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Chad Valley 40 Classic Board Games Bumper SetChad Valley 40 Classic Board Games Bumper Set

About the Chad Valley 40 Classic Board Games Bumper Set

Looking for hours upon hours of long time fun play? The Chad Valley 40 Classic Board Games Bumper Set has you covered Containing a wide variety of forty (40) family favourite board games to suite the taste of both young and old laughter will be bouncing off the walls with this set A great aspect of this classic board game set is just how unpredictable game night can become as you dip into the plethora of choices Keep everyone amused for hours!

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Chad Valley 40 Classic Board Games Bumper Set Reviews

5/5   'Tons of fun and great games for all of us to play as a family or just for the kids to play. Having instructions for all games is great as we play a new game every weekend'

5/5  Meme 'Great games for all ages!! Fantastic price too. Lots to choose from hours of fun!'

5/5  Bianca 'Great selection of games,lots of fun for the whole family!'

4/5  Pds 'Very good to play and have fun'

5/5  Magdalena 'The classic games. We love the set.'

5/5  Psr 'Nice product with reasonable quality.its portable light weight.'

4/5  Shazzie 'Lots of different games in one box, hours of fun with the kids. Good value.'

5/5  Georgia 'Great fun when played with competitive children ,lots of laughs . Watch out for sneaky shots taken . Games for adults and children a good selection for all.'

5/5  Lou 'Great selection of older style games, perfect for train travel kept my kids busy for a long time'

4/5  Loulabelle82 'This is a fun multi board game set including snakes and ladders, chess, checkers, ludo and more.'

5/5  Tony3446 'Great little compedium of games for little money'

5/5  Suleha 'This is brilliant because there’s so many games and you won’t run out of games to play! Definitely need it for the holidays!'

5/5  Basil 'Made a good Xmas present for entertaining.'

5/5  Tina190 'It is game is very Good fun time with kids.'

5/5  Loopy 'Great value for the price grandson age 7 loved and so did the other grandchildren excellent gift for Christmas !'

5/5  Saba 'Very fast online I can check everything Very impressed Thanks a lot'

5/5  Pitu 'This box is full of fun games to play with the kids or just grown ups the only downside is the can get wet or stained as they are not wipe clean, but can't fault it for the price, we forgot ours while on holiday and repurchased so we do like them!'

3/5  Biccy 'Good budget board games for all the family, but a lot of the games are for dice use only!'

3/5  Ch4n 'Great little pack of games, but half of them, we have no idea what they are. Good for travelling too.'

5/5  Ing123 'Fantastic compact way of having a great variety of classic games to hand. Totally portable and light so great for travelling. Variety of games offers something for all age ranges. Great fun and functionality'

5/5  Fi 'Good fun for the family.'

4/5  Andreea 'Great boarding game. Perfect for a family evening.'

5/5  Kemz 'Got this to play over the holidays and it has been a great hit, even my four year old get stuck in'

5/5  Kels 'Endless amount of fun. My Children And relatives really enjoyed this'

5/5  Bw 'Very good present for children and all family that time can stop and all family can sit and spend fantastic time together.'

5/5  Noodle 'I bought this for my Grandson and he loves it. The boards are good quality and there are so many different games to play. He has had great fun challenging everyone to games and it’s kept him away from his tablet.'

5/5  YT 'My kids thoroughly enjoy playing the games. It provides hours of entertainment.'

5/5  Harry 'My kids liked it and its real good time pass.'

4/5  Issy 'When i opened the box i thought the board games would not be as good quality because of the price but i was wrong good quality and great price and lots of fun playing all the different games as some i didn't no but got to play for first time great family fun.'

5/5  Dazboy 'Happy with the product Lots of fun for the kids'

5/5  Dani 'Very good set of board games. Exactly what you need for a party'

5/5  Stethoscope 'A wonderful selection, despite several games being exclusively American. Both the adults and the children were amused for hours. One of the points the games teach is how to be a’good’ loser and a non gloating winner. All os us, especially the children were far mor content playing these games than watching TV or games on their phones because it is very much a social past time.'

5/5  Kirsty 'There are a lot of regular games in here, and some I hadn't heard of before. The racing game is a favorite of my children's. There are games using just the dice which are good. The only slight downside is the fact that the boards are cardboard, and may be easily damaged, but not yet. The price is really good value, for the amount of games you get.'

5/5  Aps 'Useful for children over the age of 8'

3/5  Lairdo 'Brilliant classic games for the whole family some small fiddle parts but all in all great'

5/5  MrsR 'A great set of games, ideal for taking on holiday.'

5/5  RGP 'Most children prefer computer games but Christmas Day this year a seven year old boy spend part of his day playing snakes & ladders, Ludo and draughts with the grown ups; memories. Definitely a new experience for him and he enjoyed it. A excellent game set at a reasonable price.'

5/5  MWJ 'Great value for money'

4/5  Kelv 'This product has enough games for everyone to be entertained! My daughter has had hours of fun already!'

5/5  Hobbit 'Quality not very good'

2/5  Cara 'Lots of game options in the box aand looks great. Certainly great value for money'

5/5  Pratik 'It was good product in this price range.'

4/5  Devendar 'It’s really good game and worth for the money spent and my 6 years old son is enjoying the game.'

5/5  Clare 'Perfect for the kids and family'

5/5  Peter 'Great for showing youngsters that you dont need electricity to have fun'

4/5  Topdollar1 'Bought this for my 10 year old niece for Christmas, thought she could take this on holiday, all compact in one box, boards reasonable quality, good game instruction book, played the racing game so far, we enjoyed it, something for everyone in this box.'

