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Chad Valley Poorly Pet Health and Grooming Centre

About the Chad Valley Poorly Pet Health and Grooming Centre

The Chad Valley Poorly Pet Health and Grooming Centre playset incorporates all the gear your most cherished requires to tend to pets that need tender loving care that only little ones can provide, plus a robust plastic pet carrier to get to and fro. Budding vets can offer this TLC to a cat or puppy in need, transporting the pets by utilising the bright pet transporter and gently tending to the wellbeing of the pets in dire straights. Stimulates innovative pretend play and creative imagination.

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Chad Valley Poorly Pet Health and Grooming Centre Reviews

5/5   'Lovely cat box with accessories my little boy loves it (2yr)'

5/5  TonyKursa 'Amazing toy the little one loves it'

5/5  Cmcc 'I bought this as a staffroom pet. We have named it and had endless hours of fun with our new pet and its daily escapades!'

5/5  JSR 'The product matched our expectations. My daughter liked it very much. It was worth the price (bought in on sale). I recommend it for buying'

5/5  Cobyash 'Bought as a gift for my granddaughter, I know she will love it. Love the fact that everything can easily be carried around enabling her to play wherever she goes. Thrilled I got it at sale price too . size just right for role playing.'

5/5  MrsBrown 'Fab price! My daughter will love it for her birthday.'

5/5  GG 'My granddaughter loves this,we took it with us when we took our pet to the vets, and she felt included in the visit.. it's much bigger than expected, good quality and sturdy'

5/5  Molly 'Much bigger than expected and for the price you can’t go wrong my little girl loves pretending to vet her pet x'

4/5  Deb 'Small cage for a toy pet allowing children to use their imagination and encouraging role play which is an important part of their education.'

4/5  TheLookout 'This is a Christmas present but daughter will love it. It was bigger than expected from the picture'

5/5  Andy 'Great item for interactive learning for the little ones'

5/5  Jacjack 'Brilliant little toy she absolutely loves it. Great value for money.'

5/5  Leona1 'Great value for money. 2 year old son loves it.'

3/5  Jd 'It’s a ok product I was expecting the cat to be a little bigger- ok as a little stocking filler type thing but not brilliant'

5/5  Kayyssyy 'Perfect for my 4 year old she loves it'

5/5  Kay 'Purchased this as a gift for an 8 year old who loves cats, i was thst impressed that i bought another for ny daughter too!'

1/5  Lazza 'This toy looks the part and in theory would be great, but kids want to play and aren't gentle with toys so this box is pretty flimsy and will not stand much abuse. i actually returned this for a refund. item itself is grand but it wouldn't last a week had i of gave this to my child. sorry but i wouldn't buy this until the cage is strengthened significantly.'

5/5  LS32 'My 3 year old loves this and has many hours of fun playing vet!'

5/5  Corinna 'Kept my niece entertained for hours'

2/5  Kim 'It's bit clumps to open and close the door.... Cat is basic nothing especial about it...'

5/5  Jules 'A lovely gift for a child for imaginary play'

4/5  Loulou 'My daughter loves her cat in a pet carrier. The catch on the side of the cage easily comes open and spills the contents. Otherwise a great toy.'

3/5  Koko 'Plastic could be better quality'

5/5  NanNan 'Bought for my grandson, wanted to get him something a little different to his 'usual’ toys, he seems to love it and that’s the main thing! Would make a fab little stocking filler at Christmas for a boy or girl!'

5/5  Liz 'My daughter loves this little carry set. Perfect for looking after her pet cat x'

5/5  Bessie 'Good sized carrier and kitten. Very good selection of accessories allows for extended play and not just carrying cuddly toy.'

1/5  Bill123 'Bought for my greatgranddaughter not very good quality'

3/5  Lish 'My 2 year old loves this however would be better if there was more equipment with the item, then it would be more enjoyable.'

5/5  Alekscesna 'My 2y daughter fell in love with this kitty. Amazing set for little pet lovers :)'

5/5  Trish 'I bought this for my two and a half year old great niece and I have been told she really loves it. It was good value.'

5/5  John 'Excellent value and is providing hours of play for our grandchildren'

5/5  Carol 'Brought as a birthday present seems quite sturdy and and my niece loved it. Great price too!!'

4/5  Sam 'Not bad for the money - but the door broke off the box in the 1st day'

5/5  Nodge44 'Really good value for money. Excellent quality and keeps little one entertained for hours.'

