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Chad Valley Toy Dishwasher

About the Chad Valley Toy Dishwasher

Make washing the dishes all part of the enjoyment with the Chad Valley Toy Dishwasher. At the point when your most cherished has completed their imaginative supper gatherings, the mugs and dishes easily placed into the dishwasher and set to go. With lights and water sounds adding to the role-play experience, it'll have little ones beaming with pleasure (unlike adults during the real thing!).

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Chad Valley Toy Dishwasher Reviews

5/5   'My granddaughter loves it as soon as she had it her dishes were washed and she even washed her play food . So much fun and imagination'

5/5  Debi 'My daughter loves her dishwasher perfect for her kitchen'

5/5  Srx 'My child loves he's dishwasher, it says perfect for him it even makes noises like a real dishwasher'

4/5  Leo 'Great for fun play - not as interactive as the washing machine but still a good little toy for a play house.'

5/5  Unknown 'Never have dishes been washed so often, tea parties involve:- set table load dishwasher, pour tea load dishwasher.etc etc'

4/5  Crumbs 'Great budget toy, small size and makes sounds and lights up.'

5/5  Kate 'My 3 year old loves it.'

5/5  Charley70 'Nice little children’s dishwasher for the price. My granddaughter loves playing with it, lights up & makes noises like a real dishwasher!'

5/5  Emz 'I bought this for my daughter for her 3rd birthday along wirh the washing machine. She hasn't stopped playing with it since she's had it. It has sounds like a real machine and also comes with 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 folks and 2 knives so it's great for role play. Nice size, not too big so it doesn't take up mug space and my daughter couldn't be happier.'

4/5  Becky538 'I got this as a birthday present for a child who asked for it specifically. I was unsure about getting it as it looks quite cheap in the photo but actually it looks great in real life and made a great gift.'

5/5  Wawa 'All the sounds for the dishwashing cycle, my granddaughter loves it'

4/5  Nat 'I brought this dishwasher to go with the many joint presents for my brothers new kitchen and they love the dishwasher (they are only 1 and 2 years old too) not the biggest of products but if it’s going with a play kitchen it fits perfectly'

4/5  Mum1 'Good little toy. Works well'

1/5  Eloiise123 'Had to return as tried 2 sets of batteries and only works for about 10 seconds before all sounds and lights stopped working'

5/5  KMMC 'Two year old nephew is obsessed with dishwashers, so this was the perfect present. Only thing that would have made it better, was if it came with batteries.'

5/5  Jo1981 'Bought as present for 2 year old nephew. He loves it'

4/5  Loopylou 'Fun toy for my son for imagination and pretend play good size'

4/5  Kad82 'Great little toy, makes noises and has cutlery to pop in the dish washer. Great for imaginative play'

5/5  Emma08 'This is a Christmas present so hasn’t been used yet but looks good.'

5/5  Heidi 'This is great my son loves it he can copy the adults really good quality'

5/5  Mumof1 'Fab addition to the kitchen. Lights up, makes the sounds. 2 year old son loves it. Sits perfectly next to washing machine. Great value.'

3/5  Mummyofthree 'I recently purchased this for my goddaughters 2nd birthday. Good toy overall but we were disappointed that the batteries advertised with it were AA so I purchased them but on opening the toy it was AAA that was needed so she could not play the sounds which was disappointing so please make sure you get the correct batteries and not what Argos is advertising. .'

5/5  Val 'My daughter loves it. She feels like she is helping her mummy now'

5/5  Pen 'Brilliant my twins love it'

5/5  Hil13b 'Great little interactive toy fun colourful just like mummies good size and price'

3/5  MrsM 'My 2 year old is bored of it already, doesn't do much just makes a few sounds. I brought this after buying the washing machine that really is worth the money. My child loves that and rounds up a load of socks to put in the machine but the dishwasher just didn't match up to the excitement. I would recommend for older kids using their imagination but it's very small inside, the plates don't sit up right in it and like I said before... it's not that exciting'

5/5  DaniLouise 'My little boy loved this present for his birthday! It's the perfect size and doesn't take up to much room. It's sturdy and easy to open and close. The little added cups, spoons, folks and plates just added to the whole thing.'

