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chad valley caterpillar

About the Chad Valley Caterpillar

Suitable from birth, this vibrantly hued Chad Valley Caterpillar is fluffy and cuddly making it ideal for little ones who adore a soft squeeze.

Brand: Chad Valley
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Chad Valley Caterpillar Reviews

5/5   'Love this caterpillar!! Got it for my little girl, it’s huge and so soft she just loves it'

5/5  Peters 'Could not resist buying one after all the reviews and comments on the Retired Greyhound group on Facebook. After some time rolled over and got one. Our mutt who is not toy orientated loves his caterpillar to bits, only thing is so do the children aged 2,6 and 8 so an all round success. Think the dog wins though'

5/5  Alys 'Extremely soft and cuddly x'

5/5  Heb 'Bought for my pet to cuddle up to , he loves it and the kids do too !'

5/5  Youfeedog 'Recommended by a greyhound Facebook page...everyone raving about them! We were not disappointed when we finally managed to get one. Hilda loves hers and cuddles up with him. These are greyt for both dogs and children'

5/5  CrazyDogLady50 'Bought this for my 3 dogs & they are over the moon with it! When they aren’t playing with it, they are cuddling up to it when sleeping!'

5/5  Amberpamber57 'I purchased this for my puppy as the sale price was excellent value. She really has had a lot of fun with it and it’s stood up to a lot of tugging and pulling about.'

5/5  Sophie 'I bought this caterpillar for my dog after just having an operation to go in her cage with her and she loves it!!!'

5/5  Joan 'This is great value for money. My dogs and grandchildren love it.'

5/5  Soose61 'Bought this toy for my dog Lily after reading other reviews from happy dog owners . It’s massive, very soft and silky and beautifully squishy. Lily loves a mad half hour dragging it from room to room before curling up to go to sleep on it. I’ve not left her alone with it though as I fear it wouldn’t survive, but great for a bit of interactive play. I’m guessing kids would love it too!!!!'

5/5  Linz 'Excellent quality great price kids love it it's huge definitely an Argos best buy'

5/5  Lynn 'I had tried so long to purchase this toy, it had been out of stock for such a long time, ordering and fast tracking was great'

5/5  Latte 'I brought this as a toy for my dogs as did a lot of cocker spaniel owners the dogs loved it'

5/5  MandM 'Amazing caterpillar, absolutely huge and great value as got in the sale'

5/5  Pauline 'My retired racing greyhound (best pets ever) loves his cuddlepillar, he uses it as a pillow and snuggles up to it in bed. Wish this wasn't being discontinued because these caterpillars have gone down a storm with greyhounds nationwide. This is top quality, absolutely huge and amazing value for money.'

5/5  Kez 'My daughter Loves this teddy fits nicely along her bunkbed she snuggles with it at bed time :-) great value would highly recommend bright ,colourful and very long'

5/5  J9 'I bought this for my greyhound. It is a really good size and great to use to cuddle up to.'

5/5  Suemist 'Absolutely brilliant'

5/5  Hoarder 'Two purchased, one as a gift for a toddler, and one for the dog! Both were very popular!'

5/5  Mags 'Got it for my greyhound to play with it, not only does he drag it round everywhere he snuggles up with it as well. Would recommend, but needs supervision as it’s a child’s toy and with have fire retardant stuffing'

5/5  Katie 'Bought this cuddlepiller for my greyhound after reading some great reviews for it and was not disappointed! She enjoys it more than my three year old :)'

5/5  Jen 'This item is fab for kids.. but it’s really good for my dog who’s a nervous greyhound I did recommend but sadly they had sold out on the clearance.. will definitely buy more in the future.. I actually travelled from the Rhondda valleys to Neath to get the last one in stock ( that’s dedication )'

5/5  Stevef 'The item was perfect for what it was purchased for there are a few very happy greyhounds in Scotland'

5/5  Snudge 'Our whippets like nothing better than snuggling with this huge caterpillar. It is very well made and very good value st the reduced price.'

4/5  Donsbabe 'It came with a hole in it and as there were none left in stock for an exchange, i just sewed it and you would never know. Very large, soft and fluffy.'

5/5  Babycharchar 'My little girl is 3 and she is chuffed with hee caterpillar its huge and she cuddles, wrestles and fights monsters with her caterpillar!!'

5/5  Sally 'Having seen this on a lot of the greyhound & lucher pages on Facebook I purchased one for my dog, he loves it, uses it as a huge pillow!'

5/5  Ponytail 'We got this for our greyhound to play with. He’s having great fun with it. He’s a big dog so normal soft dog toys are small for him. He also likes to sleep with it and uses it as a pillow lol.'

5/5  Jamminhel 'Bought for our Greyhound girl after hearing from friends how good it was, she absolutely adores it!!!!! It’s huge, robust, and good fun, and when she’s tired out from playing with it, it gets dragged to her bed and she snuggles it around herself and goes happily to sleep. Great product'

5/5  Barbs 'Purchased for my dogs, love to snuggle up to it, have a little nibble, not all toys are for children.'

