated.'

2/5  CC 'Got this for my son but was quite disappointed as the drill didn't work as there was no silver bit for the batteries to work also kept falling to pieces.'

4/5  Suze 'Grandson loved it, just like daddies'

5/5  Jacks 'Bought this for my son and he loves putting it together and then off to do his repairs.'

5/5  Emily 'Very good item and keep my son busy he loves it'

5/5  Happy 'He will be able to show his Grandad what to do lol. His face lit up when we gave it to him. I am sure he will have many hours playing with his tools.'

5/5  Shellb101 'Got this for my son's birthday he absolutely loves it'

3/5  Peter Huddersfield 'The workbench is poorly designed as the legs just push in and so when it is knocked or leaned on the leg's lean and so not very well thought about as it is for kids to knock about and play with robustly.'

5/5  E 'My little 5 year old loves this little toolkit. Lots of little tools but don't expect the drill to be battery operated (as we did) as its not. Just the one negative but otherwise its great.'

4/5  DI 'I purchased this little tool set for my Grandson - Nice idea being able to pack away into the box. Good little set for the money the only thing I was a little disappointed at was the drill, it had the facility to be a battery one but the workings were not in operation. It would have made the set more interesting if there was a little noise. I had to buy another drill that made a sound maybe an idea to charge a little extra and add the battery facility.'

5/5  Delboy 'This product is well made and fun for children. I brought it for a 3 year old and he doesn't stop playing with it.'

2/5  NickyD 'Bought for my granddaughter who's almost 3yrs and loves tools. Although the tools themselves are great, the design of the stand is pretty useless we found. The legs collapsed almost every time she pressed on it. Great price, but I took it back and exchanged for something else.'

5/5  Vicki 'This is a brilliant fold away took bench. It's so realistic. I did think the drill was battery operated too as it has a battery compartment! But when I read the review I realised it wasn't! The bench is great and the children love it.'

5/5  M 'My little brothers eyes lit up when he seen his birthday present. Hes been having lots of fun with the tools as he can be just like his daddy.'

4/5  Hamzafab 'It was nice to have it and for kids it's funy to play with it'

5/5  Mani 'Excellent set of tools to keep the little ones busy for ages. Well built and not flimsy like some. Great price too'

4/5  Army 'My son loved this product and has played for hours. However there is a drill in this set that seemed to have an opening for batteries. This was not the case and my son is still asking for batteries for his drill so he can use it. The only thing that let's this product down. I had read this on another review and feel this issue should be addressed as it was the first thing he noticed and was quite distressed. Poor thing'

5/5  Cup Cake 99 'This present went down very well with our grandson his imaginative play with the tools was a joy to watch he also took great pleasure in putting it together with pop pop very good quality and construction and would keep any 3 year old amused for hours'

5/5  Tammy 'My son likes playing with this he likes to pretend to fix his scooter with the spanner, this is good for the price.'

5/5  Cindy 'My grandson totally loved this for his birthday'

4/5  Demi18 'My son loved it! But if you bash it a few times the screws on the legs come loose and falls apart but easily mended just can be a pain'

3/5  Jessie5 'In theory this product is good value for money. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons I bought it was for the workbench aspect. However, once I assembled it lasted under five minutes before coming apart. I screwed the joints to as tight as possible but it's too flimsy and my daughter only had to lightly touch it before it fell apart. I was disappointed due to this. On the other hand, it is cheap and in this respect I got what I paid for.'

4/5  Kirsty1476 'My grandson enjoyed playing with this. He enjoys pretending to be a builder!!'

4/5  Afy 'It is a complete tool station with all the tools and accessoriess for kids to work/have fun with. Would definitely recommend to keep them busy playing'

4/5  Jones12 'Bought for my 2yr old boy he loves it, And its a bonus as it folds away.'

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