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Chad Valley I Can Be Sparkly Dress Up

About the Chad Valley I Can Be Sparkly Dress Up

Give your most cherished access to a universe of sparkling joy with the fun Chad Valley I Can Be Sparkly Dress Up. There's a captivating pixie, an excellent lady of the hour and a beautiful princess to look over. Your most cherished can explore and let their imaginations run wild as they blend and coordinate the outfits to make fresh new characters of their own design and explore innovative undertakings as they create their own make believe world.

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Chad Valley I Can Be Sparkly Dress Up Reviews

4/5   'I got this set for my two year old and she is small for her age and this fits her fine'

3/5  Peach 'You get lots for your money but not great quality accessories are ok but costumes have torn very quickly, ok for a cheap little present'

4/5  Amy 'Bought as a gift for a 3yo she loved it would definitely recommend'

4/5  MrsC 'Item says for 3 years and up-the skirts fit fine but the tops are very small (my daughter has just turned 3) and don't do up well at the back'

4/5  Wendybear 'My granddaughter absolutely loves this . Very pretty mix and match outfits.'

5/5  Melissa 'This set is amazing value for money and my little one lives it. The quality is brilliant, especially for the price. One happy girl means one happy mummy :-)'

5/5  ProudParentsof3 'Great fun Our little girl has enjoyed dress up with this item since purchase 1 down side Tops are a bit small'

2/5  Kay 'Every little girl should have one of these lots of dressing up fun xx'

5/5  Cptjack 'Cheap and nasty'

1/5  Jak 'I bought this for my little girl but returned it as I didn't think much of the quality or the way it was packaged. If it was priced lower then i would have been ok with it. But for 12.99 I expect more.'

3/5  Heather 'Nice set for my child to play with. Good variation of outfits and good value for money. She loves wearing her tiara, which is a strong material and not likely to break. Shame it doesnt come in some sort of zip up bag or little storage box to putnit all back in after its been taken out of its packaging.'

5/5  Katie1 'They are easy to tear and not that good quality other than that there OK'

4/5  Angelface 'I bought this for my 2 (nearly 3) year old niece. She loved it and the elasticated skirts were easy for her to put on. I wouldn't say the outfits were made for a child any older than 3 or a small 4 yr old as they were on the skimpy side. She had hours of fun being the fairy queen and the item was well worth the money to see her enjoying herself.'

5/5  Denise 'Great for your little one's to pretend'

4/5  Amybebee 'I bought this set as picture shows necklace and earrings and my daughter was fascinated with mine. There is no necklace, scrunchie or chest included. The outfits look different but still follow the themes described. Overall the product is good and my daughter likes it. She is 2yr 4month (average size for her age) and they fit fine I don't think they will fit for the specified age thought as too small.'

3/5  Little Gg 'I bought this for my two year old granddaughter. She was really happy with the present and has spent lots of time dressing up.'

5/5  Flossy 'Solves my present problem, good value'

4/5  Kez 'My children love abit of roll play in argos costumes defo recommend these to friends and family for there children :)'

5/5  Mills 'As soon as I went on to the website it was quick and easy to reserve so I could pick it up. The item is good quality and a great present.'

4/5  Geo 'The dress up is great for a child imagination and how much they can learn just for pretending to be something else. I'm so pleased that I bought this.'

5/5  Very Thin Almost Seethrough 'The contents are pretty and you get 3 outfits so the price is good for the outfits however they fall apart even in a hand wash. They are very small sized ie no older than a small 4 year old. last year I purchased one that came in the trunk which the kids loved so for the money it was good but this year although nowhere states trunk not included and it is pictured it does not come with the trunk meaning you get just 3 very small very thin and not so good made outfits for the money'

1/5  Gemma1603 'Really good for price. Daughter loves it'

4/5  Tired! 'My daughter is going to love this'

5/5  Polly 'Our little ladies at toddler group love these sparkly outfits. Easy to put on and off too'

5/5  Mel 'This is a fab present for any little girl who likes dressing up as you get 3 outfits with accessories and they can mix the outfits too.worth the price too i say'

4/5  Andrea 'From the description of this, and other reviews, I was expecting this set to be supplied in a little cardboard trunk. It came in a plastic wrapper. A little disappointing as this is a present for my niece. I'

3/5  Tan 'Was too small for my daughter aged 3 years'

2/5  Alec 'Very good for keeping children occupied, no end of fun with this.'

5/5  Carrie 'My daughters face was a picture when she opened this on her birthday! Great value for money! Excellent'

5/5  Ems 'Good quality for money'

4/5  Precious 'I bought this for my niece and absolutely love it.'

5/5  Jenny14 'Bought this for my 22 month old for some dress up fun. Tops already small fitting although advertised for 3 years plus. Clothes also started to fall apart after a few wears. However there was a good variety of clothes and accessories so overall not bad for the money. Shoes were also a nice touch and well made.'

3/5  Grannypip 'My granddaughter will love this. There are three outfits but if you use some imagination you can mix and match and make a lot more from them. Well priced. The material is a little flimsy but it is only for dress up games so not a real problem. The outfits also come complete with some jewellery, wings and a wand and not to mention the shoes, what every little girl wants to play with.'

