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chad valley toaster and kettle set

About the Chad Valley Toaster and Kettle Set

The Chad Valley Toaster and Kettle Set gets the day started the right way some with a fun roleplaying breakfast of tea and toast scenario. With a cool features such as a flip up kettle top at the press of a button, lights and sounds and glow red toast your little one is sure to be transfixed.

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Chad Valley Toaster and Kettle Set Reviews

5/5   '2 year old loves making toast and pouring the kettle for tea , would recommend'

5/5  Sk 'I bought this for my niece and she’s loves it. I would definitely recommend this.'

4/5  Vicky 'Brilliant product for kids to act out being just like Mum,I would definitely recommend this product,my granddaughters had hours of fun'

5/5  Kathiek 'I bought thes for my 3 year old niece. All she has done since is make us tea and toast! The kettle has a light and a realisted boiling action and the toaster does actually pop up. Great buy'

5/5  Poppy 'This set was really good value especially as I got them half price!'

5/5  Mouse 'Good value for money my little boy loves themgetting a bit sick off earing pretend toast and drinking pretend coffee though lol'

5/5  Kam 'My 2 year old likes the toy set as she can replicate making breakfast..she feels all grown up.'

1/5  Sopura 'I got this set for my 2 years old son. The kettle is fab. But the toaster that came with it was faulty!! It doesnt allow me to oen the battery part!! Contacted argo but failed to do anything about it!'

5/5  HanR 'My nephew loves these. The sounds the kettle and toaster makes are fab!'

5/5  FamilyMan 'Exactly what I was looking for. Good size, durable and good features, however, have not inserted batteries in the kettle yet. Overall, my kid loves it.'

4/5  St1 'Great product for the price, very cute pops the toast put and the kettle lights up and makes sound! Son really loves it!'

4/5  SJC 'Excellent! Kids loved it!! Pleased with product'

5/5  Libs 'Looks great. Sale price. Granddaughter is thrilled with it.'

5/5  RC 'My grandson loves it it’s kept him happy playing with the kettle and toaster in his little kitchen.'

5/5  Rpl 'Great toy toaster and kettle set brought for my great niece great valve for money and the service in store was great too.'

4/5  Cleggy 'Great for the price put away for my daughter's birthday'

5/5  Caz 'Fab role play toy to put in our role play area in the classroom Children enjoyed making toast and a cup of tea for both friends and for the dollies.'

5/5  Kimmy 'At such a low price you really can’t go wrong. My daughter is now into role play so this product is fab. Can’t wait for her to get it unwrapped on Christmas.'

5/5  Gibbs 'I have never had any problems with chad vally toys.. this is the 2rd lot of these i have ordered. My son has them and they am great. The sounds and lights work great. Makes play time fun. X'

5/5  Craig 'Got this as a stocking filler for my little girls Christmas to go with her kitchen, can’t go wrong at less than £5'

5/5  Elan 'Bought this set for my granddaughters little kitchen. Well worth buying.'

5/5  Beccs86 'Fab little set for a fab price. Our 3 year old loves making cuppas and toast for people. Found the screw on the bottom of the kettle (to put batteries in) a bit fiddly, as it wouldn't come out but we got there in the end. Definitely recommend!'

5/5  VSK 'As both toaster and kettle comes with sound my son loves it...'

5/5  Frankie123 'We'll worth the money as it was half price and would pay full price for it. As advertised and bought for a 2-3yr old. Cuppa tea anyone...'

5/5  Addy 'Well worth the money fantastic product'

5/5  KN14 'Great value for money :)'

4/5  Sam 'Brought for my son as he really likes playing with his kitchen at the moment, great little set for the price. I like that the toaster makes noises and pops and the kettle lights up and makes sounds with batteries, makes it a bit more realistic.'

4/5  Foxy 'Purchased for granddaughter. Waste of money'

2/5  Trees 'Great clearance toy put away for Christmas for my daughter'

5/5  A5286 'Great price and will go well with the kitchen I’ve purchased.'

5/5  Bfg 'Great value for money'

5/5  Andie1234 'This is perfect for my 2 year old boy! He loves it, he can now make toast like daddy and tea like mummy! It’s just so neat and cute looking!'

