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Chad Valley Wobbly Worms GameChad Valley Wobbly Worms Game

About the Chad Valley Wobbly Worms Game

A creative remix on a tower balancing game, the Chad Valley Wobbly Worms Game is bundles of fun. Wooden blocks are far too dull for kids, that's why they've been replaced with vibrant colourful, silly worms instead! Take your turn using dice then move a block of colour corresponding to your roll up to the peak of the tower. Careful now, you don't want the worms to tumble and go to ground!

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Chad Valley Wobbly Worms Game Reviews

5/5   'Bourght this for my neices and nephews, aging 2-7, perfect for all of them. The youngest loves helping to build it up and seeing come crashing down. The older two actually manage to take turns without fighting with the help of the dice, telling them who turn and what colour to remove. Nice sturdy plastic, while still light enough not to hurt when it falls down on little hands.'

5/5  Lmc 'Bright colorful and my 3 yr old enjoys playing. highly recommend as all the family can play it too. great price.'

3/5  Kylie 'Kids did not really enjoys this game for long.'

5/5  Rose 'Me and my boys (aged 4 & 10) love playing this game. Lots of fun'

5/5  Bertie 'Great item for the younger members of the family'

4/5  RedReviewer 'This is a good alternative to “ Jenga “ for younger players....also great for older indecisive players with the added bonus of bright colours and funny faces. Roll the dice to determine which colour block to remove...blocks are light, plastic and are easy to manoeuvre.'

5/5  Nannie 'My Grandson really loves this, it is very colour. Worth the money.'

5/5  Carro 'Was a load of fun for 3 generations over christmas. Well worth the money!'

5/5  Sim 'It’s a great family game. My daughter is 4 and she understand what she needed to do to play the game. Can play for some time. Great for learning colors. I'

4/5  HeWo 'Great intro to other similar game for adults. Love the bright colours.'

3/5  Jax 'Easy bright game and chunky pieces which are easy for little fingers. It just feels cheap. Can get wooden chunky games like this which in hindsight would be better.'

5/5  Got 'Bought for my 3year old granddaughter ,she loves it and its a good family game ,very well made.'

1/5  Bella 'Bought these and took back.Rubbish quality.Better to but the wooden jenga as it's easier for lil handsxx'

5/5  BJ 'Great product easy to play and good instructions good value for money . A well made product'

5/5  Heather 'My grandson has the plain wooden version of this game and played for hours just building a tower or bridge etc but with this the6 actually play the game. It is very easy to understand, the dice is a good size. Well made and very colourful'

4/5  Charlie 'Lovely children's version of Jenga, bright colourful pieces that make it easy to use especially for little fingers. Nephew enjoyed it over Christmas.'

4/5  Watsonflavour 'Fab very happy with this gift, all presents were put aside to play this game on Christmas Day'

5/5  Bazz 'Easy to play great fun for young children. Colourful pieces are very appealing.'

3/5  Jayde 'A good version of Jenga for small kids. The instructions to the game are easy, but with toddlers they just make up their own rules anyway! I have issues with that the 'worms' don't sit flush because of the curved sides and can easily slip out from each other because of the cheap plastic. It's quite hard to take out the pieces without toppling over the whole tower. A cheaper alternative to buying Jenga.'

5/5  MW 'Easy to play for families with young kids.'

5/5  Neil 'This is a complete haven't a clue as bought for my grandkids as another Christmas present so maybe rubbish?'

5/5  Karen 'Lovely for little hands to build towers.'

5/5  Thomo11 'Great for little fingers'

5/5  Worlass 'Bought for Grandsons Birthday , he loved it . Has many hours of fun shared with his Brother'

5/5  Kinga 'Great fun for all family, strong well made product'

5/5  Briggadoo 'Great value and very appealing. The little boy I bought it for absolutely loves it. The blocks are easily wiped clean also- a plus since we all know how grimy little hands can get!'

5/5  Michaelsmammy 'Bought as a gift. Lovely family game perfect for little hands'

5/5  Jean 'Bought for granddaughter and she has enjoyed playing with it, good value, very colourful.'

4/5  Becky 'Brilliant little game for younger ones, brought it for my 2 year old and she enjoys stacking them just as much as the actual game.'

5/5  Linzm 'All the family can play this, bought for 3 year old.'

5/5  Tasha 'Brilliant game like jenga but make funnier for the kids being worms with crazy faces Ideal for wet weather days and for all ages'

5/5  Ekkk 'Lovely game and great value. The colourful blocks with faces on make it appealing for younger ones'

3/5  Zigzagzo 'My son loves it! Although it's quite loud when it falls if not on carpet.'

5/5  Star83 'Brought this to play with my 2 1/2 yr old. Funny and easy.'

5/5  GRANDAD 'Brings hour's of fun for the boy's and me'

4/5  Lloyd 'Makes usual jenga seem easy as you must remove the coulur rolled on the dice, not always your first choice!!!!'

5/5  Chris 'Its a mini jenga game,perfect for family.Grandsons enjoy playing this game'

5/5  DeeMcG 'My 3yr old loves the wobbly worms and building towers with them and plays with this pretty much every day. Would recommend.'

3/5  Cevs 'Good toy for the price'

5/5  Sharlo 'I bought these for my sons birthday and he loves them. A really good game for younger children to play.'

5/5  Mich 'My little boy loves playing this game'

5/5  Starlight85 'My 4 year old loves this game. Nice bright colours and fun design.'

4/5  Chelsea 'Its good enough but difficult to get the tower to stand sometimes because the blocks are funny shapes. Kids enjoy it though and the faces on the bricks make it more fun for them'

4/5  Stevo 'Simple toy but my 3 year old loves it.'

