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Chad Valley Vaccum Cleaner

About the Chad Valley Vaccum Cleaner

The Chad Valley Vacuum cleaner has a long handle for easy manoeuvrability, the sleek design making it easy for little ones to play clean up; the beads whirring and ricocheting within the in the cylinder as the vacuum's moved along by your little one.

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Chad Valley Vaccum Cleaner Reviews

5/5   'Perfect under two year old loves it'

5/5  Gpc 'I got it for my wee lassie and she's really happy with it.'

5/5  Teegurl 'My son lives this toy hoover so much that he hoovers every thing in the house..he even imitates the rattling sound ..'

4/5  Becky 'My daughter loves helping me Hoover up with this toy'

5/5  Laura 'Bought for my niece. She loved it. Great product.'

5/5  Pippachu 'My son was obsessed with the hoover once he started crawling so I purchased this and it’s brilliant he can control it well and he loves the coloured balls that go around, now he thinks he can hoover for real like mummy'

5/5  Lrickman123 'My little boy loves helping me hoover in the mornings, he already has a Henry hoover but this one is 'more like mummies' so he helps me hoover the flat :)'

5/5  Georgia1217 'Good toy and really good price. Would recommend'

5/5  Kelly 'Fantastic, my two year old twins just loved them.'

3/5  Et 'Makes too much noise'

5/5  Reco 'My great grandson is only 1 1/2 years old but he loves this little hoover. It is much safer for him than my carpet sweeper, supervised of course but he looks and thinks older as well. It’s safe and well made for small children playing the part with mum.'

5/5  Bellasmum 'I bought this for my 20month old because every time I hoovered she used her pram and moved it around with me as if she was hoovering so when I bought this she was so happy to play along with mummy. Great buy!!'

5/5  Ginger 'It is played with all the time I love the colours as it’s for a boy he loves it and glad it’s not pink he loves to hover'

4/5  43840 'A fun and colourful toy which my toddler grandson loves to use to help Granny clean'

5/5  Fred 'Excellent value for money. They love it when the Hoover comes out and it is so much better when they can join in.'

5/5  Rose 'This is a great product. Attractive and sturdy. No assembly required. No batteries. Great fun to play with. My little granddaughter loves it!'

5/5  Di 'My granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Ana 'My niece plays with it, so happy customer'

5/5  Trish 'My daughter is only 16 months old so younger than the recommended age but she is obsessed with hoovers! It's so light weight she can carry it around easily and she has thrown it on the floor several times without it breaking. Great buy.'

5/5  Goldie 'This was bought for my 2 year old Grandson. It's ideal because it's just right for his height,it's lightweight and doesn't need batteries. The bobbles blow up in the cylinder as it's pushed.'

4/5  Lisa 'Good price ,fun ,sturdy product'

5/5  Nagger 'Grandson loved it. Enjoys copying mummy when she Hoover's. Would buy again.'

5/5  Davies02 'Excellent quality and good sevice'

5/5  Sjk 'Grandson loves copying mummy whilst she is doing her vacuuming'

5/5  Anila 'Very pleased with this chad valley vacuum. Light on my pocket and endless fun for children.'

4/5  DeeL 'Good Christmas present.'

4/5  Rob 'Kids hoover. Makes a noise and balls move around when pushed along.'

5/5  K 'Brought this for my nephew and he absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Soph 'The hoover was fun coloured, easy to get to grips with and didn’t require lots of maintainance such as batteries ect... it was ready to use as soon as I bought it hitch makes it good for if you don’t have time to set things up. Made an amazing Christmas present for my little sister, irs practical and has taught her to care for the house in particular her bedroom. Overall great quality and practical would deffinatley recommend.'

1/5  MissP 'Bought as a gift however when recieved, the product was tatty and didn't appear new. Opted to return product which was quick and fuss free.'

5/5  Curley 'Xmas present'

5/5  Annie 'Very pleased with product and service'

4/5  Cokez 'Good little toy for young kids and a cheap yet fun thing to use'

5/5  Nat '100% recommend this little Hoover. Really sturdy and the kids won't put it down. If I could plug it in, my house would be immaculate!'