5/5  Val 'Great dishwasher good price great product very realistic and good sound effects'

5/5  Charleyinthesun 'Definitely worth the money, and hours worth of fun!'

3/5  Kirsty 'Surprised at quality, thin plastic box and for door. I don't expect it to last long. However it is being enjoyed.'

4/5  Ju 'Value for money'

5/5  Sian 'Not been used or opened yet because it isn't her birthday yet but am sure she will love it'

3/5  Lyn 'It's a great idea but the door and the wash action don't always work properly together'

4/5  Lizi 'Makes motor sounds & just right size for little ones a very enjoyable toy'

5/5  Jubbly 'Aw my granddaughter absolutely loves this!! She plays with it everyday mimicking her mummy and daddy. It's perfect great value for money!!'

5/5  Kellykett 'My 1yr old loves it, the colour is not as advertised it is red with blue buttons and dials comes with some pots inside as well as a basket to old them inside, makes three different real dishwasher sounds'

5/5  Lomo 'It takes a lot to occupy my nephew but he spent hours playing with this !!'

4/5  Kim 'My 2 year old loves helping me and is always playing with the washer and emptying the dishwasher and this is fab as he no longer plays with mine.. kept him amused for ages z great price as 2 for £15 so got the washing machine too.. :)'

1/5  Sam 'Cracked when brought and door was not on properly also is not the colour it shows!'

4/5  Anonymous 'The item is good and sturdy enough for my kid to play, it would be nice if it's got a choice of colour for girl. It still alive so far with my 2yr & 3yr old kids.'

1/5  Rachael 'Ordered 2 x £15, image appears larger than the item no measurements are given online or in the catalogue, smaller than a shoe box? Washing machine and dishwasher, my cat is bigger than this item. size is to small for a baby to play with, very mid leading'

5/5  Kat 'My son thinks his in cafe when playing with this product,he loves the way it sounds like a real one'

5/5  Missdowler 'Excellent toy for children and recommended buy'

5/5  Michelle 'Thank you my daughter & niece loved these Christmas day'

5/5  El 'Kids love it good quality looks fantastic'

4/5  Claire 'Good imaginative fun for children, sound etc very good for money'

4/5  Neddy 'Contents provide for imaginative play and sound effects add to the fun. Some parts are small and fragile so supervision is needed, especially as the door on our product was very stiff (even for an adult) to open.'

3/5  Megan 'Small but does the job, well worth the money. Bought for my son who has started showing an interest in kitchens'

5/5  Blking 'Absolutely great!'

5/5  Nicky 'It is okay for a Christmas present this year x'

5/5  Anetta 'Good for boys and girls'

4/5  Upnut31 'It is what it is - a toy dishwasher. Bough for my cousin who loves role play for his birthday. He seems to like it. Makes noises and is good quality / exactly what I expected for the price :)'

5/5  Milly Molly Mandy 'Great item to finish the whole kitchen range. Great value and looks great altogether.'

4/5  Mor 'My grandaugher who is nearly 2 loves this she copies her mum and puts her dishwasher on !'

5/5  Shannenw123 'My nephew loved the chad valley childrens dishwasher such a grear product.'

5/5  Hayley 'Great little ideas that are really cheap'

5/5  Willow 'Great fun !'

4/5  Ellouise 'I ordered this product as a Christmas present. It is a bit smaller then I expected it to be but it looks great! Should be a lot of fun!'

5/5  Mei 'Good little toy. Ideal to go with the dishwasher'

4/5  Cazzy 'My grandchild loves playing with this toy'

5/5  Bob 'Brought this product for my niece for her birthday she loves it great size for lil children can grow with the child and there imagination'

4/5  Charlie 'Toy has not been opened yet as its for christmas but it looks ok hoping they like it'

5/5  Crow692 'Very good the children loved it.'

5/5  Tweenies 'My daughter absolutely loves playing with the toy dishwasher, she thinks that she is helping me out with all the pots when she does her own. So if any parents are thinking about getting this for their child, then I would definitely get it as it helps them so much with imagination and their playing.'

