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Chad Valley 104 Piece Play Food Set

About the Chad Valley 104 Piece Play Food Set

The Chad Valley 104 Piece Play Food Set includes all you essentials for role-play picnics, supper parties or to use with in make believe kitchens. Little ones play and learn by distinguishing the what all the goodies are and their colours.

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Chad Valley 104 Piece Play Food Set Reviews

5/5   'Play food it's great your children play with a play kitchen or shops. So good value for all.'

5/5  Same 'It’s good for kids the price is good'

5/5  Durhamrose 'Bought for our grandson and he loves it! As expected, would recommend'

5/5  Maureen 'My Grandson has had hours of fun and the fact you can cut bananas in half he loves'

5/5  Sammy1205 'My 3 year old absolutely loves this food set! She spends a lot of time pretending to cook meals with it!'

4/5  Soph 'Something so small can boost imaginative play price was cheap as nails and had the kids occupied for hours to my surprise,'

5/5  Mumfife 'This play set is brilliant. Bought it to go with a kitchen for my granddaughter for Christmas. I’m sure she’ll love it - I do!!!'

5/5  Yve 'Quick delivery. my daughter loves to play with them.'

5/5  Rosie108 'Fabulous set of foods that are really fun to play with, and at a great price. My daughter removes to.pretend to cut the foods! Good simple packaging and delivered on time.'

4/5  Debs 'My son loves making food with his play food'

5/5  Neena 'I loved how detailed the items where really made play time more fun as my niece and nephew loved playing with them.'

5/5  Gilly 'This was a joint present from myself and my mum for my great-niece for her birthday.'

5/5  Laura 'Excellent value for money. Plenty of different foods to play with. My kids love playing restaurant, taking our orders and serving us the food.'

5/5  Fletch 'A great variety of food items for my granddaughter to play shopping, she's having many hours of fum'

5/5  Caz 'Entertained the grandchildren for hours great value'

4/5  Kez 'My son really enjoys playing with the plastic food and cardboard boxed food. However the cardboard food boxes lasted all of 5 minutes at most, as he destroyed them as they are easily ripped. There are lots of different food to play with and they are coloured and made well. You get what you pay for, if you want something durable and not easily destroyed do not buy this as even the plastic ones can be chewed by a toddler.'

5/5  Emma 'Excellent value products ,daughter really pleased'

5/5  Sarahk 'I love this item it is so cute and you get loads in it. I love how the items look just like mini versions of real items you can buy in Sainsbury’s'

5/5  Rachel86 'Really good value item, lots of pieces to choose from. My niece loves playing with this.'

5/5  Tracy 'My kids have had lots of fun with this set they play shops ones the shopkeeper and the other one does the shopping plenty of items to choose from'

5/5  Solomon 'I wasn't actually expecting so much different "food items". But was very surprised with the amount received. It's just a shame things like the burger doesn't clip together in some way but your child can still be creative.'

4/5  CPPNG 'Kids have had great fun with them and pretty inexpensive. Wife was annoyed I'd bought them more plastic though'

5/5  Lixsha 'My daughter loves these so much. Definitely recommend.'

5/5  AshliJade 'When giving this to my cousin her little face lit up shes so happy she has these to go with her kitchen'

5/5  Moosey 'Loads of little products, kids very happy'

3/5  Lollyp 'Too many cardboard food pieces which can easily be broken and damaged would prefer all plastic food item that can be played with. The plastic pieces of food are very good'

5/5  Leigh 'This is amazing for the price! It has a great variety of stuff, and the best part the chocolate fits in the boxes ha! Definitely recommended'

5/5  TC 'Excellent set for imaginative children. My daughter loves hers. Good selection and good quality'

5/5  Lauren201818 'Be prepared to spend the majority of your days picking up bits of pretend tomatoes! Happy with purchase and so is my daughter. Didn’t bother putting the cardboard good packages together as I knew they wouldn’t last long but all the other bits are good fun to play with'

5/5  Em 'My daughter brought this to go with her pretend shop and loves it has plenty of different foods'

5/5  Julie62 'My 2 year old grandson loves playing shops with this great selection of toy food and it keeps him happy for hours ! Great value.'

