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Chad Valley 6-in-1 Games

About the Chad Valley 6-in-1 Games

The Chad Valley 6-in-1 Games gives great bang for your buck. The entire family will have a fabulous time with this incredible choice of popular tabletop games. Take this pack on vacation or make the most of those dreary stormy days. Perfect for those night ins to unite the family, this Chad Valley game combo will keep you giggling and speculating all night.

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4/5   'Great size for traveling and easy to use and undastandable intructions only thing is was tricky to take out of the plastic boards with all the parts to the game on and could be sharp so would need sand paper lol'

5/5   'Loved games well worth the money loads family fun'

3/5   'Gives fun for everyone and easy to teach young kids my grandaughter was 7 and she loves this game just be careful for theyre very tiny parts especialy when you have baby.'

3/5   'Worth what it costs a bit small but grandchildren have hours of fun when they visit me playing games together. Recommend'

5/5   'Great games, good fun'

4/5   'It's very easy and lots of fun'

5/5   'Had great fun with this on our camping trip easy to store and good for price very happy'

4/5   'Good price lots of fun for all'

5/5   'These games kept my boys entertained all holiday. Great value. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5   'Great set of kids games - bought as an early christmas present - should be fun playing them'

5/5   'Great value for money, alot better assembled and less fidgety then expected with it being ideal for travelling......easy to use, compact for storage...'

5/5   'Excellent games pack, great fun for the children and the cost didn't break the bank.'

5/5   '6 in 1 games are amazing for talking places, good fun. Great quality.'

4/5   'Bought these games as Eid present for my 6 & 8 yo.. they got engaged in them well. Managed easily on their own. Though the quality is not so good but 6 games are worth with this price.'

5/5   'A great set for all ages with a family of 4 kids from age 4 to 14 we have fun evenings playing with this that they all enjoy'

5/5   'Great game set and fab as it means instead of 5 big separate boxes it's all nice and tidy in one'

5/5   'Lovely set with lots of games. A must have'

5/5   'A fantastic box of games all in one place! Purchased this as a gift for my niece, she's very happy with this. She has also learnt to play all of the games now. Have given her confidence.'

5/5   'Good little set of games, keeps kids occupied for hours.'

3/5   'Not very well made. Parts keep coming apart whilst my grandchildren were playing with the games. Very frustrating.'

5/5   'We bought this for a camping trip as we were sure we would get some rain. Passed on hours with these games. Very fiddly to put together (glad we did it before setting off). But great once done!'

5/5   'Games were easy to setup with most of the parts just popping out and kids had fun putting all the labels on the relevant games Games themselves were great and kids found them easy to use and put away , which is always a bonus. Each game having its own parts to put away to avoid mixing up with other games is ideal too. Just a heads up when sticking on the faces for Guess Who, make sure you put them on the right way up and we did ours upside down lol ,it didn't effect playing the game though!'

5/5   'The games are all very good and well worth the price.Bought for my grandaughters'

5/5   'Brilliant set of games for the price. Bought to take on holiday although some games were a bit big for travel games & the whole box is quite large so we just took a few. The only downside is you have to put everything together & push out a lot of fiddly pieces, but I guess this is why it is cheap. My son especially loved hangman with its little hanging skeleton. Good quality, doesn't feel like it will break after a couple of uses & most of the games fold up compact & store their pieces neatly.'

5/5   'Great value hasn't been opened yet as keeping it for an christmas present'

3/5   'Great for travel as all very small and fit nicely in a rucksack. Not suitable for small children with the very small pieces especially connect. Had to buy a small bag to keep them all in as they only came in plastic bags, no boxes to keep pieces separate. You get what you pay for cheap and cheerful.'

5/5   'My daughter loves it xx'

4/5   'Grandkids love it but some parts a bit small.'

5/5   'This is excellent value for money and my Grandchildren love it.'

4/5   'The guess who type game had a peg missing so couldn't click on one of the faces which rather spoils it. snakes and ladders green ladders fall off a lot and it doesn't fold up for travel like the frustration game or have anywhere to store the pieces. and the connect four counters all fall out when the game is folded up so that needs to be in a bag. the bingo also has nowhere to store the 100s of tiny pieces but despite all that you get a lot of fun out of this set.'

4/5   'The games are nice, although the quality is not of the best, for the price you payed is more then OK and will keep the children busy for some time'

5/5   'My son loved it and wants two more for his friends'

5/5   'Fantastic set. We purchased to take camping with us. The games are a good size and all the pieces sort away neatly. Very pleased'

5/5   'Ideal for keeping the kids happy also can play in the car on a long journey to keep them occupied I bought it after my daughter bought it'

5/5   'Going to have 1 very happy boy Christmas'

5/5   '6 games that my 5 and 4 year old really enjoy playing, smaller size then average board games so takes up less room in the games cupboard, good quality and we'll made.'

