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Chad Valley Shaky Shark

About the Chad Valley Shaky Shark

A family fun enjoyable game, put your reflexes and fishing skills to the test against the Chad Valley Shaky Shark! This hungry shark shakes and wobbles as you try to fish out the pieces from his mouth - watch out as he's a biter! You'll need to move swiftly: the timer counts down the minutes until the shark will chomp down on your fishing rod! Who will manage to get the most pieces out from shark's mouth? Includes one (1) wobbling shark base, four (4) fishing poles, twenty (2) sea-themed play pieces and instructions.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 8357717
EAN/SKU: 8357717
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Chad Valley Shaky Shark Reviews

5/5   'Brought has a gift for young child who loves it. Great fun and sturdy'

5/5  JARJAR78 'My son loves this whale game and plays this time and time again could be a better design but worth the price'

5/5  Grandpa1 'I bought the Shark Game For the Grandchildren it is well made and takes minutes to get out of the box and start playing, It is a Great game and We enjoy playing it there no complicated rules just hook the items out of the Sharks mouth before it Snaps shut and makes anyone playing Jump, Good Fun'

4/5  Michelle 'Fun for all ages my 4 year old loved it'

5/5  Charlotte 'Really good toy. I play it with my 2 year old without winding the timer as it is a bit too quick. Lots of fun'

5/5  Bexy 'I think this is brillaint, was thinking it might scare my daughter as crocodile dentist does when his jaw snaps but this closes quite slowly and gently and she absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Mich 'Purchased this for my 4 year old daughter while on sale, am really pleased with it. My first stocking filler for Christmas 2019......'

3/5  Frank 'Was ok for a bit fun at xmas. Doesn't seem to work all the time. Decent enough quality for a laugh here and there'

4/5  Jenn 'Fun for little hands great deal in the sale, it gets a bit boring after a while and is a bit flimsy but doesn’t take away from the fun aspect 3 year old loves it'

5/5  Emma 'My boys love this game, they’re obsessed with sharks so this keeps them entertained for a while. Fab game!'

2/5  Katieboozle 'Bought in sale thankfully as it’s not worth the money! You have to put one of the arms on which was quite difficult, set it all up and there was 3 pieces missing. Turned it on to play and it doesn’t shake- it barely moved, the only thing that did work was the jaw closing!'

5/5  Toni 'This is a fun game to play I bought it for my son'

5/5  Angie 'Lovely easy to inderstand game for all the family. Hours of fun.'

5/5  Adam 'Entire family loves this one. Easy to play and awesome value for money.'

5/5  Courts15 'Great simple game for little ones'

5/5  Paige 'Great little game, hours of fun and great price'

3/5  Kate 'Great little game but unfortunately broke within the first day I guess you get what you pay for'

1/5  Andy182 'Shark broke in two after a couple of goes leaving two disappointed children , poor design got our money back'

5/5  Becky 'Great game more for younger children as the game is easy enough to do'

5/5  Heeks 'Christmas present for my busy 4ry old son. This game is so much fun and super easy and straight forward to use. Family fun for everyone of all ages. Highly recommend.'

3/5  Kez 'Simple game to play, sharks mouth can be little difficult to set open, kids enjoy playing and waiting for shark to bite.'

5/5  Jackie 'Best and easiest game played for a while. Ages from 57 to 6 played. A really good family game'

4/5  Buffy1 'Looks good good fun almost like the one i had as a child. only looks friendly.'

4/5  Sarah 'Top of the head snapped off on first use due to not understanding instructions..broke to easy for a kids toy but i didnt pay much so will try to fix it as theyre out of stock now.'

4/5  Nikki 'Fun for all the family, my boys had great fun playing'

5/5  Strzie 'This game was great for my 3 year old, bought in sale, well worth the money'

5/5  Ezznazz 'Whole family loves it'

3/5  Amy 'Brought this toy for a Christmas present, doesn’t shake at all and only moves if you touch it! Timer really stiff so my 4 year old couldn’t even turn it herself. Good idea for a game but badly designed. I wouldn’t recommend.'

