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chad valley bingo and lotto game

About the Chad Valley Bingo and Lotto Game

This could be your lucky day! Who doesn't like the fun simplicity of Bingo, so this Chad Valley Bingo and Lotto Game is sure to be a big hit with all the family. Rotate the handle to to encourage the ninety (90) balls to whizz around their container and watch as one pops free. If your game card (ten included) is the first to match the numbers on the freed balls you're the winner! So you don't loose track an impressive one hundred and twenty (120) counters are included. Beautifully, it also doubles up as a fantastic Lotto number selector. Fantastic!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3903692
EAN/SKU: 3903692
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Chad Valley Bingo and Lotto Game Reviews

5/5   'Bought for my 7 yr old niece for Christmas. Opened it and it looks durable and very well made. I know for sure she will love this. Great pressie to get the family together.'

5/5  Cazlaw 'We purchased this to take on holiday as evening entertainment. My two children thoroughly enjoyed it'

5/5  Purpleflutterby 'Kids love playing with this, excellent for rainy days etc. Excellent value for money. This is the 2nd one we have bought, due to leaving one behind on a caravan holiday. Not easily breakable my son has been turning the handle and pulling the tray in and out for 3 years(the old one). Is a bit noisy but what do you expect from toys/games like this. Brilliant buy.'

5/5  Wondermam 'My kids love this game .... keeps them entertained for hours ... only con is putting the balls back as you can only do it one at a time - would be better if the big ball came apart but hey ho still a good game - just noisy!'

5/5  Doddy 'This game is fun and educational learning how to count and concentrate on their game or calling the numbers'

5/5  Evie 'I enjoy bingo but since my husband died i have not been out much this game is fun the ball is the only thing that i'm not keen on it keeps coming apart and it is noisy but a lot of fun good for all the family and at a good price'

3/5  Bri 'The numbered holes in the rack would be better if painted (white )for e.g.'

5/5  Taylor 'The bingo game was fun but very noisey when turning barrel for the numbers to drop.'

5/5  Jose 'Really good family fun. Kids love to get involved would recommend to anyone'

5/5  Tash 'Bought this as a new game to keep our grandkids amused in the summer holidays, It is noisy when turning the ball to dispense the balls, but that is part of the fun. Good value for the price, could only be improved by being able to put the balls back in the ball a little more easily.'

5/5  Wendy 'A great game for the whole family to play for hours on a rainy day.'

5/5  Piglet 'Purchased this as my children didn't have a bingo game I thought it would help my children with number recognition The tray folds out to reveal all the numbers so once a numbered ball pops out it can sit on its designated number on the tray . My daughter thought this was do much funlooking for the right number . The ball unit which holds all the numbers is extremely noisy when spinning , Still a great game at a good price and we found it extremely educational'

3/5  Donna 'The noise of turning the balls around in order to release one is excruciating! Made the game a lot less enjoyable.'

4/5  Doll26 'My grandchildren love this.'

4/5  Ade 'Bought as a birthday present for a young friend but not yet given. Have really enjoyed playing family bingo with other friends and the Chad Valley game has some great reviews so I'm really looking forward to joining in when its in use !'

5/5  AC2017 'My daughter loves this game! Fun for all the family and great price'

5/5  Babs 'Good value for money easy for children to use'

3/5  Vish 'Just do the job although parts are a bit shaky'

5/5  Marie 'My kids love this'

5/5  Nichgrt 'Good value for money'

5/5  Shazza 'A kettle should be solid and easy to use'

4/5  Jenjen 'Really good for the price.'

1/5  Trish 'Very very noisy.. Not suitable if you have kids , balls make a lot of noise, I did read the reviews but didn't expect that much of noise.'

5/5  Gill 'Great fun! All generations enjoy it - children, Mum and Dad and Granny!'

2/5  Birodewal 'Although easy to use, this machine is far too noisy to use in a Bingo situation, my wife and I used at a care home for the residents and everyone found it FAR TOO NOISY for them and so had to give up prior to the end. Thus making the item a waste of money and effort to buy and use.'

5/5  Rains 'Perfect fun for a girls get together, easy to assemble and use. Laughed for hours and sturdy enough to last for many more girls get togethers.'

4/5  SuperTed 'Its great. Got it for my youngster as a pressie, she loved reading out the numbers. I tried to put it together drunk and could not. The wife did that she read the instructions. Only downside is its noisy. Am laid in bed nursing a hangover and all i can hear is tink tink tink tink tink 22. Tink tink tink timk 36. Had to get up and took the youmg one to soft play center which was quieter and they do nice coffee.'

5/5  Mummykarina 'Lovely game, my daughter really enjoys playing it. Reasonable price and as always great service from argos'

4/5  MONTY 'Great little game, well designed as it is compact and my daughter loved it. My only negative is that it is noisy when turned.'

