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Chad Valley 3D Snakes And Ladders Board Game

About the Chad Valley 3D Snakes And Ladders Board Game

Watch this fantastic Chad Valley snakes and ladders board game come to life with 3D features! This climbing, sliding, spinning action game will keep young children entertained for hours - even parents will want to get involved! The climbing, sliding, spinning action game. 2 or more players. For ages 4 years and over. EAN 3904103. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3904103
EAN/SKU: 3904103
Availability: Unknown
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Chad Valley 3D Snakes And Ladders Board Game Reviews

5/5   'Hours of fun wth this game by 6 year old granddaughter'

3/5  Katie 'Great idea, adds a new level of play to this board game, making it more fun and interactive with the 3D feature.'

4/5  Mummyantill 'Great little game at a bargain price'

4/5  JC 'When I opened the game one of the pieces were broken, I phoned Customer Service and they apologised and sorted out a replacement the same day which was a relief as my Grandson was a bit upset, the Custmer Service were very very understanding especially as the game cost only £5 . The game itself is a different Snakes and lLadder compared to the traditional game but it does make it more fun, the only down side is its a bit fragile for a heavy handed child, although my Grandson is only three.'

3/5  Marzipan 'Not a bad game, suppose as an attempt to jazz up the older version it's good. But to be honest between having to continually fix the pieces back together it's pretty irritating. The spinner plays no real function either!!'

4/5  Reviewer 'Bought this as a gift for my nephew, he really enjoys all the great features of the game. A good twist of the classic.'

5/5  Duchess 'My 3 and 5 year old grandchildren love this game.'

5/5  Abbie 'The 3D snakes and ladders game is a fantastic game for family fun. It's very easy to understand and children as young as 4 can learn to play with ease.'

5/5  Chriscat 'We thoroughly enjoyed playing this endlessly with our young grandson. He was intrigued with the 3D features . The game is sturdy and really good value for money. Argos service was excellent, and collection from store, couldn't have been easier. Fully recommend.'

5/5  Lipsty89 'I've bought this game for two different children and they both loved it. Brilliant price. Can't go wrong'

4/5  Ollie 'This has been a real hit with my son. A great inexpensive gift.'

5/5  Alisha 'Best snake and ladders I played. Good for all ages.'

4/5  Seeds 'It is a fun game to play with the kids'

4/5  SarahS 'I got this for my 3 year old son he had been playing snakes in nursery so I wanted a game for him to use at home. The player pieces were hard to handle and the instructions were not clear as to how to know which place was for which obstacle & the larger chute had to be detached to fit in box so it's not study at all, would be better if there was no come apart pieces & coloured balls were larger so it was easy to handle but it's a fun game and will be kept for when he is a little older.'

5/5  Don Dons 'My son loves this so much better than the orginal one and great price'

5/5  RachelCH 'We bought about twenty of these to give as Christmas presents to children attending our village playgroup. I've had very good feedback from the parents and the children love them. Excellent service from Argos too, thank you!'

5/5  Chloe789 'This games is really good I love it and so do the kids one of the best games I have played it's amazing it's got good features and the 3D effect is outstanding, Deffo a game everyone should considerate'

4/5  Granof1 'Got this for my granddaughter, she loves it'

5/5  Babits3 'This is a fantastic modern twist on a classic board game, hours of fun for all ages, very pleased with my purchase.'

4/5  Jim 'Good value for money'

5/5  Argos Customer 'Instructions not clear about what you have to do on the spinning wheel . Otherwise great fun.'

4/5  Simba 'We all love playing this game, our son is 4 and is able to use all of the different things. A great game for the price, definitely recommended'

5/5  Mourinhogirl 'Bought as an extra present for 5 year old grandson. He loves it. Very sturdy board. Excellent price as well. 5. stars !!'

4/5  Kirsty 'This is an excellent game, the 3D makes the classic a lot more fun and keeps children entertained for longer. Excellent value for Money.'

4/5  Bunny 'This game was perfect for my Grandchildren age 4,,5,6, +10 yrs old'

5/5  Azz 'Kids love this well worth the money and great fun for hours'

5/5  Josiec72 'I bought this for my four year old son to help him with his counting and number recognition. He thinks its great fun and bonus he is learning too .'

4/5  Debbie57 'Such a fun game I recommend it to any parent as my children loved it'

4/5  C 'Really enjoyable my 3 and 4 year old love it!'

5/5  Kim513 'I brought this game for my grandson who's 6 and we had a lot of fun, the 3d features work really well and brings a new dimension to a much loved board game.'