5/5  Becki 'Brought for my 4 year old son, 1st game he’s actually really got into and the faces on it makes it more fun for him. Highly recommend'

5/5  MQ140 'This was purchased as a present and was much liked by the child who received it Provides a lot of fun.'

2/5  Nish 'It looks very shiny, but quality is not as per my expectations. It is mentioned to be fall frequently, and just after few time, it start looking crancky.'

5/5  Sharon 'My Great Nephew absolutly loved this. Not only as its intended use but many others. Trains, cars, monsters to name a few. Strong, safe and colourful.'

2/5  Sil 'As it is made of plastic it is very slippery and as soon as you take one out the rest fall....'

5/5  TCR 'Great little game of coloured blocks easy rules and to play from young to old, also great sale price. my grandson now knows the colours from the dice and how to match it to the blocks and is really enjoying this game at aged 3.'

2/5  Dad 'Falls over to quickly. Only remove one or two blocks. Not good .'

4/5  Karynding 'This is lots of fun for everyone'

5/5  Marybee 'Grandchildren love this game, build it up and then see if you make it collapse...lots of laughs.'

4/5  Glg 'Yep son loves it would recommend'

5/5  Siobhan 'Great game for developing fine motor skills. Kids loved it hours of fun.'

5/5  Helen 'Good game, lots of fun and very colourful'

5/5  Customer69 'A colourful and fun version of Jenga for kids. I introduce my toddler to it and he loves it.'

5/5  Pindypindy 'All dos and no donuts great fun'

5/5  Dave 'Who doesn't love Jenga.... An exciting fun game that can be played by all ages.'

5/5  Aj0238 'Present for my grandson great game'

5/5  Rh1994 '3 year old really enjoyed playing this game.'

5/5  Magi1955 'My granddaughter has great fun beating granny at this game.'

5/5  Sam 'Great game for young ones to play with family'

4/5  Sus 'Great product , if parts get thrown it will not be like wood ouch , good price and strong colours and facial expressions.'

5/5  Lisaree 'Very good fun solid pieces excellent value for money'

5/5  GillyBilly 'Great game, good value when bought as a group offer'

1/5  AR 'Bought as post-dinner entertainment for the kids at Christmas, the tower consistently fell on the 2nd go, leaving everyone frustrated. The 'worms' have convex sides and do not stack closely. We got the old Jenga out of the cupboard and played that instead.'

5/5  Nicoleta 'Perfect for a familly game to have fun. We love to see our little girl smiling and this is perfect as she have so much fun with us playing'

5/5  CW 'Ideal for all ages, great fun!'

4/5  Motherofthree 'Like jenga but plastic and I’m less worried about it being chewed'

5/5  Roni 'Have got this for my daughter for Christmas as she loves her game so I don't know how good it is but I imagine she will love it'

5/5  Kelly 'Kids love it good game for all the family'

5/5  Topcat 'If you love a family game night then this is ideal for you'

4/5  Granpa 'Good little game/toy for a stocking filler'

5/5  Chapman 'Fun for all ages 3 - 40'

4/5  Lena 'Great fun my 4 year old loves it. A bit rubbish quality one of the worms broke a little after first use'

4/5  Games 'Fun for all ages deffo recommend'

5/5  Cherish 'Helps teach colours, counting, fine motor skills and taking turns. Great fun for all the family'

5/5  Grumpy 'Lovely and colourful'

5/5  Badru 'Nice toy, kid was very keen to play again and again.. more time spend. yes, would say get one!'

5/5  Dollylegs 'This game ideal for my little one. Not to hard for young ones to work out.'

5/5  Stace 'Great fun for the kids with bright colours and funny faces that they thought were hilarious as they fell'

4/5  Clemmy 'Fun jenga style game, colourful with fun faces appealing to the little ones. Noticed the plastic is not so resistant as a couple of pieces have cracks already after a couple of weeks of use. But overall good value for money.'

4/5  Soph 'Fun for hours with my 2 children'

4/5  Mary 'A nice quick game for small hands good quality'

4/5  Mazie 'Looks to be an exciting game purchased ready for Christmas because of the price'

5/5  RC91 'The blocks are a great size for little hands. Ideal game for family fun night, fun for all ages. My husband and I have even had a few games when the kids were in bed. Would recommend.'

5/5  Moira 'Bought this for my granddaughter Christmas am sure she will love it.'

5/5  JollyJojo 'Really like this I would recommend it to anyone'

4/5  Zuzana 'It’s a good family game'

5/5  Susan 'Great fun and easy to play.'

5/5  Sarah 'Once you've worked out how the blocks fit together this game is really good. The blocks are made of plastic with weird faces at one end these have to be facing the same direction for the tower to be sturdy enough to play properly. Colours are vibrant a great game for teaching coordination and sharing.'

4/5  Nattyw1985 'Who doesn't love colourful jenga? We don't currently play it as it is meant to be played as my son is only 18months but he loves building towers with the bricks.'

4/5  Zah 'My 3 year old loves this game laughs every time he’s playing it'

4/5  Shez15 'Providing lots of fun for my 5 year old twin granddaughters.'

5/5  Med 'My four year old little girl loves this game, especially the faces.... Good family fun'


5/5  Colleen 'Absolutely brilliant for infants who can learn how to play very quickly because of the colours and dice combination. Will be suggesting to use in the nursery.'

4/5  Roxy 'Loads of fun great game'

5/5  Meenatchi 'Value for money.very nice toy.great value .'

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