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Chad Valley Fluffy Friends Brody Animated Dog Soft ToyChad Valley Fluffy Friends Brody Animated Dog Soft Toy

About the Chad Valley Fluffy Friends Brody Animated Dog Soft Toy

With the Chad Valley Fluffy Friends Brody Animated Dog Soft Toy your little one can experience all the marvellous fun and enjoyment of owning a puppy without the responsibility (and mess!). As a treat place a toy bone in Brody's mouth - you'll know he's enjoying it as he'll begin making a satisfied chomping sound! - and ensure his fur looks pretty by combing through with the easy to hold brush. With such loving tending care, Brody will be delighted to be your new fluffy friend. Brody even makes realistic dog sounds and actions, simply press his left ear and he will bark, walk, pleasantly nod his head and wag his tail with glee (size H36, W44, D15cm).

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 7252923
EAN/SKU: 7252923
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Chad Valley Fluffy Friends Brody Animated Dog Soft Toy Reviews

5/5   'Adorable and decent size too.would definitely recommend and a bargain in the sale.'

5/5  Gireph 'I’ve brought this for my sons birthday so haven’t opened it yet. But it’s so much bigger than I was expecting! Very good value for money. My son loves dogs and this looks very realistic so I’m sure he’ll love it. The accessories are a nice size. Can’t wait for him to open it!'

1/5  Anne 'I bought this for my granddaughters 3rd birthday and she absolutely loved him but his leg was broken 3 hours later and I had to sneak him out of the house to return him. It was such a shame.'

5/5  Polmont48 'Love this great value my dogs love it'

5/5  Cazmar 'My granddaughter loves this we bought this for her birthday she has not but it down since she was given it.'

5/5  Woody 'Great little pup excellent price walks and barks my daughter loves it'

5/5  Ali 'Great toy dog is a great size for my 2 year old loves dogs and with all the wee things the dog does is great'

5/5  Teddy 'My niece love it. She played with puppy all the time'

5/5  Tanya 'Bought for my grand daughter and she loved it looks like a real puppy and barks like a puppy bigger than i thought it would be but ideal for 3 yr old she loves it'

1/5  AuntyR 'Unfortunately Brody's leg popped out of its socket within half an hour of being taken out of the box. A real shame as it was a birthday present for my niece who would have loved it, but it will have to go back now.'

5/5  Tina 'Got this at a bargain rate, so could'nt be happier'

5/5  Minnie10 'Purchase so good I bought three more as gifts.'

5/5  Gaz 'Nice toy very easy to use and good quality'

5/5  Rags 'Looks fab not opened till Christmas but Im sure the girls will love it'

5/5  Mrsjones 'Brilliant toy and loved by my daughter. So much so I bought 2 more for other children's Christmas presents.'

5/5  RJE 'Brilliant toy dog my little girl loves it!! would definitely recommend. The only thing she was disappointed with was the brush is all plastic and she wanted an actual brush'

5/5  AK 'Bought for nephew's birthday. Any pets loving child would absolutely love it. Much bigger than expected. Bought it on sale so fantastic bargain'

5/5  JLS 'The Brody Dog is a lot bigger than i expected it to be and he's really cute. Bought him for my daughter who has broken her foot to cheer her up. She things he's adorable.'

5/5  Tina 'The dog was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, it’s bigger than our actual dog! But my daughter loves it, she’s always brushing it with the little brush it comes with. Great price too!'

5/5  Danielle '5* hours of fun does everything as it should nice size'

5/5  Mk 'Lovely dog bigger then expected paid less then half price for it. Great size my son loves it'

5/5  Lisak 'I expected a little dog for 14.99 when the man brought it to me I said surely that the wrong one it is massive for the price as it was a birthday gift for my niece she absolute loves it and it does everything it says on the box I would highly reccomend this item absolute bargain of the year it was that much of a bargain I purchased another as a Xmas present'

2/5  Hool 'Leg broke 5 mins after getting it out the box, embarrassing as it was a present.. Exchanged for another one, lets hope it's not the same.'

4/5  Steve 'Large toy, but once set up with the batteries in it was easy to get the different actions working. Too early to tell how durable it is yet - I know some reviewers have commented on poor build quality and problems'

5/5  Caz 'My friends granddaughter is 1yr old and she loves it. We have attached the bone to his collar so she can't put it in her mouth. She brushes his hair and kisses his nose. It's become a real friend.'

5/5  Tracy 'Great value for price. My granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Grandma 'Bought for my granddaughter aged 1 who lo be a dogs she is mad about this toy as is her 3 year old sister'

5/5  Betty 'My grandson will love it its great.'

