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Chad Valley Pipsie Interactive Horse

About the Chad Valley Pipsie Interactive Horse

Chad Valley Pipsie Interactive Horse is a lovable toy horse that springs up when you engage with her. When you squeeze her ears, she'll neigh, gesture her head, wiggle her tail and walk. She comes complete with a brush to keep her mane and tail looking lovely and when you put the cupcake in her mouth, you can hear her joyfully chomping on it. Incorporates a brush and a cupcake to nourish her as a treat.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 4046510
EAN/SKU: 4046510
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Chad Valley Pipsie Interactive Horse Reviews

5/5   'Bought for my Great granddaughter,s 2nd Birthday she loves it, it walks, neighs, shakes it,s head and tail. A really great interactive toy, I wish I,d had one when I was little.'

5/5  Mummybear1 'This is definitely for kids who love anything horse. My little gir loves this, never puts it down'

5/5  NaniNips 'My granddaughter and the WHOLE FAMILY LOVE IT. For the price it is amazing. I took my little one for a pony ride in the morning and in the afternoon I gave it to her - WOW! WOW!'

5/5  EagleEyed 'This is being put aside for Christmas, so haven't tried it out yet. Looks like a great toy for horse/pony fans, it's very cute & a lot bigger than I was expecting. Read mixed reviews about some problems with it working, hopefully it'll be fine. Got my eye on the new unicorn version of this too.'

5/5  Stacey 'Yet to use but looks great fantastic size was bigger than I expected. The apples had been swapped for cupcakes but I know my little girl would love them more than the apples anyway. Can't wait to see her face on her birthday.'

5/5  AJ1995 'My daughter loves this, it is much bigger than i thought it would be for the price, it also looks very sturdy and is handling my daughter playing with it! Very pleased with this purchase!'

5/5  Sandy 'My 6 year old loves this horse, great product.'

5/5  Nims 'Amazing gift looks expensive very nice'

5/5  Kelly 'Walks and makes noise can be feed and brushed ! A good size my 4 and 5 year olds loved it ! A great toy for your money'

4/5  Em 'Lovely horse 2 year old daughter loves it. Bit bigger than expected but that makes it even better.'

5/5  Eviledna 'I purchased this for my 5 year old daughter's birthay as she asked for a horse with legs! She is absolutely delighted with it. She took it in for show and tell at school and lots of children now want one. She has and is still having so much fun with It. It trots , moves it's tail, eats the cake ( on the box it was apples?) Neighs. It comes with 2cakes and brush. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, excellent value for money and a toy that is safe and very well made. Perfect!'

5/5  Mollzzz 'Brilliant item, my son absolutely loves it!! First one I ordered was faulty, but I took it straight back and was given an exchange right away!! Worth the price.... :) brilliant customer service when exchanging too!!'

5/5  Holly 'Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it.. She has spent ages playing with it and is so happy with it.'

4/5  AoT 'What child wouldn't love this little horse it's soft and light easy to carry around & fun to feed & brush and makes great noises too !'

5/5  Char2415x 'I bought this for my friends little girls 4th birthday and she absolutely loves it and hasn't put it down!'

5/5  Reddevil 'I bought this for my 2 year old and she absolutely loved it.she love's horses so this is the perfect horse until she's older .she loves brushing his mane and feeding him his cake.hes just a perfect toy .'

5/5  Becky 'Daughter really enjoys playing with it'

2/5  Gaz 'Our horse was missing the apple that it says comes with it. Then after 1 week play it had a broken leg! So it had to be taken back to shop and exchanged. Hoping it won't happen again as looks lovely toy and interacts well but is quite pricey so u e expect it to be durable.'

4/5  Polly 'Good inactive toy'

1/5  Kirsty 'Purchased this for my daughter for Christmas, waste of money opened up and didn't move properly.. the front leg kept poping out and now Dosent move at all ! Will be hoping to return without the box'

5/5  Juliej 'Bought this for my niece who is 18 months old. She adored it! She was either dragging it around behind her or carrying it in her arms for the whole holiday. She loves brushing and feeding the horsey and likes the way it neighs and trots. My only criticism is that my niece seemed to want to ride it and the legs aren't really strong enough for that. That could just be down to her being younger than the 3+ age guide though'

4/5  Ceri 'My little girl is pretty horse obsessed at the moment so I bought this for her. Sadly the fact it walks spooks her at the moment but she's only 2 1/2 so will grow into it ! The horse moves and whinnies and chomps when you hand it the apples. Only flaw is when it meets the tinest bump it makes a mechanical whir which can be annoying as it doesn't register too stop. Overall though I think it's great !'

5/5  Dee 'Bought for my daughter and she loves it. Interactive and walks really well. A nice sturdy toy.'

