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chad valley police role play case

About the Chad Valley Police Role Play Case

The Chad Valley Police Role Play Case is contains all the essentials to for your little one to be a bobby on the beat. Encouraging dynamic roleplay and stimulating imagination, your little one can be a friendly neighbourhood police officer. This Chad Valley set includes handcuffs to restrain suspects, a badge so you can show your credentials, a mega phone to get peoples undivided attention and phone to provide crucial updates to the station.

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Chad Valley Police Role Play Case Reviews

5/5   'My son loved this really good quality for your money'

5/5  Rachael 'Daughter loves this little set'

5/5  Davey '3yr old loved it. No one is safe from the handcuffs'

4/5  AM1984 'Good kit, only criticism I have is that the chain on the handcuffs comes loose easily and it needs an adult to fix it each time.'

5/5  JQ 'Bought this for my 5 year old son who had asked me to arrest him. He has had great fun with his sister and cousins playing cops and robbers and hiding all over the house before being caught. The handcuffs break apart if used roughly but can easily be fixed back together after the initial panic!'

5/5  Chels 'Brilliant toy, my child loves it'

3/5  Bubbles84 'Little one loves it especially the little pad and pen. Case could be a little easier to open for little ones.'

5/5  CC '4 year old has had lots of fun with this pretending to be a police officer'

2/5  Matt 'The play set looked good on the pictures but we were disappointed with the value when we looked at the few toys inside the carry case. They seemed to be quite cheaply made and not very entertaining, the best item was probably the handcuffs. The carry case seemed to be quite sturdy but we decided to return the item and exchange for a doctors set which was better value.'

5/5  Natalie 'Abit flimsey and easily broken but still recommend as my daughter loves it'

5/5  Wendywoo 'Would buy this for another child as lots of fun from it.'

1/5  Bolnuevo 'Not good value for money. Static gadgets. The handcuffs were the only interesting part. Poor quality and poor value'

5/5  Peekaboo1984 'Lovely reasonable priced gift Ideal for any little boy to role play!'

4/5  Atka 'It's not the best quality you can found but it's value for money.'

4/5  Barbara 'Grandson loves dressing up and we have peace of mind knowing everything is safe and child friendly.'

5/5  Kerst 'Granddaughter enjoyed This'

3/5  Mel 'Quite boring set.not enough stimulation my kid gets bored with it.'

5/5  Aprichelle 'My kids won't stop arresting each other, lol. They're thrilled with it-- brilliant for creative play, no problems, durable enough for the price, great for 4 years plus!'

4/5  DW 'A great set and perfect in a case to keep it all in. My little one likes the set as much as the case.'

5/5  Mreorm 'Bought as a gift, think grandson will love it, it seems robust enough. I trust Chad Valley toys.'

5/5  Dionne 'Great for imagination play'

5/5  Mumofboys 'My little boy was thrilled with this set, great value'

4/5  Darren 'Fab my 2 year old granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Doncragra4 'Furst class product. Kid proof. Lol.. Hours of fun'

5/5  Sue 'Great Children love it'

5/5  Simpop 'Super for little ones to pretend they are police officers. Good value and good quality.'

5/5  Dannielle 'Lovely little set, my son loves it'

5/5  CodieR94 'My son wil love this, it's also a Christmas present, it will help with his role play and learning.'

5/5  Gemma 'We do love playing role play with the police toys.. I'

5/5  Gman85 'Nephew loved it MSN’s great value'

4/5  Spud 'Great fun for my son who loves this product'

1/5  Nanny27 'This was a present for one of my grandchildren . The best bit was the case . Would not buy this again'

5/5  Nicola26 'My son loved this police set at his preschool so I brought him one for home'

2/5  NSProms 'Much lower quality and flimsier than expected.'

5/5  Cja1978 'Bought this for my son and my nephew loves it so much I bought him one too.'

5/5  Peach 'My son loves this and has great fun role playing with it'

5/5  Peaches 'Little one loves play cops and robbers with this. Such fun... Mummy is always being arrested!!'

4/5  Jj 'Very good and good price'

4/5  Jode77 'My little boy loves it, decent price also!'

5/5  Sandi 'My son thinks this is ace. I'm constantly under arrest though lol.'

5/5  Haz 'My son loves this it's good quality aswell and he manages to break everything'

5/5  Kaz 'Got this for my granndaughter , because her dad has just become a police officer'

5/5  Maggie 'Grandson very pleased'

4/5  Sunny 'My son enjoyed this police play set. The handcuffs were a bit fiddly, but good apart from that.'

5/5  HannahC 'Product was exactly as expected.'

3/5  Jules 'It was ok but wouldn’t recommend'

5/5  James 'Kids love it would recommend!'