5/5  LittleJstar 'Bought for my son's 5th birthday because he loves the classic game. when we played this 3D game, it was much more fun and good to play.'

5/5  Lynds1 'This was great fun for my 4 year old and all the family, and was really easy to sey up. Great value for money.'

5/5  Pfcstu 'Great fun for all the family'

1/5  Wally 'Flimsy construction. Broken board. "finger" action did not work well. Five year old quickly lost interest.'

3/5  Shay 'The game was alright but I still prefer the normal snakes and ladders otherwise excellent service so I would make a reservation in the future if wanting too.'

4/5  Nikki 'Great value. Snakes and ladders with a difference. My 3yr old granddaughter loves this game easy to put together.'

5/5  EMAD 'Cheap and good quality'

5/5  Charr 'My 5year old little brother loves this and I rather enjoy playing it with him! Great update of the original. and got it at a bargain!'

2/5  H.A. 'Waste of money , broke in two days !!!'

5/5  Lisa68 'This game is excellent for a bit of family fun my grandson and us get hours of fun with it ..it was a gift at Xmas and still gets used every w.end would highly recommend it'

5/5  Lynn55 'My 3 year old granddaughter loves this game. I havnt played snakes and ladders so much. Great snakes and ladders 3D. So gald I got her it.'

5/5  Foteini11 'My students loved it! It was the first snakes and ladders they ve ever seen in 30 so they were excited! Thank you!'

5/5  Midgeymole 'I first purchased 2 of these games in the pre Christmas sale.I have played the game many times with lots of different children as part of my work.I have just purchased another as an Easter present as my nieces children enjoyed playing it at my house I have bought them their own'

5/5  Lalitha 'I gave this snakes and ladders for my friends daughter. They are very pleased with game. Having lots of fun.'

5/5  Pganeriwal 'It is good value for money'

4/5  Pink 'My granddaughter loved the game, we have all enjoyed playing a board game together.'

5/5  Mandy 'This game is fab. My 5 and 3 year old love it. My husband, children and I all play together and its great fun, easy to do for the little ones. I got it in the sale and to be honest I wasn't expecting it to be as well made as it is I would recommend it even at full price!'

4/5  Anna 'A good game for young children, updated version of a classic board game that's fun for all the family.'

1/5  Jan 'For a chad vally toy it was rubbish waste of money through away after one use on boxing day played with grandchild who is four and half'

2/5  Minion Power 'Entertaining for about 5 minutes, kids never opened it again !'

4/5  Saint1 'Ideal for 5 year old and kept him going for ages. Albeit by his rules.'

5/5  Bargin Hunter 'Really pleased, bought as stocking filler due to price. Minimal assembly, great fun had by 4yr old and Parents over Christmas :-)'

4/5  Deeva 'With this game there is many hours of family fun to be had.'

5/5  BS 'Great fun. Having actual slides and ladders really livens up the game. Brought a never seen before level of competitiveness out of mummy.'

5/5  Nanatash 'Really good bargain 2 for price 1 well made and lots fun kids loved it so did adults'

5/5  LucyB 'Good reworking of an old fashioned game, my granddaughter is a big fan.LucyB'

4/5  Elaine 'Delivery excellent. Got what we paid for but would not pay any more as Design & Quality not good'

4/5  Kacey 'Grandson loves it good value for money'

5/5  R 'Keeps my boy busy and happy'

5/5  Katie Boo 'Great 3D twist on an old fashioned game'

2/5  Roni 'I purchased this at half price in sale so a good price. However my son has broken one of the ladders already. It's a novel idea but made of cheap plastic. Will probably replace with a traditional board later in year.'

5/5  Patty 'Granddaughter played 2 hours with this with different people'

5/5  Lisa 104 'Id be a little disappointed if this was more expensive, but for the price its quite a fun and simple product, so easy to put together,my only complaint would be the lack of information on the box explaining that mums bed on a sunday morning is neither the time or place for such games! Other than that its not a bad game.'

3/5  Jules 'The original is much better, this is not as good as it seems, very disappointed'

5/5  SXYZOE 'We use this in our before and after school club so it's enjoyed by 5-12 year olds'

5/5  T 'Great new design on a old favourite game which is lots of fun'

5/5  Archie 'Was a present that's all he played with at his party adults was playing it to fab Toy'

4/5  Snakey 'Bought for a present for a 4 year old boy.'

