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Chad Valley Colours and Shapes Bingo GameChad Valley Colours and Shapes Bingo Game

About the Chad Valley Colours and Shapes Bingo Game

The Chad Valley Colours and Shapes Bingo Game is perfect for those aspiring to play 'classic' Bingo or the fun kids colours & shapes version. After all, who doesn't love a game of bingo! Easy to play, just match the numbers of selected balls with those on your card with the first to match being the ultimate winner. Keep going until all the players fill their cards to discover who comes second, third e.t.c. For the kids bingo, match the six (6) colours and shapes, or combinations. A handy tool for familiarising little ones with shapes and different colours in an enjoyable way.

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5/5   'Great bingo set. We've had a lot of fun playing it with our kids.'

5/5   'Haven't yet played it, but looks to be so much fun!! Can't wait to get to play it with my little boy and our family on Christmas brought for an extra gift for my son! As he loves playing games an doing family time would recommend for a family!!'

4/5   'This is perfect for us to play as a family. Helps children recognise numbers. Not got it out of the box yet but im sure we will have lots of fun playing it.'

5/5   'Very satisfy with my purchase and it has already been put to good use'

4/5   'The only downside is the balls are very small,but overall well worth buying,kids love it.'

5/5   'Bought for granddaughter they love playing bingo'

3/5   'This was ok except for the fact that the numbers which could be misinterpreted when upside down such as 9 or 6 , or 19 and 61 were not marked as such and caused confusion- had to go mark them with a sharpie myself.'

5/5   'So good and fun for all ages'

5/5   'We bought this for our daughter after she enjoyed playing bingo at kids club. Weve had hours of fun with it'

5/5   'Its a fun game to play with my 4 year old. I also find it educational as I can introduce numbers to my kid. All the family members can play it together. Its amazing!'

5/5   'Very good game and very fun too'

5/5   'This is a good game for a young child to learn their numbers, colours and shapes and also for the adults to get their bingo fix. It is easy to put together and for the balls to roll out when turned. If you value your Hoover then don't play the clear counters on the floor. They get lost as they cannot be seen easily. Only problem is if you want to put it in the box after playing you have to take the balls dispenser apart as it won't fit in the box again. GO BINGO CRAZY!'

5/5   'Great games, good value, the children enjoyed some good old fashioned fun.'

4/5   'Really good game just so many small lightweight pieces, they ended up every where'

5/5   'Really Happy With Game. Couple Of Games In One. Counters Easy To See and The Right Size. Hours Of Fun.'

4/5   'Great present, just what I was looking for. They loved it and it was a great deal!'

5/5   'Worth the money. Fun for hours with everyone'

5/5   'Fantastic fun for all the family at a cost that doesn't break the bank but my 3 & 5 year old daughters lived these and 10 n 12 year old sons love playing these games. Family fun. They actually forgot about the internet asked there consoles for a few hours. I can't recommended these enough.'

5/5   '3 game in one box. Excellent entertainment for the family. Old and young kids, mother, father and grandparents.'

5/5   'Great family game ! Good value for money'

5/5   'Great game. My grandchildren love it.'

4/5   'Its a bit minimalistic but it works ok and we had fun with our friends. Goodish value for money.'

5/5   'Excellent game really enjoyed playing with friends and family'

4/5   'It's great for learning shapes, colours n numbers. The cards could be laminated to be made a bit stronger.'

5/5   'Do get this game its fun and you can play with the whole family'

5/5   'Brilliant game brilliant price Something the whole family can enjoy'

5/5   'Bought for my 4 year old as we have most traditional boardgames and not wanting to buy anything featuring poop or slime (both bizarrely popular these days). He LOVED it as did the rest of the family - great for practising his numbers too! There are two different levels of play which is ideal for if you want a quicker, easier game too.'

5/5   'Great purchase for the price. Balls are a little fiddly, but we manage! Kids love it.'

5/5   'Great to use to celebrate Number Day at School. We used it with groups of up to 32 of alleges and abilities. I downloaded some rhyming bingo lingo and had a ball. Pupils, Teachers and TAs loved the activity and we've used it since.'

4/5   'Got it for my husbands birthday party. The guests didnt want to leave.'

5/5   'Bought this for my 5 year old son and he absolutely loves it, so do we! Works well and hours of entertainment. Great value too.'

5/5   'Great toy for my boy who's learning his numbers. Also good fun to play with as a family.'

5/5   'Nice bit of nostalgia for a Christmas birthday party for a 55 year old grump. The bingo game itself is well made, great fun and we had a great time playing.'

5/5   'Bought this for christmas. Had a great time playing as a family. My 6 yr old loves being the bingo caller and it is also encouraging her knowledge of numbers. My 2.5 yr old loves playing too turning the ball and matching colours. Great family game and much more value for money than others ive seen.'

5/5   'Kids love it. Very easy and fun'

3/5   'To fiddly for a fun game'

5/5   'Kids and adults loved it'

5/5   '2 in 1 bingo with added bonus of colours bingo game. Grandson loves it'

5/5   'Good game and good value for money.'

5/5   'With me being a bingo player we had a great time over Christmas with all the family joining in and putting up prizes for the full house winners'

5/5   'Nice family games keeps the kiddies busy and nice when family come over we can all play together'

4/5   'Bought for my Grandchildren as a stocking item. They liked the idea of bingo, and I thought it would be good practice with numbers. We have had lots of fun already playing with the game. Although it says from 3 years +. and it is made of plastic it is quite durable and suitable for any age. The balls come out of the holder one at a time and stay in the grove. What more could you want!'

