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Chad Valley Buddy Animated PuppyChad Valley Buddy Animated Puppy

About the Chad Valley Buddy Animated Puppy

The Chad Valley Buddy Animated Puppy is a big hit with little ones. The fluffy cuddly puppy get's playful at the touch of a button, and your most cherished will be delighted as they look on to see their new best friend walk, nod and wag its tail with glee.

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Chad Valley Buddy Animated Puppy Reviews

5/5   'Lovely little dog. My little one loves it. It walks, barks and wags it's tail. She also likes just cuddling it.'

5/5  Stacey24 'My 2 year old daughter will play with this for a good 15 minutes. It doesn’t have too many features but, for the price, I think it’s great'

5/5  Toni 'Son plays with this a lot such a sweet pup encouraged imaginary play'

5/5  Sam 'My daughter really liked this especially when she realised it moves and barks'

2/5  NONE 'Bought as a toy for a real puppy but did not work after batteries were in, however, got a no fuss refund, so unlucky great toy if it works'

5/5  Mammawhale 'Love it! My sons christmas present he wasn't sure to start of with now he plays with it every day'

5/5  Sarah 'Great for kids - put a smile on a 3 year olds face'

5/5  Ceebee 'Bought this for my 2 year old boy who loves dogs. He thinks this is great and plays with it all the time'

5/5  Shopaholic 'Bought this pup for my Grandaughter for Christmas. Very cute and provides her hours of laughter & entertainment'

5/5  Kisiki 'I have a very happy 2 and a 5 years old daughters.'

5/5  Lynne6 'Bought as a present for my gt nephew who is one but absolutely loves it. Cute fluffy dog that barks, walks and wags his tail and good value for money. Very pleased with purchase.'

5/5  Lynds 'Low tech, but a fun gift for our son.'

5/5  Kt 'My 4 year old and 1 year old loved this toy dog. Barks, walks and wags his tail. Good value for money too.'

5/5  Gentoo 'Grandson loved this toy, kept him laughing for ages.'

5/5  Jf 'Very easy ordering and pick up and very cute pretend dog. In an ideal world the bark would be lower pitched but v good overall'

5/5  KAZ 'Bought as a last minute stocking filler for our 3 year old granddaughter. She has not put it down since and is her favourite present. It is very cute and appealing. Very good value for money.'

5/5  Ste 'Amazing little Dog, the little one loves it...'

5/5  Kazza86 'Does everything walks woofs just so cute'

4/5  Kris 'This toy i's great just very hard to get batteries in but great entertainment'

5/5  Lorryloo 'My 2 year old daughter loves this toy. She loves dogs and since we don't have a dog of our own and don't intend on getting one she's happy with this'

5/5  Bon1915 'My young grandson was completely over the moon with his puppy dog,he adored it it came to dinner with him on Christmas Day ,I am well impressed with this toy .'

5/5  Monkey 'The toy for Xmas was a hit'

5/5  Daisy 'Brought for a joint Christmas present for my daughters aged 1 and 3. Great product and very reasonably priced. Both girls had lots and lots of enjoyment from this toy. Dog walks, and barks with one easy to press button, the toy is soft and fluffy making it more realistic unlike others on the market that are hard and plastic.'

5/5  Brian 'A nice little toy dog, cuddly and cute. Walking, barking and wagging its tail, ideal for any under 5 years old.'

5/5  Jucaesgyurka 'We bought this puppy as a birthday present to our little daughter. She likes it very much.'

5/5  Juliana 'My daughter loves this doggie so much. Loads of fun'

5/5  Diane1958 'Perfect little walking barking toy dog. bought for my 1 year old grandson he loves it and do does the cat!'

5/5  ToriS 'Got as a Christmas present for my two year old. He absolutely loves it and takes it everywhere now. Good quality and great price. Got it on 2 for £15 so v pleased.'

5/5  AmyK 'My daughter is only 4 months old and loves this. Especially when it barks and whines at her.'

5/5  Twinmummax2 'So much fun even my oldest likes playing with it'

5/5  Julie 'Little girl loves it n figs dies was it says it does she plays for hours'

5/5  Cm 'Bought for my youngest son hes 1 an half he loves it! He dont leave it alone! Would defo recommend!'

