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Chad Valley Supermarket Cash Register

About the Chad Valley Supermarket Cash Register

The Chad Valley Supermarket Cash Register is ideal for your most cherished who jump at the chance to play shops. With genuine calculating capabilities, it has the added benefit of assisting your most cherished with their numeracy skills.

Brand: Chad Valley
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5/5   'Can't wait to see our twin granddaughters when they open this for Christmas'

5/5   'My little boy loves it'

5/5   'Help imagination of kids and keeps them busy for hours. great quality'

1/5   'Not that good for the mouny I sorry I got it now for the kids'

4/5   'My daughter loves it and we use the money to learn to count for buying play toys . Great toy for education.'

5/5   'My granddaughter loves this as Grandad Me was a butcher'

5/5   'I got this cash register to support my children with their numbers, works very well.'

3/5   'Small, placky looking, but does the job. Batteries make the number pad work so you can input prices like a calculator, and cash drawer opens with a lovely 'ping' without any batteries in. But it's a nightmare to fit together with brute force (and a prayer it won't crack). Nice little till with a little play money included. Have seen better. Just couldn't recommend because of the dreadful fitting.'

5/5   'Bought 2 sets as gifts for grandchildren, Chad Valley toys are robust and I've never been disappointed on the quality, great value too.'

5/5   'My Grandson loves it ,'

5/5   'Good for children role playing my grandchildren love it.'

4/5   'Great for the price, just smaller than I first thought.'

4/5   'Its ok for the price my children havent said a bad word about it and love playing shop keepers'

5/5   'Pros: my daughter (almost 3) loves it. Loves playing shopkeeper and “selling” us things. She likes making the numbers appear on the working calculator screen on the till. She uses the card (included) and the tiny “contactless” panel as a loyalty card (thanks Sainsbury’s) Cons: we now have to “buy” everything from her...'

5/5   'Great little toy for playing shop and learning about money'

4/5   'A little to small but it's all good does the job my son seem to like it'

5/5   'Well worth the money'

5/5   'Helps my wee one to learn moneys and practice maths. Thumbs up.'

5/5   'This works perfectly and a lovely size for the little ones'

5/5   'The cash machine is absolutely brilliant, smaller than expected but my sister loves it since it adds up and comes with money. I recommend buying this product with the shopping trolley, makes them feel like a proper shop assistant ;).'

3/5   'Was disappointed in the product , not worth the money. Took ages to get the counter onto the till draw, nearly gave up and thought of taking it back.'

5/5   'Brilliant for children's role play Not to loud'

2/5   'Very poor quality bought for grandchild birthday age 3 . Drawer doesn't open all the way for him to put money in. Extras good like play money and toy food boxes. Bought on the 9 th Aug returned swapped on 15th as drawer already didn't open'

4/5   'My granddaughter loves it. It is all she asked for her birthday'

5/5   'Good value for money and easy to play with for little kids.'

4/5   'Nice little till . Interesting features kids love pressing buttons and seeing numbers .They are able to role play for ages with this as they go onto adding numbers and working out what numbers come next so great for learning numbers and to recognise them . Could have been a bit bigger and more stable as it moves easily'

5/5   'Excellent value for money, makes noises and come with play money and food, Chad valley never dissapoint'

5/5   'I bought this for my 3 year old grandson, he absolutely loves it. Definitely worth it'

5/5   'Good fun great for roleplay'

5/5   'This till was well received, something wanted for a while. Great activity toy, helps youngsters to learn the value of money,and the concept of shopping and getting the right change, while having fun'

5/5   'My son and daughter love to play shop keeper and use it for there sweet shop as well great buy'

5/5   'Absolutely brilliant it does everything and is helping my son to count brilliant product would highly recommend to anybody'

4/5   'Simple toy, did find it difficult to put them together had to use some force but yes nice little till'

4/5   'It’s 3+ years. It’s great'

2/5   'Just a basic calculator. ..not very exciting for kids. Drawer very small...doesn't hold many coins.'

5/5   'Excellent value for money daughter pleased with purchase'

2/5   'The till is basic and may be fiddly to assemble, the screen slots onto the base but requires a bit force for it to click on place be careful not to put too much pressure or it may break as it is flimsy. Not enough storage in money compartment and does not have any other sounds for tapping the card or other beeping sounds. Accessories are okay but could do with a few more coins. I bought this in a promotion, good as a first till but spend a bit more and you can tills a scanner and moving belt.'

5/5   'Made my granddaughter a shop and it is an ideal fitting and useful'

3/5   'My little boy loves this cash register , he really likes playing with this cash register . Nice'

4/5   'Good fun hours of play'

1/5   'Till is not good quality inside compartments ain't the right size so the coins don't fit well at all .'

4/5   'The actual cash register is guality for the price but the props that come with it are made out of paper and just not enjoyable for children.'

5/5   'My daughter loves this and it was a great price very happy'

4/5   'The calculator is good but the card reader button noise is weak. Also the cash tray is a bit too small for the cash.'

4/5   'Very pleased with the purchase,my son enjoys playing with them'

5/5   'From the service to the product everything was excellent'

4/5   'Smaller than I thought, it’s a great cheap toy my sister really enjoyed it so that’s the main thing!'

3/5   'My daughter is happy with it she's 3'

5/5   'My little girlie is loving this toy !!'