1/5  Gonzo47 'Purchased for my child who was extremely excited to receive this as a gift - unfortunately the handcuffs were already missing some small screws and have had to do makeshift repairs in order to make them useable. The price of this item seems to reflect the poor quality. Very disappointed'

5/5  Sb 'Excellent toy for kids to use there imagination'

5/5  Koalabear92 'Perfect gift for my son for his birthday! Well made.'

3/5  Sashalou 'All the items were pretty flimsy. The handcuffs were a hit with my granddaughter but had to be repaired frequently. I guess for the price that you couldn’t expect much more.'

4/5  Maz22 'Kids enjoyed it very much! Happy enough!'

5/5  Margaret27 'My Granddaughter wanted this for her Birthday, she will get lots of use out of it'

1/5  Dragon 'Not very good handcuff come apart after first use just poor quality'

5/5  TopMum3 'Do what's right or face the consequences. Feel good listening learning practising and self achieving. Police person and wrongens'!'

5/5  Grandma 'Good value. Handcuffs a little fragile'

5/5  Tra 'He is at that age into so many phases the police set keeps him occupied for hours worth every penny'

5/5  RachG 'Great toy, easy for him to play with and durable. Helps the imagination no end!'

5/5  BusyOAP 'After reading other reviews it sounded exactly what I was looking for and was not disappointed, well made and come in a lovely case, my grandson was well made up.'

4/5  Loubylou 'I am a childminderror and the children enjoy doing role play'

5/5  Kuha 'My kid loves it and very happy to play with it'

1/5  Paula 'Easy fall apart because it's made out of thin plastic. Badge doesn't come with anything so hard to attach to clothes so child not happy.'

5/5  Donge 'Grandsons love it play for ages'

4/5  Chris 'Bought for my nephew,he loved pretending to radio the police and fire brigade to get the baddies. Would definitely recommend,great value and good quality.'

4/5  Ruthyruths 'Bought this as a gift for someone so haven’t actually used it but had originally thought I would need to give two gifts but decided that this looked good enough on its own.'

5/5  Tburg 'It was a gift for a friend’s 3 year old and he loved it.'

5/5  TracyW 'My son really loves this'

5/5  Kirstie 'My kids loved these, loved dressing up as police and arresting us for ridiculous things and they were cheap good value for money'

3/5  Yomi 'My son plays with the badge and the hand cuffs a the time'

4/5  Chez 'Son and daughter live this sey, it is a good durable case'

5/5  Rach 'Good product although the badge doesn’t clip on well but fine for my 3year olds imagination!'

5/5  Bottros 'Nice and recommend i bought for my son he love it'

2/5  Midget 'Very Disappointed with this product not a lot for your money'

3/5  Xmas 'My granddaughter loved it especially playing with the handcuffs.'

3/5  Cab 'Not worth the money, cheap looking, easily breaks'

5/5  Frankie 'Really nice little police set which includes all the essentials for role play. Good quality strong plastic . My son has really enjoyed receiving this as a gift .'

4/5  Seb 'Now I have police officer at home:) perfect'

4/5  Dee 'My nephew is still rather young but absolutely loves the toys included with this! He is amazed with the handcuffs and that he has a case to carry everything round in!'

5/5  Ysoserious 'This is a beautiful Police case. Kids love it. It's good for those who love role play games..'

5/5  Gforce 'Birthday present for son and so happy'

5/5  Josher 'Greet item thank you very much'

4/5  Peter 'My granddaughter is into dressing up and we bought her a police outfit and also this . She was over the moon with these gifts and put them on straight away'

4/5  KC 'Granddaughter loved this set'

3/5  Flore23 'Not an exciting toy,and not so strong toy'

3/5  Control 'Average product, handcuffs work well but the other items could be improved'

5/5  Courtney 'Cute and a few prices to make for the perfect police playset. My sons very happy and it's all durable.'

4/5  Dixiegirl62 'Good costume police case'

5/5  Sam 'Good, plastic good, reasonable price'

5/5  Michelle 'This hasn't been opened get but it looks great and I know my son is going to love it.'

5/5  Lou 'Lots of lovely pieces, jammed pack box and all in a nice style. Would order again.'

5/5  Lea 'Loves this set and easy storage as in own case'

5/5  Brewypete 'A good toy with plenty of play in it'

4/5  BVG13 'Nice kit. It is basic, but my son has a lot of fun playing with it. The build quality is ok.'

5/5  Ryan 'My Godson Loves this police set, usual Hugh quality from Chad Valley. Recommended.'

5/5  Jan 'A nice little gift for three year old grandsons'

4/5  Donna 'Simple police set but in a nice carry case to keep it all together. Shame it doesn't come will a police hat.'

4/5  Teas 'Great Christmas present'

4/5  Ellie 'Purchased for my nephew for Christmas- he will love it!'

4/5  Olszak 'Great communication!!!'

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