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Chad Valley 4 In 1 Pram Playset

About the Chad Valley 4 In 1 Pram Playset

Your little ones can copy you and play at being mum with this Chad Valley 4-in-1 pram playset. Convert it from a dolls pram, into a carry cradle, high chair and a cradle swing. Ideal for stimulating imaginative play. Features an adjustable handle on the pram with a maximum height of 46cm. Includes matching bedding fabric and hood. Suitable for dolls up to 30cm. Helps with the child's physical development, hand eye co-ordination and visual development. High chair size (H)40, (W)43, (D)60cm. Carry case size (H)45, (W)33, (D)31cm. Mini pram size (H)45, (W)32, (D)38cm . Swing size (H)40, (W)43, (D)51.5cm. High chair weight 1.45kg. Carry case weight 0.92kg. Mini pram weight 1.85kg. Swing weight 1.42kg. General information: For ages 18 months and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9248131
EAN/SKU: 9248131
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Chad Valley 4 In 1 Pram Playset Reviews

5/5   'I brought this for my 18month girl she LOVES it!! Her favourite present by far! She loves the fact it changes would definitely recommend for endless hours of fun!'

4/5  Chrissy 'This item was more than I expected my granddaughter loves it x'

5/5  Tracey 'I have brought this twice both times for a first birthday and the children love it. It is sturdy enough for a child learning to walk to use as a walker and is easily cleaned.'

2/5  Michelle 'Returned no hassle: Disappointed that had to dismantle and reassemble for each function. Would have been better if could have interchanged easily. Quality and edges all soft and child friendly. If have time to change each time then ok.'

5/5  Qtiepie2 'Our grand daughter will have great fun with this. She will be 2 tomorrow and is at the copy playing stage.'

1/5  Dee 'Very disappointed with this item, once put together it looks ok but it tends to come apart, expected better given the make and cost'

5/5  Marg 'This product has been bought for my granddaughters 1st birthday which is next month but I think she will love it'

4/5  Hayleymrsm 'We bought this for our daughters 1st birthday. It's just the right height for her to push around. The downside is that although it's a 4 in 1, you can't just clip the carrycot into the pram, high chair or swing. You have to take it apart and reassemble, so children can't change as often as they'd perhaps like to during imaginative play. It's perfect for our daughter as she will just use as a pram. When she's older and we get her another pram, I'll change this over to the swing or high chair'

4/5  Little Miss Vixen 'Good learning toy for my granddaughter, about looking after her baby dolls'

3/5  CB 'This doll's pram can convert into a swing, high chair or carry seat BUT these changes cannot be done by the child and even if done by an adult cannot be done quickly as some parts have to be removed and refitted to another piece. So we have made up the pram and left the other bits in the box, till our 2 year old granddaughter is a bit older. However the pram itself seems to be sturdy and will give her hours of pleasure when she stays with us.'

5/5  Blueyes 'I bought this product for my 2 yr old niece biryhday, and she loves it so much she was pushing it the next day with her doll in. You do have to have patience when putting it together, but it isnt rocket science. The best thing is my niece shares a room and so it is easy to store. When you decide to change it into any accessory they may want you cant put the extra bits away, and very light. GREAT PRODUCT FOR ANY CHILD!'

3/5  Zo42 'Okay for a 1 year old but may not be so durable for a 3 year old'

4/5  Nani 1 'Pleased with this item,bought for my granddaughters birthday, I'm sure she will have hours of fun with it.'

4/5  ChrisM 'Bought for 2-year old grand-daughter and she loves it, especially the dolls pram. Some high-stress parts eg the ends of the pram handle are made of thinner plastic than they should be, and show signs of stress fatigue (bending) early on, also there are some bits left over depending on which option you choose to build so you have to be careful that children don't loose or mis-place them for later. The wheel mudguards for the pram also slide on and off too easily, needing constant re-attachment'

5/5  Kazza 'Excellent Value for money, granddaughter will have hours of fun playing'

5/5  Mazza 'This is an imaginative item, with the ability to use it as a pram for a very young child and then adapt it to a swing / highchair / car /carry seat once they are a little older. It was easy to put together and feels very sturdy, i'm really pleased with it, as is my granddaughter.'

4/5  Jacko56 'Delighted with the product..great value for money. Easy to assemble within minutes..would recommend to purchase'

5/5  Jamboree Ricky 'First class service from Argos ordered / delivered in48 hours no problems at all good quality good value . One happy child excellent service . Keep up good work .'