5/5   'Bought two of these as I have five grandchildren, as I said earlier can be bought for stocking fillers or birthday presents. Somuch fun that all the family can join in.'

5/5   'This has been perfect for all family fun for rainy days in our caravan! kept us busy for hours. Definitely recommend for families on those rainy days.'

5/5   'I was looking at buying this online on ebay when it popped on my facebook 10 pounds cheaper! You get all the classics in this set! I bought it to take on holiday as the set is so much cheaper than buying travel games individually. We love the hangman, bingo and connect four. Not all games are suitable for transporting though as they don't fold up (snakes and ladders, bingo and don't get angry) but all the others do so no loosing the pieces!'

5/5   'Great value for money.'

4/5   'I bought this for my grandson and he loves it, hours of fun for the whole family also. Recently my 5 year old grandson demanded to take it on holiday. A win win......'

5/5   'Me and my children age 9 and 3 have had hours of fun playing these games and will continue to have more, really pleased that alot of them fold up compact so are easy carry around'

4/5   'Good value for the price'

5/5   'My grandchildren loved playing all these games! A really good idea! And great value for the price!!!'

5/5   'Really pleased- this means we can free some space as we can get rid of similar, chunky board games and replace with this game set. Great value for money.'

3/5   'Great entertainment for kuds'

4/5   'Fab set od childrens games ideal for camping and keeping the kids busy on a wet day. Some of the games fold to hold all the pieces which is great not suitable for younger children as pieces are very small'

5/5   'Bought these to take on my children's 1st camping trip as thought I could relive my childhood with no technology. The games were a big hit and my children now want bigger versions definitely a must for travel play.'

5/5   'This is a lovely pack of games that I bought for us going on holiday to the caravan and needed it to be compact for travelling and for when we got there for me to put in my bag for going out. I lot of the packs just fold up like the guess who game which was especially handy with the cards as I remember with the big game this was always something that got lost! The only downfall, was the game instructions as they were so big you did have to build the game beforehand- a good pack of games'

4/5   'I bought it to play with my husband. I loved it.'

4/5   'Really good value for money as I bought when on offer, purchased as more of a travel set to take a at on holiday with us, to keep the kids occupied on the plane. Well worth it.'

5/5   'So i brought this has it was cheap price for 6 games. As school holidays as been rubbish weather. These games have helped entertain 3 children and myself on a rainy day.'

5/5   'The product was having 6 different games and it was really worth paying during this holiday time of kids for this type of games for them to involve in some kind activities...'

4/5   'Bought for a rainy caravan holiday, kept us entertained for a few hours.'

5/5   'This was a purchase for summer holiday entertainment of grandchildren. Good value. Good fun.'

1/5   'Thought it wil be practical as 6 games in one box and was travelling with kids but the quality is not good and would not really recommend, sorry'

5/5   'Just great'

4/5   'Very nice keep children busy.'

5/5   'It was very fun watching my girls play on the train, we had a long journey and the games kept them busy and they were the correct size to take travelling with you and use on the little tables in the train.'

5/5   'Purchased this family games bundle for my children as they broke up from school It has lots of games in which we didn't have , The hangman game is really good as you have to build the skeleton which my 8yr old daughter loved , The bingo game is cool with its little pot of numbered counters in , This all fits back in the box meaning you can take lots of family games with you on your travels as it's just in 1 box A great box of games for any family member to play .'

5/5   'Good for what it costs and keeps the kids quiet'

5/5   'Kids played for hours great value for money very happy parents argos brilliant even me 70 year-old dad who's recovering from cancer loves these games with is grandchildren.'

4/5   'Brought to take on camping holidays. looks fab'

5/5   'The hangman was a bit to fussy as its the pieces are just so thin. But other than that its great fun to pay'

5/5   'This is a great collection of games that kept the kids happy for hours. Its compactness meant that its easy to take on a journey and everyone can join in.'

5/5   'It's a good mix of games. Young kids can be entertained very easily. The snake and ladders game could have been a bit more interesting if it ran for full hundred places. But still good value for money.'

5/5   'Was ideal for my son to take away on his school trip to Wales. Some parts a bit small and possibly lost in travel Would be better if came with a plastic box/carry case seeing as its travel game sets to stop the chance of loosing parts'

5/5   'Good variety of child friendly games. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5   'Was the birthday present for my son friend.He really love it.Is very good value for so much fun.'

