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Chad Valley Military Aircraft C17 Playset

About the Chad Valley Military Aircraft C17 Playset

This military aircraft has lots of figures and vehicles for little ones to recreate their very own military battle scene. Budding aviators can engage in imaginative play both in the air and on the ground with this mixture of aircraft and wheeled vehicles. Includes 4 vehicles, 2 helicopters and 12 soldiers. Size H52, W49, D16cm. Batteries required: 3 x button cell (included) plus . For ages 3 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3878435
EAN/SKU: 3878435
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Chad Valley Military Aircraft C17 Playset Reviews

5/5   'Good toy fabulous price to'

4/5  Gem 'I got this at half price so can't really complain my son thinks it's great and loves all the extra bits that come with it only down sides it looks a little flimsy'

5/5  Vicky 'Sturdy made toy with compartments to store the extras, with imagination lots of fun to be had would recommend'

5/5  Kay's 'Abosoutlsy amazing toy for young boys bought my 4 year old nephew this and a few other toys related to this and their Abosoutley amazing especially for the price will be buying more products'

5/5  Eck 'The child love's this toy'

5/5  Matt H 'This toy is easy to construct and very sturdy and comes with a number of detailed vehicles and accessories. The hold of the aircraft can be loaded via ramps from the front nose or the rear tail ramp. Has already provided hours of entertainment for the children and at great value'

5/5  Joyfish 'Bought for my grandson for xmas'

5/5  Grandma 'Bought for my grandson hours of fun playing with this'

5/5  Gary1988 'Had purchased the helicopter set and put away for Christmas. Great quality. So wondered how I am going to play with him on Christmas Day. So I had to buy this. I have opened and checked the product and it seems great. Others who where present while I opened was a little jealous that they were too old to play with them now. I will be though. I am a big kid at heart. I can't wait to play with these with my son on Christmas Day. "Chicken dipper " will be 2 and a half on Christmas Day.'

5/5  Christov 'Good size item with many figures and veichles. Provides ages of play at a great piece'

5/5  Laura 'Bought for my friend son's birthday.He love it ! It was the best present he got .'

4/5  Zain 'Bought it for my 7 year old, he loves imaginative play with it'

1/5  Bmw23 'The top wing wouldn't fit in properly and my son got his finger trapped when trying to put cars in at the front so returned it'

5/5  ProundAuntie 'I brought this for my nephews birthday, he absolutely loves it, he spends hours playing with it'

4/5  Zoe 'I brought thus for my four year old son,he loves it'

4/5  Sarah 'My son loves it'

5/5  Smasher 'My son is 9 years and theplayset is for 3 years old my son doesnt care he had this for his birthday and is happy withit all vehicles r on his table'

5/5  Diane 'Also got this from my son's birthday'

5/5  Michaela 'A well constructed, solid Aircraft which is easy to assemble and comes with many extras!'

4/5  Cherrie 'This toy is great my little boy plays for hours'

3/5  Cindy C 'Comes apart too easy. It is all over the house in bits'

5/5  Jazmin1994 'A lot of fun, imaginative play, little one loves it, easy to assemble.'

5/5  Kt 'Got this for my son for Christmas and he loves it'

4/5  Samsam 'My two boys love this and love the little toys that come with it !'

3/5  Tony 'Not much to say about this but you get soldiers and vehicles also so good value for money. Plane is ok though nose that opens came off within a hour of child playing with it and difficult to close so likely the reason it came off. Other than that a ok product.'

5/5  Sammie 'Brilliant buy, bought for my 6 year old son who loves things like this. Strong plastic and even comes with xtras well worth the money.'

5/5  Rachy 'Great toy looks great'

5/5  Stephanie 'I bought this for both of my kids and they love it, so sturdy and gives them hours and hours of fun x'

5/5  Sue 'Bought this for my sons birthday. he loves it. the head of the plane falls off quite easily when opening and can be a bit tricky getting it back on but in general, lovely toy with nice army tanks to go with it perfect for any army fan'

5/5  Leggy 'Good product, little smaller than thought'

1/5  Chris 'Just wasn't enough soldiers an the ones that were very very poor quality an very cheap'

5/5  Dean 'Really good product for kids. Value for money'

5/5  Nic 'This product is great value for money.'

5/5  Ash 'Example: This product has great features'

1/5  Abukar 'To improve your product it must have the quality for value for money if I can get my money back i will be happy thanks'

5/5  Earl 'This item was bought for my five year old grandson and he had great fun playing with it.'

4/5  Millie 'Our Grandson loves planes and had great fun with this toy.'

4/5  Womble 'Thoroughly enjoyed it from the start easy assembly off he went'

5/5  Rosbush 'Pleased with my purchase my 7 year old grandson enjoyed playing with his present And was good value at a reasonable price.'