1/5  Rl53 'Looked very cheap and flimsy, glad we checked before giving it to our granddaughter'

4/5  Me 'This is an excellent product, the only down side is that it is aimed at 18-36 months and the make-up to change from pram to swing/high chair means mum/dad have to be present for the change, it would be much better if all items could be made up at once, thereby enabling the child to decide when to place doll in pram/ swing /high chair themselves'

3/5  Karen53 'This item is listed as a'four in one' play set however in order to change its use the whole item has to be deconstructed and reconstructed, there is a universal bolt which has to be used and there is only one of these provided. If the child wants to use the item as a swing for instance 'daddy' or appropriate adult has to take the whole thing apart, which does not go down too well!!! We have decided to box the added legs etc and use solely as a Pram - which is very nice and age appropriate.'

3/5  Angel 'I found this product to be an imaginative play Pram it is clever the way it transforms into other things. A great play toy.'

4/5  Joan 'Age appropriate which was difficult to find'

5/5  Katie 'My daughter absolutely adores this and never leaves it alone. So glad I purchased at such a reasonable price for what they give. Couldn't be happier.'

5/5  Debs '1 year old granddaughter loved it'

5/5  Dee0507 'This is good value for money , my grandaughter loves it'

4/5  Sandie 'This has been bought as a Christmas present so has not been put together but on sight this looks a real sturdy pram for an 18 moth who is just learning to walk I pleased with my choice.'

5/5  Sam 'Love the pushchair defo would recommend to others and defo buy from ur store again'

5/5  Slater76 'It is stong and bright'

5/5  Silverfox 'The pram was sturdy and of good quality. easy to set up. excellent customer service.'

3/5  Kitkat 'Nice but not the quality you would expect for the price. Very flimsy, bedding doesn't fix to pram so constantly falling out & hood fabric doesn't fix to anything so doesn't sit right'

5/5  Our Ma 'I purchased this item as our granddaughter was visiting us for a long weekend. what pleasure she had playing with it, she is only 20 months old and what pleasure we got watching her push the pram and then we turned it into a highchair at meal times for her doll. great little item for the money, it was very sturdy for pushing.'

3/5  Loobyloo70 'The main issue I have with this product is the difficulty in changing from pram to highchair to swing. I was expecting to be able to lift off & attach to frame for highchair but you have to unscrew from pram & then screw back on to the frame to use as highchair, I was expecting my child to be able to do this during play but that is not possible. It needs an adult to alter from pram to highchair to swing etc. Basically we use as a pram only as it's too much hassle to keep changing over.'

5/5  Linda04 'This product is so colourful and fantastic for little toddlers !! It's teachers toddlers the meaning of life !! By learning and sharing focusing on the product toddlers love to be in control and Independent in this unique 4 in 1 play set focusing on early development'

3/5  Nana 'This product is good for a child that can already walk my grandaughter has only just started to walk and the pram is to light for her to walk with so maybe when she gewts abit older it will be beter'

5/5  Happy Face 'Grandaughter having great fun really happy'

4/5  Nanny A 'Bought this item for my 16 month old granddaughter for Xmas 2014, as it was one of the few that was suitable for less than 3 years old. She loved it straight away & has played with it nearly every day. I agree that it would help if there were more duplicate parts to make the swing or chair without dismantling the pram, but that is the only negative. Her little face says it all!!!!!'

1/5  Louise 'The buggy itself didnt have a rightly fitted hood that covers the back of the buggy so then frustrated my little girl with it flapping. The interior of buggy was very basic and was not connected into the centre of the buggy, making it slip around and come out everytime a dolly was put in or out. was very let down on Christmas when we put the buggy together and are now having to buy an alternative as it didn't meet the criteria of play.'

5/5  Lee 'Really pleased with this item for our 18 month old Grandaughter she loves taking her dolly for walks round the house.'

1/5  Mommyof3 'I bought this pram for my 18 month old daughter for Christmas and was extremely disappointed with the quality. It’s cheap, badly designed and fiddly to use, I would not recommend this product to anyone.  '

1/5  Janet53 'Expected more from a good company ie. chad valley. It was returned to Argos, as was cheap in quality, but expensive in money.'

4/5  Dog Gone It 'Grand daughter thinks this is brilliant but the sausage dog is not so happy when she puts him in it!'

5/5  Dee Dee 'This was purchased for my grand daughter, she absolutely loves it and is having hours of fun playing with it. It is very well made {it needs to be my granddaughter is very robust}. Highly recommended'

2/5  Meme 'I brought this for my granddaughter firstly very disappointed on the packaging, the quality was poor and there were quite a few alarm bells ringing so I decided NOT to give it to her and looked elsewhere for a more sturdy one.'