5/5  Sazzle1985xxxx 'Son loves playing with this'

5/5  Butty 'Great toy for my daughter, give a lots of time to play with'

2/5  SuzieS 'Bought this for my 2 1/2 year old after his older sister got something very similar for Christmas. This is very flimsy and cheaply made, the front door keeps falling off and the side clasp will not stay closed for very long. The extra things that come with it are very basic. Much better to pay extra to get one that's much more robust. Saying all this, its a well loved toy.'

5/5  TH 'Kids love this set. They use the various tools to brush the kitten. We have an older version which seems to be sturdier but this is still lovely.'

5/5  Sam 'Easy to carry around and cute pet inside'

5/5  Nicola 'My daughter loves this! Shame the cat doesn't do anything but a nice gift'

4/5  Tim22 'For a small child receiving almost no presents a toy that will probably be used with pleasure repeatedly and will, one hopes, induce a love of animals.'

3/5  Alex 'This would be a nice product however when you open and close the cage the door always falls off it’s too small for the actual cage. My son was happy with it but it will get annoying falling off constantly.'

5/5  Jill 'Bought for my 2 year old, a helping hand to get her used to the cat we have in our home right now.. She likes brushing and holding the kitten, but she's only 2 so hasn't got the feeding idea yet. It's a nice soft plush kitten and she loves it'

4/5  Kristina 'Brought this as a gift for my 3 year old niece. She loves it, carries it everywhere.'

4/5  Flos 'Bought as a Christmas present for my 3 year old. I’m sure she’ll love it.'

4/5  Mummatotwokiddies 'My daughter is a big fan of animal toys so this was perfect to make her feel like she has her own pet'

4/5  Emmamay 'Bought as a gift for my 2 year old and son for Christmas, he loves animals and this is a great price and great size with lots of accessories to play with'

4/5  Anna 'I wanted to order something different for one of the children's birthday parties we have coming up. Arrived quickly and well packaged, a bit difficult to wrap due to shape but something unusual.'

4/5  Cgoody 'Did not realey look at item'

5/5  Keryl 'My daughter loves it, perfect for a 3 year old Great toy for the young animal lovers'

5/5  Chrissy37 'Great value for money, great idea for kids imagination, and all kept together in the carry case'

2/5  Keri 'Nothing like in the picture cage only opens 1 side and it's not easy for a child to open and close the door'

5/5  Lottiem79 'I bought this as a gift for a five year old girl's birthday and as far as I know it was happily received! I have bought this item several times over the last few years for various birthday gifts and they have always been well loved. It's a very cute gift and perfect for little boys and girls.'

5/5  Dippyd 'Brought for 3 year old birthday.'

5/5  Jen 'My girl is autistic and this keeps her busy for hours,she adores the little cat and has accessories with it definitely recommend this buy'

5/5  Iza 'It was fantastic present. My daughter was so happy, she is playing all day with it'

5/5  Asia 'Bought this as a present for my little girl. She absolutely love it.'

5/5  Beth 'Super present for my 3 year old niece she really likes animals so this was the perfect gift for her. It is great as you get a choice of either the dog or cat so you can decide depending on the child.'

3/5  Babe 'My daughter liked this toy but catch on door bit hard to open'

3/5  Rolypoly77 'Was abit surprised at how small the item was,but my little girl loved it so if she's happy them i'm happy'

3/5  Kcee 'This is a sweet little case but the soft toy inside isn't as big as I expected - definitely on the very small side, initial thought a little cheap looking which is a shame. Maybe to be expected at price.'

5/5  TrixieBear1213 'The dog is super soft and the carrier is a great size to carry around. The accessories are good too. This set helps children use their imagination as well as other skills by adding other animals for dog to play with, learning to look after animals, role play - dressing up as the vet/doctor, creating/getting a bowl for water/making a bed Only critique is the latch to open/close the door on the carrier is quite fiddly so children may struggle otherwise amazing set to play with'

5/5  Loza 'Great little pet and carrier neice really loved it'

4/5  Sarah1986 'Would be great as a cheap toy for a child's birthday party. All 3 kids enjoy playing with it, who are 8, 2 and 1 - boys and girl. The puppy is really quite small, great for little hands I guess. My only quibble is the lock is a bit flimsy, my daughter says there's a knack to it so she can always do it but I can't, lol.'