4/5  Alan 'Bought this for our grandson and he has had hours of fun with it.'

3/5  Th13teen 'Main wing span and front of plane always falling off. recommended product is same brand but the helicopter is of a better quality and has rotating blades which my son loved'

5/5  Meme 'It is a Christmas present but looks really great think my grandson will love it'

5/5  Tanya 'Got it on sale - very good price, proper birthday present. 6 yr old boy was happy.'

5/5  Flozzy 'Great toy grandson really loves this plane and all the other toys with the plane money well spent one happy boy'

4/5  Postman Pat 'Easy to put together. My 8 year old son put it together. Hardest part was dissecting individual soldiers off of plastic divider.'

5/5  MrsBrain06 'Fantastic aeroplane. Our daughter thinks it's a Lancaster so is very happy. lights and sounds are good. Not keen on the army camo colour but appreciate this is mainly a boys toy. great value for money'

4/5  Mommyg 'This is a nice chunky toy with minimal amount of set up slots together nice and easy. my boys are 19months and 3yrs old they are "boisterous" and the toy is still in one piece several weeks later, mainly due to the fact the wings and nose cone come off easily!! only draw back are the soldiers provided are very small, overall though its a great toy.'

5/5  LoopyLoopie 'Brought this for my son's birthday & he enjoy's playing with it, loves the sound's it makes'

4/5  TJay 'My 6 year old son and his 7 year old cousin both requested this for their birthday earlier in September. The hours of entertainment they have both had out of this play set has been worth every penny and has allowed them to be very imaginative and creative at the same time. Good purchase.'

5/5  Von 'We bought this for my Grandsons 5th birthday and he absolutely loves it, Driving jeeps into the plane, parachuting tanks down and all the soldiers too, we didn't hear a ppep from him and another of my Grandsons for ages while they were playing with this !!!!! Peace and quiet from 2 energetic boys................... gotta be worth the money !!!!!'

5/5  Nbert 'Another Great toy from 'Chad Valley'. My son is 7 at the moment and still play with it. He love all the open parts of the plane and extra tanks,soldiers, cars,helicopters. Absolutelly recommended for anybody who looking for military toys. Still great also for older children.'

5/5  Doris 'My nephew will love this. I previewed before and pleased with the set.'

5/5  Tom 'Big and chunky for young and older children fun'

4/5  Riktas 'Extremely good value and excellent toy for age group specified'

3/5  Chris 'Bought this for grandsons birthday. Within minutes the clip on the wings snapped & the front of the plane keeps falling off. We've had to use glue to keep it together. The accessories are canny though. Great toy. Just poorly made.'

5/5  Poll 'My Nephew went through the Argos Cat. for his Christmas List and this was one of his choices. Excellent gift over all for him and for my pocket.'

5/5  Maggie 'Kept the grandson occupied for a long time, other child joined in'

4/5  Pat 'My grandsons have had lots of fun with the aircraft. Strongly made. Still keeping them entertained, well after Christmas. A toy that keeps coming out.'

5/5  Rosie 'This was very good value for money and kept my son amuzed for hours'

3/5  Barbara 'Aircraft/plane was very strong but the smaller parts were too small for tiny fingers'

5/5  Bought this for my son age 7 for xmas he loves it got is little jeeps and army people to place inside spends hours playing with it he puts it together with is battleship we got him one xmas.Excellent buy. 'My 3 year old loves it. Good build quality, good price and my 3 year old like playing with all its differnet components.'

5/5  My nephew love this very much as i got it for his birthday and best friend max was so happy for him to get this they play with all night long. 'Kiddywinks10'

5/5  I bought this for a 3 year old and was told it was his favourite present that he had received. This is great value for money and entertains for hours. I would definitely buy it again. 'Caz68'

5/5  I brought this for my son who is younger then this was recommended for but he loves it and its quite realistic looking plane toy and large size. 'Kate'

5/5  My son wanted a plane for his birthday & this looks like a good choice. He thinks its the best one ever & I think it will last a while at least. The tanks are of a better quality than I expected. Great value for money. Very pleased 'Angie'

5/5  Great build quality and easy to put together 'Nicola'

5/5  That aircrat surprised me a lot. Very good quality for this amount. My nephew loves it a lot;) 'Shug'

5/5  So much toy for such little money. Bought it for my nephew and he has had and still is having hours of fun with it.brilliant value!! 'Aunt'

5/5  Great Value and lots of items included to go with the plane. I originally purchased one for a friends son's birthday and was so impresssed I bought a plane and an aircraft carrier for my boys. 'Gulay'

