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Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop

About the Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop

Your most cherished will practically be like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop thanks to the joy that the Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop brings. Colourful and a fun twist on a conventional till toy and sweets included is a lovely bonus! Toy money and weighing scales and other extras provide hours of fun for boys or girls. Both genders love this toy!

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5/5   'Good little toy, hours of fun.'

3/5   'Daughter wanted a sweet shop for her 4th birthday. She was delighted when she opened it (especially when she discovered it came with sweets!) Prior to purchase I didnt think it was worth the money (and still dont really) but she has played with it and most enjoys scooping the sweets and placing on scales. Nice touch that it comes with money. Paper bags would have been a great addition.'

4/5   'Bought for my son, who loves playing with it, however you only get 1 bag of sweets with it, which are played with and eaten within a couple of plays quickly. But I've just bought more sweets for him.'

5/5   'I bought this as a gift for my daughters friend, it is excellent value for money and promotes imaginative play.'

5/5   'I bought this sweet shop for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. She hasnt stopped playing with it and even better she hasnt eaten the sweets that are provided with it! We have been easily pleased'

5/5   'My Grandchildren love playing shop with this toy.'

5/5   'My granddaughter loves picking out the sweets just like she does at the shops and using the till, again a fun yet educational toy'

5/5   'My son and daughter love to play with this sweet shop si glad I brought it'

5/5   'Loved it!! Educational and yummy'

5/5   'I had this when I was younger and loved it so I bought it for my cousin for her birthday she went crazy over it she loves the pretend money that comes with it and the little weighing section the only thing that could make it better is theres nothing to sell your sweets in when theyre playing like little paper bags or anything for the pick and mix to go in overall good toy/ gift'

5/5   'My grandson can now go to the shop on his own!'

5/5   'My kids absolutely adore this little sweet shop they have not stopped playing with it since I bought it they love the fact they can measure what they want and feel like theyre important its learning them to count'

4/5   'Lots of children can learn from the sweet shop. That's if they don't eat all the sweets in one go.'

5/5   'My twin granddaughters played with there Chad valley,sweet shop for hours,I was so pleased with it ,another one,for my friends granddaughter'

1/5   'Ok until sweets have gone then it is abandoned until and if you stock it up again Child just eats the sweets so the toy is not needed'

5/5   'I bought these little sweet shop presents for my granddaughter and a friends little boy, they havent received them yet but I know they will absolutely love them,.'

5/5   'Our daughter loves pretend play and this was perfect for her. It doesn't have a lot of sweets like the display but its sufficient. It's also a good way to learn how to use money. We added some real coins in there to make it more fun.'

5/5   'Excellent quality Great value for money Kids love it'

3/5   'Woukdnt reccomend as you need to keep re filling the sweets the parts are also very easy to lose it lasted about 3 days before all parts were lost.'

4/5   'Great value for money, my two grandsons played with it all weekend! Plain and simple design yet when the sweets are all set out it looks very colourful and enticing!!'

5/5   'Great for little imaginations'

5/5   'My daughter loved her sweet shop and I would definitely recommend to others'

4/5   'Got this for my Grandaughter she loves it playing shops and once sweets run out we used raisins, cut up apples and grapes for a healthy game she still loved it'

1/5   'Purchased this sweet shop for a 4 year old! To my embarrassment when the boys parent returned it to me saying it was out of date! I was modified to say the least! Not a happy customer!'

4/5   'Carnt go wrong wi sweets lol'

5/5   'Bought for my 4 year old niece who loves it'

4/5   'My little girl loves this and really enjoys the role play of serving her customers! The sweets included didn't last very long but we also used some fruit like grapes and berries and pretended it was a greengrocers too so the kids weren't eating too many sweets!!!'

4/5   'My son loves this toy, he likes to put all his sweets out and loves bagging them up. The scales and scoop are a nice touch, the only thing that would have made it better would be if it had a till function attached to it, but overall a great little toy.'

5/5   'All three children have enjoyed lots of play with this sweet shop. The all interest very well with each other in role play scenarios boosting their sharing skills, team building and confidence. Highly recommend for team play and solo'

5/5   'Definitely has been a good present for small nephew who loves playing with the sweet shop and loves sweets too'

5/5   'Another great toy for kids mind stimulation also encourages sharing'

5/5   'Bought as last minute extra for Granddaughter and she loves weighing out the sweets. Little containers can be refilled cheaply so good long term play value.'

5/5   'Really good kids loved it'

5/5   'My sister and my daughters were absaloutly made up with this played for hours woth it'

4/5   'My son plays with this a lot. Good price for hours of fun.'

5/5   'Absoulty love this comes with the sweets as well brilliant toy 2 for15'

5/5   'My two twin Granddaughters loved these sweet shops, they played with them for hours, a great gift.'

5/5   'I bought one for a 5 year old girl and another one for a 3 year old boy and they both loved it. Lots of play time and reasonably priced. Great gift'

4/5   'Get loads of sweet and it's reusable. Goes well with the checkout I brought kids love it'

5/5   'Bought as a Christmas gift for my 3 year old nephew. He loved it, especially the sweets that came with it. Good quality, well made product that looks the same as advertised.'

5/5   'All the kid's and grandkids loved. Good fun game to get everyone involved in'

5/5   'Great value little item. Bought 2 for grand children and they had hours of fun with them.'

5/5   'Great buy. All sweets included. Got a Happy little man.'

