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Chad Valley Monkey Flip GameChad Valley Monkey Flip Game

About the Chad Valley Monkey Flip Game

Position your monkeys on the catapult, smash them down and watch as you send them flying through the air with the Chad Valley Monkey Flip Game. The aim of the game is to flip all your monkeys into the tree, the first to do so wins. Think you're about to win? Think again! The competition really get interesting when hanging tree monkeys get knocked out of way by incoming flying flipped monkeys. Loads of fun, this Chad Valley game is sure to keep kids well amused for hours.

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Chad Valley Monkey Flip Game Reviews

5/5   'The kids love this and it's great fun'

4/5  AlwaysLate 'It’s a tad cheap and cheerful but it’s taken a good bashing from the three year old and has kept him entertained for a while so I can’t complain. It’s strangely addictive and is one of the few kids games out there that doesn’t leave us both bored in minutes.'

5/5  Kegg 'I used this on a birthday cake for my monkey mad grandson, he loved it, we made up a game that you could only have a piece of cake if you got a monkey on the tree'

5/5  Par82001 'Bought this for my nephew - we’ve already had hours of fun with it - well recommended'

5/5  Lmc 'We had alot of fun playing this game over the xmas holidays and my toddler still plays with it. good fun and great value for money . highly recommend this'

5/5  Tina190 'It is game is very Good fun time with kids.'

4/5  Iman 'My kids had fun with this toy, even me and my husband find it fun. But I find , the monkeys a bit breakable.'

5/5  Sarah 'I bought this for my grandchildren aged 8 and 3, they played for hours.'

5/5  Pan 'Good entertainment for the price paid .'

5/5  Lyn 'Good easy fun game for all ages'

4/5  Lindy12 'This game was bought as a present for a preschool child. It was great fun and can be played with by one or more children.'

5/5  Latr 'Fun game. Value for money. All the family can play it with the younger members of family .'

5/5  Alibali 'Grandson loved playing this game'

5/5  Chel 'Children of all ages will enjoy this,good family fun good value for money...'

5/5  Cellist 'Got the game for my granddaughter. We gave it a little try and had so much fun and laughs. Good for entire family.'

5/5  Guy2234 'Fab game, such fun, keeps everyone amused!'

5/5  Dmack 'Great fun for children & adults together, also if you don't mind scrabbling for flying monkeys from under your furniture.'

5/5  Grace 'Monkey flip is value for money for the hours of fun the children are having. Service was commendable. Confirmed stock on hand with immediate collection. You also confirmed immediately goods had been collected. Thank you for your online shop.'

4/5  Michaelsmammy 'Excellent gift. Bought as a birthday present for a 5yr old girl'

3/5  Aly 'Good game for younger children, can be quite tricky to get the monkeys to attach to the branches on the tree'

4/5  Anand 'Nice product, kids enjoyed'

5/5  Mari 'Great fun for my 4 years old and all family actually'

5/5  Kerry 'Ideal for a wee gift for party. 3 year old loves it'

4/5  Kyliie88 'Kids enjoyed the game, spent a long time playing'

4/5  Babs 'Easy game to play perfect for little ones . monkeys will be catapulting all over the place.'

4/5  Grandma 'Be careful when setting up but good fun and worth it!'

4/5  Libby 'The children couldn't be bothered to put it together as it was fiddly. But otherwise is a good game.'

4/5  Coco 'Fun first game for a three year old. Decent quality.'

4/5  Lyn 'This is a good value, funny game for big and little people.'

4/5  Chels 'Lovely game to play, simple rules however it does come with some assembling - stickers on monkeys a little tricky!'

5/5  Frances 'Great family toy fun for all'

5/5  Rosie 'My son loves this games he loves the race to get all the monkeys on the tree before the other person. Maybe I could do with possibly being a 4 player game instead of just 2.'

1/5  Woo 'Hard for younger children to judge the distance of where to flip from. Difficult to succeed to hand monkeys. I wouldn't recommend thus.'

4/5  Lastman 'The game was a bit fiddly to prepare for playing the first time (lots of stickers to apply to the game pieces) but was an easy and enjoyable game for my 4 year old once assembled.'