3/5  Mel 'It does not do as much as I though brush plastic when could have been really and sound not great quality'

4/5  Chlooobells 'I brought this for my god daughters first birthday! Safe to say she loves it she plays with it everyday'

3/5  Ks 'My Childs face was lit up when opening the present'

5/5  Amy 'Watches the video of this and had to buy also got the unicorn one aswell'

4/5  Sugarplum24 'The only complaint I have is it used to come with an apple and the picture shows this. it however comes with a cupcake for it to eat. Seriously......??? bring back the apple.! The horse walks around, neighs and eats. a great gift for any child who loves horses.'

5/5  Polly 'My granddaughter loves this she loves her mums real horse .. So perfect gift for her'

3/5  Marsy 'My grandaughter loved this and enjoyed the interaction. She had much fun brushing the pony and feeding it the apples. Also enjoyed watching when it was walking. The head moving when she was brushing it was a lot of fun too. Made it smile.'

5/5  Vicky 'I bought this whilst it was on offer so really pleased with the price. The horse is a lot bigger than I expected and looks really well made. As its for my daughters Christmas present I haven't had it out of the box yet but as she is horse mad, this looks like the perfect gift!'

5/5  Ajr 'Adorable and great value for money!'

4/5  Lou 'My goddaughter absolutely loves this horse that I purchased for her birthday. All the children and adults at the party were amused by it too. A must for any horse mad little girl!'

5/5  Chelsea 'Excellent service, arrived the next day, great toy would definitely reccomend'

5/5  Callie 'Lots of fun and well received by two year old!'

5/5  Sbai1958 'Brought for our granddaughters birthday she loves it.'

5/5  Streety 'My daughters love this toy especially the fact that you can feed the horse apples.'

5/5  Lohou 'Great present for my 2yr old cousin, she loves it'

4/5  Caz 'Great toy for a toddler lots of fun'

4/5  Rollyp 'We bought this as a birthday gift for our 4 year old grandaughter who loves ponies. She already has a grand selection but already loves this one and plays with it constantly, even talking to it and taking it to bed. She even wanted to take it to school to show her friends but her parents managed to persuade her not to. It's a great toy and has already provided hours of fun.'

5/5  Tez22 'My daughter love it she thinks it's amazing as she is a horse lover big smiles in my house'

5/5  Loulou 'Really nice toy and lots of fun'

1/5  JF 'My daughter was given one for christmas and the leg broke easily. She was so upset that i bought another.. And the same thing happened again! I will be seeking a refund.'

5/5  Sarah 'Lovely interactive horse. Good quality, bigger than I expected and so cute. A great buy with £10 off really good value for money.'

5/5  Evie93 'Bought this for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas and she loves it, pets it feeds it she loves it like an actual pet. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a little one who loves ponies. I'm so glad I bought it her!'

5/5  James 'This product is extremely fun to use'

4/5  Veejay 'Bought 2 of these for my granddaughters for Xmas both horse mad and loved them'

3/5  Mel 'Bought it for my daughter for Xmas and wasn't working had to take it back and change was disappointed in that as my child was upset'

4/5  Ed 'Bought his for a 2 1/2 Y/O little girl. She loves it and happily leads it around the room. She does keep trying to ride it though! Longevity cannot be judged as its only a few weeks out of the packet.'

5/5  Elaine 'Bought this item for my granddaughter as a Xmas present, she really loves it, especially feeding it apples. Brought it with her when she was staying overnight, and insisted on taking it to bed, had to laugh when I heard it neighing during the night, as she was cuddling it !'

1/5  Kayleigh 'Just opened this and the leg is broke not happy!!'

5/5  Busy Mum 1 'Gave this to my 3yr old granddaughter, who when discover wed that it could walk jumped on to it's back and has been riding it ever since. It's best to keep it on the floor then carpet but it's durability is great it's about the size of medium dog. It comes with 2 apples to eat. It has provided lots of fun. Got this in the sale and well worth it .'

5/5  Ck 'Absolutely perfect. My nephew loves this toy'

4/5  Tre 40 'We got this pony for our grandson he loves it good buy'

4/5  Dadof4 'My daughter loved this and is constantly brushing and feeding it.'

5/5  Airyfairy 'This was the "best present ever" on Christmas Day. My granddaughter played with it non-stop. Had to go out to lunch with her on Christmas Day. Now gone to the Lake District for new year.'

5/5  Dona 'Lots of fun!'

5/5  Stu 'My granddaughter had seen the advert on tv where the little horse went through the flap on the door and loved it When I saw the interactive horse I thought of her and she was over the moon with it thanks again'

5/5  Vickisticki13 'Great little pony. Daughter loves it'

5/5  Patsy 'Bought for Granddaughter for Christmas, this was one of her favourite presents, good value toy,very happy Grandma and Granddaughter!'

5/5  Amyd131286 'This is a fantastic product my daughter loves it excellent quality and interactive features are great'

5/5  Catherine 'My two granddaughters absolutely loved these cute toys.they were delighted when they fed them the apples and the pony made a crunching sound.absolutely would recommend them for any little equestrian. The are SOOOO lovely.'