5/5  Soulfollower 'It’s quite big and the grandchildren absolutely loved the puppy. The dog moves and barks and makes a noise when eating. Very cute'

4/5  Al66 'Not used this yet but it bigger than expected and for the price great value'

5/5  Rosie 'I can't really give a review it is a Christmas present for my granddaughter'

5/5  Tina40 'I’ve bought this as a present for a family member, and was so impressed when I collected it. It’s much bigger than I expected, it feels really soft, it’s a great interactive toy and was a huge success with my four year old niece. All in all, I’d definitely recommend., Great value for money too especially as I managed to get this in the sale!'

5/5  Pickle 'Got this for my niece she loves it'

5/5  Mummyof2girls 'Got to put away for Christmas, is a lot bigger then expected'

5/5  Sm 'Excellent toy, good value for money. And the staff were very pleasant in store.'

5/5  Juskev 'I’ve bought this dog for my 3 year old son because the only thing he asked Santa for this year was 'a walking dog’. The dog has a good range of noises and movements. My 3 year old son was is thrilled. Fluffy Friend a nice looking toy with a charming appearance, and would certainly be an ideal substitute for the kid who asked for a real puppy for Christmas. Overall happy with our purchase.'

5/5  Denise 'Would recommend. My 7 year old daughter loves her dog :)'

5/5  Brayson 'My daughter loves her dog, perfect size, well made!! Good product'

3/5  Em 'Lovely dog, bigger than I thought. My twin daughters loved their dogs but one of them has two legs that are broke after only a week. Glad I didn’t pay full price as certainly not worth that much. I have one very disappointed 4 year old'

5/5  Nett 'One of the best fluffy toys I have bought for my grandchildren, much bigger than expected too.'

5/5  VicN 'This was bought for a seven year old for her birthday. She LOVED it! Obsessed by dogs, so this went down very well. Larger than expected, so pleased with my purchase. : ) Works well, so far, so good.'

5/5  Rozzy5 'Got this on sale bargain daughter loves it'

3/5  Cas5 'The actual toy and what it does is great however quality poor. I bought one and back leg broke within 2 days of using it. Got replacement and same happened so returned this. Shame as grandson loved the dog just quality poor. Think must be a fault in this leg.'

4/5  Carla 'Great interactive toy for children not a bad price the only thing I could criticise about is the sound effects aren’t very realistic.'

5/5  Supergran 'I chose this for my granddaughter's birthday and she absolutely loves it. It was a brilliant choice! I would thoroughly recommend this toy.'

5/5  Coogie 'This will keep your little ones happy for hours and endless fun'

3/5  Col 'A number of actions mastered by 2 year old. But sounds kind of strangulated, not very dog like let’s it down.'

5/5  Shelly 'Bought as Christmas Gift for Grandson .he loved it.'

5/5  Ronaldo 'Fantastic toy at a fantastic price. Good value for money and highly recommened !'

5/5  D 'Much bigger than expected and extremely soft, daughter loves it'

1/5  Linzi 'Had to return. Legs kept coming out. The barking noises were terrible asse. Sounded more like a wailing.'

1/5  Victoria 'I was over the moon to get this for my daughter it looks great but leg broke day after purchase so i exchanged in store within 3 days leg broke again'

5/5  JenP 'Great toy, much bigger than expected, he's the same size as our Jack Russells so my daughter absolutely adores him! She can make him bark and walk easily by herself with the buttons in both ears.'

4/5  Jax 'Looked nice and full of fun for a little girl who loves dogs.'

2/5  Mummytastic 'The price was reasonable compared to others on the market and there were no bits sticking out like lead/battery plug ins.. Pup does not bark..the sound this creature makes is nothing earthly. Does not walk far, buttons on his ears are difficult to find, takes a few go's to get it 'clicked'. Son loves to cuddle him but has more interest in his Teddy Bear I'm afraid. Schoolboy error of breaking up the box puppy came in on big day or would have tried to exchange for something else.'

4/5  Christmasishere 'It did break quite easily but Argos swapped it for new one straight away. My daughter loves it'

4/5  Scraggs 'Just like my little dog my granddaughter loves. Can play with dog at home now'

4/5  Charlie 'Got my daughter this for Christmas as she asked for a toy dog that walks, barks and has a collar...and it does all these things! Yeah, some of the bark sounds like a seagull, but we can overlook that...for the time being anyway!! Only other down side is that it doesn’t walk very far, just a couple of steps until the button is pressed again, then it’ll walk again, and so on....bit tricky to walk around the house with it. I would recommend though.'

5/5  Vimesfan 'As advertised, don't let the child sit on the dog! In the end she was carrying him everywhere with her!'

