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Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner

About the Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner

Our pretend vacuum cleaner is perfect for little ones who love to help Mummy and Daddy round the house. It has whirling, bouncing beads inside to simulate the dust of a real vacuum and friendly eyes on the front. Perfect for little ones who love role playing. For ages 3 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

4/5   'Great for the price. Good size. However very very noisy!!'

5/5  B 'Great quality would definitely recommend Kid loves it :)'

3/5  Mrs Fussy Pants 'My granddaughter is obsessed with my vacuum cleaner so thought I'd buy her her own one. She is scared of it just now but hopefully she'll get used to it and play with it eventually. It was marked with paint scuffs when we got it but I couldn't be bothered taking it back although I should have but at £7.50 is it really worth the hassle. I'm sure she will have fun with it eventually. Only useful if child able to walk I'd say.'

5/5  Louise 'Easy to use and lots of imaginary fun for my 22 month old. This has replaced another play hoover which cost twice as much but broke straight away. This hoover seems to be lasting a lot longer. My little one loves it. Great price too.'

4/5  Mumof3 'Purchased for my daughters 2nd birthday & she loves it. She likes to join in with hoovering the house & being just like mummy.'

5/5  RedRobinBCFC 'My girls love these. Great price. Good fun.'

4/5  Judder 'The actual make up of the toy is good but would be further enhanced by enabling the base to stay flat on the floor when in use, at the moment the rear wheels are the only thing touching the floor when pushing along which is really not how a cleaner works'

4/5  Mum Of Two 'We bought it as part of the 2 for £15 which made it good value. It's pretty noisy but for the price you can't really complain . My 3 year old loves it and that's the main thing'

4/5  Linda 'This is a delightful toy. it was recommended by a friend and was popular not only for the intended recipient but other children of both sexes too. Purchasing was easy. looked on line, reserved and collected the next day. Simple. great service.'

4/5  Mum27 'A must have item for imaginative play. My 2 year old loves this. It's a perfect size. Very basic making it easy to play with, a little noisey but that just adds to the fun! Great price in the 2 for £15 offer, no regrets in making this purchase.'

5/5  Hayley 'Brilliant little hoover bought this for our eldest boy who's 2 & a half, as a replacement for his other hoover that broke from somewhere else & he loves it It has a cute little face on it & very colourful The only problem is that it doesn't stand up properly on its on, unless you manage to get it on a certain angle haha & as there are little beads in it, its really loud but he likes it so can't complain at that!'

4/5  Ang 'My grandson totally enjoys playing with his Hoover the noise fascinates him'

4/5  Cesca 'Our 1 year old daughter loves to help mummy and daddy tidy the house with her own special hoover.'

5/5  Yummymummy87 'Well worth the money my little boy hasn't put it down since I bought it.'

5/5  Jay3377 'Daughter got this for her second birthday and loves playing with it, a nice little Hoover.'

5/5  Anna 'This is a lovely item and my grandaughter loves it. The only problem is, it doesnt 'stand up' on its own - apart from that its a great toy.'

5/5  Tony 'My grandson love's is vacuum cleaner the size is just right for him at two years old it is strong enough to take a few bangs as he goes about the house cleaning with granny would recommend and for the price can't go wrong'

5/5  Jue 'Very robust and brilliant for young ones to "help"'

4/5  Stace85 'Good little pretend Hoover my little girl loves pushing it around'

4/5  Lyns84 'Brilliant product my 2year old daughter loves to 'hoover''

5/5  LI 'This toy is great, my 1 1/2 yr old son loves it and it keeps him away from our main Hoover!'

5/5  Becky84 'Toddler loves it. Just a shame you can't choose the colour you get'

5/5  NJ21 'I bought this as a gift for a two year old. He absolutely loves it and it's great quality'

5/5  Shazbo 'Look all over for a toy Hoover and I new I should have just came to Argos first as every were else didn't have want I wanted love Argos sooo much I know I should never go any were else the quality is always good the service and friendly staff and excellent service each and every time is amazing and if u do have a problem they go up and beyond to get it sorted for u thanxs Argos xxxc'

3/5  Tommy 'My daughter loves this. It's cheap and cheerful. It doesn't stand up by itself and the handle doesn't hindge km the base but that doesn't matter to her.'

