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chad valley giant brown bear

About the Chad Valley Giant Brown Bear

Suitable from birth, this snugly cuddly Chad Valley Giant Brown Bear is the ideal for your most cherished to hug. It makes fantastic sleeping companion or can stay close to your little one throughout the day as they enjoy giving soft squeezes.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 5421093
EAN/SKU: 5421093
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Chad Valley Giant Brown Bear Reviews

5/5   'Bought this for my new grandson. The bear is gorgeous. I loved the colour and he is a bit glittery under the lights.'

5/5  Smile 'Bought as a present for 3 year old but so lovely I could have kept it myself!'

5/5  Iovuandrian 'I gave this teddy to my girlfriend she was verry happy she dreamed of a big teddy since childhood and now she have it. Its from a very good quality and big'

5/5  SpaceFantasy 'This is such a good quality cuddly bear. A real dream come true for a little one. There is nothing I can criticise about him. He's well stuffed and a really good size. Very happy.'

5/5  Julie 'Searced every where on line for a large Teddy and finally after lots of browsing Online I decided to Purchase from Argos this Large Bear for my granddaughters Birthday . She was not disappointed it's lovely and large, Super Soft and cuddly, very good quality and a real keepsake . Having it delivered saved me from the stress of picking it up and trying to get it to my car.'

5/5  Gen 'This teddy is so flufffy!! Would greatly reccommend!'

5/5  Busymum5 'For my little grand daughter it was love at first sight :)'

5/5  Danny 'Top quality companion. Stuffed to perfection and a real addition to the family!'

5/5  Markp 'Bought for my daughter who absolutely loves it, got a few funny looks on the way back from the store as had it sitting in the passenger seat, it was wearing it's seatbelt!!! Great toy if a little large'

5/5  Isla 'We love Mr Big. Soft cuddly and adored!!'

5/5  Whitinoooo 'It's a lovely big teddy, bought for my girlfriend and she loves it more than me.'

5/5  Boo1977 'Upon opening on Christmas day this has proven to be my Step Daughters favourite thing in the world. He is her best friend.'

5/5  GP Image 'I use this bear for my photography studio as a prop and the kids absolutely love it. My own kids are massive fans. It's very light, cutely and soft. The design and quality are just amazing. Definitely get one if you have the chance and make sure you have big empty space to store it.'

5/5  Peter 'This item was purchased to name this bear for a prize in charity fund raiser'

5/5  Kinola67 'We got this for my daughter's 10th birthday after borrowing a similar one for helping her sleep when she had difficulties last year, very impressed with the quality and big size, everyone loves him, sorry I mean 'her' - she has decided she is a girl!'

5/5  Abz 'Its actually pretty big and very cute. My mother loves it!'

5/5  Caz 'Just what our grandson needed, he hugs it, he fights with it and he falls asleep with it. every thing we wanted in a big teddy'

5/5  Border Reiver 'A well designed and well made product for children of all ages. A toy which will encourage children in imaginative play and good value.'

4/5  Lioness 'Soft, large teddy given as a Valentine's gift'

5/5  Lucy 'Teddy is really great and so soft to cuddle up to. Loving it!'

5/5  Ky_16 'My girlfriend loved it, it's a lot bigger than it looks!!'

5/5  Woody 'Was purchased as a family prize. Whole family loved it and I would definitely recommend for under 10 children. Top Teddy'

5/5  Lorna 'My daughter loves this bear. He's like another member of the family.'

4/5  TheLegend27 'Nice and big, very soft and cuddley, girlfriend loves ig'

5/5  Maggie 'Lovely teddy.my grandchildren love it'

5/5  Mollytibby 'This teddy is lovely. Well made. My grandson is delighted'

5/5  Deedee 'I bought this for my daughter as she wanted a big teddy, and it is brilliant, so soft and comfy, it takes up most of the room of her double bed so it's not small! But would definitely recommend to a friend.'