1/5  CatLady63 'I bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas and it was broken as soon as it came out of the box. Very disappointed for my granddaughter'

3/5  WD 'Would like the "happy" noise to be more realistic'

5/5  Bbd3 'Well worth the money, my little boy loves it, barks and wags tail, a good size and great value for money.'

1/5  Lel 'Both me and my grandson were very disappointed when he opened this present. The dog had a broken leg. I will be returning this item.'

5/5  K 'Brought this as a Christmas present I’m so pleased that I did'

4/5  Towny 'Adorable looking, granddaughter loved it. However problems walking and generally poor performance, returned and second one better but still not walking as expected. Would still recommend as 5 year old adored it.'

5/5  Jay 'Looks well made and fluffy and I don't have to walk it!'

5/5  GrandadAK 'Doggy! Woof woof said my grandson with glee when he opened the parcel. Inexpensive interactive toy dog.'

5/5  Carol 'Lovely looking dog much bigger than I expected, bought in 3for 2,so it was well worth the money'

5/5  Madpeeps5 'Great value for money, sweet face and is very interactive. It was so much bigger than I though I am so impressed with it, my daughter will love it.'

5/5  LaurenA234 'My kids have had hours of fun playing with this toy, they both love it. Definitely recommend!!'

4/5  MrM 'The dog is much bigger than I expected and has provided great enjoyment for my children. It comes with two magnetic bones that it can sense and makes the appropriate eating noise. In addition the dog can walk, bark and reacts to being stroked.'

5/5  Salma 'My boy absolutely adores Brody. He is such a cutie, responds to you stroking him, walks, lovely sound effects and best of all no mess. Definitely a must for those that love dogs. My boy absolutely adores him, he even takes him out for walks. Would recommend to all children to keep them entertained.'

5/5  Bethargos 'This is a must have for any dog lover. Such a beautiful, cuddly and adorable little thing without the mess. It's response to the bone, brush and little strokes on the head is sooooo cute. It moves with a funny croon that's becoming annoyingly melodious in my household. I will definitely buy this as a gift. Words enough can not describe the unending fun we are having with our browny( it's name).'

5/5  NorthernNorwich 'This dog is so cute and such a delight. My kids love dogs when we go out for walk especially my almost 2 year old she constantly shouts and makes barking sounds! When I opened the box my kids were over the moon, it's such an adorable doggy. Its larger than expected in a good way. It's fur is soft, if you press it's ear it will bark. It can also nod and wag it's tail. The brush is nice to hold when you brush it's fur. I would recommend'

5/5  Melibee 'The first thing I noticed when I got it out of the box was how soft it was. My 3 year old son fell in love straight away he loved giving Brody his bones and brushing his head. It even walks wags it's tail and moves his head and barks like a real dog! It has 2 buttons located either side on his ears to start to interact. I was very pleased with the overall quality and not to mention my son adored it too!'

5/5  Kat0886 'My son loves brody he treats it like a real dog, it's great how it makes noises when you give the bone or brush it. Just like the real thing only less mess'

5/5  Bertbasic 'The toy is much bigger than I expected. It is very well packaged and takes a little while to remove all the items that secure it to the box. It comes with two toy bones and a brush. I also like the fact the battery unit takes AA batteries which are much more common to have around than the annoying C or D cells. As for the dog itself it is very well made and loved by my youngest sons. It walks, barks and eats it’s bones but not much else, so don’t expect it to play fetch.'

4/5  Muppet31 'This is great for young kids, very soft and cuddly, walks and barks while wagging it's tail and also chews on the bones that came with it, doesn't do a lot more than that but kids keep going back to it to play for a bit which is sort of the idea I think! Seems well made and haven't had to change any batteries so far either.'

5/5  Claire 'My daughter loves our dog and wanted another one. She loves this its just like the real thing (without the mess). She loves that she has her own dog to look after and play with it. Comes with its own brush, waggs his tail, Barks, comes with its own bone so they can feed it. Would definitely recommend this.'

5/5  Mindymoo141 'This doggy is brilliant at first my little one was a bit scares as it walks, barks and eats his bone and reacts to his brush!! So clever and enjoyed by all the family even the pet dog! Lol.'

5/5  Craigtellis 'My Son adores Brody the animated dog. He's a lot bigger than expected and in our opinion he's great value for money. He walks, barks, whimpers, wags his tail and munches his bones (eating sounds). His fur is very soft and he's a good quality weight. He takes 4 AA batteries (not included). Great for little ones that don't have a pet or would like a pet but circumstances don't allow (and you don't have to feed this one and oh also don't get the vets bills). For size comparison my Son is 5.'

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