5/5  Xamy182x 'My son is 2 and a half and loves trying to vacuum so I got him his own, I should have got him one with a pipe too but there is nothing wrong with this one.'

5/5  Jules 'I bought this for my two year old Grand-daughter for her birthday. She loves it but it should have a few more features. The reason I gave it four stars is because of this reason, it only stays in one position.'

5/5  Mossimo 'Makes noise like a vacuum cleaner and our grandchild leaves our cleaner alone now,'

5/5  Wendy 'Omg he loves it hours of fun. He runs around cleaning even though they don't have carpet he says I do it mummy great stuff lol'

3/5  SB 'Good fun and good value, not many features but my son enjoys pushing this up and down!'

4/5  Amarena 'As any 3 year old that wants to help mummy when vacuuming, my son loves this toy. Only drawback would be is that it's noisy as the balls inside rattle around when moved across the floor to resemble some sort of hoover noise. Durable and fun for the kids'

3/5  Chantelle 'Makes sounds my baby niece loved it.'

5/5  Witchy 'I purchased this little vacum cleaner for my grandson and was really impressed with the product as it is just right for tiny hands it's not to big just the right size does all it says and its a good value purchase at the right price. My grandson loves playing with it and Hoover's round as though it's him doing it. Well done Chad valley would definitely recommend it.'

3/5  Pammy 'My daughter loves it. So much fun, and less hassle now that she has her own hoover.'

5/5  Nicolle23 'Perfect for little ones, very light, easy to push.'

5/5  Rayster68 'Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner.I have never seen such a big smile on her face when she opened it at christmas time'

5/5  Mollie Moo 14 'My daughter loves pushing this toy Hoover around the house, when I purchased it I wasn't sure she would use it but she loves it so I would highly recommend it, great price too'

5/5  BeckyS Reading 'Lovely little hoover, if only it worked for real then I could have a sit down :)'

5/5  Super Gran 'This is a lovely toy for a little girl, my daughter had one 32 years ago and I am so pleased they are still made!'

5/5  Sue 'Being has my 2 year old grandson enjoys playing with my hoover, i thought i'd get him his own, and he loves it!'

4/5  Liz 'Granddaughter will love it'

4/5  Daz 'My little is frightened of the hoover but since we got her this she is not bothered because she helps me with hers so pleased we got it'

5/5  Char 'Brought one for my daughter and had to go back and buy one for my son, great for imaginary play keeps them happy for hours. Defo be getting one for my niece and nephew at Christmas.'

3/5  Strawberry 'This is a good quality product and our Granddaughter loves it, however it is very, very noisy! So it's ok if you don't mind loud toys.'

4/5  Lottie123 'Its the perfect size for my 16 month old daughter and she loves playing with it. Its good quality for money. Only thing that would of made it better was if it could lean back like the adult hoovers.'

5/5  Tasha 'My daughter loves playing with this everyday and helps me to "vaccum" the house playing alongside me.'

5/5  Mumsie 'My 1 year old Grandson absolutely loved it.'

5/5  Paige95 'My niece absolutely loves this she loves the noise it makes when the balls go round and loves that she can clean up to'

3/5  Kerrie 'I got this for my 2 year old daughter and put it away for Christmas. The Hoover is cheap looking, it doesn't bend and the balls that pop up are so small you can't see them. It is ok for her to play about with but I have seen a lot better for the same price.'

4/5  Charlie 'This is a cheap toy. Everything worked well, just wouldn't stand up on its own. The handle is too heavy and pulls the vacuum cleaner backwards and over when no one is holding on to it. It's ok, not very robust or sturdy though.'

3/5  HazeA 'Simple toy, but have seen better toy hoovers out there, but is definitely the cheapest one I've seen. My little one has enjoyed playing with this.'

