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Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop

About the Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop

Your most cherished will practically be like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop thanks to the joy that the Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop brings. Colourful and a fun twist on a conventional till toy and sweets included is a lovely bonus! Toy money and weighing scales and other extras provide hours of fun for boys or girls. Both genders love this toy!

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Chad Valley Pick and Mix Sweet Shop Reviews

5/5   'Great roll playing with the grandchildren'

4/5  Hannah 'My little is happy! Awesome that is came with actual sweets and pretend money defo worth it for the price'

4/5  Fifi 'It's good enough quality for this price as does what it's meant to. Girls enjoy playing with this with the pennies etc for shops, and seem to have surprisingly forgotten about the sweeties.'

5/5  Elz 'My son loves it also it comes with some sweets which is good'

5/5  Tge 'Great option for children’s birthday'

5/5  RB 'My daughter absolutey loves this, especially as there are real sweets in it. Suffice to say they have all been eaten. But they've been restocked to carry on with play'

4/5  Sammylew460 'Fabulous little gift for any child for Christmas or birthdays. I'd recommend getting extra sweets for this little shop, as there isn't a grate deal in there, maybe even some paper sweet bags as it doesn't come with any. Comes with all the rest of the stuff. Scales, money, till and a shoveling to weigh out the sweets.'

5/5  Cheryl 'My little boy loves this sweet shop and he likes that there is money in the till for him to sell his sweeties and good for being able to buy new sets to re use again and again'

5/5  Felly 'Good fun for the imagination and teaches kids to share. Great toy.'

4/5  Revi 'Great pretend and play toy for 3+ year kids.'

4/5  Rossco 'We bought this for our 6 yr old and she absolutely loves it! We take it turns to play - such a simple toy but so much fun!'

5/5  Cags 'Excellent value for money'

4/5  Maginty 'Granddaughter loved it, but she did scoff a few more sweets than she should have. Shame it didn’t have a few small paper bags for the sweets to go in.'

5/5  Sammy 'I bought this and another item for Christmas for my nieces , this one was bought for the 7 year old , she was so excited to play shops and it actually came with sweets too , she played for hours , mind you her sweets were a bit pricy £50 for a lolly pop !! Lol'

5/5  Amelia 'Encourages imaginative play, loves being the shopkeeper'

4/5  AET 'Gd quality. Fun for the kids'

5/5  Dilly 'My 6 year old granddaughters face lot up when she opened this sweatshop. I nearly didn't buy it as I thought it would be rubbish as it was so cheap but its great and was a big hit even though she is very sensible whee sweets are concerned.'

5/5  Jammylady 'All sweets were of the highest quality. My grandson loves it.'

5/5  MG 'My niece loved this toy for Christmas! Wasn't expecting the included sweets which was a nice surprise so didn't have to buy them separate.'

5/5  Kaz 'My 2 grandchildren loved it they love to play shop'

5/5  Heather 'Fantastic for a 3 year old. It’s even got REAL sweets for them to play with and eat.'

4/5  Dani 'My little boy loves it and tpu get Loy's of really sweets with it easy to assemble as well fab thank you'

5/5  Gin1 'Daughters love playing shop with it'

4/5  Maddie 'If your child is not used to eating sweets, I would remove them from the packaging. The sweet shop is still great fun with or without the sweets.'

4/5  BR 'Excellent quality. Great value for money'

5/5  Feenixjim 'Excellent value for money just buy some paper bags to keep them happy as little shopkeepers'

4/5  Emma 'My son had fun with it. It is a good little present but does feel a little bit cheap.'

5/5  Debbie1969 'Brought two of these for my twin granddaughters for Christmas was amazed that there was sweets inside'

5/5  Lorna 'My little boy loves it'

5/5  Ash 'This item is of top quality and very real like it’s also a very reasonably priced toy/item for any kids or selection of toy etc. Highly recommended if you want your kid to have a smile on their face when you get it them'

5/5  Elle 'Bought this for a gift for a 3 year old ,he absolutely loves it ! His older sister aged 7 also loved playing with it too , so a great gift for a child of any age who loves sweets or role play.'

4/5  Oj 'Very good little sweet shop comes with sweets also so plenty of fun.'

