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Chad Valley Washing Machine

About the Chad Valley Washing Machine

Your most cherished love to imitate the adults, and tasks that adults find tedious little ones find joyous. Such is the case with the Chad Valley Washing Machine. This splendidly shaded play clothes washer permits your most cherished to help with the washing, placing within and watching it spin around with lights and sounds. Perfect for pretending to wash garments of most loved dolls and teddies.

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Chad Valley Washing Machine Reviews

5/5   'My son loves washing machines so bought him his own little toy one and he loves it. He now has to do his own washing in his own machine. Very good for the price no complaints.'

5/5  Owl30 'Love this washing machine its so cool i brought not realisimg how cool it actually was only got it at first because my now 2 year old daughter loves playing with my washing machine and I wanted her away from it so got this for her to bump up her birthday presents anyway, I realised it needed batteries and found to my surprise is works like a real washing machine the inside SPINS round and it has different settings for washing or spin cycle and makes the sounds and has a light.'

4/5  Shoeholic 'There are better ones on the market for the same money'

5/5  Tini 'My grandson loves loading and unloading his washing. Great fun'

5/5  Laura 'My 19 month old twins love playing with the washing machine.'

4/5  KRanks 'Great toy to have to go with a kitchen. My little boy loves to press the button and watch his clothes go round. Great for role play.'

5/5  Deni 'Bought this for my daughters 3rd birthday. Great little machine, both my children play with it putting different things in the drum and watching them go round and it sounds just like a real machine!'

5/5  Colette2588 'My 13 month old absolutely loves this washing machine!! For the price as well this is probably the best thing I’ve ever bought and it was soooo cheap!!!! It is quite small so it surprised me a bit and was expecting it to be rubbish when I first saw it but I was very surprised! It lights up, spins and makes all the noises, honestly very good for the price.'

3/5  Emma 'It’s ok. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing great either. My daughter fairly uninterested by it. Wouldn’t repurchase. Should have spent more & for a better one.'

5/5  Alice 'Bought this for my 3yr old niece as a birthday gift. She absolutely loved it. Great little toy with pretty realistic sounds. I liked the size of it as it wont take up too much room next her her play kitchen. Does the what is says on the tin basically. Very pleased!'

4/5  Lisapinky 'My 2 year old and my 5 year old both love this toy and haven't tired of it yet. It's simple to use and keeps them entertained for a while!'

4/5  Smurf65 'Smaller than i thought but makes realistic noises, good for role play, hope my baby niece doesn't think she can put washing and detergent in lol'

4/5  MummyRedKite 'Smaller than expected but my daughter loves it. Lovely little toy. Spins around and has detergent drawer so makes her feel like she’s doing the same as mummy.'

5/5  Sarah 'This is brilliant sounds so real my granddaughter loves it.'

5/5  Maria 'This is perfect for my litle one. He enjoys it. Great for role plays'

5/5  Char 'Great value. Received different design than advertised and it is even better.'

5/5  Ami 'This is brilliant I think I love it more than my child lol. My child loves watching my washing machine and this is brilliant lights up and makes sounds and spins round its brilliant.'

5/5  Kirsty 'Going to be great extra to my daughter's little kitchen. Great for saving space as not to big.'

5/5  Mle 'Got it for my son he washes everything in it.'

5/5  Katyow 'This is a great little washing machine, has all basic functions and lights. Turns on spins you can even open n close the door! Really surprised by the quality of the product for the price'

4/5  Fatma 'My children had fun with the washing machine and it was fit for purpose.'

5/5  Iffrah4u 'I bought this for my 2 year old and he loves it. It's cute small washing machine. It makes spin and washing sound and easy to play with.'

5/5  Laur 'Great wee toy my daughter and even my son loves it Good sounds and spins great Only thing it is quite smaller than I thought but good size for storing away!'

3/5  Brandy31 'Very smaller than expected but grandson likes it'

5/5  Suzanne 'Great value gift for any toddler obsessed with washing machines! Lights up and turns like a real one and prevents my 2 year old from going to the real thing! He even puts socks in it and watches them turn round. The batteries have lasted too.'

4/5  Halfpint 'Got it for my 2 year old nephew he loves it ! His plastic balls have all had a wash as well as his ducks .'

5/5  Belinda 'Bought as present for 2 yr old she loves it!'

5/5  Alicia 'My son loves this item. He is obsessed with the real washing machine. This one spins and makes all the right noises. Great value for money.'

5/5  Pattty 'Very good for the price my little grandson loved it as sounds so real as though water running into drum, & the spinning action, highly recommend.'

3/5  Donna 'Cute little washing machine for kids. I bought this for my 16 month year old, and both him and my 5 year old enjoyed placing objects inside and watching them spin around inside. The only downside is it's not easy to switch on and off and open and close the door, the little one needed help with this.'