5/5  Deb 'We bought this present for our granddaughter on her birthday she enjoyed it very much good value for money'

5/5  Karen 'This is good quality, ideal first pram Sturdy enough not to topple for toddlers It's attractive and can be used as high chair, swing or carrier later when the child moves onto bigger pram'

4/5  Mbii 'Was pleased with this purchase. Is just what is required as a baby girls 1st pram set'

4/5  Sue 'Very pleased with product a very happy granddaughter!'

5/5  D13urg 'This is ace my 1yr old daughter loves this as the pram not shure about the other bits yet lol'

3/5  Karen 'Brought for my 1 year old granddaughter. lots of parts in the box. good height for a first pram.'

4/5  Sophie23 'This product is fantastic for my 18 month old, she loves pushing all her dolls and teddies around in the pushchair. The only down side to this product is that to change from the pushchair, swing or high chair, they use alot of the same parts from each so you have to dismantle and rebuild each product for my daughter to use each of them, would be easier to have more of the same parts so each item could be left built making it easier for my little girl to switch the carry seat from one to another.'

4/5  Doody 'Really pleased with pram and accessories that change into seat and high chair - got it on special offer which was even better ! However would be much improved if extra set of screws were included so didnt have to using same ones when changing pram to swing and high chair etc. Am sure my little granddaughter will love it !!'

5/5  Naunton247 'I bought this for our granddaughters xmas present. It has great features and our 18 month granddaughter will love it.'

1/5  Kjoh 'As title says the wrong parts were in the box, returned item.'

5/5  Pippa 'This is a lovely little pram for a toddler. I am sure it will provide lots of play as you can convert it into a carry cradle, high chair or cradle swing. It's also just the right height for toddlers. My grand-daughter plays with it frequently for carrying her 'baby' around! She loves it!'

5/5  Patrick 'Nice item really pleased with it.'

4/5  Jak 'Bought for my 18 mth old grand daughter & she loves it. It was easy to put together, we have only set up the pram so far.'

4/5  Versatile and ideally suited for a toddler. It would be nice to have a bag to stow the parts not being used when in either the pram or swing mode as this would help keep pieces together. 'Three toys in one Great for toddlers first pram'

4/5  Brought for Christmas for a 17 month old and way to many prices pram it's self is lovely and is used daily as she loves it and the size and weight of it is good but then all the rest of the set is in the attic 'ALAN'

2/5  Very good value for the money and my 1 year old Grandaughter loves it 'Tracey'

5/5  Bought this for y 17mth granddaughter - she loves it, especially as a swing, putting her favourite bunny in there and going Ready, Steady, Go an swinging it just like we do with her. Good value for money. 'Jacky'

5/5  My niece loves the pushchair. She spent the whole of Easter pushing 'all and anything that fitted in it 'around. The only down side was it took a while to change from one thing to the other. 'BW'

5/5  Not bad for the money although once its set up as a pram its a bit fiddly to swap back to the high chair etc so it tends to get left as a pram. Did have to remove the hood as grandaughter got too frustrated getting the doll in and out in a small space, she is almost 2 'Jen'

3/5  It is good and like the fact it has different functions. it's straightforward to build only complaint is to change to another function adult must do this and it's a little confusing. rather than being able to leave the stand up for swing and high chair you need to use the same screw bits for the handle of pram so means you screwing and unscrewing 'Mamar'

3/5  My daughter uses this just as the buggy,because to turn it into anything else like the high chair,you have to take it all apart and rebuild it which took me forever.apart from that its good i mean she has climbed in it jumped in it and it hasn't broken so very strong too. 'Blether'

3/5  Had to put it together. Not very solid. Won't last long. Takes a while to turn into different things and could only be done by an adult. Good for the price I suppose. 'Sophie'

2/5  Excellent value for money and ideal for this age range 'PinkViolet'

5/5  I bought this for my daughter's 5th birthday but it is far too small for her. Whilst she absolutely loved it, her back was bent over when holding the handles and that's not good! Great product but definitely for 2 or 3 year olds only. No problem exchanging it though for something more suitable. 'Trees'

1/5  This looks a lovely little 4 in 1 pram set but its so fiddly because you have to keep the extra parts safe so not to lose them as you need them to change from the pram to the swing etc, which is a hassle because you cant just change it from the pram to the highchair etc as you have to unscrew things and take things off and then add things a bit awkward not sure I would have brought this 4 in 1 pram set if I had knew this. 'Viv123'

3/5  Thought this was gonna be a good sturdy pram for my younger daughter to use so she could be more like her big sister only it keeps tipping when she puts her weight on it. So is now fixed as swing until she gets much bigger. Also make sure you've got time to put it together as it comes in hundreds of peices you really have to build it from scratch. 'Shelly'

3/5  0 'Kay'

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