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Chad Valley Microwave

About the Chad Valley Microwave

The Chad Valley Microwave takes into consideration inventive pretend. Squeeze one of the four catches to choose an alternate time show on the LCD screen, turn the dial to hear sound impacts and see the time on the screen commencement, see within the microwave illuminate and watch the turntable pivot. Comes with fantastic a cut of pizza. Squeeze one of the four catches to choose an alternate time on the LCD screen. Turn the dial to hear sound impacts and the time on the LCD screen check down. Within the microwave illuminates. The inner turn table pivots.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 5569890
EAN/SKU: 5569890
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Chad Valley Microwave Reviews

5/5   'Great little item my son loves anything to do with the kitchen and spends hours playing with his new microwave thanks argos'

5/5  Peapods 'Fantastic value recommend to akk'

5/5  Rois 'Great role playing toy she has hors of fun playing with it'

2/5  Cookie3110 'Not very easy to use. You have to get the buttons turned and pressed in the right order for it to be used. Needs an adult to assist really. Better to spend more on a better quality one'

5/5  Vickster 'My 3 year old boy is obsessed with our microwave so he now loves that he has his own. He loves the lights and sounds and that he can cook tea for mummy and daddy'

5/5  Lilem 'Fantastic value, my daughter loves it'

5/5  Manny 'Excellent top for my daughter. She is delighted to get such a wonderful toy. It works as if it's an actual microwave. the look and feel of it is also great and impressive. Well done to the team for selecting this and selling it in Argos.'

5/5  Jayhem 'Brilliant item,my 3 year old son loves it'

4/5  Fkizzle 'I bought this for my 2 year old brother and he loves it! He loves watching the little circle platform spin around and it's really helpful that there is a light inside. The only problem I have with it is that the hatch is a bit difficult for him to open, but other than that, it's perfect! I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a good, affordable toy microwave for little children.'

5/5  Jas 'Great little toy microwave. My little girl loves it. 100% recommended.'

4/5  Suki8snoop 'I bought this microwave for my son for his 3rd birthday and he loves it! It comes with a slice of pizza to cook the turntable spins round and the light comes on whilst "cooking" we have all now had food he has prepared lol. The only downside to it was that the button for the door is a little hard to push for it to open but other than that a great addition to his kitchen'

4/5  Bob 'Perfect for a two year old's play kitchen, the door however is a tad tricky to open otherwise, it's absolutely fine.'

3/5  Mudcow 'This isn't quite up to the normal brand standards. The first one that we bought had to go back as the door wouldn't close properly. The second one was better but still didn't close brilliantly well making it hard for my daughter to really enjoy it properly.'

5/5  Grannyt 'A great microwave, counts down and pings (but not so loud that it drives you mad, lol) bought for our 3 1/2 yr old, and he loves it.'

4/5  Kezza 'Very good item for role play'

5/5  Stu 'With the added shopping trolley foods, makes a lot of fun for a little one'

5/5  Kellykett 'My 1yr old loves this she likes to play with it like she tries to with my real one, it actually spins and has a timer only works when door is closed like a real one, bought the matching dishwasher too'

3/5  Claudy 'Had to change it twice into store and it's only the 3rd one that worked. I would have just asked a refund but I knew my girl was going to love it. Makes realistic sounds and would recommend if you manage to get one that's working'

4/5  Joyfullady 'Got this for my grand daughter for Christmas and she loves to play with it'

4/5  Missdowler 'Excellent for young children, sound effects are good excellent buy'

5/5  Den 'My granddaughter hasn't stop playing with this even my grandson plays with it brilliant'

4/5  Kez 'This toy microwave is lots of fun to play with keeps the kids busy for ages only downside is the button that opens it up is very stiff and the children can't quite manage to do it themselves.'

3/5  Kate 'It is good and the kids love it.'

3/5  Chrissy 'Good product but batteries didn't last very long. Didn't turn off when child had finished playing with it - so batteries drained.'

4/5  HR 'I like this toy its simple to use and it turns inside. The only concern i have is the door as the children love to pull it open and its not meant to but only with the button. And sounds like the plastic will break'

5/5  SSSSteph 'Great little toy, hours of fun and quality is good for the price paid'

5/5  Rebecca 'My daughter loves this plays lovely with it In Her little kitchen.'

4/5  Donna 'Good product my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Nanny 'My greatgrandaughter loved them had great fun with them and she's only two and a half and they were easy to use'

4/5  Shirl 'Granddaughter loves it'

4/5  Sam 'Great product, my daughter loves it. My only criticism is the packaging as it doesnt come boxed but just a clear package. Made it difficult to wrap as a present. Otherwise good product.'

4/5  Su 'Little one loves watching his microwave warm things up'

1/5  Stefani 'Bought it first time and didn't work therefore returned and bought another one which later regretted . The toy didn't last one day , the plastic dish inside broke right away . Sorry to say but Very bad buy .'

