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chad valley tea set

About the Chad Valley Tea Set

The Chad Valley Tea Set is essential to ensure your little one can have the most epic tea party! Gather friends and get imaginative with this vibrantly coloured fifteen (15) piece set which includes a delightful tea pot, a charming sugar bowl, a handy milk jug plus essentials to any teas sets - cups (4), saucers (4) and teaspoons (4)!

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5/5   'Great for the kids to use there imagination'

1/5   'Brought this for my 4yr old son, to say I was extremely disappointed is an understatement, not worth the money at all. You can get much more for the price elsewhere.'

4/5   'Nice basic tea set. Just what I wanted for toddler group sand play'

5/5   'My Granddaughter loves playing Teatime great fun.'

5/5   'Hours of enjoyment out of this little set'

5/5   'I brought this for my granddaughter who is 3 she loves playing tea set with her dollies the colours are great'

5/5   'My kids love making themselves and other guests cups of tea and coffee after a hard days work'

3/5   'I should have guessed given the price that each item would be very small'

5/5   'Good value for money Nice bright colours'

1/5   'It's not worth the money.'

4/5   'The set was a bit on the small size'

4/5   'Nice tea set, 2 year old loves it.'

5/5   'My little boy loves his little tea set'

4/5   'Great value tea set for our little granddaughter after she broke hers. Ideal for what we wanted. Hours of safe fun'

5/5   'Absolutely bargain my little daughter luv to make a bru'

5/5   'Great value, and fit for purpose.'

5/5   'My daughter enjoy playing with this set. Good build and nice attention on details'

5/5   'It's a good little set, will keep my son very happy indeed! It's cheap and cheerful but going to be alot of fun'

2/5   'The set is smaller than it looks in the picture and the teapot leaks! All-in-all a cause of quite some disappointment'

5/5   'Great value for money and I’m sure she’ll love it'

5/5   'I bought this for my nearly 4 year old boy to play with in the bath. Mutual colours and quite atttractive. Quite sturdy in plastic. His motor skills need developing and this has been excellent at achieving it, giving him great confidence when filling and pouring, as we work towards developing his hand writing skills. Daughter of nearly 6 years also enjoys it just as much.'

5/5   'Has provided hours of entertainment with water play, worth it'

5/5   'Perfect for my disabled granddaughter. She loves it. Safe for her to use and great value for money. Highly recommended for any child.'

4/5   'A very lovely colour and very good for helping little ones with fine motor skills as well as learning a life skill. I know now that when my wee man gets bigger to make a proper brew for his lovely mum lol'

5/5   'Absolutely adorable affordable little set! My little sister loved it! I would have like to see it in other colours though...'

5/5   'My grandchildren love this teaset. They spend ages making tea for me and their toys. It also goes in the bath with them for proper tea making.'

5/5   'Good value for money'

1/5   'Smaller than expected and poor quality, not worth the money.'

2/5   'Saw one before so thought it was the same . Very disappointed with the size of items.'

3/5   'Such a waste of money, the cups spoons and teapot are tiny. Save yourself some money even on sale these arent worth it. Cant return as my childs already lost the spoons after two days. They are tiny.'

5/5   'Great little tea set, my daughter loves making me pretend cups of tea with it.'

5/5   'Nicely made tea set which my 2 year old grandson loves playing with.'

5/5   'The Grandchildren love it Very good value for money'

2/5   'I was disappointed as the tea set was very tiny, almost a dolls size, felt slightly bad giving this as a gift to my 2 year old niece.'

3/5   'This tea set has the perfect equipment needed for the perfect tea party for children- however my only downside with this product is that there’s fewer things, very tiny and also the colours are very boring. Other than that I absolutely enjoy playing with this with my daughter- who doesn’t seem to mind the colour flaw that I noticed.'

5/5   'In neutral colours this was great for my little boy hard to find a tea set that's not pink. He loves pretending. Hard wearing and great value for money'

4/5   'Bought for grandchildren (and myself)! We love playing with this simple toy'

5/5   'This is a great little tea set, bought it for my grandson. He loves making cups of tea'

3/5   'Much smaller than I expected and I would have returned it had I not promised it to a child that day.'

5/5   'Bought for my 2 grandaughters 3 and 4 . And even they found it on the arkward side. Bit too small and cups dont sit on saucers properly and lid dosnt stay on the teapot. Suppose it would be better for younger kids with smaller hands'

3/5   'I got this so I could use this to go with my sons kitchen he got bought but it was much smaller than I expected'

4/5   'Great wee teaser for the price'

5/5   'My niece loves making us all tea now ad given us cakes'

5/5   'Very versatile for the kids as they just get thrown around when playing.'

5/5   'My granddaughter is loving her tea set. Everyone who comes in is offered a "cup of tea". She is having tea parties all the time, she is only 2 so we just have to watch her she's started pouring her juice into the tea pot and sharing it with her dolls. It can get messy haha'

5/5   'Would not recommended as very small & overpriced'

3/5   'Nice tea set design, however it it smaller than i expected, plates do not hold play food'

3/5   'The tea set is very small and not very robust. Not good value.'