4/5  Sharon 'My 1 year old nephew loves to push this little vacuum. Very happy.'

4/5  NeilM 'Birthday present for my 2 year old Granddaughter and she loved it!!'

5/5  Morris 'This is great I bought for my 18month old niece and she loved it'

4/5  Cagsy 'Great little hoover but as it’s for a gift would have preferred it presented in a box rather than a polythene bag'

5/5  Lau 'A great distraction for when we’re hoovering, my son can now copy us and use his own! Really good for imaginative play'

4/5  Jay 'Previously had Dyson lookalike which broke. Got this as replacement as it was cheaper. My toddler plays with this but it doesn't have extra features as the previous one we had.'

4/5  Pavlus 'The only thing it lacks of is a bit of sound. Apart from that, it is a very nice item.'

5/5  Teeney 'My daughter (18 mnths old) loves this, has so much fun pretending to vacuum and enjoys watching the little balls flying around inside. Good quality and strong.'

5/5  Zo 'Good money'

5/5  Flymo23 'My baby loves this, pushes it around while I Hoover! The mini balls pop about in the dust chamber. Would be good if there was a play on/off button. Great play pretend toy. Might get the washing machine next!'

4/5  Bigt 'Great toy for grandaughter to help nana with the house work'

4/5  Chrissy 'Nice coloured product brought for my two year old birthday. Encourages role play and very light to push about. Negatives are it doesn't push along overly brilliant he more swings it about and not the sturdiest product to stand up. But in all. Honesty you get what you pay for and its kept him amused and for now a lot of spend.'

5/5  Wendy 'Extremely good value for money. Perfect for my 2 year old niece.'

5/5  Andi8101 'I bought the chad valley vacuum cleaner as a present for my 2 year old nephew. He loves to help his Mum with the cleaning so this was a perfect toy for him!'

5/5  Bev 'My grandchildren love playing with this and pretending to vacuum for me'

4/5  Sophie 'Very good, not that noisey'

5/5  Danni 'Great toy for a toddler to follow you around while you clean up. My 2 year old son loves it.'

5/5  Sazzlebee 'Bought a similar product for my 2 toddlers to share from a charity shop, they both loved it so much I had to buy another so they had one each! My 15 month old follows me around with it whilst I'm doing my vacuuming.'

5/5  Sarah L 'I brought this for my little girl a few weeks ago and she love it.. after always trying to just up upright I thought I'd get her, her own so she thinks she's helping. She's always playing with it and hoovering her room. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Becki 'My 2 year old love this vacuum and enjoys helping clean up'

4/5  San 'My kid luv playing with it'

5/5  Khushboo 'I bought for my 2 year old daughter. She loves playing with vaccum cleaner toy'

5/5  Robvroo 'This item was bought as a birthday present for a friends daughter. She loves the real Hoover so bought this and she loved it as soon as she opened it'

1/5  Penny 'Apart from poor quality, the product was broken ! The front seam was split and looked as though it had been hit. The balls that were supposed to move around remained stationary. I thought it was cheap and nasty - but the returns process was easy.'

4/5  Richyrich 'Nice toy for kids. Clever how the balls fly around when hoover is used.'

4/5  Scotty 'Brought as first birthday present loves it goes potty over the same hoover mum uses lol'

3/5  Beth 'My dad bought the vacuum for my son to help clean up it is a good vacuum for the price just a shame there is no noise and the front doesn't go down to the floor fully but my son seems to enjoy it'

5/5  Nanna Jan 'Fantastic toy. My little grandson absolutely loves this. Hours of fun has been had with it.'

5/5  Leash 'It's not flimsy takes a batering off my two year old and is still going strong value for money'

4/5  Christie 567 'Bought this item for my grandaughters 2nd birthday.she absolutely loves it.she loves the fact she can copy mummy with cleaning.No batteries needed which is a bonus.just the right height for her and not too heavy.it doesent actually pick bits off the floor but as she is only 2 she doesent mind.'