5/5  Johnboy 'The kids have had hours and hours of fun playing with this great addition to their play kitchen. Would highly recommend it to any parents or guardians!!'

5/5  Argosbuyer 'They are a good size and the toaster makes a satisfying noise but not really linked to modern toasters. It pops very fast (less than 3seconds) and the kettle lid pops off. Ok toy but can imagine much better ones'

3/5  Wendiewoo 'Fun toy with the sound effects for a little one ,my 3 year old grandson loves it,matches his dishwasher too!'

5/5  Emi 'Good colour - quite sturdy. My son loves doing the toast for me. Very good value.'

5/5  Shaz 'My little girl loves this set. The kettle boils and the toast pops.'

5/5  SDavies 'The toaster is great with fab sound effects. The kettle is also good but the lid keeps popping off which frustrates my toddler.'

3/5  Joy 'Not very well made toaster broke the first time it was used and the plastic is not very sturdy would break easy if dropped.'

1/5  Fw 'Not very strong quality toys,would like a refund'

3/5  Lmellows 'Cheaply made as price suggests. Wouldn’t pay and more for these. Toaster has disappointing 'pop’'

3/5  Moody 'Great play for kids. Toaster makes amazing sounds and so does kettle. Lid of kettle is a little flimsy and feel off a couple of times. Great pretend play for kids.'

5/5  Nati 'My daughter are so happy from new item for kitchen. Price is not so big and quality is good!!'

5/5  Bmmm 'Excellent fun product for kids'

5/5  Madi 'My daughter love to play with it'

5/5  Kelly 'These are great I think. They make noises makes it feel real for the little ones. My son doesn't stop making me toast or cups of tea. Haha.'

5/5  KayyManz 'My kids love playing with this kettle and toaster set. The toaster pops out the toast like the real thing and the kettle has realistic lights and boiling sounds. My son puts water in it and pours it in to a cup once the kettle has completed its boiling. So realistic!!'

5/5  Kfa 'My son loves making us tea and toast with this set - great sound effects and the popping mechanism with the toast!'

4/5  Grannyseeds 'Two year old twins love these. Imaginative play and improving speech.'

5/5  Hm 'This was perfect for my friends daughter. Watching her face light up and her giggle as the toast popped up was amazing. The kid on the kettle was easily pulled off but it's easy to put back on.'

5/5  Buyer 'Great little toaster and kettle for my toddler, who wants to play with real deals in my kitchen. The cons: - The toaster light stays on when not in use if the toast has not popped all the way up - it sticks so I have to keep pushing it up. I imagine the batteries will be gone soon because of this. - The kettle lid comes off really easily so I'm always fixing it. My 13 month old son loves playing with these though!'

4/5  Kate 'My daughter likes to play with it and copy mummy in her little kitchen.'

4/5  Bracey13 'Toys very flimsy and broke easily'

2/5  Pinky 'I brought this toy for my child to replace the chad valley kettle she broke. The quality of this kettle is rubbish. The lid constantly falls of when playing with it. I regret buying it.'

3/5  JOC 'Very well received and robust toy for person it was bought for'

4/5  Jayd 'This product is great! My 2 and a half year old loves both these so much. I was looking for a kettle that makes bubbling noises so this is perfect and the toaster takes just the right amount of time so that my son doesn't get bored waiting. The "toast" doesnt go the entire way down but it still pops up a little when it pings up. Only thing I can criticise is that the lid comes off the kettle easily but can be clipped back into place. Overall very happy'

5/5  Elf2 '3year old grandson loves making tea and toast for me'

4/5  Stacy 'Got these for my son for his kitchen for Christmas they seem well made and they will be enjoyed. They both take the same batteries which it doesn't say in the description'

4/5  Hassan 'Good toy for children. I recommend it'

5/5  Yas 'My Daughter is very happy to play with kettle'

5/5  Kelz 'My son has lots of fun playing with this. Even copying me in the kitchen to make tea and toast in the mornings. The only negative I'd give is the lid on the kettle seems to come off easily (should be attached and a button used to lift it to open) but is just as easy to fix back on. Strong and sturdy worth the money paid'

5/5  Jean 'For my granddaughter she loves it'

5/5  DaveP 'Can't realy comment about durability, it feel cheap and plasticy. Not sure that is a suprise as they are cheap and plastic ! My little boy (4yr old) love playing with them so he will test the durability, they have survived intacked for two weeks so far.'

