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About the Chad Valley Cash Register with Accessories

Improve your child's numeracy skills with this realistic Chad Valley Cash Register with Accessories. This toy has all that's needed to for fantastic shop roleplay, including a real working calculator fantastic for assisting children as they figure out the correct change using the included play money. Jam-packed with accessories, you'll also find included a microphone, electronic rolling belt and scanner, cash drawer with plastic keys, approval sign for credit card transaction and crucially for food shop roleplay a basket with eighteen (18) play food accessories. For the full supermarket experience your most cherished can take turns playing cashier or shopper with their friends; the Chad Valley Cash Register with Accessories is a great toy for sparking imagination and creativity. Size H11, W32, D20cm.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8354291
EAN/SKU: 8354291
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Chad Valley Cash Register with Accessories Reviews

4/5   'It is works as A calculator and child is happy but is missing the microphone'

5/5  Tom 'Great quality, easy to use, comes with plenty of food items to scan, my 4 year old niece loves it'

5/5  Cat 'A Christmas gift for our granddaughter...she’ll love it'

5/5  Grandparents 'Very pleased with cash till , will give hours of fun with friends'

3/5  Kd 'My daughter loves her till lots of food all great for the price lots with it. Unfortunately the till doesn’t open with the button u need to tilt it forward and pull it out'

2/5  Mimi 'Not very sturdy Till drawer never opened every time Quality not good'

4/5  Clare 'Hours of fun playing shops with my great-grandaughter and her cash register and shopping items'

5/5  Sally 'Bought this for my 16 month old, she loves opening and shutting the till and playing with the vegetables. Hopefully it's a toy she'll get more out of as she gets older too.'

5/5  HUpton 'Great role play toy, good value with the basket and food along with the till. My little girl (20 months) will love this as her Christmas present'

4/5  Kahmid 'Excellent little roleplay cashier for my girls lots of accessories.'

5/5  Jessica 'My two year old child loves this toy and spends a lot of time pretending to play shops scanning the shopping and taking money in exchange for goodies. Definitely recommend! Also comes with a basket FULL of play food and toy money!'

5/5  Katie 'My niece loved it !!'

5/5  Davo 'Got this half price, my son loves it. Has a working scanner and belt.'

4/5  RH7 'Kids enjoy playing with the cash register and the fruit basket.'

5/5  James 'My son loves this toy educational & fun'

5/5  SuzzieB 'Bought for niece. She enjoyed playing with it once I remembered to get batteries for it.'

5/5  Sam 'Very nice.. my 2 year old plays continuously with this.. you can engage them to play more interactively and their imagination improves a lot..'

5/5  Bomer 'Bought this for my granddaughter.great play value, and as a teaching aid.'

5/5  Vicki 'Bought this for my nephews 3rd birthday he absolutely loves it...'

5/5  Gemma 'Lovely little till with money and basket of food, the scanner is great really makes it more fun scanning the foods, small enough to put away so dosent need much space. Highly recommend'

4/5  Angel69 'I am sure my niece will love it! She has every other toy imaginable - now to teach her the price of them :)'

1/5  Jan 'Bought the Chad Valley Play Register for my 3 year old grandaughter's birthday very disappointed when she opened it to find the display or microphone did not work I returned it to the store and accepted a replacement this time the drawer only works intermittently All in all a very disappointing purchase'

5/5  GE2118 'Great toy cash register. My girls love playing pretend shops so this was a perfect gift for my youngest birthday.'

4/5  LJmummy 'Fab for little ones imaginative play. They love the realistic role play - copying mum and daddy and the shops'

4/5  Di 'Bought for my 3 and 2yr old Grandkids. I was a little optimistic at first as I thought it wasn't the quality I was expecting and was going to return. so glad I didn't, they both had hours of fun with it especially loved the moving belt and scanner!! only down side is the draw seemed a bit stiff on opening even I struggled. also the microphone a bit poor. but on the whole they've loved playing pretend shop so much that they even took it to bed with them haha . great purchase at a good price !!'

5/5  Kell42 'Granddaughter loves this till, very realistic for a child to play with, plenty of features, includes money , credit card and cash drawer key.'

5/5  Lynn21 'This product is brilliant. My 3 year old grandson was so pleased with it. We got it for his birthday & he played happily for ages'

5/5  Me10 'This was just what I was looking for. My grandson is fascinated with supermarket tills. This is quite realistic although I did have to put bar codes on the plastic bits as he said they had to be free as there was no bar code on them!!!'

5/5  Azim 'My daughter love this'

3/5  Sbaylis 'Brought this for my daughter she absolutely loves it, the microphone and the sounds are just fab the belt doesn’t work very though that is my only negative. Came with a basket and some food again she loves it'

5/5  Trixie 'Open all hours toddler style. Do us adults really behave the way little ones mimic us!!! Good old fashion playing. Not a PC in sight'

4/5  Sim 'Grandson loves playing with this. Keeps him entertained for hours.'

