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Chad Valley Glamour Shoes - 5 Pack with TiaraChad Valley Glamour Shoes - 5 Pack with Tiara Images

About the Chad Valley Glamour Shoes - 5 Pack with Tiara

Great for encouraging creative play, this gorgeously coloured Chad Valley Glamour Shoes - 5 Pack with Tiara makes the ideal addition to any dressing up set! Your most cherished will love transforming their look as they glam up in sparkles and ribbons, playing the part of a ballerina or princess in their roleplay adventure.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8373014
EAN/SKU: 8373014
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Chad Valley Glamour Shoes - 5 Pack with Tiara Reviews

5/5   'Good quality for the price'

5/5  Ree 'So happy with these. Would recommend!'

5/5  Shaney 'My 4yr old daughter loves playing dress she has hours of fun with these'

5/5  Jackson15815 'These were a treat for my daughter because she had been good and I’ve never seen her so excited. She absolutely loves them because of course she’s a princess. I like the fact you can keep them in the box after you’ve open them. They are perfect for any little princess!'

5/5  Charlie 'My 4 nieces had hours of fun dressing up , great product for the price'

5/5  Aarti 'Nice quality and good choice of colours to suit all princess outfits. Made my daughter very happy. She took them to show and tell at preschool'

5/5  M8 'Got these shoes For our 4 year old Grand daughter she absolutely loves them'

5/5  Caroline 'My little girl loves this set so much & plays with it with her best friend. I bought another set for her best friend. Now they can dress up in both our houses... fun for little princesses'

1/5  Tracey111 'Brought these for Christmas for my 3 year only and they are all cracking at the heels. Not made to last'

2/5  Griffinmama 'Good price and my daughter loved it when she opened it, but the shoes are very long and narrow, so hard to fit. It's all pretty cheap plastic, which is what you would expect of the price. I don't see her playing with it much honestly.'

5/5  Ells 'Bought for my 3 year old daughter who LOVES to dress up and wear high heels like the ladies in her life! Highly recommend.'

5/5  Roni 'Kids loved. Shoes are for very thin feet'

5/5  Pegitt 'My niece loves it and all the different options!'

1/5  Sue 'My daughter is three in eight months she only used it for 1 hour and complained of pain in her foot and ankle, poorly made and really regret buying it !!! went straight in the bin didn’t even bother getting my money back I would never recommend this to anybody if I could give it to 0 I would’ve .... Regards Sue'

5/5  Bumblebee 'Great for little princesses wanting their very own “clip clop shoes” grab a bargain'

4/5  Vicky 'Bought as a present for a three year old, the shoes are quite flimsy so I don’t think they will last long. They are also quite narrow. They are ok for the price and the recipient loves them which is the main thing!'

1/5  Sj 'These are very poor quality, they break very easily, the fronts seem to click between the soles, come off a lot and very hard to fix!!'

5/5  Skinner 'Brought these for my friend’s daughter who turned 3 & she absolutely loves them! Constantly has them on with whatever she’s wearing! A big hit I would say.'

5/5  Yev 'Got this for my 4 years old daughter after getting her princess dress. She really wanted the princess shoes too. They are very good and lovely, good quality compared to some other ones on sale in different shops. She can share them with her friends as in one box are 4 princess and 1 ballets shoes.'

4/5  SarahO 'Though these are excellent value for money and my little girl loves them she does have quite wide feet and they are a little tight!'

4/5  CatherineAnn49 'Bought for our 3 year old granddaughter, who totally loved her box of clippy, clippy shoes. She has just turned 3 and they just fit. Definitely wouldn't recommend for a child any older.'

4/5  Bk 'Sweet dressing up shoes, only problem is they’re really thin... so for a daughter like mine with really chubby feet they won’t fit for long! But she loves them for now :-)'

5/5  Valerie 'Brought for my granddaughter 3rd Birthday and she loves them.'

5/5  Gemma 'Daughter loves them great price too'

5/5  James 'My 3 year old loved these for Xmas , no issues so far'

4/5  MummaB 'Very cute shoes! My daughter hasn't taken them off since she opened them! The only negative is that, like with all the rest of play shoes, there is no grips on the bottom. So perfect if they are on carpet but not on wooden/laminated floors!'