5/5  Ash 'I bought this for my little one when they were on a discount. It keeps them busy and helps on their hand eye co-ordination.'

5/5  Ryandrews 'Our daughter loves this so much she's asked us to buy some real monkeys to throw at the trees in our garden!'

5/5  Shelby 'My son who is Autistic loves playing this game with his siblings. He finds it hilarious. Good cheap family fun.'

5/5  Jan 'Great game for all ages even adults gave us lots of fun and laughter over Christmas'

3/5  Joanna 'I was disappointed with this toy, the picture on the box looked great but you were given sticker's to put on the monkey shape so DIY, The tree is made of cheep plastic. No I don't recommend this toy.'

5/5  Kay 'This game came out again and again after it was given as a Christmas present to my nephews (4 and 6 years old). It was also enjoyed by my 8 year old niece and the grown ups had their own competition! It's a one against one game - flip as many monkeys on the tree in a given time, or just give a set number of monkeys to each player and see who is first to flip theirs on. Great fun and just enough skill needed to match the luck of the flip. Bit fiddly setting up but then good to go!'

5/5  Sniggle 'Looks good my 3 year old loves it well worth money'

5/5  Nelly 'Grandson loved it so much'

5/5  Alex 'The product fully met my expectations. Good fun spending time playing with kids'

5/5  Frances70 'This is an easy fun game for my 3 year old grandson.he doesn’t have a long attention span so this is ideal.'

5/5  Sue 'My grandchildren loved playing this over Christmas. They are 2 and 4 and loved practicing getting the monkeys into the tree'

3/5  Scotch12 'Bought for my friend's children for christmas. Looks good. Hope they get lots of enjoyment of it.'

5/5  HB24 'This is a nice easy game. Bought for my 3 year old and he and his brother liked it a lot. Simple game, but quite enjoyable.'

4/5  P77 'My kids loved this, even my 12 year old joined in. Kept them entertained for over an hour.'

5/5  Cruiserman 'Great game for the price our great granddaughter had lots of fun and laughs playing the game.'

3/5  Mala 'A very simple game for 4+ that kept the attention of the children longer than expected'

5/5  GinH 'Bought this for my grandchildren and they love it. Took a while to put all the stickers on but good fun. It was on offer, 2 Chad Valley games for £12 which was an excellent price.'

5/5  Brian 'Fun game and can be played by four at once. Enjoyable and easy to set up.'

5/5  LR 'Easy to pick up from Argos, and a great game for all the family to play, especially entertaining for younger children. It takes a while to stick on the stickers (the monkey faces/coloured t-shirts) onto the plastic monkeys, but otherwise is very quick to assemble. The plastic monkeys and tree also seem very durable considering that they can end up being flicked anywhere!'

5/5  Nicoleta 'My little one loves to win so this is a perfect game for she to win and have soo much fun'

5/5  Ra 'This is for a Christmas present. It looks good and I am happy to give it my grandson.'

5/5  Kirsty 'My daughter loves the game. It's great fun.'

5/5  Cgalbraith 'Brought back many childhood memories kids absolutely love to play'

5/5  Nana '11/8/and 4 year olds thought it was fun to play.......so did the grown ups!!'

5/5  Rhi 'Really good game to pass the time with the family'

5/5  GeekDad10000 'Quickly assembled and instantly fun; this was a family hit right right out the box. The fact that this actually requires a little marksmanship sets it apart from a “Hungry Hippos” button masher, and it’s so satisfying when your simian missile latches onto something without sailing clear over the tree'

5/5  Mag123 'I have bought this previously for my grandson and he loved it so I have now bought it again for a friend. It is a simple game and just fun. it'

5/5  Katie 'Great game for lids my children spend hours playing it'

5/5  Martyn 'Good fun and great value.'

4/5  Fran 'This was a good game for 4 and over could have done with more of the things that sent the monkeys flying. great fun and good that some hang and others lie flat'

5/5  Babsy 'Christmas present for great grandson He has a monkey tree game already which he loves playing He will love his one as well'

5/5  Clemmy 'Great fun for all the family! Simple game where everybody can get involved, my 3y-o and her 7y-o friend loved it.'