5/5  Von12 'Great fun for our 4 year old grandchild especially when used with play groceries. His mum and dad order groceries online so a shopping novelty for him! Only minor downside is there is only a little play money and not designed like real money. Love all the till sounds and microphone for announcements. Excellent value and best till with functions we’d seen.'

5/5  Cluckers 'Kids play for hours with this and the shopping trolleys we bought with them really strong and good for money'

3/5  AnnaLou 'So this purchase was a replacement of a previous one we bought, that fell apart within a month or two. One of the things that broke was the little toy wires were exposed!!! Next, the open drawer button stopped working after a short while and the little conveyer belt broke off the side too. Despite that, the design is great. You get all sorts of extras like coins and notes, miniature actual Sainsbury’s product boxes, real working conveyor.'

4/5  Dionne 'The conveyor belt is a bit flimsy but my niece loved it. Lots of extra bits'

5/5  Jjcg 'Good product, worth the price tag. Lots of pretend food products to scan. My little boy enjoys playing with this toy'

3/5  Barbie 'The mike, credit card doesn’t make the noise it’s supposed to and conveyor belt doesn’t work all the time so afraid I had to return it .'

5/5  Gajoma 'I bought this for my 2 and a half year old grandson . I was delighted with the quality and sturdiness of it. Comes complete with shopping basket and lots of groceries that you can scan. My grandson absolutely loves it and hasn’t stopped playing with it. A brilliant buy.'

4/5  Cariaan 'My 3 year old and 6 year old love this shopping till, has lockable draw and play money included, with a till microphone and scanner that lights up. only negative is that the little conveyor belt has now stopped working even with a change of batteries.'

5/5  WhatIBuy 'Great Product, only thing was the battery spot was very hard to open with a screwdriver,'

5/5  Cobweb 'I gave it to my grandson for his third birthday. It was an immediate hit with him and his friends, with everyone wanting to operate the till and shop. It is still a very popular toy'

5/5  Siobhan 'Great little toy, good value for money. Great for imaginative play. The accessories that come with it are also great.'

5/5  Joe 'The battery compartment screws are a bit of a fiddle, they are very small screws which require one of those specially slender screwdrivers.'

5/5  Ruth79 'Perfect for playtime with small ones and their imagination, and comes with food to scan didn't have to wait to get started. 4 star for quality as conveyor doesn't always work but hasn't stopped play yet.'

1/5  Smudger 'I’ve already returned one of these toys for a replacement, and that is already due for returning. Incredibly cheap and nasty quality. My 2yo absolutely loves playing with this, but the scanner soon stopped “scanning”, and the 2nd one has now a fault with the motorised belt.'

2/5  EROS 'I returned this a few times. If the microphone was working, the scanner wasn’t working; if the scanner worked, the conveyor didn’t. I eventually gave up and bought another brand.'

1/5  Bharat 'This is a poor quality toy. The rolling belt was not working out of the box. Mic+ speaker sound is very low. after an hour of play the scanner light stopped working. calculator screen is not backlit and has lot of glare and child cannot see while playing with the toy. Unfortunately I couldn't return the toy as my daughter had ripped off one flap of the box in which it came. i would not recommend this toy to anyone.'

1/5  Rob 'Till was fine. Conveyor belt not fit for purpose. First purchase black belt came apart. Second purchase belt only runs when it wants to. Bought for granddaughter.'

3/5  Nh 'Good value for money'

5/5  Tolexy 'Hours of fun, bought for my daughter for Christmas,she loves it.'

5/5  MrT 'Bought this for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and it has already provided hours of fun for her and my 5 year old son! Build quality is good, however a small clip broke off the conveyor belt straight out of the box. Managed to fix it with a bit of superglue.'

4/5  Mrssjh 'Brought this till for my 3 year old for Christmas, so far so good, she has enjoyed playing shop and it comes with a basket and food to buy. Could maybe have more money in it as you get very little so have added some real coppers but she doesn’t seem to mind.'

2/5  Squall 'Despite the negative reviews I thought I'd give this a chance but sad to say the conveyor belt stopped working within a day of opening it. Probably too late to get a refund as my daughter only actually started playing with it today, Jan 4th. Complete waste of money'

5/5  Shopper 'Fab how realistic it is helps imagination grow'

4/5  Abdul 'Great little cash register, the conveyor belt is really thin though and can easily be torn.'

5/5  SgtMaj 'Our grandchildren love this toy, really enjoyed it.'

