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Chad Valley Premium Cash Register

About the Chad Valley Premium Cash Register

The Chad Valley Premium Cash Register has all that you'd anticipate from the genuine article, including a chip and pin, scanner, conveyor belt and even a working voice projector so your most cherished can call for help with any puzzling products. The till has a genuine adding machine to assist with little ones numerous skills and there's play cash and a MasterCard for paying. Splendid for playing with companions, taking turns playing shopkeeper and shopper with baskets full of goodies.

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EAN/SKU: 2374442
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Chad Valley Premium Cash Register Reviews

4/5   'Lovely bright colours, good value for money! My grandson loves it, also his younger sister.'

4/5  HH 'Smaller than expected but does the job and kids love playing with it'

4/5  Eloise 'Lovely little till, accessories a bit flimsy.'

1/5  Bigbeefy76 '4 year old was upset that I had to return this product as no replacement in stock! Got it home to find parts were missing. On further inspection it was clear this product had been previously returned, re packaged and sold again! This is the 2nd time this has happened as had same issue with a printer purchased from Argos!!!! Will shop elsewhere in future.'

4/5  Emma 'Till didn’t fit onto base properly - kept coming off. Had to take apart to fix. Overall, ok for the money but bad design'

4/5  Deb 'Our niece loves playing with this. It was great value for money. Great for imaginary play!'

4/5  Gwan 'Was good for the reduced price think I wouldn't buy at full price'

1/5  Joe 'The item I received did not bear any resemblance to the image above, I was very pleased with my purchase until I opened the box, the cash till could not be assembled properly, I did not wish to force it for fear of breaking it. As it was a gift for my granddaughter's birthday I was most dissapointed with my purchase as was she with the gift, the item was returned for a full refund, the Argos staff member apologised but it not his fault. Overall a very disappointed customer and granddaughter!'

4/5  Yassin 'Not bad as a product but not easy to fit the top bit'

5/5  Ana 'I bought this toy as a birthday present for little girl. She love it.'

5/5  Nikkidalby88 'The money compartment could be more flexible to close as it springs open when button is pressed but pushing it closed is harder. Regardless of this, t it is still a great product :)'

3/5  Brittany 'The till part doesn’t stay attached to the bottom'

4/5  Feffles 'My grandson enjoyed playing with this greatly. He especially liked the microphone. It took a fair effort to get the register attached to the base, but with a bit of force it clicked into place and is quite solid. It seems well built and looks good too. He enjoys the noises of the buttons and the ding when the register opens. Overall, it seems value for money.'

5/5  Lingling 'Bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Play with it all the time. Well worth it !'

5/5  Sam 'My daughter loves this. she is always playing shop keeper definitely worth buying it for her'

1/5  Al 'I bought this till for my daughter. Struggled to get the main bit to click into the bottom and kept coming off. I exchanged for another but the second one was worse. Loved the working microphone and daughter loved the scanner just wish had been better quality. Ended up returning the second one too.'

5/5  Lisa31 'Removed coins as a bit small for my son. Great buy.'

5/5  Chez 'Great fun product, however some of the food packets and tins didn’t last very long'

1/5  Dee 'Bought for 3 yest old granfchild Would not recommend dissapointed'

5/5  Jojo 'I found the top a bit awkward to attach to the bottom, but once this was done it has been great. Our daughter particularly likes the microphone bit for calling people to the til!'

3/5  Voodooist1488 'Got this for my 2 year old & she loves it..it is a bit flimsy & the included money & basket items are a bit poor but she still loves playing with it.'

4/5  Nkb 'My 3 year old loves playing with this - useful for role playing. Only down side is that it is smaller than I expected.'

4/5  Wuggles 'Although my grandson loves this cash register, he's a bit young for it at the moment but he understands what to do and loves using the scanner on the shopping, although he scans everything about ten times as he likes to hear the bleeping sound. When putting it together it took a bit to attach the till to the base, it was quite tricky to click it in position but other than that its good.'

4/5  Pinball 'Birthday gift for a 3 year old, his favourite game is now playing shop.'

4/5  Hannah 'Good fun toy to keep them occupied'

5/5  Joy 'Took us a while to get the main parts fitted together, but once they were all was good.'

1/5  Alliepal 'The till comes in two parts, I could not get the top part (buttons, scanner) to attach to the bottom part (money drawer). I took it back but the workers in Argos could not attatch it either. They got me a new one and that wouldn’t connect also, 3 more staff assistance later a refund was issued'

4/5  Zydrybe 'This cash register is good for the money and it does the job. Long hours of play.'

5/5  Lanie 'Got this for my granddaughters 3rd birthday she loved it especially the working microphone.'

3/5  GrandadBarry 'Good product decent quality the only thing is putting the two parts together you have to be quite forceful it feels like something is going to break.'