5/5  Nita 'My granddaughter loves it cute cuddly and fun'

5/5  Mandy8 'This is great my 3 year old loves it'

4/5  Suzi 'My 2 year old grandson has had great fun with this pony. Enjoys feeding the apples just like a real pony. Loves to see it moving Would recommend it .'

4/5  Jc 'This product bought for a Christmas present for a little girl who loves horses ,will be perfect..'

5/5  Tony 89 'Bought this item as Christmas present for my goddaughter so haven't had it out packaging yet. Looks good sure any child who loves animals will love it. Seems good quality and is a decent size. Would recommend this product going with first impression and a great price.'

5/5  Chrissy67 'This has not been opened yet as it is for Christmas but looking at the package and the reviews it looks superb it is huge much bigger than what it looks in the catalogue'

5/5  Catherine 'Got my daughter this for her birthday and she has great fun with it and plays for hours with it.'

4/5  Kelly 23 'Bought for Christmas present for my son with autism, he is going to love it, can't wait for Christmas day'

4/5  Caz 'Bought this item as Christmas present for my daughter so haven't had it out packaging yet. Looks good sure any horse mad child will love it. Seems good quality and is a decent size. Would recommend this product going with first impression.'

5/5  Happy Mammy 'Can't wait til Christmas Day to see my little girl's face. What a brilliant toy, and at such a great price too!'

4/5  Lauz 'Daughter loves the horse and to feed it'

5/5  Charl 'I will have a very happy girl on Christmas day'

5/5  Pumpkin11 'Really cute and bigger than expected, quality looks good, excellent value for money, one happy daughter on Christmas morning!'

5/5  Kel 'Great product, my child has so much fun'

5/5  Hannah B 'Bought for my 3 year old daughter for christmas. Good size looks good :-)'

4/5  Helen123 'Haven't taken out of box yet but looks very good, quite big, I think the apples would be better if they were larger as look like they could get lost quite easy, think my daughter will love playing with this'

5/5  Tony B 'Great product for youngsters . kept our dalmatian dog amused for hours. Only downside had to return first one as one of legs was longer than others and would not stand properly. Argos replacement was fine with no problems. A very robust product.'

5/5  Popeye 'This is a santa claus present that I purchased based on other people's reviews...It is quite big and going by how much I wanted to play with it my horsey mad 3 year old will absolutely LOVE it.'

4/5  Danielle 'Happy with purchase'

5/5  Carol 'The 'best pressie ever', according to my 5 year old horse mad granddaughter. Job done! Cute and extremely sweet, well worth the money.'

4/5  Amanda38 'Bought for my 5yr old little girl, good price paid in sale and she loves it, plays with it for ages, well worth the price.'

4/5  Peewee 'Has been put away as a Christmas present, looks great and great value for money. X'

5/5  K 'Great for little kid and a good size'

5/5  Cj33 'Bought this for a 7 year olds birthday.and wow she loves it and I have to say I do too its brilliant .she sits and plays for hrs with it. the build quality is excellent.I would definitely recommend this interactive toy horse.'

4/5  Rosie 'Bought this for my granddaughters 4 TH Birthday and she absolutely loved it. Her favourite toy at her party. The only disappointment on unwrapping this toy was one of the apples was broken in the box and I don't know how to go about getting a replacement Apple. The horse is perfect but without the apples it doesn't make the chomp noise and would be better if we had a spare.'

5/5  Shazza 'Brought this for my 2 year old granddaughters birthday she really enjoys playing with .'

5/5  Jessica735 'This is an absolutely fantastic product great for everyone. Would highly recommend this to anyone!! Well done Argos!!'

4/5  Dip 'The whole purchasing system was fast and efficient, Very please with product which we found was a bargain compared with other retailers.'

5/5  Gem 'Lovely toy my little girl loves this'

5/5  Chels97 'I brought this for my little girl for her birthday. I brought it as i took her to the farm and she loved looking at the horses. When she opened the horse she was so happy. It is so much fun ahe enjoys feeding the horse the apples and brushing its fur, whenever the horse makes noises she sits there laughing at it and finds it so funny. Im happy that i purchased this.'

5/5  Michelle 'Bought as Xmas gift for 3 year old. Good value for money as horse is quite large with beautiful blue eyes and has quite quite a few actions - walking etc. Good price purchased with reduced price.'

5/5  Trixie 'Brill toy not too big either, very loved makes lots of noises, loved by all the kids'

5/5  Covi33 'My 3 year old has played with this non stop since she got it.Its quite a lot bigger than I thought but that just adds to the fun had.She loves that its interactive so overall a great toy for her age also for any horse loving child.'

5/5  Jackie67 'My granddaughter was absolutely delighted with Pipsie. I highly recommend it.'

5/5  Alibabba1977 'This horse has brought many hours of fun for my 3 year old. She loves that it is interactive and it has become her new best friends. The horse is a decent size too not tiny like some products which look big on photo but in reality aren't. A great toy overall.'

5/5  Liam 'Very good and my little sister love it'

5/5  Becs 'This interactive horse has already given hours of fun to its new owner! Really well toy. Highly recommend!'

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