5/5  Scottandy 'Its a great game and both my 5 and 9 year old loved it , the price was even better'

4/5  Goviator 'This was bought for my 6 year old son who loves original snakes and ladders. It was not really what I was expecting as more of a variation to the original than I would have liked but he had fun with it nevertheless.'

4/5  Old Fogey 'Time filling variation on the original that drums up a bit more fun and laughs amongst the young and groans from the elders with their fuller bellies! Nice one!'

3/5  Pinnacle 'A good idea in principal but a bit fiddly even for tiny hands.overall size of the product doesn't really allow it work as intended.a bit tedious.would be much better if make in a larger version.'

5/5  Pam27 'Great fun for all ages, a twist on the original game of snakes and ladders. When going round the board if you fall off the board you will have to start again!!! Great additiion to this game what a shame the board is not bigger so the game would last longer'

3/5  Sal30 'I bought this for my little girl's birthday. She really loves it but one of the features broke within the first three days. The hinge on the three section ladder broke off on one side, we fixed it with super glue and, as we tried to put it back in place, the other side of the hinge broke. It's all functioning properly again now but I was disappointed with the lack of robust design in a game recommended for 4+. It's a great family game though and we've had lots of fun with it so far.'

4/5  Sharon 'Bought this game for my son, we love it. only need to assemble one part,others already done.Hours of fun guaranteed.'

4/5  Pippa 75 'Bought for my daughter who enjoys the board version, this just adds a bit more to the game & is great value for money.'

5/5  Rosemary 'Great family fun 11,9,and 6 yr olds all had fun playing this 3D version of an old favourite Good value game for all the family'

5/5  Lightbulbbuyer 'Kids really love this one. It's especially good for those just learning to play board games. It helps with social skills as requires taking turns, numeracy is helped by counter movement, all topped off with the fun and excitement of going up the ladders and down the 'real' snakes! Great value!'

4/5  Cannyscot 'Found this to be a fun game for a four plus year old . Has been played often since Christmas .'

3/5  Lisa 'Not sure i would buy this game again if needed to it not as good as i thoguht instuctions arent very clear'

4/5  Liz 'Bought for my granddaughter,just 6years old and she thought it great fun and played it a lot .'

4/5  Sheila 'New slant on an old game. Quite good fun and easy to play.'

2/5  Jay1 'I bought this for a five year old but was very disappointed .Looks good in the box but is very fiddly to put together and comes apart during play.The little girl it was bought for gave up trying to play with it after the first hour.'

3/5  Moi 'We bough it for our grand daughter who is nearly 4. She found it a bit confusing for counting in the squares, and the slide kept falling off. Think we will just buy the normal one for her.'

4/5  Jen's Things 'My 4 year old son loves this game. It is nice and interactive and fun the way the balls move around the board on see-saws and slides and spinners. Great concept. Only 1 minor issue - sometimes hard to know where you land if it crosses over a snake or ladder - no-where to put the ball so we just tended to jump over them!'

4/5  Neva 'My son really enjoys playing this game. He is normally really heavy handed so I wasn't sure whether he would break it but it seems fine. I think the game is excellent value for money. However the only down side was that the squares are not numbered and one of the reasons we bought the game was to help my son with number recognition. Overall a good game.'

5/5  Bally 'I bought this game for my 5year old nephew. He absolutely loved it... But I think I enjoyed it more! Great buy at great price!'

5/5  Diana 'A nice family game. Great purchase.'

3/5  Lindsey 'The game of snakes & ladders is timeless however the novelty aspect of this particular version does nothing to enhance it! Quite flimsy but you get what you pay for. Probably would of been better purchasing a 'non-novelty' version :-0'

5/5  Steph 'My 4 year old son really enjoys playing this game and it is easy for him to put away. Very good value for money!'

5/5  Mabz 'Excellent for entertaining kids'

5/5  Boo 'We got this for our nephews 4th birthday. he loved it, its very easy to play, parents and kids alike will have loads of fun playing this game, great idea'


5/5  Elina 'Very good table game for days when it's rainy. We play it with all family.'

5/5  Sarah 'Fun game, love it son loves it excellent value ofr money, easy to assemble.'

2/5  Woody 'The quality of the item was a bit disappointing. I thought the construction of the item would be sturdier!'

4/5  Julie 'Bought for friend's little son. Have been told he's really pleased with it & makes the traditional game a bit more up to date & enjoyable.'

4/5  Silversurfer60 'Very good toy, different to usual snakes and ladders board game.'

5/5  Angle 'Brought for a birthday present and the kid played with it for hours'

5/5  Al 'A great item. My nephews aged 4 & 7 really enjoyed it. A great present.'

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