5/5  L 'I got them for my 2 nephews which they both love as they really like the Hoover'

5/5  Little Woman 'Like it a lot hope greatgranddaughter thinks the same on her 2nd birthday'

3/5  Mo 'Good for the price, grandson likes helping with his vacuum'

5/5  LEV 'Hours of fun pushing it round the house - just like mummy's - after weeks of getting it still playing with it - highly recommended'

5/5  Niczyp 'My daughter loves copying me with her own vacuum.'

4/5  Chazer64 'I got this for my 2yr old for her birthday and she lived it.it can be noisy when it's being pushed around alot but the look on her face when she thinks she's helping mummy to hoover is brilliant so I don't care about the noise anymore.its very sturdy,light and really bright.great for boys or girls.'

4/5  MrsLKP 'Good product! I had considered buying more expensive battery operated version but I'm happy we got this! My two year old loves copying mummy and daddy! My only criticism is that it doesn't recline back but for the cost I'm happy with it!'

5/5  Lisa 'My son absolutely loves this! Hes has had hours of fun already with this product. He did have a fear of the actual hoover but now he can hoover along with daddy he loves it! Would recommend in a heartbeat'

1/5  Jane 'Fell appart after 2 days'

5/5  Bobby 'My two year old daughter received this vacuum cleaner for her birthday and loves using it about the house. It can be a little noisey with the rattling of the little beads as it moves, but then real vacuum cleaners are noisey too. It is rigid and can't change angle of the head like a real one but I suppose it will last better this way. My little girl loves it. A good purchase.'

4/5  Davis 'My daughter loves to use it when I am hoovering'

4/5  TrixieBear1213 'My 15 month old daughter enjoys using this to hoover around the house imitating myself and her dad, it's good for imaginative play. The only downside to this product is that it's very noisy and doesn't stand by itself very well so will need to be stood against something otherwise it's a good fun product'

4/5  Manni 'This isn't the sturdiest of toys but was inexpensive and my 2 year old gran-daughter is having so much fun with it. Even outside on the grass, think she may be hoping for a lawn mower'

4/5  Bev62 'Bought to use at a parent and toddler group and for that it's fantastic the children aged from a few months to 4 yrs are really enjoying cleaning up its not very realistic regarding the colour but so what. For the price it's good and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend in fact a couple of parents have already been and purchased.'

2/5  Yexy 'Not attractive to the kid because it does not make sound like the ones that uses battery. Poor design.'

5/5  Glen 'My three year old granddaughter loves this cleaner. Every time she visits us she has to clean the floor.'

4/5  Fie 'My little boy loves hoovering and to stop him keep trying to play with my real one, we bought him this one and he loves it! It is a basic design but he is more than happy with it and was a great price.'

5/5  Katie 'My nephew who is one loves this. It's lightweight so ideal for you children. Keeps them entertained would recommend to anyone'

2/5  Jac;-) 'It's ok for the price, very noisy, even the children commented how loud it was. The little ones like pushing it round.'

4/5  Les 'Great first Hoover for any wee tot'

5/5  Poo Bear 'My grandson who is 14 months old loves it best thing I brought him for xmas he has had hours of fun out of it'

3/5  Em 'A lovely brightly coloured toy but difficult to push along as the balls inside get caught in the rotating wheel & jam it up. I hope my daughter will be able to push it'

3/5  Mummy115 'My child loves it Hours of fun But does not stay standing up very well'

3/5  Em83 'The hoover does not go flat on floor,its also very noisy.but my 2 year old likes it'

4/5  Sue 'Bought for 14 month grandson ,he loves it as he is really into anything to do with cleaning . Little bit disappointed as the plastic looks cheap .Would be nice with some buttons to press to make it a little more interactive .'

5/5  Del Boy 'This is so strong, his last two he has broken in a short time. he is back following his gran. thanks'

2/5  Bainy 'Poorly thought. Hard cheap plastic .'

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