5/5  Nik 'Got this for my daughter as my friends own a sweet shop and she’s always wanting to serve the customers. She loves to play shopkeeper.'

5/5  Mickey 'Lots of fun! Let's the little ones imagination run wild'

5/5  Bungal 'My granddaughter loves play shop with this and the Chad valley till'

5/5  Miffy 'Bought this for my Niece's birthday, she loves it!! Great price too as you get sweets in the box. I went and bought another for my daughter's friend. Would buy again too!!'

5/5  Tc 'Present for a 3&4 yr old, well received!'

5/5  Kayello 'Great present for children who enjoy anything to do with sweets, I would definitely recommend this.'

5/5  Watto 'Had great fun with this - played shop with my grandchildren.'

5/5  Christina 'I grew up having these gifted to me every Christmas and loved them so I'm excited to give them to my own children now! Lots of variety, cant go wrong with sweets!'

5/5  Rach123x 'I had one of these when i was young so brings back memories! my daughter will love this using this in her pretend shop counter i bought her. amazing price too!'

4/5  Alison 'Great for role play sweets didn’t last too long had to refil but at moment favourite tou'

5/5  Suzie 'My kids spent house playing shop. They even loved the sweets that were included. Easily topped up again. Worth the price.'

4/5  Ciara 'It was a gift for my 7 year Old cousin and he loved it as loves sweets and enjoyed playing with it. His older sister also enjoyed playing with this pick a mix shop.'

5/5  Wiggler 'My grand-daughter couldn't wait to play shop with this. Good little item.'

5/5  Amy 'Definitely worth the money kids love it'

4/5  Steff 'My daughter saw this asked for it wasnt as big as i thought and could do with more sweets but i guess it ok for the price'

3/5  Ally 'Kids played with it for hours, brought my own sweeties drom the shop for refilling. Happy, amused children.'

5/5  Stifla06 'The little Sweet Shop is perfect for the little ones. It has 2 separate compartments to attach to each side, working scales, a till, play money, a scoop, 2 plastic sweet jars and sweets. The children can help set up the shop, put money in the till and empty the sweets on public display before any little customers come along. Ideal toy to keep the children entertained for hours. Helps the child recognise weights, measuring, counting, learning about value of money, social skills and much more.'

5/5  Dan 'Really good value for money'

5/5  Huggiepaul64 'Good value for money keeps grand daughter happy for ages every visit'

5/5  JW86 'Bought as a gift. Daughter loves it!'

5/5  Carole 'My 2yr old and 3yr old granddaughters played for hrs with this .And they never ate 1 sweet lol'

5/5  Rah 'They could have a few more sweet varieties in the packets but other than that absolutely perfect!'

5/5  Elaine 'Grandson loved it. Bought for his birthday . It helps with counting, change giving , weighing and socialising. With the added bonus of sweets!'

5/5  Kelly 'Bought as a gift initially, when my 5 year old saw it, he want one too, he absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Kathy53 'Bought this as a birthday present for a little boy. He will love it!'

5/5  Crazykate 'My child likes the novelty of picking new sweets from the shop, it has taught my child about sharing with others.'

5/5  Mummato2littleguys 'Good little toy, hours of fun.'

3/5  LucyB 'Daughter wanted a sweet shop for her 4th birthday. She was delighted when she opened it (especially when she discovered it came with sweets!) Prior to purchase I didn’t think it was worth the money (and still don’t really) but she has played with it and most enjoys scooping the sweets and placing on scales. Nice touch that it comes with money. Paper bags would have been a great addition.'

4/5  Krissy 'Bought for my son, who loves playing with it, however you only get 1 bag of sweets with it, which are played with and eaten within a couple of plays quickly. But I've just bought more sweets for him.'

5/5  StaceyDee 'I bought this as a gift for my daughters friend, it is excellent value for money and promotes imaginative play.'

5/5  Tina 'I bought this sweet shop for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it. She hasn’t stopped playing with it and even better she hasn’t eaten the sweets that are provided with it! We have been easily pleased'

5/5  Beverley 'My Grandchildren love playing shop with this toy.'