4/5   'Great fun for my little one'

5/5   'My 4 year old niece loved this sweet shop for Christmas'

5/5   'My daughter loved this, sweets were good quality and we played for ages.'

5/5   'These sweetie shops have always been a hit for a Christmas present. There could perhaps be a bit more variety in the sweet selection as Dolly Mixtures are not everyones choice.'

4/5   'The sweet shop I bought for my grandson was a great success, the only thing missing was small bags to put the sweets in.'

5/5   'My daughter loves this. It is not too bad quality for the price. It could do with bags to put the sweeties in but apart from that it is great.'

5/5   'My 3 year old boy loves this toy hes so funny asking mum what would you like'

5/5   'Got as a gift for our daughter she loved it played shop all day on Christmas she even earnt a little cash to buy more sweets.'

5/5   'My nephew loved eating all the sweets and then using it as a shop'

5/5   'Thus is such a fun item, you can also add to it with your own sweets. Great fun weighing. We also added real money to learn about counting.'

5/5   'I bought this as part of grandchildren's Christmas. They love it especially the fact that they can buy and sell real sweets. The role play they get from this item is brilliant ( good fun to lisyen into) It was easy to assemble and quite sturdy.'

5/5   'I love that it comes with real sweets.'

5/5   'Kids absolutely loved there Xmas presents would defiantly buy more'

5/5   'Bought for a present really pleased'

5/5   'Nice little gift , gave hours of fun , and plenty of sweets to play with , would buy again'

5/5   'Didnt expect real sweets in the kit- lovely surprise for my daughter. She plays with this all the time.'

5/5   'Brill present ......'

4/5   'Sweets are included which is a bonus'

5/5   'My daughter has had hours of fun with this product, really good for imaginative play, and easy to refill so she can keep playing'

5/5   'My niece was very excited when she opened her present and enjoyed weighing the Sweet's out'

5/5   'Well made and colourful. Will be a great present for my granddaughter who loves playing shop with her dolls and friends'

5/5   'I bought a couple of these for my children ages 5,6,8 and they absolutely love playing with them, their imaginations run wild, they have sat for hours playing different roles and adding extra sweets and treats.. Hours of fun and would suite any child who loves role playing and sweets of course.'

5/5   'My granddaughter loves selling sweets to family and visitors,'

4/5   'Bought as a Christmas present so not opened yet but I'm sure the child will love it.'

4/5   'My daughter loves it she bought it out of her birthday money just need more sweets as she has eaten them all'

5/5   'Got this as a xmas pressie foe my 4yr old geandson as he loves acting out roleplay. My daughter had 1 when she was little and had fun playing shops.'

5/5   'My little girl loved this product'

5/5   'Brilliant for imaginative play. Kids had hours of fun'

5/5   'Have bought these before and find them really good value .kids love their own little sweet shop'

5/5   'Really good service and good quality!!'

5/5   'Perfect birthday gift for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday, she plays with it for hours'

5/5   'Choosing sweets, weighing them and paying for them. My daughter loves this toy. Hours or sweetie fun!'

5/5   'Fab lottle sweet shop, comes with plenty of dolly mixtures'

5/5   'Brilliant for youngsters'

5/5   'My little boy loves role play so this was perfect and the price was reasonable'

5/5   'My son was made up with his sweet shop'

3/5   'It was meant to be a bday gift but its small and its not worth more than 5'

5/5   'Well priced toy for pretend play'

5/5   'Great for playing shops Grandchildren love it'

5/5   'Great sweet shop grand children will love it.'

5/5   'Just the job for mysweet toothed granddaughter.'

5/5   'My 6 year old loves it and she has fun setting it up as a shop when her friends come round.'

2/5   'This product was extremely disappointing. The product broke very easy'

5/5   'Perfect gift for any child'

5/5   'My daughter loves this - she loves playing shop keepers! just check sweets are in date - recommened buying some little sweetie bags to complete the set'

5/5   'Brought this for our grandson's 3rd birthday. He loves it - the real sweets were an added bonus. Toy is really good quality and set up takes only a few minutes. Would recommend this toy as it is great just for fun, but also for introducing imaginative play.'

5/5   'Everyone loves playing shops. Bought this for my own children and have now bought again for my great niece ??'

5/5   'I purchased this as a gift for my friends 4 year old son and he has not stopped playing with it! Definitely worth a buy!'

5/5   'This is a brilliant product to keep the children entertained and it doesnt have to be sweets they put in it.'

5/5   'Bought as a birthday present for a friend's daughter. Great quality product which includes real sweets, great fun for kids playing role play.'

5/5   'Birthday present for my Niece, her face lit up when she opened it and has not stopped playing with it. Perfect gift, includes sweets too and the wonderful assistant in the Burton on Trent store made sure it was in date before handing it over.'

5/5   'Great fun for my 3 year old.'

5/5   'My daughter loves it. Good price and lots of sweeties included.'

5/5   'Love this product. My son loves it. Not only is it fun but it's teaching so many skills. Oh and you get to eat a few cheeky sweets. Highly recommended'

3/5   'This was ok value for money, daughter set it all up with sweets etc but once sweets gone novelty wore off!!'

5/5   'My little ones loves it wasnt loads sweets but bought extras'

2/5   'The sweet shop set up is easy bit minimal play plus sweets are not suitable for VEGETARIANS'

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