5/5  Mother4 'Lots of paly food great for hours of fun playing Cafe and shops my kids love it ages 1-9'

5/5  Loz 'Son loves playing with it and has also helped him learn loads of new foods'

5/5  Starlight 'My little one loves pretend food. Great value for money 120 pieces. Hours of fun for our family and my little one playing shop.'

5/5  Denise 'They are a bit cheap looking wouldn’t recommend them'

3/5  Mog 'The best thing about this product is that the kids really enjoy playing with it'

5/5  Welliekins 'We love the kiddies foods. The kids are entertained for hours with this! Thank you for the peace and quiet haha.'

5/5  Dean 'I got my Daughter this to go with her cash register and peppa pig kitchen and she loves playing with it shes two'

5/5  BirdyJ 'Brought for play kitchen. Great value and variety of play foods.'

5/5  Kaz 'My granddaughter loves them'

5/5  Olivia 'I love this set, plastic toys so my daughter can chew & play - very happy customer'

5/5  Dorin90 'My daughter enjoy playing with this set. It has a large variety of items and she loves to play with it.'

5/5  Mariyaborislav 'Perfect condition and model'

5/5  Mamma 'My two infants love playing with all the play food. There’s lots of choice foods in the set. I recommend buying some pots and pans to go with as they play all day with there’s. The cardboard pieces like the little cereal boxes I’ve put away until their older as my 16 month old was chewing them and trying to eat all the soggy cardboard. All the other pieces are fine for any age.'

4/5  Mircea 'Looks very good and very realistic'

5/5  Carla 'I bought two of these boxes for our Reception classrooms and the children love them! Different items, they love the little cardboard boxes.'

5/5  Mummiekinsdiana 'Great range of food soo much to choose from grandchildren were talking about everything from pretend restaurants to what would you eat next time .only down side is the cardboard boxes would be nice if they were stronger as they crush easily apart from that great play food.'

4/5  Happyhen 'My nearly 2 year old loves the plastic food that comes with the set. She has spent hours cooking me (and the dog) weird and wonderful combinations. However, some of the boxes are made of cardboard, I love that they are realistic and branded with Sainsburys, but they have squashed very quickly and torn.'

4/5  Dave 'These play foods have made a three-year-old, very happy.'

5/5  JJ 'Lovely selection of food for my grandson to play with alongside his shopping trolley.'

4/5  Jade 'My little sister was overjoyed when shes opened this for her birthday! There was so much that its filled her play kitchen!'

5/5  Louise 'This is a lovely set with a bit of everything fantastic for my daughter.'

5/5  Malwina 'My daughters loves it and I like play with them in their toy kitchen - never ending fun !'

5/5  MightyMum2017 'Great for going to the pretend shops, filling up little kitchens, having tea parties with little ones favourite teddies and dolls & teaching them different foods'

5/5  Akhilesh 'Great value for the money I have paid for it'

5/5  Nana 'This is a fantastic buy for children's creative & development. There's such a wide range of food, with many doubles, to enjoy the fun of shopping & cooking. The products look very authentic & the box sets are great fun.'

5/5  Peebles123 'I bought this for my grandsons birthday along with the chad valley kitchen and he loved it ive never eaten so much plastic food!! He really enjoyed poinging out all the different foods there were. And its a good varity and lots of fun.'

5/5  Jesskelly321 'Lots and lots of different food types to play with. Great Price'

5/5  Fynn 'You get good quality and quantity of pretend food and condiments. My son loves to share his food with me'

5/5  Csowt17 'Excellent playfood with great attention to detail. My little girls loves cooking with her food.'

5/5  Rahman 'Its worth the money.'

5/5  LM2016 'Fantastic value for money, brought for my 3 year old to use with his kitchen. Lots of hours spent playing with the food and making dinner!'

5/5  Ch 'Good quality product'

5/5  Spammy 'I bought this for my grandson to go with his play kitchen. Great selection of play food, well made and well worth the price'

5/5  Panda 'Loads of food only downside is the amount of boxes would be better if there werent so many boxes of cereal and chocolate. Other than that the fooda good not very much healthy selections though.'