5/5  Bracks40 'Really pleased with this purchase good quality and good value. Kids really love it'

4/5  Caz 'Good fun with the family and in a funny way a learning aid for numbers just a little noisy as the balls go round'

4/5  Fski 'Got this to play at my daughters birthday with surprise gifts for a house call had great fun although the ball drum was very noisy! Good buy'

5/5  Sab 'Good bingo game and had lots of fun with the family and friends great price too'

5/5  Scott 'Really well thought out Bingo/Lotto, easy to use, lots of fun, can be a bit noisy when turning the ball around with lever as the balls fall but added to the fun when playing with children. Good value'

3/5  Big Doug 'Kids love playing bingo so bought this set. Its well made, and does the job. However, the ball selector globe is VERY noisy as it turns before it selects a number each time (because the balls are quite hard plastic and smash against the plastic sides of the globe. We abandoned the globe and used a random bingo caller app instead. Other than that, its a great set and will get good use.'

4/5  Nicholas 'It's simple and easy to use'

5/5  GMer 'Easy to set up. Does the job. Great way for children to learn numbers.Only extra required is a little prize for the winner !'

4/5  Fran 'As A family we really enjoyed this game so easy to use the anything negative would be it's quite loud but apart from that Hours of fun'

5/5  Loveletter 'Spent many hours with the family over christmas playing bingo we all loved it. Well made'

4/5  Logboy 'This was on my nephew's Christmas list and he is thrilled with it, playing it with family and friends.'

4/5  Abi 'Good product and no real complaints, some components were a bit tough to fit together. But other than that it was exactly what I needed'

5/5  Curlly 'Great fun for all familly all enjoyed'

5/5  Chaff 'Excellent little product and good value for money. As some other reviews have pointed out it is fairly noisy but this didn't detract from the kids and adults having a laugh playing bingo on new year's eve! Well worth the money!'

4/5  Nana 'Good value for the money.'

5/5  Luan13 'Kids loved playing this at Christmas and the adults to'

4/5  Diy Gran 'Good bingo game had fun with it only downside it's a bit noisy, but it's plastic balls rolling around a plastic drum so to be expected.'

5/5  Bingocaller 'This was a last minute Santa gift, and I was slightly worried that the low price would mean low quality. However, the structure is well designed and effective - if a little noisy!! The bingo cards and counters are a bit fiddly, so we bought books of bingo tickets and marker pens very cheaply.'

5/5  Stella60 'Recommended by friend - grand children enjoyed playing.'

5/5  Lucky Lady 'Brilliant game and easy to use.Packs down small for easy storage. My daughter loves it.'

2/5  Aliashy 'All the parts for the bingo ball dispenser were good but didn't lock together securely enough so when turning the wheel it tended to come loose which was annoying'

5/5  Woo 'Bought this for Christmas fun. The family loved it'

5/5  Gaz 'Bought this for my daughter and we have all played it over Christmas. Good fun but very noisy!'

2/5  Zenky 'The spinning see through ball keep falling off its hinges. Poor design.'

2/5  Karen 'Very noisy when spinning the wheel and the balls fall out'

2/5  Lauren 'Opened it christmas day for my 7yr old who instantly snapped the tiny bracket which attaches ball to holder also she pulled the tray out to far which also split wouldnt recommend this to children as its too easy to break very poor quality but husband had to super glue it together which mean we cant fold it away!'

5/5  Seanyboo 'Top bingo game,would recommend,fun to play for all the family'

2/5  Sylvia 'The design of the ball dispenser is poor and when the handle is turned the ball comes off the support - very frustrating.'

5/5  Woody 'We bought this to take on our weekend away with children and grand children. We had lots of fun and laughter with it even if turning the balls around was a little noisy'

5/5  Charlie 'A brilliant product and was great fun to play with all the family - young and old from 9 to 96 -over the Christmas period. Well done Chad Valley on producing another quality game.'

4/5  Manda35 'The whole family has had lots of fun playing this over Christmas'

4/5  Will 'Game is good for the money and pretty sturdy once it's connected together. Numbered balls are easy to read being black on white. The numbering also looks to be printed on and looks like it won't be easily rubbed off through use. I looked at other bingo games and this one is great for the price paid. It is noisy when turning the handle as other customers have said. Still enjoyable to play!'

5/5  Forestsmum 'This product is amazing for the price! Good quality, builds well and works perfectly and then fits back in the box! Only complaint is it's quite noisy when the balls are turned around in the wheel but doesn't affect the enjoyment!'

4/5  Sazzy 'Great game for all the family, my daughter loves it but very noisy when turning balls maybe something chad valley should look at improving.'