5/5  Mulberry 'Brilliant soft toy and very well made. Only had this for 2 weeks and my 2 greyhounds love it. They play with it all the time and it's still in one piece which is very unusual as normally soft toys are killed off very quickly! Top marks to Argos.'

5/5  Margot 'This cuddly caterpillar makes a lovely pillow/draught excluder for a greyhound!'

5/5  Kendy 'Well worth the money.'

5/5  AuntieSprat1 'Bought for my retired Greyhound. She loves it to snuggle up to and can toss it around! A lot of her friends also have bought them. So much so they appear to be the official Greyhound toy!'

5/5  Houndygirl 'Bought as a cuddle companion for greyhound. They were recommended by a greyhound forum - we've all got them! Popular with the dogs but huge! Much larger than I was expecting. Good value for money at the offer price.'

5/5  Tygress 'Thus may not be a typical review for a child’s toy! I have a Whippet who loves to snuggle up with furry things and as this was available at a reduced price I bought it for her. Both dogs like to curl up with the caterpillar around their back and sides and seems to keep them snug, warm and comfortable. Definitely a success!'

5/5  Kate 'I purchased this for my dog (I realise that’s not its itended use) and she loves it! She is a retired Greyhound who is now enjoying all the creature comforts she was denied in her earlier life and adores sleeping with her cuddllepillar. She has played with it a few times and it’s holding up well with no rips or tears.'

5/5  Debbie 'Yes I know it’s a child’s toy but the retired greyhound owners have fallen in love with this wonderful caterpillar. Our dogs love to snuggle with a soft cuddly toy and to play.. This could not be more perfect for a dog or child. It’s supersoft , colourful and fun. I got it at a fab price too.'

5/5  HilC27 'Along with many others I purchased this caterpillar toy for my 3 greyhounds! Price was reduced making it very affordable, had to run the risk they would rip it apart like dog toys, but no! I think it is too big and heavy for them to be able to shake it around to break it, so it's surviving well, they cuddle up with it to sleep, it's been a big hit all round!'

5/5  Glenn 'This caterpillar is great for my greyhound , keeps him busy and active and due to the size it’s yet to have been demolished !!'

5/5  Totts 'Good value for money, bright coloured and fun'

5/5  D0GMUM 'Actually bought as a toy for my dogs after seeing other dogs with them. They love it. It’s huge! Soft and light weight. Ideal for cuddling and play.'

5/5  Sarah 'My daughter loves this! It is so soft and it’s the length of her bed! Such a bargain too!'

5/5  Mama 'Nice and big!! Baby uses it as doughnut to sit up. Great sale price!!'

5/5  Fiona 'Lovely big and colourful toy, daughter loves playing with it'

5/5  Shedevil 'I know it's for kids but my greyhounds love it! Massive cuddly caterpillar in bright colours. Bought in the sale so even better value. Fab ha ha'

5/5  Luke 'This product was bought for my greyhound as a cuddlepillar to help her with her separation anxiety and to help her settle at night time. She absolutely loves this cuddlepillar! Follow her on Instagram (LucyInvestigates)'

5/5  Modifiedmaid01 'It's soft it's cuddly all round amazing you for all ages and for the size it actually doesn't take up much space'

5/5  Tammy 'This caterpillar is amazing it's huge fluffy and made well. All 3 children love it and we all would recommend it to everyone'

5/5  Judi6 'Brilliant bright and colourful it is huge. It's for my daughter's 1st birthday I am sure she will love it.'

5/5  Britney 'Got this for my granddaughter and she loves it also got it in the sale'

5/5  MrsP 'My 3 month old loves the facial features. very big and fluffy'

5/5  ABOneKenobi 'Bought as present for our 9 year old and she loves it.'

5/5  Sam 'Was surprised how big it was. It’s amazing. Got it as a present for a friends daughter.. probably going to get one for my kids though too'

5/5  Brian77 'Great value for money'

5/5  Yodaears 'This was a lot bigger than I thought but my 5 year old daughter absolutely loved it! When asked it was named her favourite Christmas present! Looks really good quality and has already survived being rolled and jumped upon numerous times!'

5/5  Ozii 'Very soft and cuddly my daughter loves it'

5/5  Sarah 'Great toy great price 1 year old daughter got it for Xmas and is her fav present it is as described defiantly worth buying'

5/5  Jacko79 'My dayghter absolutely loved it the minute she got it'

5/5  Sarah 'Bought for the granddaughter as a Christmas present it is very well liked'

5/5  Lind 'My granddaughter asked for this for her 5th birthday, I was surprised how big it was. But she loves it. The caterpillar was talk of the party. Caterpillar is now someone she has lying next to her in bed each night as a snuggle buddy. Got it at at a reduced priced so a really good bargain. Bright colours, soft and cuddly with a very cute face.'

5/5  MariaF 'Bought for my 4 year old granddaughter and she loved it. Very big and cuddly'

5/5  Katecar 'Daughter loves this and said was the best gift from father christmas'

4/5  Charlotte 'It’s huge! And awfully bright . But this didn’t bother my neice, she wrestled with it then slept with it . Great value for money x'

5/5  Steve 'What’s not to love about a 2m long multicoloured caterpillar?! Every home should have one our little girl adores it, whilst it also protects her from our fire place hearth when she’s not cuddling it. Also makes a superb movie cuddle companion for those scary movies!'