4/5  Babybutterfly 'Bought as a stocking filler for my dog mad son so not opened it yet but from what I've read of others reviews he's going to love it.'

5/5  Mumof2girls 'Bought for my toddler. She loves this toy!'

5/5  Gem 'Perfect price, size and full of hours and hours of entertainment for my 1 year old. She loved it so much and won’t put it down.'

5/5  Maggie 'Bought this for my little girl who absolutely loves animals. It really is a cute little toy. Great price!'

5/5  Michaela 'The puppy was good as my little boy who is 2 had been asking for a puppy and he loved it'

4/5  Jlou 'My son loves animals especially dogs he will love playing and pretending to walk this!'

5/5  Js 'Brilliant product that I bought for my daughters 1st birthday! Does a few barks and takes a few steps and she goes crazy, she really does love it! Is also lightweight enough for her to pick it up. By far her most enjoyed present and the cheapest!'

5/5  NannyJ 'Bought for 4 Year old granddaughter who absolutely loves it. Well worth the money.'

5/5  Maryam 'My 3 years old loves it, walks very nice even in the carpet and it is so funny for the kids. Great value for the price.'

5/5  K83111 'This play dog is adorable. Very soft and fluffy but not too loud!'

5/5  Jadey 'Very cute Lovely item'

5/5  Flm 'My granddaughter loves this dog! Wags,barks and walks! Not so good on carpet tho'

5/5  Helen 'Present for nephew and he loved it'

5/5  Maddie 'We brought this as part of an offer for our pup! It works well. The toy barks which can be a little grating after a while. Recommend.'

5/5  Kellie 'My daughter is obsessed with dogs and carries this everywhere with her now! She absolutely loves it!'

5/5  Jenny 'Great toy for the price'

5/5  Spkm 'My 4 year oldson loves it Its a lovely lookibg pup'

5/5  Mam 'Daughter loves this plays with it all the time'

5/5  Patsy 'Brought for my 3 1/2 year old grandson and he loves it. Very cute and barks, wags tail and walks. My 1 year old granddaughter also loves it. Best buy.'

5/5  Leanne23 'Great toy,does what it says on the box'

5/5  Jacquie 'A lovely companion toy.'

5/5  Darklord 'Bought as a top up for sons birthday by far his fav pressie'

5/5  Hayhay32 'My lil boy loves he's toy hours of fun'

5/5  Lucy 'I actually bought this for a birthday present. I bought one for my children for Christmas and it's great they love it. So I bought this one for my sons friends birthday.'

1/5  Dan 'Went through all the struggle of getting the batteries in just for the thing not work. Last thing you need when it's a Christmas gift!!'

4/5  Mrudu 'My girl was very happy with puppy toy'

5/5  TH 'My toddler was bought this for Christmas and absolutely adores it. He loves to press the button and watch him bark and walk forward. My eldest (6) also loved it and used his Christmas money to buy one too!!'

5/5  AMYJANE 'My little boy loves it thinks it’s real dog lol'

4/5  Jean 'Bought for my 2 year old grand daughter. A simple toy with engaging action that makes her smile,( not very cuddly due to hard plastic base).'

4/5  Shashash 'Bough this for my 17 month old daughter for Christmas absolutely loves it dose what a dog dose walks wagges it's talk and barks loves to take him round the house for walks ideal for her as she's scared a real dogs'

4/5  Kyra 'Great little fun toy Just wish it did a little more Grandson loves it follows it around and gives it a hug'

5/5  Kerry 'My kids asked for a robot dog and they loved this, it barks and walks, ideal to walk on a lead.'

4/5  PaulaKate 'Great fun, with its wagging tail and dog noises. It was loved by my sister who I bought it for.'

1/5  Boringoldfool 'It is very difficult to load the batteries. The slit in the underside is smaller than the battery cover. Having finally managed to insert the batteries, the toy did not work. Returned for a full refund'

5/5  Lewis 'Lovely old fashioned toy that our grandson loved . Batteries last a long time .'

4/5  Bolyrani 'Great simple and soft toy. I bought it for my 2 years old and she loves it, she cuddles it and calls it. Good quality for the price.'

5/5  Imee 'The item I bought was a perfect gift to a little girl. The puppy is so cite and beautiful.'