2/5  Mumof2 'Took first one back ast part of the plastic was snapped and the second one has a broken microphone. It’s a different colour than the picture and a different design.'

4/5  Boobyliciouse 'Nice product I've dropped a star because it was quite difficult to attach the two pieces together and needed quite a force to put together, I was worried it would be damaged as needed a really hard push down! Also, there wasn't a lot of "pretend money" But overall worth the money and I think they will have fun.'

4/5  Jeanine77 'Good toy, difficult to clip together and draw comes put to easily but overall good quality'

5/5  Liz 'Really nice and entertaining toy. Makes sounds, when pay with card, has a few bills and coins. You can count on it as well, adding numbers on the display.'

5/5  Wendywoo 'Good item at a good price.'

5/5  Sb1888 'Very good value for young kids, good for pretend play and counting. Simple but effective'

5/5  AMoiz 'My 4year old son loves it, he is learning how to sell things on this till which includes paper toy cash and credit card,.'

5/5  H 'A great toy for role play, especially if you’d child loves the supermarket. Good sounds and lots of interactive parts; mic, till drawer, scanner, card reader.'

5/5  Glenda 'I've bought cash register for my children and now for my grandchildren. They're great for imaginative play and learning to count.'

5/5  Maz 'Bought for a birthday present. Child pleased with it.'

4/5  Debs 'I bought this for my grandson who is 2 and half years old and he loves it. The only thing is that the cash register keeps coming off the counter as it doesn't seem to click in properly but my daughter was going to glue it on.'

1/5  Annie123 'This is an awful product, any weight on it at all and it falls apart, not ideal at all, so disappointed as it was a gift from santa and how do you explain to a child why santaa toys keep breaking.'

5/5  Alwaysread 'Worth the price'

2/5  Stacey 'We brought this for Xmas for my 6 year old. Within the same day the draw is broken and stuck shut. The paper money is cool but everything else just looks cheap not worth the money'

5/5  Sam 'Easy to reserve and collect in store. Fantastic for sorting out my last minute Christmas gifts'

3/5  Heel 'Would be better if the till was not in two pieces, as does not always stay together, the two parts come apart. Not easy to push together.'

5/5  Alet 'Great value, quality and fun.'

5/5  CrispyNoodle 'Good toy for a 4 year old and her great grandmother!'

3/5  Clifford 'Opening the box it looked quite simple to assemble, two of the lugs which held the top to the base had been bent, care was taken to make them right but both came off, not what you expect from chad valley, we had to bolt the top the the base, which did bring a great deal of joy to the child.'

4/5  Mj 'My son loves it and keeps him entertained.'

5/5  Jemba 'My daughter loves it. All the features are just like a real till. Great for imaginative play.'

2/5  Lynnmc39 'Read reviews on this before I purchased it for my grandaughter...however it is basic as the price shows...but I am afraid I should have paid more for a better quality product'

4/5  Dydy 'Didnt look wow as I thought...but hope that my nice will enjoy her toy.'

2/5  Dee 'Cash Register not worth money push buttons and it fàlls over.'

5/5  N 'Lots of time spent playing with this!'

5/5  Kate 'My son 3 yeas old.he loves it.'

5/5  Lea 'Son plays with it all the time.i think it's great for imaginative play'

5/5  Jo 'A good toy. Helps to teach children deal with figures.'

5/5  Papillon 'Required a little force to assemble but fine when done.'

4/5  Suze 'Lots of fun shopping with till... Had to be returned because no stickers in box but all swell now!!!! Lots of imagination...shopping with mummy'

5/5  Vickychick21 'I think this is great, especially with a contactless card element, moving with the technology of today. My niece loves all the food and basket too so the shopping fun can start right away!'

5/5  Jenny 'Very pleased with this till and my Nephew gets excited playing shops. Such fun role playing with his imagination and making memories to treasure as I do. Perfect Gift'

1/5  Cato 'Bought as xmas present to go with daughter's new toy shop. Waste of time and money. The top that is supposed to attach to bottom will not attach. So keeps falling apart. Very bad design and quality. Taking back to store today!!'

3/5  Rachel 'The cash register is lovely and modern with contactless pad but not very stable. The top part clicks into the bottom but with just the slightest of touches they separate. Would not recommend for busy toddlers/pre schoolers. Constantly havimg to put back together. Would not recommend or buy again.'

5/5  Koni 'As I said above these are presents.'

5/5  Nan 'Bought thi toy for Christmas present and I’m pleased with it and know it will be a great success'

5/5  Moni 'Good for kids age 3-10'

5/5  David 'Excellent daughter loves it highly recommend'

5/5  Iynixgn 'Worth the money! The sound made the toy really realistic and the spring system for the cash tray is really good too!'