5/5  Loubelle 'My son and daughter love to play with this sweet shop si glad I brought it'

5/5  Lucy 'I had this when I was younger and loved it so I bought it for my cousin for her birthday she went crazy over it she loves the pretend money that comes with it and the little weighing section the only thing that could make it better is there’s nothing to “sell” your sweets in when they’re playing like little paper bags or anything for the pick and mix to go in overall good toy/ gift'

5/5  Tini 'My grandson can now go to the shop on his own!'

5/5  Kayley89 'My kids absolutely adore this little sweet shop they have not stopped playing with it since I bought it they love the fact they can measure what they want and feel like they’re important it’s learning them to count'

5/5  KATY 'Lots of children can learn from the sweet shop. That's if they don't eat all the sweets in one go.'

5/5  Scouser 'My twin granddaughters played with there Chad valley,sweet shop for hours,I was so pleased with it ,another one,for my friends granddaughter'

4/5  Hilly 'Ok until sweets have gone then it is abandoned until and if you stock it up again Child just eats the sweets so the toy is not needed'

5/5  Loulou 'I bought these little sweet shop presents for my granddaughter and a friends little boy, they haven’t received them yet but I know they will absolutely love them,.'

1/5  Ma 'Our daughter loves pretend play and this was perfect for her. It doesn't have a lot of sweets like the display but its sufficient. It's also a good way to learn how to use money. We added some real coins in there to make it more fun.'

5/5  Razzle 'Excellent quality Great value for money Kids love it'

5/5  Alphabet 'Woukdnt reccomend as you need to keep re filling the sweets the parts are also very easy to lose it lasted about 3 days before all parts were lost.'

5/5  Jayne 'Great value for money, my two grandsons played with it all weekend! Plain and simple design yet when the sweets are all set out it looks very colourful and enticing!!'

3/5  Sam 'Great for little imaginations'

4/5  Holly 'My daughter loved her sweet shop and I would definitely recommend to others'

5/5  Rainy57 'Got this for my Grandaughter she loves it playing shops and once sweets run out we used raisins, cut up apples and grapes for a healthy game she still loved it'

5/5  Emily 'Purchased this sweet shop for a 4 year old! To my embarrassment when the boys parent returned it to me saying it was out of date! I was modified to say the least! Not a happy customer!'

4/5  Jami3 'Carnt go wrong wi sweets lol'

1/5  Lee782 'Bought for my 4 year old niece who loves it'

4/5  Tlc 'My little girl loves this and really enjoys the role play of serving her customers! The sweets included didn't last very long but we also used some fruit like grapes and berries and pretended it was a greengrocers too so the kids weren't eating too many sweets!!!'

5/5  Lindz 'My son loves this toy, he likes to put all his sweets out and loves bagging them up. The scales and scoop are a nice touch, the only thing that would have made it better would be if it had a till function attached to it, but overall a great little toy.'

4/5  Motherof3 'All three children have enjoyed lots of play with this sweet shop. The all interest very well with each other in role play scenarios boosting their sharing skills, team building and confidence. Highly recommend for team play and solo'

4/5  Rezi 'Definitely has been a good present for small nephew who loves playing with the sweet shop and loves sweets too'

5/5  Stemac0161 'Another great toy for kids mind stimulation also encourages sharing'

5/5  JoJo 'Bought as last minute extra for Granddaughter and she loves weighing out the sweets. Little containers can be refilled cheaply so good long term play value.'

5/5  Kcook 'Really good kids loved it'

5/5  Kirsty 'My sister and my daughters were absaloutly made up with this played for hours woth it'

5/5  Taffy 'My son plays with this a lot. Good price for hours of fun.'

5/5  Amber 'Absoulty love this comes with the sweets as well brilliant toy 2 for£15'

4/5  Ky 'I bought one for a 5 year old girl and another one for a 3 year old boy and they both loved it. Lots of play time and reasonably priced. Great gift'

5/5  Shopper 'Get loads of sweet and it's reusable. Goes well with the checkout I brought kids love it'

5/5  Melly 'Bought as a Christmas gift for my 3 year old nephew. He loved it, especially the sweets that came with it. Good quality, well made product that looks the same as advertised.'

5/5  Nelly 'All the kid's and grandkids loved. Good fun game to get everyone involved in'

4/5  Stokie 'Great value little item. Bought 2 for grand children and they had hours of fun with them.'

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