5/5  Susan42 'Only downside was that the battery access was fiddly otherwise a superb little toy and was well received at Christmas'

5/5  Pats 'This item was more than adequate for cleaning my stairs and landing carpet plus some rugs. Easy to use and very good value for money.'

4/5  Emma 'The wagging tail and noises it makes are great. Made my 3 amd 4 year old laugh. They play with the dog and stoke and pet it like a real dog. Worth the money paid.'

5/5  Weereilly 'Great wee toy ,just the right size for small kids'

5/5  Judy 'Great fun ,not too loud, but difficult for small hands to press the on button'

5/5  Leah 'Brought as a present for my niece and she adores it, didn’t come with batteries though so make sure you buy some!'

5/5  Sandy 'I know this is for a child but I bought it for my little dog, she loves it and has lots of fun with it, attacking it, running away from it and cuddling it. So pleased with this.'

4/5  BettyBoop 'This was a bit of a stocking filler for our grandchildren aged 2 & 3. They both seem to like it. It's got a cute little face & nice soft fur. The battery compartment is screw in so you will need a screwdriver to secure the batteries. The battery compartment is well hidden by a velcro strip. Nice thing about this is that it doesn't bark continuously, there's a part on the dogs side that you squeeze and it barks/ wags it's tail/ walks a couple of times & then needs pressing again to make it go.'

5/5  ShortyG1 'Great little friend'

5/5  Claire 'Much better than i expected defintly a fab present idea'

5/5  Xmissalexanderx 'Bought this for my 16month olds Christmas and she a solo loves it. It wags its tail, barks and walks. Great wee toy.'

5/5  Barry 'Great little toy for kids'

4/5  Kojo 'MY kids loved this spent hours on the floor with it'

4/5  Sally 'You need 3 AA batteries & a small screwdriver to install them. There is velcro on the dog's underside that you prise apart and then you unscrew a tiny screw to access the battery box, put your batteries in (the polarity is on the packaging), then screw the tiny screw back in, & restore the velcro seal so the dog's fur covers up the join. There's a removable tag showing where to press on the dog's body to make him bark, walk and wag his tail. Excellent toy for the price, once ready to go!'

1/5  Sharon 'Extremely difficult to get the batteries in as battery case is inside a rigid body which was hard to access. After a fight I was disgusted to find the product didn't actually work.'

5/5  Monika 'Bought it for my 1 year old son for Christmas, I didn’t try it, so I can’t say how it works. Looks and feels solid, very good quality. The puppy feels very soft nearly like a real puppy.'

5/5  George4343 'Great product my 3 year old daughter loves it. She takes it everywhere with her now so glad I brought this one she so happy.'

5/5  SHAZZA 'Bought as birthday present for my grandson - he loved it'

5/5  Nannyg 'I bought this puppy toy for my granddaughter and she loves it. Very pleased with the toy and excellent value for money. Child never gets bored with this toy. A real favourite'

5/5  RiccardoR 'Bought this for my niece's birthday and she loves it, wont leave it alone!'

4/5  Laura 'Cute little pup. My 2 year old girl loves him. He’s quite basic in the movements and sounds and walks very slowly. Be warned he’s quite yappy and it’s loud so probably not a great but if you’re trying to keep the kids quiet for 5 mins so you can have a cuppa. Overall I reckon this is not a bad buy for the money. Would have got 5 stars if it had a volume control'

5/5  Lois 'My son loves this toy'

5/5  Chris 'Worth the money Granddaughter loves it, walks, talks carries it every where. Treats it like her own little puppy friend. Needs batteries.'

5/5  Nas 'This was a great purchase my six year old loves it, its good value'

5/5  Jos 'Very happy with this product my niece really enjoyed playing with it'

5/5  Underee 'It got my son so excited. He loves it so much'

5/5  Nikisticki 'This is such a lovely little puppy for small children. His fur is really soft and he has a cute little face unlike some other robotic dogs. He does everything he's supposed to at the press of a button which is easy to control, even for my 16 month old. I would definitely recommend this toy.'

5/5  Sj 'Bought for my friends little on for a birthday present, she loved it'

4/5  Tima 'Great price for so much fun'

5/5  Mummykeats 'Bought for a couple of young children then were thrilled quite small but for the price very pleased.'

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