3/5  Susie 'Accessories were missing we returned got a new one second one the belt wouldn’t work husband had to rectify it but kept going wrong to late to return again before Christmas dissapointed'

5/5  Mariika 'My granddaughter love it'

5/5  Safe 'Really good buy for the price my son loves it'

3/5  Carolina 'The button to open the cash is not very good but it’s very nice and it comes with a lot of food toys'

1/5  Jo 'Well what I thought was a great buy, my little girl loved opening it and seeing her face was just brilliant however she played with it for 10minutes and the conveyer belt broke - stopped turning, replaced new battery with another new battery still not working. The scanner also beeps and a light should glow also stopped as quick as it started! The till draw also jams - I suppose that is quite realistic but not for a 3yr old! Will be returning this product.'

4/5  Marco 'For the price it’s absolutely worth every penny. My daughter can’t stop playing with it. My only recommendation is to buy more play money.'

5/5  Sh 'Great products little ones love it hours of fun role play'

5/5  Judy 'Great present. Good fun to use. Moving convertor belt a great hit. Loads of items in the shopping basket.'

1/5  Deniz 'Stopped working after 1 hour!'

4/5  Chicken 'A bit over priced but the children love to play with it'

5/5  Jacki 'It was the perfect gift. Hours of fun. So realistic'

5/5  LW 'Comes with lots of accessories, ideal for sparking the imagination and encouraging children to count, add up, give change, etc.'

1/5  Nnenne 'Bought the first. I have excellent rechargeable batteries, yet it won’t work, especially the moving part. Had to go back to Argos with my children. Exchanged it, because my daughter (6yrs) really wants it. It worked the first day. Then stopped. It’s just aweful. My daughters have stopped playing with it because the fun is in the parts that make the sound. It’s lying around now and I would probably sell it on Shpock or gift it to the nursery for the kids to destroy it for me.'

1/5  Jamxb 'Sounds are good, seemed just what she wanted, but conveyor was jerky and motor started to make a funny noise after one hour use - granddaughter didn't like the noise and wouldn't use it . Got it replaced very quickly, but second one was similar, jerky and noisy and drawer often wouldn't open. Returned that one to and got a refund'

5/5  Damoo 'Good quality product easy to set up baby loved it'

5/5  Sophie 'Bought this item as a present for my 3 year old cousin and he absolutely loves it! Lots of imaginative play and interactive features. Would highly recommend, great quality for a reasonable price - don’t forget the batteries!'

5/5  Mummyof2 'Fab present for my 3 year old! Moving belt, tannoy and working till... my little one loves imaginative play with this and loves calling me to the checkout!'

5/5  Ann 'Granddaughter.will be pleased at Xmas. Loves playing shops'

1/5  Gloria 'Grandson really liked this toy but after 10 minutes of playing with it , was left in tears when the scanner stopped working properly , so got it replaced . Unfortunately the replacement not only ended up with the scanner not working properly , but the conveyor belt also . Clearly some faults with this product , therefore would not recommend .'

5/5  JJ 'Bought this for my boy girl twins who love it. I was so impressed with the amount of extras it came with, defiantly worth the money!'

4/5  KTG 'Brilliant till! Daughter loves playing with it, very good for the imagination. Definitely a good buy! :))'

2/5  Mm 'The scanner and conveyer belt only work intermittently. Poor design, scaner and rolling belt is holding to the rest, it's falling apart all the time. Working calculator & microphone, some additional stuff like shopping basket etc is a plus but that's all.'

4/5  Wheels 'Childs present good price.'

3/5  Laura 'Unfortanetly I will be returning this item as it's faulty. The scanner and conveyer belt only work intermittently. My daughter loves the toy itself though just a shame it's not working properly.'

5/5  April 'My daughter loves this n plays with it for ages at a time.... Like the fact that it comes with a basket n few pretend food bits as saved me buying those aswell'

5/5  Rosie 'My grandaughter loves it and plays for hours'

3/5  John 'First look of it i thought it was cheaply made ok you get a bit more than you bargain for'

3/5  Kate 'Was brought for my daughter as a birthday present but was very disappointed. The microphone didn't work. One of the buttons on the till was constantly pushed in & the conveyor belt stopped working after one day! Good points she loved the basket with food & the scanner so she could scan the food (that worked fine) but would not recommend this product'

4/5  Gem 'It comes with great accessories which are not to flimsy.i do find the belt is noisy and unclips from the till easy . and the Mic isn't very loud. bit my 3 year old loves the noice the till makes and the scanner'

5/5  Dawn44 'My 4 year old grandson loves this till. It is robust and has lots of accessories he takes it everywhere with him'

5/5  KF 'Great toy hours of fun'

4/5  Sara 'Bought this for my little one as she had been wanting a till. She hasn’t stopped playing with it since! Great way to keep her occupied, I’d highly recommend. Comes with lots of extra’s (food and basket) can’t go wrong - great value for money.'

4/5  Marty 'Makes fun noises and the working belt makes it fun My Grandson loves it'

5/5  Pauly 'Bought for my granddaughter for Christmas she will have loads of fun'

5/5  Widow 'My son loved this item as it came with shopping basket and items of veg and other things to use'

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