5/5  Colin 'Excellent buy good quality strong and rebus the twins loved them and haven’t stopped playing with them'

4/5  Rainbow 'Not a very good cash registet. The pieces dont fit together properly and if you put to much pressure on it when trying to put together it could possibly break. But my daughter loves it!!!!'

1/5  Helen 'I bought this till for my granddaughters 3rd birthday. Fortunately I opened it a couple of days beforehand in order to put the batteries in. The microphone was faulty and just made a screeching noise so it would have to have been returned anyway. However, I was also so disappointed in the overall quality and design. The assembly meant that a slight push on the till dislodged it from the base and the quality of the shopping items was poor. All in all very disappointing and poor value for money.'

5/5  Marypoppins 'Great product the kids love the microphone'

4/5  Ella 'The beeping sound like a real toll is great, the till works like a calculator so helps with adding up and the bit the kids love the most is the fact that the microphone actually works.'

5/5  Rkids 'My kids play for hours with this chad valley cash register and they learn about money too.'

5/5  Jessica 'I bought this for my 3 year old and he loves it, perfect for him to interact people as he plays the cashier. He loves to microphone it's loud and clear. The little shopping items are perfect for him to play with too. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Ashley 'My 6yr old went crazy for this we brought it her for her birthday and she hasn't stopped playing with it I thought she would after a week or so but she loves it fantastic buy 10out of 10'

5/5  Leanneme 'Brought for 6 year old, play with this for hours, excellent value for money.'

5/5  ClaireJ 'As an essential part of your child’s role play toy collection, this toy is lots of fun to use and is perfect for children aged 2 and a half up.'

5/5  Sergiu 'Very good. Recommend.'

5/5  Sam 'Acts like a real till and brings hours of fun to little ones.'

5/5  South 'My 3yr old loved playing shopping but didn't have a till , so said I would get him one . And it is just awesome he loves it keeps him busy for hours loves shouting through the mic at me asking me what I would like from the shop . Just a fantastic product'

5/5  Nette 'I bought this for my friends daughter for her birthday, a great learning toy,it gets played with every day as it great fun with actual working functions. Would highly recommend'

2/5  Sam 'It was Ok, but there are much better ones available for less money. Was disappointed when I opened it up so took it back under the no quibble returns policy.'

4/5  Adam 'Bought this as a birthday present and the kid loves it so much shes sleeping with it'

3/5  Charlie 'Found that the Cash Register speakphone was the bit my child loved the most!!!'

2/5  Leanne 'Is a great product my little boy loves it although when pressing the button to speak through the microphone it makes an awful screeching noise'

4/5  Jaj 'Very good item for roll play for toddlers'

4/5  Clazza 'Till draw sticks a bit but otherwise good value'

1/5  Whit 'Couldn't even get the back off to put the batteries in, took back to argos to replace and they didnt have another in stock. Really disappointed!!'

5/5  Wilson 'My grandson love this for his birthday and very good for role play too'

1/5  AliBaba 'Shoddy product with poor design. Microphone didn't work and the buttons broke on the very first use. Extremely disappointed boy on his birthday. Overpriced and not recommended at all .'

4/5  Tashielou 'This was a replacement for the first one that broke within a few minutes of my 4 year old playing with it. The replacement one is great so must have just been a dodgy one we got first. Great for imaginative play and my son loves the speaker microphone.'

4/5  Lauren 'Very good item my 2 year old daughter loves it, I had to knock a star off for the reason that it's designed abit silly! The wire for the scanner is at the back so it doesn't fit in the slot for it tidy and it's awkward to get it it as it's at the back! Apart from that it's excellent!'

1/5  Soph 'Had high hopes for this till but was very disapointed. The quality did not match the price so I took it back for a refund. Had better tills in the past which were cheaper.'

1/5  Siany 'Had to return the item, the pictures on the box are completely different to argos website, the wire is not long enough for the scanner to sit on the stand, the button to open the till draw was jammed in tight, money was missing, cheap plastic rubbish'

5/5  Sholafox 'Great toy, well made, good quality. Grandchildren all play together with it although it was a birthday gift for my granddaughter. Watching them all play 'shops' laughing and having fun together without the usual squabbles is so great.'

5/5  MissP 'This was bought for my shop role play area in my classroom. Definitely looks the part and the children love it. Would recommend.'

5/5  Susan 'Bought this cash register for my granddaughter and she loves it. She plays with it every day she likes the credit card machine and the microphone and the scanner. Would recommend it'

5/5  Meg86 'My daughter loves this! great fun! The speaker function even works and is actually quite good! The money (notes & coins) looks fab and the chip & pin with bank card is great aswel! The handheld scanner which beeps when pressed is very realistic! Great buy!'

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