4/5  Karen 'Excellent play food set, lots of variety and plastic items are robust enough to withstand rough treatment by a toddler. Only fragile items are the food boxes, with come flat and need an adult to fold and tuck in flaps to form a 3D shape. Many of these have been flattened by our little darling.'

5/5  Lath 'Perfect box of toy food. the box makes it look a lot smaller than whats inside. Kids have a great time playing with all the food and condiments.'

5/5  Gosia 'Is perfect for kids.'

5/5  Nink 'My kids love playing with this'

5/5  Anne 'The grandson and his friends have had so much fun with this Just a shame that the boxes wasnt made of stronger cardboard'

4/5  Lin 'At such great value- you can’t go wrong with this. It’s got everything you need for the children to play endlessly; from shopping at the market to cooking dinner in the kitchen; and finally serving a range of healthy foods at the dinner table. Keeps children busy and happy. It also develops their communication skills; I try giving them a recipe to follow and healthy eating information which develops their learning as well as keeps them entertained. The ingredients will most likely be in this set'

5/5  Loulou 'Lots of products and every food you could think of'

4/5  Roo 'My husband bought this for our daughters kitchen and she absolutely loves them. Such a great way for little ones to learn all the diffeent fruits and vegetables as well as all the other groceries u would buy such as milk, orange juice, cornflakes etc :)'

5/5  Magelec 'This is a really good product Our grandchildren love playing shops with it.'

4/5  Morag1 'Fantastic amount of play food. Good quality. Children love playing shops and pretending to cook.'

5/5  Mattieboy 'Great none electric fun.'

4/5  Foggy 'My child plays with this constantly and keeps her busy for hours on end'

5/5  Sw 'Brilliant food set huge variety my son loved this!'

5/5  Megs 'My 18 month old toddler loves them plus it helps him learn about food too'

5/5  Minx 'Good for little ones to play cooking and tea, party's. A lot there and good value.'

5/5  Samdd 'Sure she will have hours of fun'

5/5  Dubbah1 'Really good value for money and excellent quality'

4/5  RK 'My daughter loves it keeps her busy constantly playing cooking games with these perfect food toys'

4/5  Bl 'Good price on a deal , which is even better ! Durable with plenty of range'

5/5  Catsam 'My 8 month old loves it. She chose the strawberry as her favourite and finds it straight away when I pour them out. When we give her a real strawberry she seems to familiarise it with the fake fruit. I always thought I'd just buy wooden play food but this is amazing for plastic. Will last her years too for when she plays cafés and shops. You have to make up the boxes too but you get quite a bit so you don't have to use them all at once and can save them for when the other boxes get overused'

5/5  Sap 'This is very good product with so many things. Argos keep it up with this kind of products which helps child to learn & grow.'

5/5  Cece 'Perfect mixed selection for hours of fun and role playing!'

5/5  Claire 'Really good value for money thought it would be cheap but quite good quality my son has hrs of play time with this set'

5/5  Ami 'Great plastic food brilliant items and lots of them perfect'

5/5  Chloe 'I bought to sets of these as my little boy recently got a kitchen bought of his nan I thought you wouldn’t get much but you get loads of food you also get box’s of food I would recommend great value of money'

5/5  Leah 'Pop up shop with these will keep any child happy for hours. My daughter loves making my “din dins” for mumma, would recommened'

5/5  Shan 'I bought my son the 120 piece food set and he absolutely loves it! It’s teaching him different foods and he’s playing a lot more with them and wants us to engage as well'

5/5  Naaannniii 'Grandkids love doing shopping. I scatter the items around the kitchen and lounge, and they take their little shopping trolley and do shopping for me. Spend hours doing that, only thing is I get tired of asking them to do shopping for me :) but the grandkids love it. Most of the tins look real.'

5/5  Dot 'Some of the chad valley products having been great but this is super value for money! You get a box full of plastic foods, easily identifyable for my boy, an excellent addition to his little kitchen.'

5/5  Leonna10 'Little boy loves this food. It goes great with his kitchen. Great price. Hours of entertainment'

5/5  Midget 'So many different foods, fresh, tinned, packets, an amazing array to stimulate your child for cooking or shopping an excellent buy'

5/5  Tel 'Grandchildren delighted with this product and play with it a lot.'

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