5/5   'Great little set, especially for holidays, will keep the kids entertained for ages'

5/5   'Nice range of games , not top quality materials but absolutely worth it for the money, six different games easy to put together and to travel with.'

5/5   'Great value for money and should keep us all amused on our holiday'

2/5   'It's really tacky, and everything is in bits. It took over two hours to put everything together. And isn't very secure in construction. I'd not recommend.'

5/5   'A very good example of a games compendium. Can foresee a lot of fun around the table playing each of these games. Can help with alphabet, numbers, etc.,'

5/5   'Great purchase A lot of small pieces'

4/5   'Great little games, a bit on the flimsy side. But ok for what your paying. My 4 year old loves them'

5/5   'We love playing 'Frustration' and wanted a travel version. I've been keeping an eye out for ages with no luck but then noticed this in Argos. It's of course not 'Frustration' but Chad Valley's own version 'Don't Be Angry'! It's great though - even down to the tiny pop-matic dice. Other popular games are included. The Bingo has a sweet gadgety number chooser and the hangman has a groovy ghoulish skeleton to make. It's reasonably sturdy but I don't think it would take too much punishment.'

5/5   'Paid 10 pounds for the 6 in 1 game, ordered it at around 4pm and it arrived at 6.30pm was fantastic service, was unsure it would actuall come on the same day but I did! The game is in great condition it's exactly how it was described online and it's travel size so I know Ilk get extremely good use out of it, travelling, children can play, adults can play, easy storage.'

5/5   'Great games to play with the family, my kids love them.'

3/5   'Good selection of games if a little small and not great quality but you get what you pay for. !'

5/5   '6 brilliant games. Most fold in half so means they are really portable and fit in the handbag perfectly. Incredible value. Only suggestion would be to have a little case for each of them but I just used a sandwich bag to keep all the bits together.'

4/5   'I got the 6 in 1 games for when my grand children come over for a visit. It kept all four of them busy for hours!'

5/5   'Overall the product is worth the money considering what you get. It is great for game nights and came In hand for when it was Christmas time and you just want to stay in the warm with loved ones.'

5/5   'Recommend to anyone houra of fun'

5/5   'I bought this for the grandchildren aged 3 and 12 travelling to France. Worked a treat!'

5/5   'Great for family fun. My grandkids love all the games and we enjoy playing them together. Great for filling a gap of boredom.'

4/5   'Bought this product for my local school and the kids are really enjoying playing with them'

4/5   'Ideal set of games for taking camping. Children love all the games and this set has kept them entertained for a good amount of time. The guess who game included unfortunately broke when setting up as not the best quality plastic other than that a nice compact set.'

4/5   'Good value for money'

3/5   'This game is fun to play as it includes many famous board games ... but the set up takes time and the material is flimsy and not durable at all with young kids like mine ... it turned into garbage within a few days ..'

5/5   'Brought this for my daughter's 4th birthday and she loves it. I was really surprised at how well made everything is, given the price, and there are some really clever storage solutions to save everything getting jumbled together. A great buy and would recommend.'

5/5   'Really shocked that the quality of the games were pretty good some better then the stand alone games, my grandson loved the frustration and snakes and ladders haven't tried the others yet so wont comment but very good price cheep has chips so i would recommend you buy buy buy..'

5/5   'We were asked by the school to find board games with dice to help our son (4 years old) with maths and counting! These games are great for small hands, easy to assemble and my son loves playing them! They have become a firm favourite in our house!'

5/5   'My grandsons enjoyed playing these games and I like the fact that they can be packed away to keep all the bits for each game together.'

5/5   'The games are very good. Fun for all the family. However i think they could of been better quality. But for the price you pay not bad at all'

5/5   'This is a brilliant compendium of six classic games. Bought it to distract my two teens from their phones and they're thoroughly enjoying it. Cheap, cheerful and great value.'

4/5   'I purchased this on offer. Once we had sorted all the bits out etc i liked that at least 4 games could be packed in it own container so can take away with us etc. We liked that they were not all long games but also there was something for everyone. I wouldn't really pay for price for it but handy as not a lot of space and all fit back in box afterwards.'

5/5   'For the money this is great cant wait to play with my grandson'

5/5   'It was great fun easy to set up and stored away brilliantly'

4/5   'This pack contains 6 popular family games that my 6 year old loves, including an innovative design for the snakes and ladders game which makes it even more fun. Comparing this price- wise to the individual versions of these games makes it incredibly good value for money. We love it!'

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