4/5  Ems11 'My 4 year old has requested a toy washing machine for her birthday. She loved this one. Red is very favourite colour. It spins it makes noices and has the effect of water washing. Good price too.'

5/5  Sm 'Bought twice and the kids who i gifted love the fact that the machine makes noises and spins just as a real machine does'

5/5  Jodief 'Would definitely recommend for a small child, my daughter has played for hours, makes noises and spins just like a real washing machine! Even better for the price, thankyou'

5/5  Vicky 'Realistic,make the sound, light,portable.my LO puts her doll's clothes in, amazed when she sees the clothes were turning inside'

1/5  Joy 'Not very good would not buy this again'

5/5  Tigger 'I was very surprised at this little machine. It has working buttons including fill sound, washing and drying cycle. My little grandson loved it he puts his little teddy blanket in and watches it go round. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Bartosz 'Very good product. Good value for low price'

5/5  Joeby 'A wonderful kid’s toy. It has sound effects, a light and also tumbles. I loved it and my God Daughter did too. She’s washed her tea set in it and her cars! Very happy. Really pleased.'

5/5  Louie 'Great price spins makes noises perfect for child's play'

5/5  Pacey 'Such a brilliant toy! A fun lights inside and outside as well as realistic sounds make this perfect for kids who love to role play as well as kids who love to explore'

5/5  Ragnar 'This item was perfect for the child I ordered it for and they love it'

5/5  Angel 'Has sound perfect gift'

4/5  SusieB 'A fun little washing machine which my 2 years old daughter loves playing with'

5/5  Daddyof3 'As a nursery practitioner it promotes role play and imagination as a father it’s lovely to watch my child play with it.'

3/5  Maggiebash 'Fun toy but very small and colours 2018 a bit dull and uninteresting!in a horrible red this year.'

5/5  Marie 'My son absolutely loves his washing machine takes his eye off the real thing haha. Loves the noises it make and when it's on a spin, good quality the amount of times it's been thrown across the room'

5/5  Elle 'Bought this for granddaughter, absolutely loved it! Makes a noise of a machine, even got her to put washing in it !'

5/5  Rt 'Washing machine imitates a real one sound of water amd spins my daughter loves it keeps putting her toys in their wouldnt advise it as it sounds like ita going to take off ahha'

5/5  Casper 'The value for money of this product is great. It spins and has lights and sounds. My one year old loves it. The main dials are too stiff for them to turn on their own, not sure if this is a safety feature. But as something to play together it is a good item.'

5/5  Howie 'Sound and lighting the spinning just great role play toy . Already had hours of fun'

3/5  Kay 'Great present for Christmas, my niece will play with this alongside her kitchen, so excited seee her play along!'

4/5  Kezashmo 'A lovely toy washing machine at a great price. My 4 year old loves to play with it pretending to wash her dolls clothes and odd socks hehe. It makes realistic sounds and really spins. A great toy for all little kitchen enthusiasts.'

5/5  Cat 'Giving to my 2 year old for Christmas to go with her play kitchen, it spins and makes noises like a real washer and I know she’s going to love it! Brilliant for the price just a little smaller than I anticipated but apart from that perfect'

5/5  Nicki 'Granddaughter is going to live this'

5/5  Chels 'Can’t fault it, excellent toy.'

5/5  Amy 'My little ones, play for hours with this, its been every where with us, has movement & sound like the real deal.'

4/5  Donna 'My niece loves this she puts all her dolls clothes into it.'

5/5  Amy4196 'My daughter loves this she's always trying to help me with washing and now she's got her own she loves playing with it'

5/5  Aimzey 'Fab little washing machine for imaginative.play, good for money.'

5/5  SRW 'Don’t overload the washer as it doesn’t spin. Do enjoy having fun “washing” with your little one.'

5/5  Lel 'My 4 year old loves it, just wish she would leave my dirty washing basket only lol. It's a great item for the money.'

5/5  Kathiek 'I bought this for my 3 year old niece and she LOVES IT!!! She "washes" all her dolls clothes and our socks and hankies! It is very easy to operate and has many features to keep her entertained and a very realistic "washing " noise'

5/5  AuntyS 'My niece loved it! Would definitely buy again.'

5/5  Erfan 'Very imaginative washing machine for kids with real features.'

5/5  Rebeccagg 'My daughter loves this washing machine, it is a good size so doesn’t take up much room and actually spins so she feels like it is actually washing her dolls clothes. Great price too.'

1/5  Sopura 'Brought the Washing machine for my 2 years old son. The minute it came out of the box th machine door was broken. I contacted the company they said they can not do anything about it which is very disappointed!!'

5/5  Zoe 'I wasn't expecting much as the price was low but it's a fab little toy, my daughter loves it and wants to carry it everywhere. It's smaller than expected but great fun.'