3/5  Plain Jane. 'This bingo game is fab,especially if bingo is your gives you hours of fun with friends and daughter who is 11 loves it. Especially when you put treets in for who ever wins. Its a great game to play any special occasion .'

5/5  Zoobs2 'Got this for my 6 year olds Christmas. She plays bingo at school and absolutely loves the game. Fab value for money and fun for all the family. Easy to assemble and use. Quite noisy when turning the balls and the slide out section is easily pushed back in during game play when you have a hyper active 6 year old however, for this price you can't grumble about that.'

4/5  Holly 'Had great fun at christmas with this but the sound it makes whilst the balls are being turned is unreal! So loud. Good value though, would recommend.'

5/5  Angelbaybiie 'Great game lots of fun, design is a bit flimsy though could be sturdier other than than that no problems.'

5/5  Toni 'Good little set.. son loves it!'

5/5  Mr London 'We enjoyed every second all family'

4/5  Jones 'Lovely little game of bingo , you have to hold the ball machine whilst turning as our struts keep popping out .'

4/5  RlD13 'Bought this for my daughter's to pass time on a rainy day and it proved rather popular, even the boy's ended up playing a few games. Only downfall is that it's quite noisy but can't be helped I suppose. Great for the price of it, would recommend.'

4/5  Jackie77 'We haven't played Bingo yet as I brought it for Christmas for all the family to play, I am sure we will have lots of fun.'

3/5  Brenda 'The noise from this machine was very distracting and fell apart easily'

5/5  Tasha09 'Got this item for a Xmas present great value for money a game the whole family can play'

5/5  Trac 'The kids loved it'

4/5  Jolly 'A good toy for the money. My 4 year old enjoyed putting this together with me. This is not only fun but she is learning too when she pulls the numbers out. I bought to play for xmas but It is a firm favourite already!'

5/5  Twokidlater 'Bought for my nephew, he loves it!! Loves being the caller as well as playing'

5/5  Maggie 'Very pretty and delicate such a beautiful ring x'

5/5  Kim 'Good old fashioned game for all tne family'

4/5  Raa 'Daughter loved it, a good old family game.'

5/5  Art 'I found the 'old' bingo game in my loft and remembered how much fun my children had when they played...'bouncers on the door and how we had to have a bingo pass to play and entry into summer house to bought the chad valley game for my gran kids who inform me they Love it.....'real prize money too they inform me :)'

5/5  Debs 'Kids loved playing this at school. They all loved taking turns turning the wheel.'

4/5  Jessie.c 'You cant beat a game of bingo. Its good for the price but balls are tiny and the counters are constantly getting lost or hoovered up so we did our own thing with the cards. The noise its quite loud when you turn it but thats part of the while thing i guess. Its deffo good for the money'

5/5  Loop 'Quick to assemble and works brilliantly. Cute little thing which i use every week in assembly. The children love it.'

5/5  Ballerina 'Excellent fun for all the family helps my kids with there numbers to .'

4/5  Kay 'Just as expected, great to play with the kids for a bit of pocket money, and for adults just as good. Very happy with this product.'

4/5  GJ 'We like the product, a game to play as a team (no limit in numbers). We having fun. I request the designer to concentrate on minimising the sound on Bingo rotation. It is tooo distrubing.'

5/5  Dee 'Daughter loves it now she can play bingo at home with mummy'

5/5  Aaron 'This is as you'd expect... Good fun for family but it's noisey when you spin the thing. Like REAL noisey XD'

5/5  Polly 'We have had hours of fun with this bingo game easy to assemble. The grandson loves it.'

4/5  Mandy 'Purchased this to take on holiday in our caravan . Adults and kids had lots of fun with this'

5/5  Baggies Girl 'Hours of endless fun with my special needs grandson Learning him numbers and to shout Bingo A star buy would definitely recommend'

5/5  Tan 'We really enjoy playing with this it's such a laugh with all the family and even better that the Lil ones can join in too. Just gotta be wary of little pieces'

4/5  Miss-c 'A good fun product. Great for the price'

5/5  Eva 'The family loves this game only downside is just the noise it makes other than that very happy.'

5/5  Elijo 'Bought for my 3-year old as a fun way to learn numbers in a way that could grow with her. The balls a clearly numbered and a good size for small hands. She is enjoying learning numbers and matching them. I am pleased with the item and it is a good price.'

1/5  Holl 'The plastic sides that hold the ball will not fit into the groves on the base.'

4/5  Val 'Good design but feel it's not robust enough, plastic could easily snap which is a shame. needs to be used carefully when assembling.'

4/5  Kelly90 'Really good game my kids loved it. Only bad thing is it's very loud when you spin the balls but apart from that good game'

4/5  Tabby 'The item I purchased was of a good quality and very good price no waiting went in store gave my reservation number within 1 minute I was on my way out.'

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