4/5  Loo 'Bought this for my neices third birthday. Not the greatest of quality but there were others (online but not in the catalogue) i couldve chosen had i ordered in a more timely fashion. Nice that she could choose from three different outfits, came with shoes, tiara and wand and she loved tottering about playing dress up which is what i intended for her so everyones a winner!'

4/5  Clo 'Little sister loved this piece set, amazing for little ones who love dressing up.'

4/5  Az 'Good sizes with the separate pieces. A fun way to keep little ones occupied and let them act out there favourite characters'

5/5  Mammy 21 'Bought this for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. She had one of the outfits on about 10 mins and the seam of the skirt had come away leaving a massive hole in one side. Also top had started fraying. Took it back and returned it for another set. Not had no problems with this set so far. The fit of the clothes are on the smaller side as my daughter is petite for her age and they just say fit. My daughter absolutely loves this dress up set and hasn't had it off. She wears all 3 outfits.'

2/5  Lizzy52 'Bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter and she loves it. Several outfits which can be mixed, if not matched!! Really good value.'

5/5  Christmas 'The grandchildren loved becoming brides and princesses in the easy to wear and change clothes'

4/5  Jade 'Bought this for my 5 year old daughter who loves to dress up. She's small for her age fitting in 3-4 year old clothing yet the tops from this set exposed most of her belly. The quality isn't the greatest and the suits are plain. She likes it OK but her face didn't light up as much as it normally would with dressing up clothes. The accessories were not the best quality either.'

3/5  Nicki 'Nice dress up set and good price! I would recommend.'

5/5  Smb22 'This product is perfect for little girls who love to dress up. However, it does not come with the 'dressing up chest' that is stated in the description.'

3/5  HollieK12 'I brought this for my daughter as she was getting into dressing up and didn't want to spend to much in case she decided the next day she didn't want to dress up. My daughter loves it and dresses up everyday. The clothes are a good fit and fit over the clothes she wearing, the accessories are great that go with the different outfits. I thought it was a good buy that I brought one for my daughter's friends birthday (who loves it as well)'

5/5  Karen Wsldeis 'Great value for the price'

5/5  Bill. S 'My grand daughter loves it good value'

4/5  Kaps 'Hours of imaginative play .'

4/5  Mim 'It says that it is for 3 to 5years old I think I would find it hard to find any 3y old child that it would fit, and because of this I have to bring it back. I am very glad that I looked at it before I gave it to the child who would have been heart broken to have it taken away from her after only getting it.'

5/5  Joanne 'Bought in the half price sale. The box is strong carboard and does what it says.holds your dressing up items plus any other child may have. The outfits are good quality and dress up acceseries are a bonus. I actually used the box / chest as a dress up costume.i.e went as a treasure chest and used th lid as a hat. I won 2nd prize from 50 adults which I found amusing. So definitely got my monies worth. The chest is now used again as a dress up /chest box.'

3/5  Martina 'Very impressive little gift, full of fun and colour, great outfits inside with accessories of all kinds, including shoes, the box is great for storage and looks great in a bedroom, would recommend this play box,'

5/5  Lovebug 'Got this dressing up trunk for my 2 year old grandaughter for xmas, great timing on the sale as money is alway tight , but great price and little girls always love dressing up so its a win win'

4/5  A Doc 'Bough this for my daughters 3rd birthday & it is great'

4/5  Loopylau 'I bought this item for my daughters 2nd birthday, the only thing I was disappointed with was the trunk is made out of cardboard but overall this product is great and lots of fun, she loves dressing up abd pretending to be a fairy'

4/5  M666l000 'Review title Example: This product has great features'

5/5  Sazza 'Bought this as a gift for a friends little girl she had great fun although some products better than others'

1/5  Cammy 'This was purchased for my little girl and she loves it.. it contains a decent amount of items that have so far withstood alot of playtime.. the downside is the cardboard chest.. this has not faired so well and is not very strong, definitely not for long term storage, as the lid no longer sits neatly on the top after 1 month. Other than that this has done what was intended and put a smile on my daughters face.'

4/5  Josie.24 'Lovely little dress up box got for my niece the box isn't as strong as when purchased 2 years ago to to which the box is still going very strong with the lid sat in daily as a little boat for my daughter and all her toys but a lovely set for any imagination :)'

4/5  Shovie 'Came with bonus 3 dresses'

4/5  Sam88 'Very good keeped my little one happy box could be a bit stronger as it is cardboard will not last long'

3/5  P W Titch 'My granddaughter loves dressing up, so I thought that I would get this trunk as part of her Christmas present. It has just enough to keep her amused without being too expensive'

4/5  Charlie 'A big box with only a few bits in it , but wouldn't pay full price.'

5/5  Jack 'A cheap flimsy cardboard box with some cheap tat,must have. cost at least two quid. to make'

2/5  Mich2010 'The box is really flimsy and all 3 of the boxes had been torn, the clothes inside are ok'

1/5  Saz 'My daughter loves this dress up box'

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