5/5  A 'Purchased this for my 2 year old, she loves it.'

4/5  Lincan 'I bought 2 of these for my granddaughters and they love playing with them. They are sturdy and have enough in them to keep them busy. I was disappointed that they only contained one toy though because if you look at the picture it shows a cat and a dog. We got a cat in one and a dog in another. Other than that great value for money. It is always easy to order at Argos.'

5/5  Charlie 'My daughter plays hours with this. She loves it'

5/5  Elle 'Bought as a present for a 4 year old. She absolutely lived it and has spent hours playing with it! She does however now want to be a vet!! Best get saving!'

5/5  Helen 'Brought for my daughter as a birthday present, she loves it and walks around with it for hours. Lovely set of accessories with it aswell.'

4/5  Beth 'My daughter enjoys playing with this. I would have liked the cat instead for her though but didn't get the choice.'

5/5  Sloff 'Brought this as a gift for a friend's child. Plenty of items included. Great value for money and good quality.'

5/5  Anna 'Bought for a friends little girl age 2. Loves animals and brushing things was a hit'

4/5  Viclatrick 'Nice set cute looking soft toy a choice of puppy or kitten the set includes a lovely carry cage to distal the bits in nice variety of bits included'

5/5  Jax 'My grandson 11/2 loves this and for the money it is excellent value'

4/5  Nic 'Bought this as a gift for a neighbours child, she adored it (4 yrs old). Great for the price'

5/5  Starfish 'Very happy with the purchase, brought for my 3 year old sister who loves it'

5/5  Nmw 'For an older child. Fun little role play toy.'

4/5  Steve1981 'My child was very happy with this toy very good price and built well'

5/5  Shell 'Well worth the money'

5/5  Nicole 'Bought for my one year old neice for Xmas she absolutely loves this easy to hold and carry with little fingers my 3 yo son also loves it as kept nicking it x'

5/5  JuJu 'I thimk this is good value for money.'

4/5  Kingle2307 'Not the best quality I've ever seen but does what it says on the tin and value for money is excellent. Would definitely recommend if for younger children'

5/5  Dodo 'Good value for money my little girl love it .'

4/5  Simona 'My daughter wasn't too impressed about it as the cat doesn't have any sounds and got bored of it .'

4/5  Tina 'Sweet toy for not very much money'

5/5  Amags 'Very good toy for great price, makes a lovely stand alone present. Bought for a two year old girl, she loved it.'

5/5  Family Man 'Bought as a Christmas gift for a 3 year old.She has had hours of play with the kitten.'

5/5  Chris 'This was purchased for 2 small boys (3/5) who have had a larger pet carrier toy in the past (which keep breaking). It's the ideal size and weight for little ones and the clips are easy for them to use. Lovely accessories come with it too.'

5/5  Lee 'Our son loves his dog his dog and the carry case. Great, quality toy.'

5/5  Proudmummy 'The size makes it ideal to carry about and my 1 year old loves that this is small enough for her to hold.'

4/5  Wendy 'I bought this item as a Xmas present'

5/5  AbbieW 'Lovely little product bought for my niece, great value for money.'

4/5  Qwerty 'I bought this for my 4 year old daughter and she loves it. It is bright and colourful and seems sturdy.'

4/5  Nik 'A previous review stated both animals were included and they are both in the photo so I did expect both or a choice at the very least, but having read the description it does say only one included - someone must have been lucky to have both! Cute little set with vet equipment and the carry case, my daughter is nearly 2 and it's right up her street!'

5/5  Holly 'Very happy with this for the price, very worth it'

4/5  Lynne 'Bought for granddaughter for Christmas so I am sure it will endure plenty of fun.'

3/5  Kat 'Poor packaging, comes in a plastic bag which doesn't look nice when giving as a gift. Toy itself isnt bad for the price, not sure of its durability though (not played with yet as bought for Chrismas) time will tell.'

5/5  Sloeberrygirl 'Perfect for the animal loving child. Hours of fun'

5/5  Mother Of 2 Review 'Purchased for my daughter who loves roll play and animals. She had the little doggy one.. It comes with a cute little teddy and lots of vet care tools. It actually has more than i expected for the price.. As my daughter is only 2 years the size is perfect for her!!!'

5/5  NM 'The cat is small but my 4 year old loves it.'

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