2/5   'The first one n bought would not clip together. The second one drawer does not close properly and opens up on its own . Realy not good quality .'

4/5   'Full of coins, notes and shopping items. Could be a little louder wjen using keys.'

5/5   'Hopefully his will help my daughter learn to count but will also help my son with learning about money. Brill price and is coming in handy for both my children'

1/5   'Very cheap, wouldn't go together very well at all. Would have returned it but my 2 year old got hold of the money and lost them straight away.'

4/5   'Child couldn't wait to get it open and use! Hours of fun and great for imaginative play and early maths.'

5/5   'I bought this cash register for my 5 year old grandaughter and think it is a let down the beep it makes when pressing the buttons is very quiet and the drawer sticks each time you press the door release button, She still plays with it but uses her imagination a lot.'

3/5   'Not easy to clip together, very small, money and play card are tiny.'

3/5   'A brilliant way to learn how to shop very sturdy wrap cling film round boxes to keep them from tearing Great value for money'

5/5   'My grandsons have had hours of fun with this cash register, complete with toy cash and groceries. The cardboard cartons can get squashed easily, so best to pad them out with scrunched up newspaper or similar. The working calculator is good for helping their maths skills. There is a beeping sound which is rather quiet, but at least it can’t be accused of being an irritating noise.'

5/5   'Bought in the 2 for 15 range, easy to use and the 'shopping' is from Sainsburys too which was easy to make out what the items where.'

4/5   'Great toy for kids all ages. could do with a scanning noise other wise I can't complain hours of fun with it.'

4/5   'Good value till for the money. Makes beeping sounds and till rings when opens. Till drawer isn’t very large so can’t fit much money in it. Small amount of plastic money with it.'

4/5   'Our daughter loves this so much she's asked us to open up a real shop so that she can do it for real. She'll need a stool to see over the counter though!'

5/5   'This is tiny when taken out of the box and to Put it together you have to unscrew it all because the clips are so weak. My daughter does enjoy playing with it however.'

3/5   'Was initially very surprised at the size of the till, it is very small. The top section clips onto the base with a lot of force and we were worried that the plastic clips were going to snap with the amount of force needed. Once together the till is still very small and we would suggest spending the little bit extra and getting a better one.'

2/5   'Excellent for kids mind stimulation'

5/5   'My kids love playing with this cash register... plenty of playtime with the cash register...'

3/5   'Good abit small but works well for my little one'

5/5   'Cheap looking and flimsy'

4/5   'Daughter does love this product but I personally wouldn't recommend. It only makes one sound. The money has been lost already and the food boxes that come with it are flimsy and nearly all squashed and only had since Christmas Day. Only good thing is the real working calculator but daughter too young currently to use this.'

2/5   'Bit disappointed with this wish I had sent it back but bought too close to Christmas as needed to post off think if an adult hand was in the shot you could see how big it was'

2/5   'Great fun for my little one and very educational too.'

4/5   'Ideal gift. Happy with price.'

4/5   'Little boy loves this!'

5/5   'We bought this as a replacement for an old one that had broken. My little boy (3 at the time, now 4) loves playing shops with this. It gets dragged everywhere and is very hard wearing'

5/5   'She loves pretending she is doing shop x'

5/5   'Lots of hours of fun for the kids'

5/5   'This was very well received by the child and works as it should.'

5/5   'Its educational and fun.'

3/5   'Kids absolutely love it!'

4/5   'Good little till but is quite small'

5/5   'Good fun for both my son and niece, teaching them to share and at the same time use there imagination!'

3/5   'This is really fun to play with. My kids absolutely love it especially when they play shops as they have a 'real till.' Even comes with a credit card. Would recommend'

5/5   'Great item!! Fits great'

4/5   'Present for my granddaughter she luvs it'

5/5   'Just what i wanted perfect couldn't have asked for any better for the price'

4/5   'My 2 year old loves this!'

5/5   'Not as good as it looked online, a lot smaller than I thought, can’t add anything into it (moving conveyor belt to move shopping along) no batteries included, worries to put together as seems like it would snap easily, not much coins in it, not much food in it, not really good.. only good thing is it works? Would rather pay extra and get a decent one that buy this item.'

5/5   'Good value for money. Great for learning.'

2/5   'Till is small in itself, box it comes in is tiny. Till is actually a calculator which is handy. Paper money rips easily but good little toy! Bought it with the shopping trolley for role play at home'

5/5   'Kids played all day with it and love it'

4/5   'Our 3 year old granddaughter loves this - especially the "credit card" which she prefers to use rather than the play money :) Good selection of grocery items for her special shop. Great value for the money.'

4/5   'Bit tricky to get the top bit to attach to the bottom but other than that its good vaule'

5/5   'Do not waste your money.'

3/5   'My daughter loves that she can can pretend to buy her own food with the money that also comes with it.'

1/5   'My 6 year old loves this. It does the job and it is definitely worth the price. One i brought in wilko broke on the same day, would definitely recommend'

5/5   'Our little one is going to love this cash register. Lots of great elements to it.'

4/5   'Cheap tacky hand to put together. Honest answer is pay extra for better one'

5/5   'Brilliant little present for my daughter and easy to assemble. Daughter loves playing shop so the little boxes of items were a brilliant addition.'

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