5/5  Pudsk 'There are loads of games in this, and as a present it would cover a large age range - some games for kids to play with family and others on their own. There are quite a few fiddly bits of counters to hang on to, and the box is quite big - but a good set with some classic older games in it too.'

5/5  Jojo 'Grandchildren love playing the board games.'

5/5  Suzy 'Bought really for snakes and ladders to play with my 4 year old grandchildren. Other games were a bonus. Chess/draughty counters flimsy but still O.K. Counters for the other games good for little fingers because they have a little bobble on top. Boards have a coating so minor spills will wipe off.'

5/5  Carol 'I am very impressed with the quality of this, considering the price paid. Grandchildren love playing, gets them away from their tablets'

5/5  Jean 'Some of the games my great grandaught love's to be able to play with me whenever she comes to visit me .'

5/5  Mike 'The boards had the quality and feel of bad cardboard, and it probably is, you can bend them and rip them easily. It's harder to rip notes than to rip the cardboard boards.'

2/5  Rickerscote 'Instructions are easy to follow as some games we didn't know. My grandchildren love it'

4/5  Vick 'Great fun for both adults and children! Wanted to teach my children games we played and have less screen time! Hours of fun that can be used again and again!'

5/5  Vj 'Good for Birtday Gifts'

4/5  Bonares 'Very well made, strong and lasting. Good for engaging children to play games with one another.'

5/5  Sri 'Excellent family game'

5/5  Roseylee 'These board games are good for the price , some of them I have not heard of but the instructions are easy to follow will have fun playing them with my granddaughter'

5/5  TexasBoots 'Great fun for all the family and such amazing value! The young ones are learning how to play all the old school board games!'

4/5  Chris 'Grandsons loved it,some of the instructions weren't very clear.Didn't stop us having fun.'

5/5  Rosa 'Excellent value and all the games are being thoroughly enjoyed by all the family.'

5/5  Caroline 'Amazing this is for family fun nights in with the kids my kids love it.'

5/5  Lottie 'Excellent purchase granddaughter loved it. Hours of fun for a good price'

5/5  Nanabee 'We needed something to entertain our 5 year old grandson, he loves table games and we only had dominoes. We saw this and took a chance, best thing ever. We played for hours and we are convinced that Ethan and his big cousin Cameron will play these games foe many years to come.'

5/5  Sara 'We took this camping. It was small compact with lots of choice.'

5/5  Shajee 'It’s good to have it at home. Everyone enjoys.'

5/5  Neny 'Great game for family an friend to play with'

4/5  Wendy 'Great set of games grand children love them as they can play lits of different games from one box'

5/5  Alex 'Most of the games are actually played with just the dice. Bit disappointing, really.'

5/5  Kishor 'Helped the family bond again and spend time with one another whilst staying off our phones'

2/5  Jh71uk 'We bought this for a camping trip which it was perfect for. Good quality boards, to be honest for this price I expected paper fold out ones so was very pleased. 40 games, we only knew a few, but learnt a few new ones. Brilliant fun for all at a great price. I would recommend it.'

5/5  Hayley 'We played this on the plane it was packed well in hand luggage and kept us busy'

4/5  Bt77 'Great family fun for hours'

5/5  Kezza 'Lots of fun to be had with the kids'

5/5  Alien 'Awsome product, amazing price, highly recommended'

5/5  Juliana 'I bought this to play with my niece during holidays! It is wonderful and keep the whole family entertained. Why didn’t I buy this before???'

5/5  Chez 'The games are worth the price, I think the counters are too small. The instructions are a bit confusing, but I suppose after a few goes of the games, I'll get the hang of them.'

5/5  Sexyt 'Me and the family loves this game'

5/5  Dj 'Good value for the price , hours of fun.'

5/5  Sarahs 'My son and i lpve this, it gives us time to spend as our little family unit, we love playing board games so this is ideal as there are lots to do'

5/5  DH 'Generally good but would be better with a Smartie type tube for the counters and either a stronger bag or preformed based for securing the counters and dice.'

4/5  Backintime 'Great for a rainy day, got more than 40 games, Good size too.'

4/5  Mitch 'Great for taking to a caravan for kids'

5/5  Sid1980 'This took me back to my childhood, i really enjoyed some play time with my partner. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Many Thanks Argos'

5/5  Dee 'Great price in the 2 for 15'

5/5  MummaMartinez 'Good selection of board games. Perfect for taking away on holiday as all in one box.'

5/5  Marlon 'Good value for hours of fun'

5/5  JM 'So many games and some new to me.... A great family pack and so useful for those trips away.'

4/5  PDM 'Excellent product to keep the kids engaged !!'

5/5  Chig 'The ganes are really good... Total 10 boards with 40+ games... Good enough to keep the children engaged for long time'

5/5  Topynene 'Good item...will recommend it for home and family outing'

5/5  D77 'Great. Little sceptical about buying multiple games in one box..proved wrong. Used it to kill time whilst waiting for a hospital procedure..great distraction.'

5/5  Dm 'Great service and happy with product'

5/5  Mags 'Lots of fun in a little box. Many hours of entertainment'

5/5  Jo 'My nephew and neices loved the huge variety of games in the ccopendium'

4/5  Jake 'Great fun for hours and hours'

5/5  Jacob 'Strong boards Small to put somehwere'

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