5/5  Bets 'L was very satisfied with product my granddaughter loves her gift from santa. she plays with it all the time.thank you.'

5/5  Ianpar 'Bought as a birthday present for my 8 year old grand-daughter - she's delighted with it! So if you're looking for a 6 foot long fluffy caterpillar, this is the one!'

5/5  Adam 'This is a very very good item and my daughter is quite an old 8 year old where toys are xo corned but she can't get enough of this item she sits in it lays on it doing homework and snuggles it in bed it's amazing'

5/5  Hobs 'A really lovely cuddly toy. It’s really big (approx 2m) and nicely filled. Great value for money.'

5/5  Sars 'I’ll struggle wrapping this at Christmas as it’s sooo long but excellent value feels super soft great for cuddling and so very cute well worth it i was sceptical when it went on the Santa list but glad we decided to get it we will have a very happy girl'

5/5  Harristrx 'It's a lovely soft material it lives on my granddaughters bed'

5/5  Nat37 'I bought this for my daughter’s 7th birthday!! She absolutely loves it!! She sleeps with it and has it on her bed at all times!! Brilliant colours and quite massive but great to have!! Definitely recommend this, many hours of fun !! It’s price is a bit high but I bought it on sale so great deal!!'

5/5  Santamummy 'Amazing value for money'

5/5  Egglestone 'Fab product, encourages bonding our 3 sons love our "wiggwy wooorm"'

4/5  Britt 'My daughter is beyond happy with her new toy. It is extremely soft and cuddly. It's a great nighttime snuggle companion!'

5/5  Happy 'Child loves it, cuddles at night'

5/5  Rosie 'My granddaughter makes up stories about the caterpillar, wears it as a scarf, places it in a circle and sits in middle, she puts her socks on it's many feet, looks hilarious, would recommend it to a friend'

5/5  Sally 'The caterpillar was everything I hoped for and more. Cute, cuddly and loveable'

5/5  Linhdi 'I saw one of these in the window of my local stores but ordered online (as I needed other things). I haven't been back to check, but I thought the caterpillar was about 3 ft long. Oh no! I opened the bag at home, and this wonderful, giant, nearly 7ft long trail of hugs unfurled onto the floor. He is lovely, and is settling in well, stretched out along the back of the sofa!!! His name is Gerald, named after the cartoonist Gerald Scarfe - as he's a wannabe scarf!!!'

5/5  Tyler 'May 11 year old daughter loves this so much she's even got her friends to buy one!!'

5/5  Stephl12890 'This caterpillar is great my girls love it and cuddling up in it .'

4/5  Hedy 'Good for value and kids loved it. Except fluffy came off all good'

5/5  Loi 'This product was amazing my little boys fell in love with it, i would 100% recommend to everyone!'

5/5  Julie 'Great present , my daughter calls it the worm , loves it asked Santa for Christmas on her list . Was so happy Christmas morning tells everyone about het worm . My daughter is 7 and loves it ,'

5/5  Suzib 'It goes to show you your never to old to get a teddy I bought it my younger daughter, but my older ones that are 23, n 19 really want it'

5/5  Jagey 'Bought this for our daughter. Absolutely brilliant! Hasn't put it down since she got it!'

4/5  ROC1 'It's great fun for ages 4 and up. It could do with a little more stuffing as I'm not sure how long it will last as it looks a bit deflated but my daughter loves it and takes it everywhere. Price is a little steep for what you get.'

5/5  J 'Its huge! My little girl loves caterpillars shes going to be made up with this'

5/5  Holly 'Super soft brightly coloured caterpillar. Bought for my 2 year old daughter for christmas and I know she is going too love it !'

5/5  Oshie 'Lovely bright colourful caterpillar. My daughter loved it. Excellent value for money and great service from Argos.'

5/5  Patch 'Fantastic. Colours are really vibrant. Very long and fluffy.'

5/5  Krystal 'This is a grate product its so big and soft i cant believe how fab it is for the price.AAA+++++++'

4/5  Cazzy 'This Chad valley caterpillar is great value and I would recommend it for any age. I bought it reduced also so I grabbed a bargain. Argos is the best place for toys I would encourage anyone to check out the store or go online. Very good service also.'

5/5  Shopoholic 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my 18month old. I was impressed by the size and it seems very good quality. I know my daughter will love it.'

5/5  Ashton 'Daughter loves the catapillar'

5/5  Sophielovedonnie 'Exalt price'

5/5  Emma 'My 2 year old loves snakes and caterpillars so this will be perfect for her and it's huge!! He only thing is when I got it home I noticed a big mark of its face, I managed to get most of it off by cleaning it but didn't want the hassle of taking it back as it is so big and I don't drive'

5/5  Shopgirl 'My 6 year old daughter is very happy indeed! Excellent value for money.'

5/5  Nic678 'This is well made, good quality and very soft and cuddly!'

5/5  Katalin 'Looks fabulous on our couch... and my daughter loves to cover herself looking at the TV'

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