5/5  Kez 'My kids love it defo recommend this to other mums and dads'

4/5  Cj 'The microwave is better than I thought, the plate turns around inside so you can set things inside it and watch them turn, you can set it for different times, and when it's finished it pings, the door is bit flimsy if it's played roughly I'd say it might break, I got this as a Christmas present so my daughter hasn't seen it yet but I no she'll love it'

1/5  Shirl 'I love the idea of this toy as does encourage imaginative play but unfortunately quality of this item was poor and item did not work at all on a positive note though I got a full refund at argos with the usual great service I always experience when in store'

5/5  Mazzy 'Girls love the fact it goes round like the real thing...its great and my girls have lots of fun playing with it!!'

5/5  Anetta 'Perfect for girls'

5/5  Karen 'Brilliant item brilliant value for moneyBrilliant item brilliant value for money'

4/5  Deb 'Worth the money and hours of fun'

2/5  Mum Of One 'The good thing was that when you start it, the light comes on and the turntable turns but it doesn't go ping at the end, just a faint beep, so it couldn't replace my 1.5 year old's fascination with the real thing. Also the door is too flimsy and he could have easily pulled it off.'

5/5  Tee 'Used in my classroom's role play area. Children love the noises it makes and the microwave is very sturdy. Would buy again as it was a great price!'

1/5  K 'Bought and replaced the microwave 2 times. Hardly worked. Would just flicker on then not turn on again. Both times same problem'

5/5  Big Geoff 'These must rate as the best toys I've bought my 3year-old granddaughter, she absolutely adores them. I bought the items after seeing them in the catalogue and she hasn't stopped playing house with my wife as the kitchen assistant. They come with sound effects and flashing lights which greatly enhance the experience.'

5/5  Kdubzr 'I bought this for my daughter to put with her toy kitcrhn, she loves it, almost like the real thing with the sounds and lights, lots of fun hours spent playing.'

5/5  Soumalya 'Bought this product for my elder brother's daughter, she is loving it.'

1/5  Gem 'I was very unlucky with this product, I bought two but had to return both as they didn't work, which is a shame as I think the children would have enjoyed playing with it.'

4/5  Anniel 'Pizza's on the menu... but we have to share... only one piece... very realistic and my granddaughter loves it...'

1/5  Celva 'Door didn't close properly therefore didn't work with sounds or plate inside rotating. Returned it. Never buy anything electronic from Chad Valley.'

1/5  Buster 'Very disappointed, bought this for my daughters 3rd birthday as what she really wanted, put brand new batteries in and wouldn't work.'

1/5  Sammy37 'I bought this for my 3 years old grandchild The first one I bought I had to take back to Argos as the door was broken and wasn't working I got another one to replace it but it's a very poor design and it doesn't work properly I think it's cheaply made Not a good product, I wouldn't recommend it.'

4/5  Kimbo149 'Bought this for daughters birthday and she don't stop playing with it'

1/5  Pansy Potter 'Returned first one as in pieces. Replacement looked good but door did not connect to button that actually made the toy work.The door is difficult to open and close ,my grandaughter gave up on it after a few tries. Very bad design .'

1/5  JKF 'We returned this item as the microwave could not be used to "cook" things when the door was shut. We had to press the door in for it to work - not great for a 3 year old who wants to cook with it. Disappointed.'

1/5  Tricia 'The first one refused to work even when using new batteries. We returned that one and the second would not work either. I re-read the reviews and noticed that some had mentioned the door fastening being awkward. To make it work the door has to be lifted slightly and we also had to stick a piece of card to the switch. As I was not the first to experience this problem, it would seem reasonable for the manufacturer to fix what is obviously a design fault.'

1/5  Geisha 'I bought this as soon as I got home I put the batteries in. Nothing worked at all. Was a gift that was never used.'

1/5  Amberstone 'I needed to replace a toy microwave. ordered one from Argos and although it was only £10 the quality was very poor, it was made of very thin "plastic" weighed nothing and would not withstand a 2-3yrs old dropping it for long. The door was actually not aligned and therefore would not close properly, and when closed the product did not work anyway!! very disappointing. Returned for full refund.'

1/5  Priya 'I brought this microwave as a biryhday present for my daughter. Unfortunately it didn't work and I wasn't happy with it. I got a replacement as well but now it still doesn't work my daughter is very unhappy about this.'

5/5  Deborah 'My 14 month old loves playing with this'

1/5  HelenA 'I'm sure my girl would have enjoyed playing with this microwave had it worked properly. The door isn't the best at closing and therefore lies the design fault. The door must be shut properly to press a button allowing the microwave mechanism to work. Thought the 1st toy was faulty I replaced with another and this was the same. Took it back and replaced with a completely different toy. Very disappointed as it it would have completed her kitchen off nicely with the dishwasher and washing machine'

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