5/5  Mrbigp 'My little girl loves it bigger the I thought'

5/5  N.wellard 'Nice good one'

5/5  Clare 'Both my children love playing with their big teddy bear. They play with it every day and even have an afteroon nap on it. So pleased i got it for them. Certainly was an amazing buy.'

4/5  Frenchie 'Argos was the only place that sold the biggest teddy bear and moreover, as I have confirmed since buying it, at the best price. As a new buy, it is an excellent product that my niece sleeps in and she loves it because despite being 12 years old, it is as big as her! Time only will tell whether it is good quality of course but for the time being, it's perfect.'

5/5  Beary ''Tiny' as he has been christened; Is now an integral part of the family, he is a play partner , a neck rest come beanbag when my husband is reading on the floor and a charming companion to the rest of the bears in our ever expanding 'hug'. He is not our dearest bear by a long way but his quality is without question . His soft synthetic fur is lovely. And I love him because he is the only one in the house with a bigger tum than Me!'

5/5  Ted 'Great big bear'

5/5  Emz 'The teddy bear is great quality and huge. My boys have one each and they adore them. Cuddle into them when tired and jump all over them when hyper. The bear is so soft and great quality. Definitely a must have. Such a brilliant purchase. Definetly make sure your using a car if picking up as they're huge and the two filled up my big boot.'

5/5  Mrs 'Love this bear!! Looks fab and was a great present! Soft and fun! Bargain too!!'

5/5  Soo500 'Beautifully made enormous, extremely soft, cuddly teddy bear bought for me by my husband for Christmas. I absolutely adore him (& my husband as well!). I would definitely recommend buying me as many as you can! Love-Love-Love xxxxx'

5/5  Mandy 'My daughter loves teddy's and wen I bought this teddy bear she cried with happy tears and she sleeps and eats with him and with her having aurtisum she as called him Cuggles.'

5/5  Ickleone 'Fantastic ... got this for my daughter and she totally loves it'

5/5  David 'Bought for my nephew who just turned 1 and he adores it, it big and very soft.'

5/5  Ricky 'The bear is fantastic for my granddaughter'

5/5  Robak 'Fantastic toy real size'

5/5  Katy 'My daughter wanted this giant bear for her birthday. It was huge and does take up a lot of room but she loves it and is always cuddling it. Great purchase.'

5/5  Gran 'Great price and quality is very big.. .had to drive home with him in front passengers seat so big ...grandson will love this present.'

4/5  Nanna R 'Ordered giant bear online and collected from my local Argos. One word of warning if you are considering buying one, the soles of both feet were soiled when i collected the 1st bear, as he was head first into a plastic bag with the feet out of the bag and exposed and someone has clearly dragged it along the floor. The store manager requested another one to be sent as replacement but its feet were also soiled but not to the same extent. Quality is really good.'

5/5  Scarey 'Excellent quality bear and the cutest face!'

4/5  Jordlaurie 'This is for my daughter. She is 6 months old and loves him (as do I)! He is light, soft and well presented. It is just a teddy bear though, it doesn't sing or dance. I do see my daughter growing up with him as her best friend though.'

5/5  UbiquitousNoun 'Great product. Very large and well constructed. My only concern would be leaving a young child with this without supervision as I can see them easily getting engulfed in the sheer size of cuddliness. So overall highly recommended for supervised play.'

5/5  Cadesmummy 'This teddy really is huge Im not quite sure where were going to put it at the mo. it's lovely and soft and it has a cute face, my kids love it. My 4 year old likes to roll about and dive on it and my 2 year old just like to lay on it cuddling in. Were having a teddy bears picnic birthday party and I'm certain the kids are going to be super excited when they see who's joining them.'

4/5  Bb 'Cute giant bear which is almost bigger than me. Very soft to touch and cuddly . My son loves it, only concern is how to clean it.'

5/5  Diesmeralda 'Well what I can say when it's arrived I was surprised as he is huge my daughter absolutely loves it it's like a arm chair she plays with him, layes on him as big as her,Very good quality'

5/5  Caramck 'I bought this teddy for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! Beautifully soft and has such a cute face. Great quality too, she loves lying on it.'

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