5/5  LittleP 'Brilliant set of dress up shoes and tiara for any budding princess! My 3 year old loves the set and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone whose little one loves dressing up.'

5/5  Lau 'Such a fab present and is a great hit.. worth the money and more'

5/5  Melanie 'Can be slippery on laminated floors'

5/5  Di 'My 21/2 year old granddaughter will love these! Sparkles and heels - what every little girl loves.'

5/5  Shanneece 'Absolutely love it and the quantity great is for the price'

5/5  Mr0121 'Lots of items for the price with box aswell'

5/5  Jenny 'Christmas gift for grandaughter who loves dressing up.'

5/5  Loopyloo 'Very cute my daughter hasn't had them yet as they for Christmas but she loves shoes'

5/5  Sammy 'Lovely for any occasion'

5/5  Christine 'This little set of shoes is exceptional value for money and really good quality. My granddaughter is going to love these'

5/5  Katzy362 'These shoes are beautiful and well worth the money my daughter is going to love dressing up with these. Well worth the money and the box can be used for them as shelves which is brilliant. Very happy will be recommending to my friends'

5/5  Gee 'I’m hoping my little girl like them iv brought them as a Christmas present but they look like they are good quality'

5/5  Dan 'These glamour shoes were for my Niece (4th Birthday present) who loves them, they are built well, sturdy and look jazzy. Recommend to anyone who loves dressing up.'

5/5  Claire34 'Looks okay got it for an Xmas present, I’m sure my daughter will love it'

5/5  Bec 'My little girl loves dressing up and wearing these'

4/5  HJ 'Bigger box than I thought looks good great dressing up shoes little girls love'

5/5  Vix 'My daughter will love these'

5/5  Hannah 'Lovely! Daughter loves them! She wont keep them off lol.'

3/5  Romi 'All in all good, arrived fast, my girls loved them but broke within a few hours but luckily you get a few pairs included, would buy again as very good price'

5/5  Kk 'Nice pack shoes looks very pretty. Im sure little girl will love them'

5/5  LindseyT 'My little girl hasnt played with them yet as they're for Christmas but they look good and were value for money'

5/5  Cdku 'My 2 year old will love this for christmas'

4/5  Daweman 'My daughter who has a shoe fetish absolutely loves them'

5/5  Amy 'My 2 year old loves these fab present'

4/5  Sheryet 'My daughter loves these dress up shoes, they fit her well and are good quality. Really good value. Would recommend.'

1/5  Tara1993 'Would not recommend and defently wouldn't buy again as they broke within 2 days plastic straps came out of holes and wouldn't go back in so had to chuck away'

5/5  Grundon 'Really good value and gave hours of dressing up.'

3/5  Smellykel 'Cheap and cheerful, toddler love them'

5/5  Jan 'Bought as a present for a 2 year old. She’s loves dressing up as a princess'

5/5  Karina 'Bought for my twins they simply loved these set of princess shoes and accessory.'

5/5  Jd 'Perfect for my little princess, she loves walking around in her princess shoes.'

5/5  Jewlz5 'Bought for xmas present for my 3 yr old daughter. Will match her fancy dress outfits lovely'

5/5  Joe 'Perfect present for your little princess'

4/5  Keeleigh 'My2 year old absolutely loves them although a bit big'

5/5  Emily 'There amazing look just like the picture my day daughter is going to love them!'

5/5  Jess 'Really good quality for he money. Shoes are a little slippy on laminate flooring as expected'

5/5  Tamsy 'All round a great buy my friends daughter absolutely loved them couldn't wait to get them outta the box to try them on would recommend as these are a great buy especially as kids just love them l brought these for my girls when they was little'

5/5  Rhi2890 'My daughter loves her shoes and tiaras. Clip clops around the house dressed up as a princess. Great value!'

4/5  Nikita 'Amazing for little girls!'

5/5  AmyG 'A good little set for a princess in waiting. I don’t think the ballet shoes will last long as the material and stitching doesn’t long strong but we will see. I like the way you can push the shelf down and keep it to store the shoes.'