4/5  Leanne 'Really good my nephew loves it.'

5/5  Rach123x 'My daughter loves it, its for her playhouse and she is only 1 and knows how to use it. Great for the money.'

5/5  Mimi 'Great for the price, although the size of the item isn’t what I expected.'

5/5  Lynsey 'Fantastic value for money does everything you need it to do'

5/5  Twilight14 'Very impressed by this toy washing machine. My daughter loves it and it spins like the real thing.'

5/5  Camilla 'It's great! My son absi love it.It makes sounds and noises and its big enough.'

5/5  Autumngirl 'I like it and so my kids .. while I got it on sale I didn’t mind purchasing it but I wouldn’t paid full price just thought it was expensive for what it is .. thanks'

5/5  Samantha 'The washing machine works perfect and my children both love it'

4/5  Deb 'The washing machine can give spinning sounds The door shuts properly'

5/5  Buckers 'This is a must have toy. My Granddaughter loves it. Keeps her occupied for ages. Love the lights, sounds and features. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Nikki240 'I got my son this washing machine to go with his toy kitchen, he loves it! It’s so much better than I thought it would be, it lights up, spins and makes all the normal washing machine noises.'

5/5  KayyManz 'What a lovely washing machine!! Just like the real thing!! It makes sounds just like the real one. I have two toddlers aged 2/12and a 1 year old. Both love this toy so much that they’re fighting for turns... wish I bought 2!! They fit their clothes in to it and pretend to wash them. Being a grown up, I love playing with this too along with my children. It’s so much fun. If your children love pretend play, don’t hesitate, buy this now! :)'

4/5  Mum85 'My 4 year old son loves to play with it, its does all What supposty do for play washer. Definetly value for money and great in offer 2for 15 on toys.'

5/5  Blondie 'Little boy loves it good sound effects of a real washing machine and good value for money'

5/5  Cookiemomster 'Brought this for my 2 year old son as he is addicted to washing machines. He plays with it in a daily basis putting all sorts in it from socks to his toy cars. The batteries have seemed to last a while too (had them in for 2 weeks already) Great for imaginative and role play, quite sturdy as my son is very heavy handed and great for the price. Good product'

5/5  Grannyseeds 'Two year old boy who loves to help with the washing loves this. I knit small jumpers and made small clothes for him. The machine makes realistic noises and he loves the buttons and knobs. This is going to be a firm favourite!'

5/5  Leo 'Our daughter loves this - the spinning action of the drum is fantastic. Very impressed.'

5/5  Christine 'My daughter is doing more washing than me at the minute! I. Finding a little of the family's clothes in her room after they have been "washed". She really does enjoy it. Her dolls have the cleanest clothes around.'

4/5  Jo 'Looks great and I think my daughter will love it!'

5/5  Supergran 'My grandson loved his washing machine...sits and plays away for hours doing his washing....'

3/5  Sim88 'Son loves it but it came faulty (which I fixed myself) keeps him happy and occupied'

5/5  Mrsaish 'My kids age 3&4 love playing with this. It took them a little while to work out the difference between the small buttons and large dial but once they did they had fun pretend washing bibs and hats!'

1/5  Sue 'Bought this for my Daughter but it didn't work - looked poorly made. It was also smaller than I expected.'

4/5  Paige94 'Both children love it but the door is easy taken off and a little tricky to get back on'

2/5  Kt 'I had to take my sons first one back as the door would not stay shut, meaning that the drum would not rotate. I think it is very flimsy but ok for imaginive play. It’s price is cheap and you get what you pay for, I suppose. I wouldn’t recommend it.'

4/5  Penney 'I bought it for my two year old, she loves it. I really like it that it has washing sound and that the drum spins round.. Although the door can be a bit of a pain and doesn't always shut properly. If your looking for a cheap little role play toy this is a good buy..'

1/5  Ksimms 'Didn't work so had to return .'

5/5  Frances70 'A great toy with realistic actions and sounds. My grandson loves it.'

5/5  Ming 'It was exactly as the picture we saw online. Washing machine spins and turns like the real time. Many fun times for my daughter who spent time washing 'everything’.'

1/5  Mayfly 'Cheap and nasty product. Didn't work, had to return it.'

3/5  Madtash 'My little daughter that's 19 months absolutely loves this machine, got for her as she is obsessed with our real one. Good design could do with a little more weight in the bottom of it,as she keeps chucking it everywhere. Endless amount of fun would recommend to others.'

4/5  DeeDee 'Cheapest toy washing machine by far and does look it but it does what it says on the box. This is the 4th one we’ve bought as my son loves them and they have all been different.The more expensive ones don’t necessarily last any longer than the cheaper versions. So if you are looking for an inexpensive toy this is good value for money.'

5/5  Kate 'My son 3 years old. This was a Christmas present.he loves it.'

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