2/5   'My daughters love it. Looks nice and durable.'

5/5   'It is smaller than it looks'

5/5   'Bought it for my son as he loves '’making tea” Very very happy with it'

5/5   'The cups are too narrow at the bottom so fall over easily, and the lid for the teapot needs to be quite accurately lined up otherwise it just drops inside, a tray to place it all on would have been a nice feature but you get what you pay for'

3/5   'My 3 year old loves this tea set might not be pink in colour but it serves its purpose.'

5/5   'My granddaughter will love this at Christmas'

5/5   'I bought this for my 2 year old grandson as he loves to give everyone a 'cup a tea' . He hasn't got it yet as it is a present but he will love it. The colours are better than the usual pink fancy tea sets - I'm sure he wouldn't worry but daddy might!'

5/5   'Great value for money, lovely little set, my daughter's had hours of fun doing tea partys with it :)'

5/5   'Not best quality for money'

1/5   'I would not recommend this item as the size does not reflect in the price disappointed'

1/5   'Hours of fun my daughter has wen she Gets it out so thank u argos lovely little toy for the Money'

2/5   'Bought for my granddaughter, she loves the sounds it makes. Perfect buy .'

5/5   'Cheap plastic worth about a pound'

2/5   'Bought this for our grandchildren, as the photos made it look quite robust/sturdy, but the reality was, it was cheap plastic. It was so disappointing, we returned it for a refund. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.'

1/5   'It was quite a bit smaller than it looks'

3/5   'Nice to have something that wont break'

4/5   'Made from brittle plastic that would be broken within minutes. The tea pot leaked through the bottom as it was poorly made. Very over priced and would not have bought it but looked durable on the box, it looked more like something that you'd find in a very cheap shop. I really do expect more from Chad Valley. I took it back and got a refund.'

1/5   'Great little Tea set ,my Grandaughter is aged 4 and loves it,great value for money and looks good.Hours of role play with this. Would buy again'

5/5   'Grankids love this Role play great and teaches them how make a cuppa tea safe'

5/5   'Smaller than expected but great for little handsl'

5/5   'Great toy tea set which was inexpensive and keeps my son entertained for hours'

5/5   'Lovely basis tea set, does its purpose.'

5/5   'I bought 2 sets as they were on offer which made them a great price. I had read other reviews about the size of these but bought anyway. They are very small compared to other sets you can buy but they still make a lovely tea set for young children to play with.'

4/5   'Cheap and cheerful hours worth of fun'

5/5   'Lovely for even the bigger kids...both girls and boys enjoy creative play....include some real water for imagination'

4/5   'This set is ideal for a very small child as the items are very small.'

4/5   'Smaller than what I was expecting but my 3yr old loves it'

4/5   'Brought this to go in the paddling pool as they kept putting in dolls and ruining them. They love making me cups of tea and imaginary play is getting better.'

5/5   'For my great granddaughter something to play with on her occasional visits'

4/5   'Ok, could be more colourful'

3/5   'Bought as gift for 2 year old grandson who seems happy with it. The only downside is that it was smaller than I expected'

3/5   'Basic tea set. Bought for my grandson, only one i.could find that wasn't pink. Hes very happy with it.'

5/5   'Lid for teapot does not fit properly. Cups and saucers extremely small. Feels very flimsy. Fine for use in paddling pool/sandpit'

2/5   'My daughter is very happy making tea and bubble mix with her tea set'

5/5   'Although my grandchild was vey happy with this tea set, I have given it 4 stars not 5 as it was smaller than I expected.'

4/5   'Good play set but it is very small I thought it’d be bigger kids love it though'

3/5   'Very nice tea set for little ones. My 2yr old little grandson played with it for ages, making tea for his teddies!'

5/5   'Good toy, however the tea set is quite small. Still well made and fun'

3/5   'Excellent product but Cup and Saucer not very stable when used together.'

4/5   'I bought this for my 2 yo niece for her birthday. It's not bad, is a little cheap looking but you get what you pay for. My niece was happy with it and enjoyed playing with the set.'

3/5   'A good little set, nothing special but just what you would expect for the price (especially with the Argos toy offer which was available). Our Granddaughter enjoyed playing with it.'

4/5   'Slightly smaller than expected but fine.'

4/5   'Bought for school as an SEN resource. Children absolutely loved it. Promoted interactions, role play and great fun'

5/5   'Great for pretend play'

5/5   'My nephew thinks he's a big boy now using his tea set the smile on his face was priceless worth the money thank you argos'

5/5   'My granddaughter of 2 loved making me many cups of tea Ha Ha'

5/5   'Simple and fun. Great for making tea lol'

3/5   'This is a super cute tea set which my child loves. Great for the money and even better as in a deal'

4/5   'Got for Xmas for her kitchen she loves them they are a bit small but does the job'

4/5   'Bought for my little boy. He loves playing with it.'

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