5/5  Leanne 'Great value for money, lovely dress up shoes for little ones'

5/5  Lindsay 'Fantastic product my daughter is always putting on shoes she loves these great quality and very cute the box can act as storage for them they are just brilliant'

5/5  Me 'Good quality and a smashing little display box with packaging'

5/5  Mysticponyface 'Daughter thinks they’re great, I think they’re too noisy on hard floor, but I’m a lot older than her to be fair'

5/5  Mcdill999 'Great price that why we go to Argos and my grandaughter love it'

5/5  Mumzie 'Granddaughters our having hours of fun with these dress up princess shoes we have a different princesses every day'

2/5  Rose 'But the quality isn't great. Maybe I'm expecting too much from a cheaply priced product, but one of the straps snapped the same day we purchased it.'

5/5  Em08 'Lots of fun & time spent with these shoes. My child is in there element. :)'

4/5  NotTecSavvy 'Only worth buying if your getting 2 for £15 Ok to wear on carpet as soon as my daughter walks on wooden floors she falls over as the grips at the bottom of slippers is bad and appears to have no purpose. Apart from the grip they look cute on her tiny feet.'

5/5  Beck 'Daughter loved them x'

5/5  Jackie 'My little Princess loves these so much she plays with them eveyday all day...Got them for her 3rd Birthday Day. Good value for the price.'

5/5  Ellie68 'Very good quality shoes look good and great value'

1/5  Laura 'These are advertised for 3+ my little girl is 3 and they were far too small for her I ended up returning as they were not fit for purpose and I ended up with a very upset little girl'

4/5  Sadi 'Excellent value for money. The quality of the product is good and doesn’t look cheap.'

3/5  Hayles 'Lovely set looks great in the box and my two loved trying all the different pairs but they do come Up small my eldest (age 4) they are far too small but my 2 year fits them fine After a week we already have a broken pair though as they are fairly flimsy (but have been worn a lot!) All in all not bad really for the price but definitely needs to mention for younger ones (or smaller feet!)'

1/5  Azza 'Personally I wouldn’t recommend these shoes. They all started to fall apart very soon! Just a waste of money.'

5/5  Dandana 'Bought this as a gift for my granddaughter, nicely presented and I’m sure she’s going to love it. Good value for money'

1/5  Ferguslass 'Really disappointed ....bought for my two year old granddaughter and shoes wouldn’t go on her wee feet.....better in the 'old days’ when they had elastic straps instead of plastic.'

4/5  Retrogirl 'Cute set of dressing up shoes and a pretty princess tiara. My daughter loves them but they are made very narrow so her little wide feet are a tight squeeze.'

5/5  Meg 'Really good value for money my little girl loves them and won’t take them off.'

5/5  Kerina 'Bought for my girls 2nd birthday. She loves all the shoes and the tiara and prances about in them everyday.'

5/5  Mick 'Great little item bought for niece birthday and she loves them'

5/5  Maddie 'The package has variety in colours and model of items. Is a good item for the price and us worth it. Includes comfortable shoes for little one to play but also a tiara and fashion shoes to make her feel as a true princess.'

1/5  Kell 'I brought these for my 3 year old, she was so excited to get them but she couldn't get her feet in them, they are extremely narrow, took them straight back and got a refund.'

5/5  Nan3 'A lovely box of shoes - would have liked to see another tiara as well .'

4/5  Emma 'Really cute set. Just wish it was little drawers, it is just a box with a plastic lid that you remove.'

5/5  Sunia 'Perfect for a little princess. Shoes are bigger than they look. Only thing I would say is be careful where they are worn as the grip on shoes are not great and could easily slip!'

5/5  OC 'Very happy with the shoes for my niece - is a cute gift box!'

5/5  Charlotte 'Good little dress up shoes for the price.'

4/5  Macdaddy 'Great kids toy she loved it couldn't wait to try them on'

5/5  Jane 'Nice quality for what it is, my daughter loves it. Not sure the ballet slippers are necessary.'

5/5  Sal 'Good value for money. The children loved doing dress up with these.'

5/5  Kirsty 'Lovely little present for my 2.5 year old. She loves to play dress up.'

5/5  Grandma 'Very reasonable and glitzy'

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