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Chad Valley Who's at the Zoo

About the Chad Valley Who's at the Zoo

Ask insightful yes/no questions to uncover your oppositions mystery animal with the Chad Valley Who's at the Zoo? game. Put your thinking cap on and make the most of the included animal field guide to help with questions and answers, with each question you ask rule animals out with this enjoyable game. A great way to develop strategic thinking and educate kids about various different animals and their descriptions, these vibrantly hued original characters provide fun for all the family. The handy case folds flat to become playing board and when play times over and it's time to tidy up stores all cards.

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Chad Valley Who's at the Zoo Reviews

3/5   'Although colourful the design isn’t great and it’s difficult for kids as they have to lift each one up as it flips then in when you fold it out'

4/5  Nelentinka 'Nice game. Brought it as a present for Christmas and my 5 years old niece just loved it.'

3/5  Sj78 'This is not as good as the original guess who. My five year old found it not as easy.'

5/5  Rich 'Great fun game to play with the kids at a great price'

5/5  Cox152 'My 4 year old grandson loves animals and enjoys this game. It’s fun and it’s educational, since you have to use some logic.'

5/5  Riannat 'Very good starter game for young kids just learning , simple animals to guess , and easy to carry around so can take anywhere with them. My son loves it.'

5/5  Ray 'I really liked the design of this game, however you have to slot the animal cards in. Also would have liked question cards instead of just on a piece of paper. Overall my nephew enjoyed this game during the Christmas break.'

5/5  KC 'Great game. Easy to set up and easy to play. Can change difficulty of questions to add extra challenge! Has been played with many times already and a nice alternative to the people version.'

5/5  Vicky 'My 3 year old LOVES this game. As he can't read yet but knows his animals it's perfect as he can still play the way it should be played. He got it for Xmas and nearly 2 weeks later still wants to play it every day.'

5/5  Chez 'Really like this, the board is attached so can't lose prices, it's lovely and colourful and a great twist on guess who it's lots of fun and my daughter loves it! It is a little flimsy and had one piece has come off already but my daughter has just been opening and closing them all. A great toy. Would recommend'

5/5  Nicola 'My kids liked this game lots of fun'

4/5  Amber 'I bought this for my friends 4 year old for Christmas, it’s very cute and I love the idea, but the animals are on a bit of cardboard which you have to put into the windows yourself. And some were a tight squeeze, I just feel my friends daughter may loose these as she kept trying to change them around'

4/5  Scandal 'A good way for young children to learn how to describe animals.'

5/5  Thomo11 'A lot of fun can get competitive'

5/5  Choochoo 'My little one loves this and nice game to play together highly recommend'

5/5  Sborrett 'Great for younger kids.'

3/5  Numptynimo 'It's cheap so we gave it a go. But all the cards fell out and most got lost in the first few games. Shame it's not made better so the picture cards stay in place and don't fall out all over when trying to put the game away, shame'

5/5  ToniRad 'Lovely game for my toodler'

5/5  GrannySnuggs 'I was very pleasantly surprised by the 'Who's at the Zoo' game. It got the grandkids (aged 3 & 5) thinking about how to ask closed questions and which questions would actually give useful info. Bit of a faff to set up first time but much better value for money than 'Guess who?' and makes use of knowledge of animals, what they eat etc. Highly recommended.'

5/5  Grandad 'Stimulating for kids.Colourful and interesting to play.'

4/5  Josie 'Grandkids loved it, bit flimsy'

4/5  Brent 'It’s good for 6 to 10 's Only value for money on offer'

3/5  JustMe 'It’s ok but the cards keep falling out of the slots. Kept my kids entertained for 5 minutes until they got annoyed with the cards falling out. I’ve now bought guess who which is a winner'

3/5  TC 'Great game for kids around age 3-5 The quality of the plastic is flimsy, the first time out the box and one of the flaps has snapped as soon as we started playing. The flap has snapped through. Will be returning to store for an exchange as my son loved the game.'

5/5  NoraP 'Since we bought the game over 2 weeks ago the kids haven;t stopped playing it. They absolutely love it and learn new things about the animals all the time. Although as an adult I got very quickly bored, my 6 and 2 year old are having amazing time playing it.'

2/5  Deebie 'Such a shame this well loved game has been manufactured with thin cardboard animals, which fall out of the slots every time it is open and closed. Won't last 5 minutes with children. Wouldn't recommend.'

1/5  Rosie 'Not happy at all with this product. It had one of the plastic card holders missing and it is very flimsy. I haven't taken it back to store because I haven't had time yet.'

2/5  Stressed 'This thing is very annoying! It’s very cheaply made and flimsy. I find it’s more difficult to play as you need the info sheet with what animals do what instead of doing it by sight as with guess who. My son who is 7 1/2 just can’t get it. Yet he’s played guess who hundreds of times. It’s really hard work!'

5/5  Supergran 'Great game for 3-4yr olds... Learning to match things and learning animal names. Easy to play. Very effective.'

5/5  Misscookie 'Absolute fab for money my kids play for about hour every night on it. Good for money'

1/5  LJ 'Bought for my neice’s birthday and was very disappointed with the product. The first time we played the game one of the plastic card holders snapped. The plastic is clearly cheap and very thin and the playing cards are so thin they are not going to last long either. This game is meant to be for children so you would expect it to be a lot more robust then it is. Will not buy again and do not recommend anyone purchasing.'