4/5  Nicola 'Great for small hands. Good functions but a bit plasticy'

3/5  Happychick 'Great toys at a good value price'

5/5  Egrogy 'Good little kettle to play with.'

4/5  Chloe 'My daugher loves it'

5/5  Ella 'My daughter loved it'

5/5  Roxan 'Lovely my daughter is goin to love it'

5/5  Genie 'Bought this for a birthday gift was very impressed with it .'

5/5  Clo 'Value for money'

5/5  Ejm189 'Potential for a 5 star product but the flimsy lid on the kettle deducts a star for me as I am sick Of having to put it back on for my 3 year old Haha! Otherwise the sound effects and lights are brilliant. Even got a little "wow" after first use of the toaster! Lots of fun has been had with this set just the kettle lid needs further thought.'

4/5  Sammij 'I bought these to go with my little boys kitchenette,hes uses these every day pretending to make us toast and tea for breakfast.The light up and boiling sound effects are a nice touch too,very pleased.'

5/5  Ren 'Fantastic value for money real life sounds and plenty entertainment for children learning life skills'

5/5  Ky88 'Good quality set. Would recommend'

5/5  DB 'My 2 and a half year old loves it.'

4/5  Whitefox 'Kids love this, toaster is a bit noisy, kettle lid doesn't stay on long but other than that , its great for imaginative play and a good size. Id recommend this product.'

4/5  Tracy 'I bought the set for my 18month granddaughter she loves them both! She likes sound of the boiling water and the toast popping up and can easily press the button and push lever down! I've been enjoying lots of tea and toast'

5/5  Achowdhury 'This product is fantastic because my daughter now say she can make breakfast like mummy does'

5/5  Joanne 'These are well made, they were smaller than I thought but provide hours of fun & good value for money'

4/5  Peaches 'Bought this as part of my son's 3rd Birthday to go along with his Play Kitchen. He loves it! I have found that this product has helped with his speech and social development. Would recommend this product to any child. At the bottom of the kettle push the button-you hear the bubbling sound of a kettle and on the front clear section it lights up. With the toaster-press down and the plastic bread pops up from the toaster and makes a ping sound. Both products require batteries.'

5/5  Amy 'Really good sounds and lights great for little ones'

5/5  Shorty26 'Brilliant toy lb loves it'

5/5  Craftyqueen 'Our graduates daughter loved this kettle and toaster.'

5/5  Mambo 'Great present for my nephew'

5/5  Ruby 'Excellent toy- very pleased with quality.'

5/5  Laurengee 'My son adores having this along side his play kitchen! I've been consuming insane amounts of faux tea and toast since he opened them for his birthday! The toast goes down and slowly comes back up with a ping at the end that he finds very amusing. And the kettle lights up and makes bubbling noises - they really are just like mums! The only problem we've had is that the top has come off the kettle a few times but it's easy to put back on again. Wonderful bargain, my son is over the moon!'

4/5  Abi 'Its a lovely realistic set, smaller then expected but never the less good. Unfortunately the kettle lid broke off within the first five minutes of play :('

4/5  Diane71 'This goes with every thing else I have brought for my grand childs play kitchen. Looks good and sounds good when the batteries are added.'

5/5  Margo 'Value for money don.t forget the batteries'

5/5  Twentieth Pie 'Bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it.Great sound effects they are realistic great value'

5/5  Paula 'Great quality, fun and bright. My grandson loves them.'

5/5  Cj 'It's smaller than I thought, the kettle makes a boiling noise when you push the button and red light glows, but the lid flaps open when you tip it up, the toaster is bit noisy, you push the toast down and it pops up and makes a noise, there not bad toys'

3/5  Jasmine 'Great product for my granddaughters kitchen.'

4/5  Julie 'Great item niece will love it'

5/5  Leigh-harleys-mummy 'Fantastic toy. My son loves it would reccomend'

5/5  Granma 'Granddaughter happy'

5/5  Deb 'Good value for money'

5/5  Chucky 'Can't wait for my daughter to open this Christmas day. Great price'

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