1/5  Geegee 'Absolute rubbish had it 10 minutes and it broke head has to be pushed back with a bit of force therefore it snapped off after a couple of games do not buy its a waste of money'

5/5  Michelle 'Very robust and hours of fun was had.'

4/5  Philm42 'Simple clockwork toy that my grandson likes. Good value present.'

5/5  Viv 'Perfectly interactive, multiple player uses, mobile and accessible, Great item.'

5/5  Kpman 'A game for Christmas enjoyed by the whole family. Lots of fun - good value for money.'

5/5  Donna 'Got this for £3 wasn’t expecting much but was well pleased good quality and fun to play'

3/5  Gem 'Cheaper game , ok for children just starting with games'

1/5  Caza 'Bought in the sale and thought it would be similar to a dog game which has the same concept. It isn't. It was very difficult to get it working and it eventually broke so brought it back. Would not recommend.'

4/5  Kris 'Fab game, quick and easy to set up. My kids love playing it'

5/5  EH 'Good toy but web-site said for age 5+ when collected from store box said age 4+'

3/5  Bargainhunter 'Unfortunately our 5yo broke the top part of the shark's head off before we'd even finished the instructions. It does pop back on but is forever falling off now as the plastic with the screw was too brittle to be repaired. On the whole lots of fun though. Played with and enjoyed in spite of its fault.'

5/5  AngelBillMummy 'My 6 year old boy & 7 year old girl have had loads of fun playing this game.'

1/5  Pooh 'Not a very good game broke on first day not suitable for age suggest'

4/5  Kat 'You get what you pay for. I got it when it was reduced. My 3year old loves it and it is fun. Does feel about flimsy though.'

4/5  Eviledna 'Brought as a gift. The family played it and had fun, tgey said it was harder than you think.'

3/5  Jax 'The product looks very good. Its a basic toy...just mechanical timer egg timer basically so no batteries needed. Unfortunatly the hinge of the mouth is a bit flimsy and can snap. The moving parts (mouth and fin) dont move snoothly...need a bit of force which isnt good for kids because they'll just snap it off. Lots of bits though...will keep younger kids entertained for a short while only.'

5/5  Rose 'The wee people in my life (my 5 yr old Niece and 3 ye old Granddaughter) absolutely love this, lots of shreaks and squeels when the sharks jaw clamps down. I highly recommend.'

5/5  Happy2 'Easy to understand instructions and kids had lots of fun playing.'

5/5  Sue 'Good value game for 4 grandkids with an age range from 5 to 11 years that they can all play and have fun.'

4/5  El 'Kids had fun for ten minutes'

5/5  Lester 'We had great fun with this on Christmas Day. The youngest player was five and enjoyed it. Only downside is it's a bit difficult to get the mouth to stay open, we were frightened of breaking the hinge. But we all had a laugh with this game.'

5/5  Su2 'Good all round fun childrens (and adults) game.Playing against the timer was exciting.'

5/5  User 'Very good for the price'

1/5  Tuppence 'It broke first go on Christmas day child very upset'

5/5  Greatbigchicken 'My nephew is 5 and he loved this.'

4/5  Grace 'Great fun with the family such a laugh'

4/5  AWim 'A fun game that can be enjoyed by all the family whatever their age.'

5/5  Asmith 'Gift for my 4 year old fantastic play value we absolutely love this game very well made for clumsily fingers. highly recommend!"'

4/5  Jj 'Good game shark doesn’t snap too hard, the children enjoyed being able to play all at the same time. Pieces not too small.'

5/5  YOLO 'I bought this for my boys 7th birthday he wanted shark bite but as this was half price in the sale I bought this instead and WOW! We’ve had hours of fun playing this game!'

5/5  Amy 'Would definitely recommend this game. Great for fine motor skills in little ones and fun for the older ones. Bought one that broke within an hour with the mouth mechanism but took it back and had it replaced easily and kids are back to having a great time'

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