5/5  KwK 'Bought this for a friend's wee one as we got one at Christmas and loved it. Lots of laughter !'

5/5  SAT 'Bought as a gift for a child younger than recommended, to play with her parents. Enjoyed play various games of 'recognise the animal’ etc. Lots of possibilities.'

4/5  Lorraine 'Kids enjoyed game, some assembly involved so adult supervision to begin with'

3/5  Sarik 'This is similar to 'Guess who’ but with animals instead so great variation for kids. The boards don’t feel as sturdy as the original game and the cardboard animal pictures keep falling out of the slots when the board is folded up as they aren’t secured well in place. Cheap and cheerful board game really. Overall my 6 year old niece enjoyed it on Xmas day so giving it a 3*. I would only buy again or recommend if I knew I didn’t need it to last long.'

4/5  AmyH88 'The kids love this game, bit flimsy'

5/5  Jim 'Fun game for my Grandaughter who played it for hours'

5/5  Nikki 'Not opened it yet,should be lots of fun to play with.'

2/5  Peach 'Poor quality the cards constantly fall out great idea but fixed pictures would have been better'

5/5  Tracyc 'Another good game well played on xmas day'

2/5  Sue 'Badly made products, cards cut out wrong and fall out easy'

5/5  Jules 'Easy to play when you're 5'

1/5  Bijo 'Not worth it,wast of money'

5/5  Clm 'This is a take on the guess who game and great for any kids that like playing that'

1/5  RobBeta 'Cards need popping out - don’t rip them! - and slotting into their place holders. It’s undetachable briefcase design means you sit close to your opponent. The holders fall down too easy and trying to set them upright is a nightmare especially when you’re trying to teach a little one how to play it and stop the cards falling out of their holders. Just awful design all round. Probably fine if you break the middle section apart and superglue the cards in. Or buy Guess Who.'

5/5  Chris 'This was a great Christmas present. I have a 3 year old daughter who loves it. A bit complicated to set up so set aside a few minutes to do so'

2/5  Lfc123 'Cheap plastic breaks easily.'

2/5  Ams 'Very poor quality. The cards are tiny, difficult to see and flimsy so very easy to fold or rip. The two sides of the game are joined together so you can close the game up but the flaps with the cards in are on the outside when you do this so they constantly fall open and the cards fall out. The game itself is ok - like Guess Who? but with animals. Surprisingly difficult to think of questions to ask but there is a helpful prompt sheet included (in really tiny writing). Disappointing overall.'

4/5  HazzaB 'Fun game given as a Christmas gift to a 4 year old'

5/5  Nai 'Both my nieces loved this, good for communication and language skills and child development.and also so much fun'

5/5  Kim 'Guess who with animals good for younger children'

2/5  Saphera 'U get little bits of card that fall out easily and get lost not happy with this'

3/5  Boonana 'Build quality was okay, as in no flashing and it all functioned. However the thinness of the plastic parts compared to say the original Guess Who, makes me doubt it'd last long versus 5yos. The card stock used for the animals is also super thin. They could have made the red backed animals (the ones not in the flip up bits) a nice 500gsm, instead it's all approx 120-160gsm, and there's no duplicates.'

4/5  B2B 'Ideal to play for all ages. Animal and feature recognition. Fun to play.'

4/5  Yo 'A fun take on who's who. Great for animal living kids'

5/5  CW 'Perfect Christmas gift, fun + learning'

5/5  Jake 'Great deals and great game for the kids'

5/5  Cgalbraith 'Bought normal guess who before and kids struggled but with this they enjoy playing as they can actually play without getting confused'

5/5  EMi 'My eldest loves playing the people version of this game so bought this to play together with his younger brother. Easy to play and fun for all ages'

4/5  Mincey 'My son loves guess who so this was an easy buy. hr loves it'

4/5  Gran 'Good value for money and hours of fun'

5/5  Weeone 'Excellent game for my kids Christmas'

4/5  Andy1984 'Still an good fun game with a twist. My 3yr old loves it.'

5/5  Tiffany 'This was bought on the 2 for fifteen pounds offer as a Christmas gift but I know what a great game this is and know my Grandchildren will have hours of fun with this game.'

3/5  Lauraworcestershire 'Great idea but not child friendly. It’s flimsy and the animal cards keep falling out of the holder.'

5/5  Jhansi 'I presented to my friend's 5 year old kid. Definitely a good educative toy. The kid loved it. Would recommend this toy even for 3 year old kids as it's familiarizing them with animals and their names.'

5/5  Grummy 'Quick service always helpful staff'

4/5  Tub 'Nice easy assembly. Kids enjoyed playing it.'

5/5  Uni 'We got the game as a little surprise for family night and the kids love it!! All around great success.'

5/5  Mj 'It was bought for my nephew and he loves to play the game with his little sister'

1/5  Rachael 'The cards tear and the plastic is very fragile. Wate of money. Would be much better if the cards were stickers.'

3/5  Su 'Easy to assemble and playing was fun'

4/5  Charlotte 'It help the child learn the names of the names and what noise they make'

4/5  Adams 'Nice gift for my nephew'

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