5/5  Sarah 'My kids love this game, so I brought it for my friends kid who now loves playing it too!! A great game that kids over 3 can play on there own.'

4/5  Piman 'Bought as a Christmas present for my granddaughters but having checked everything is present and it works I'm sure they will enjoy it'

5/5  Trish 'I bought this game for us to play as a family, my 2yo and almost 5yo loved to play this and it's a good way to get them the idea of taking turn. Would definitely recommend this game. Simple but so entertaining'

4/5  Cheryl31 'My kids liked playing with this game. Great rainy day fun'

4/5  Clairemegmol 'Great game for kids and family'

5/5  Maria 'Bought for Grandchildren aged 6 & 7 This game has brought hours of fun for them. Fantastic simplicity of getting monkey to land in tree correct way round is not as easy as it first seems But this does not deter trying. I bought on a 3 for2 but as a single purchase it would still prove to be Value for Money'

4/5  Dafydd 'Sticking on all the monkey decals a bit of a marathon when all the children wanted to do was play the game.'

5/5  Kimmykookoo 'Bought this for our 3 year old for Christmas but ended up giving it to him now as we couldn't resist. Really good game, lots of fun to be had. My son especially loved the monkeys tumbling along the table and flipping them in the air. Great family fun.'

5/5  Kerrie 'Fun and lots of excitement from the children'

5/5  Stackrock 'Fiddly sticking all the stickers on the plastic monkeys, Lots of fun though playing it!!'

5/5  Shazza 'Haven't opened this yet but I'm sure the children will all enjoy playing in breakfast club!'

5/5  Jo 'Bought this as a gift for my godson and he loves it! Really good fun for the kids.'

4/5  Morgs82 'Bought as a birthday present for my 4 yr old nephew , he loves it !!'

3/5  Grandmashell 'Not very sturdy in fact very flimsy'

4/5  Yorkshireman 'Bought for my grandaugter who is enjoying it.'

5/5  Sammy 'Bought toy for holiday. Girls had lots of fun. Monkeys flying everywhere. Good for children and adults'

5/5  Twittery90 'My son loves this board game, when first got it 2 pieces were damaged however Argos rectified this straight away within the day of collecting which was great and my son loves playing this game most days since purchase.'

5/5  RRaj 'Keeps kids entertained. Good price.'

5/5  Hannah 'It took careful placing to stick each monkey sticker front and back!'

4/5  Cm 'Brought for my sons birthday. hours of fun. Would highly recommend.'

5/5  Andre 'Very goog. My son loved it.'

5/5  Abc123fhdb 'Bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter's 5 year old friend. Had good reports back from the mother. Bought in store with no issues.'

5/5  Ah '3 year old loved it! Great game and fairly easy for little ones to do'

4/5  Madge 'Good service from Argos - ordered and collected from Sainsbury the same day'

5/5  Diana 'Nice and bright colors. Keeps my child busy for at least 1 hour'

5/5  Tray 'Well worth the money great fun for all'

5/5  Mel 'Got this at Xmas for my 5year old it's great very simple to assemble and everyone enjoys playing it. X'

5/5  Ram 'Gave it as a present to my niece and nephew and they loved it. Keeps them busy and also adds fun. My 65 year old dad couldn't stop himself from giving a try and ended up playing with his grand-kids for a long time.'

5/5  Jase 'Really good game, kids love it'

5/5  Roxie 'My daughter loves this game. Easy set up. Great family game'

5/5  Pablo 'Absolutely love it, and so did my sister! It works just as described, the quality of the product is good and I just feel like it's a great game that both adults and children can enjoy playing together!'

1/5  Mrsegg 'Very weak and broke on first use. Not the quality I would expect from Chad Valley. I was extremely disappointed by this product.'

5/5  Maz 'My son loves to play this ..very happy with it!'

5/5  Mitch 'Have lots of fun whith this game one of my boys favoruts'

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