4/5  J 'My 2 year old son couldn't wait to play with this, and really enjoy doing so to start with but unfortunately he did get bored with it rather quickly.'

4/5  Rudie 'Dishwasher was a good buy, i would recommend this product to friends and family. My children love it.'

5/5  Claire 'My daughter had a kitchen for her birthday so got her this to go with it good that' it's makes noise she cooks me food then in the dishwasher to wash!'

5/5  Kimbo149 'Works as supposed to makes kids think there washing plates really well'

5/5  Switch 'I bought this for my 2 year old nephew and he's had loads of fun filling the dishwasher turning it on and then tuning off and emptying. Hours of entertainment which helps promote imagination.'

5/5  Kelly 'Great toy which i bought for my daughters 1st birthday, just the right size for her'

4/5  B 'Bought this in the 2 for 15 category....my neice enjoys playing with it.'

4/5  Scarfomel 'Bought along with the washing machine on 2 for £15 offer. Not sure how long they will last as my little boy is quite rough but so far so good. He loves them'

5/5  Joanne 'Dishwasher is an excellent toy for my 18 month son who loves the lights & sounds. It's difficult for children to open the door but otherwise excellent.'

4/5  Mummyc135 'My 2 children (age 1 and 2) love this, we brought it alongside the kettle and a tea set. It's on the small side - could be made bigger - but they enjoy playing with it. Would recommend it.'

4/5  Kazp 'Good value for money'

4/5  Steph 'Good product'

5/5  Ed7 'Dishwasher / washing machine? All her dolls clothes ended up in it. All the children had a great make believe afternoon brilliant'

4/5  MK 'Good for role play and also helps to bond the children with each other.'

5/5  Clem1 'Great tool for role play'

4/5  Teresa 'My daughter loves playing with this'

5/5  Ade 'My kids love it'

4/5  K22 'Birthday present for my 2year old bought it in the 2 for £15 looks great fun and although he's yet to use it he caught me putting it away the other day and decided to carry it around so it's already got his approval'

5/5  MrsGray27 'Bought this for our 1 yr old, not only does he love it, so does our 4yr old son too. They have endless fun playing together with it. It's fantastic that it makes the noises, not only do the dishes get washed, so do other toys! I would definitely recommend this toy'

4/5  Miodek 'Good value for money'

5/5  Berni 'The item is great it's a gift for my daughters birthday but would have been better if it came in a variety of colours for girls'

5/5  Eizzybeth 'The only problem is the door is a bit hard to open but other than that it's amazing and great value for money'

5/5  Stace85 'Fantastic little toy my children 2 and 4 love playing with it'

5/5  Nanny 'Bought this for my grandkids play kitchen, its smaller then I expected but still good fun, they love playing kitchens and really enjoyed this add on, easy to use and entertaiing'

5/5  Rochelletaylor 'Great product very realistic daughter loves putting things inside And pressing the button which makes real life sounds'

4/5  Eeyore 'Really good value and provides imaginative play'

5/5  LOVE_KIDZZ 'Hope more things like this will come out'

4/5  Willy99 'This product was ideal for my granddaughters play kitchen'

5/5  Spades 'I bought this for my neice birthday she loves all equpt like that it is very much like the real thing the best part is that it is affordable so mums don't wait go shop'

5/5  Kb* 'My son got this for his birthday absolutely loves it. Nearly as much as a real dishwasher We also purchased the mixer and blender which are great prices Really fun to play with all of this range :-)'

5/5  Shahmeer 'Its was really good but i thought it was going its was going to be big but it is really cool'

4/5  Ted 'This is an ideal way to finish the cooking playtime.'

5/5  Sarah38 'This was an excellent buy for a Three year old. In hindsight should have purchased two as her older sister age 4-5 want to play with it as well...causing mayhem at times!!!!!.'

4/5  Angie 'This product is good for children who like to play and use their imagination'

4/5  FrancescaMott 'I brought this product for my little cousin, and she absolutely loves it! I would definitely recommend'

5/5  Margaret 'Grand daughter loves this'

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