4/5   'Not bad quality ok for the price'

5/5   '4 generations of our family had great fun playing this on Christmas Eve,'

5/5   'I bought this for a family game to play after Christmas Dinner. We had so much fun we have decided to do this more often. The game was easy to set up and the way the balls are picked makes it fun to operate. If you're looking for a game for all the family would recommend it.'

5/5   'Easy to set up and had lots of fun on Christmas day.'

1/5   'Not argos fault but check packaging parts missing spoilt Christmas day games for the kids'

1/5   'All numbers on the balls have disappeared after 8 games!!!! Not a good purchase waste of money but I guess you get what you pay for'

5/5   'Good fun at parties for all ages'

5/5   'Bought for my granddaughter it is great'

5/5   'My kids both love playing this game. Great for all ages.'

5/5   'Great fun for a family game together'

5/5   'Great game + added learning.'

5/5   'Bought to help 4 year old recognise numbers..............it's working'

5/5   'Well worth the price paid (bought as part of a 2 for 15 deal!) and an awesome learning game for my daughter who's just started reception.'

5/5   'Kids love it they can pretend to be like mommy and go to bingo!'

4/5   'This is a great game for all the family . From young to old . Number bingo for older kiddies and the colour match for younger ones . Hours of fun ,and great value x'

5/5   'Not for children under 5'

5/5   'Good family game but be careful with the small parts and small children'

5/5   'Bought for a Christmas Present for our grandson.'

5/5   'A great fun game, a wonderful way for kids to learn and have fun with numbers. All the family can join in.'

4/5   'Great family game so much fun'

4/5   'Its a good learning game'

4/5   'Alot of small pieces and fiddley to set up but alot of fun.'

5/5   'Good for what it is. Son loves it'

4/5   'The idea is very good! My son loved playing with it! Its good for him to find the balls places too, because he learned which row is going to be the good, and dont have to look all around! Hes 5 now, so its a good learning experience with numbers! The only problem is that it unfortunately broke after a month! All in all, its great for kids!'

5/5   'Simple bingo game, good fun to play.'

5/5   'Great for all ages family enjoyed it'

5/5   'Really easy and quick to be up and ready to play. It gives two separate dimensions as you can play with numbers or colours and shapes. It opens the fun to children of different age groups'

5/5   'The game is good for the summer hols'

5/5   'Bought for my kids after a holiday where they loved playing bingo. Recreating at home was great fun.'

4/5   'My children love this game, so exciting for them to hear numbers dropping out. Has been used a lot during school holidays. Only things preventing if from getting 5 star rating is legs for ball cage need to be handled with care and it doesn't fit in the box when assembled, bit annoying to have to constantly take to pieces again after each outing.'

4/5   'The bingo looks sturdy and it is easy to assemble. Everything is good.'

5/5   'We have hours of fun playing bingo & the grandchildren are very competitive lots of fun & laughter & it makes them concentrate.'

5/5   'I bought this for my grandmother who is 91 she always loved bingo and I have many fond memories of her taking me along too. She is unable to get out of bed anymore so I thought this would be a great way to cheer her up and she loves it was great fun and best buy ever.'

4/5   'Got this for the kids. It is a good set, easy enough to set up with instructions included. The only ting I would change are the bingo cards. Some had repetitive numbers on other cards so would have to look harder as may be 2 numbers when only 1 called.'

4/5   'This is entertaining for the children, quite fun to play too'

4/5   'Good product providing good family fun on a caravan holiday'

5/5   'Bought for 5 year old and he loves it can be used with numbers or colours and shapes we have had hours of fun already'

1/5   'No good. 3 balls where missing from the pack so the whole game is pointless'

5/5   'Recommend greet game passes time when wet'

5/5   'The people I bought this for are so pleased with it . They now do bingo once a month with their carers.'

5/5   'Cheap and great wee purchase, kids love it can't complain'

4/5   'Bit fiddly to put together, but once done , it does the job. Use for a group of elderly people. Might suggest buying a book of bingo tickets and bingo pens rather than the counters.'

5/5   'Really fab family fun game. My daughter loves this game. We buy little gifts also for the winners which she loves too :-)'

5/5   'Great family game my daughter loves it'

5/5   'Perfect for whole family'

5/5   'This is a fun family game, my daughter loves it and has really helped her recognise her numbers as well as having the fun of trying to win!'

5/5   'Great for the rainy weather to play with the children helps them with numbers too hours of fun and we had choclate for the winner'

5/5   'Great price for this game, kids loved it.'

5/5   'Easy to assemble great family game played with kids and grandparents'

5/5   'As described and very good value for money.'

4/5   'Good quality of everything in the package: small balls, rolling ball, plastic case. Well packaged item. It has two games: regular bingo and coloured bingo (for kids). I can recommend this to anyone. Easy assembly.'

5/5   'This game is fantastic for learning and practising number recognition. Bought it for my 5 year old daughter who loves as it as does her 10 and 12 year old cousins'

5/5   'Easy to assemble, we all loved playing it and the price was very reasonable'

5/5   'I bought for my friends child and she loves it.'

5/5   'Good quality game actually mixes the number balls and ejects one at a time cards ok counters bit insipid colours but fit for purpose'

5/5   'Far better than i thought it would considering it was cheap.'

4/5   'Bought this for my 4 year old niece Bd my10 year old nephew loved it too! Hours of fun!!'

5/5   'Defiantly buy and recommend to friends and family.'

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