4/5  Chris 'Great little toy any child will love pkaying with'

4/5  JanO 'Perfect little vaccum for a 14 month old, loves pushing it and makes the noises himself, couldn't be better. A decent price for a decent toy andarrived an hour after Iorderedit on-line for pick up.'

3/5  TRACY1985 'Bought for a 2 year old son birthday. Didn't come in a box. Doesn't take batteries. So was a bit miffed at how cheap it felt and looked. But my wee girl loves it. And it's battered a few doors and units during play and hasn't broken yet so I'm happy enough now'

5/5  Cuttin 'Really great for role play'

5/5  Ac 'Great look makes a great sound my 3 year old loves it'

4/5  Ashley 'Good quality toy for young children but limited features.'

5/5  Linda 'My grandson loved his hoover, as he always likes to help my daughter, no batteries needed just push along fabulous, the only disappointment was the choice of colours, could have had more choice for boys than the blue/green.....'

5/5  Gemma 'My Niece loves it a great deal. She has not stopped playing with it. It is like the real thing her mum has.'

5/5  Bobcov 'Bought this for my granddaughter for Xmas as she is always trying to help Mum with the hoovering. Both Mum and Daughter over the moon.'

5/5  Gem21 'My son loves this saves him trying to play with my hoover at home'

4/5  Little Lass 'Bought this item to stay at Nan's house, little one loves it *****'

4/5  Wirral Gramp 'Still used everyday since 3 yr old's b'day'

4/5  Skye 1 'Bought for my one year old granddaughter,she loves pushing it around the home.'

4/5  Dizzy 'I would have given 5 stars but I can't get it to stand upright and would have liked it too make some hoover noise for the money but it seems well made and durable'

3/5  Bubbajenni 'I got this for my daughter when it was on sale, for this price I was happy but if I'd paid full price I wouldn't have been. It's good for imaginative play but feels very flimsy and poor made'

5/5  Pilote 'Ideal play role toddler toy'

1/5  Louise 'Ended up taking this back as it looked very cheap'

5/5  Lou Lou 'Great bargain for a little boy who loves to help mammy do jobs in the house.'

4/5  At 'Great value for money my children love it.'

4/5  Terri 'Thus is a great Xmas present for my little nephew who is mad on hoover'

5/5  Leigh-harleys-mummy 'Very good product. My son loves it would reccomend'

2/5  Lou23 'Seen so many more realistic ones since. for the same price that i think make the play a little more interesting. however like the fact it doesnt need batteries.'

3/5  Iloveshopping 'My son never let me vacuum untill i got him one the front bit dont stay down but its cheap and helped me to be able to vacuum so does its job'

4/5  Jmp 'Liked the quality and sound effects. Not sure until my granddaughter uses it if it will keep flat to the floor when pushed but it is good value compared to other makes.'

5/5  Mrs Caddy 'My daughter can now help hoover when mummy is doing the housework.'

4/5  Vonny 'I bought this toy for my grandsons 2nd Birthday as he loves helping with the house work. He loved it and set about cleaning straight away. Later that day he had a Birthday party with 10 little friends and the toy vacuum became the toy of the day as everyone wanted to play with it. Not the most expensive toy but it out did all the other toys that day. A good buy and enjoyed by both boys and girls so pleased I bought this product.'

5/5  Lisaxx 'I was stuck what to get my one year old till i Sow this and just new she would love it always going for Hoover in house so thanksp'

5/5  Bren 'My Granddaughter loves this because she likes to help her Mum around the house.'

5/5  L 'Great for youngsters bought as a birthday gift and worked excellent one very happy child!'

4/5  Jessybob 'Bought recently for my sons 1st birthday he loves it'

2/5  Nad 'Looks fun, and very easy to use. Features are good, considering it's a child toy!'

5/5  Paige 'Nice and bright and my son loves it. Finally he can leave my Hoover alone but join in as I do house work. Seems like will last a long time but only just bought so time will tell. Would recommend this to others. Also love the little colourful balls that move around inside as you Hoover my son is fasonated by them.'

4/5  Tally77 'Great toy for a toddler strong and robust'

5/5  Daz 'My wee boy loves it'

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