5/5  My 6 (soon to be 7) year old grandson loved this aircraft and has hours of fun playing with it. 'Karen'

5/5  Bought this for one of my grandsons Christmas and he was very pleased with it. 'Annie'

4/5  Bought this as a stocking filler for my 8 year old son who is into all things Military. Not only does it come with figures but the aircraft makes noises too. And even better I got it in the sale so for just over a tenner I am one happy mum with one happy son 'Granny'

5/5  When my 4 yr old grandson saw his box with his aircraft he was disappointed until he saw how big it was as his brothers helicopter looked bigger than his as the 2 yr old box was bigger. Now the games can start." here start world war 3"game in melton mowbray. 'ShazzaG'

5/5  Great quality, was brought for my nephew but his father and myself ended up playing with it too. We both decided we wanted one . . . Nephew is 4 years old, his father is in his 30's and I am an 18 year old woman. So many working gadgets and gizmos plus the plastic men have different jobs to do including a scuba diver, and they reminded us of the soldiers in Toy Story. Brilliant!!!! 'Sandie'

5/5  This was a christmas present from great grandparents to grandson he loved it. 'Rebecca'

5/5  Jimbo2962 'Got this for Grandson (4) for Xmas. Loves it. Little army and trucks are great fun.'

5/5  Penny 'I bought one of these around 9-10 years ago from argos for one of my older sons & it has been passed down to my 2 younger son's 4 & 5 years old. My neighbours son (6) always asks to play with it when he comes round so when it came round to his Birthday decided to buy him this one as it is very similar if not better as it has sounds aswell. You can load the plane up with all the military vehicles and for any child who enjoys playing with cars, planes etc will give many hours of play. The gift was well received and a good price range for school friends parties etc.'

5/5  Mrs D 'Couldn't believe how good this aircraft was & thought it was a good buy.'

5/5  Tess 'This kids toy plane is really good. A lot of the parts can be taken off and put back on again which keeps my 7 year old grandson occupied for ages. It is quite sturdy considering it is made from plastic! It comes with lots of accessories. A very good buy'

5/5  Suzie 'We bought this aircraft for our seven year old son. Definately would NOT recommend this for toddlers-as stated as the army men inside are tiny. However my son loved the plane- good sounds, nice and chunky-feels sturdy.Lots of cars and tanks inside-a good buy. Only downside is back of aircraft has a nack to opening it and is tricky for him to do.'

4/5  Auntie Fran 'This is a great toy, my four year old nephew loves it. He likes all the accessories and can play with those separately. Only negative is the nose, which is fiddly to close and comes off frequently.'

4/5  Dutchess 'Will stretch a child's imagination. With the army deployed in conflict at the moment will help the younger generation understand through play. A word of caution - figures are very tiny'


5/5  Pebs 'Brought this for my 5 year old son. He loved it and played with it for ages. The plane looks really good.'

5/5  Laura 'I bought this for my son for his 4th bday after being recommended it by a friend, it was by far his best present (and he had a LOT) !! he has played with it for hours and hours on end,'

5/5  Louise 'Another great stocking filler. Really good sturdy toy, provides a great deal of fun for the average 5 yr old. It even looks good sititng on the shelf when not in use. All in all a good toy that will grow with them.'

5/5  Teapot 'This was purchased for a 4 year olds birthday. His friend at Pre School had got a plane and he wanted one just like it. He described it as " a plane, not a small one, green" I searched and saw this army one and, not noticing the measurements, was pleasantly surprised how big it actually was. When the present was given, my 4 year old wanted and now has one. It is well made with little effort in assembling. With lots of little vehicles, soldiers to go with it and the noise adds to his role playing and is definately great value for money.'

5/5  Trev 'Easy to construct and hours of fun playing with this'

4/5  Amanda 'Bought for my 7 yr old son who spends hours playing with it, also bought chad valley battleship, out of all his x-mas presents these were the cheapest and he enjoys them the most, he is heavy handed and to my amazement he hasn't broke a thing on them, they come with loads of extra's including soldiers, tanks, planes, cargo etc really great purchase and for the price its wonderful...'

5/5  Sarah 'Within a few minutes of playing with this, the front of the aircraft had broken off. My son who is six loves it, but would not recommend due to poor quality of product.'

1/5  Mandy 'Got this for my 7 year old son. he loves it. its a brilliant toy,its a good size and as got lots of little tanks, soldiers,helicopters etc with it. excellent value for yr money.'

5/5  Louise 'Bought for my 8 yr old boys who plays with it all the time, great toy for not very much , bargin'

5/5  Tracey 'My son loves this plane, was a great present for him, because of small action figures would not recommend to younger children.'

5/5  Twinmum 'Plane is great value.... the only down side is the nose opening of the plane is stiff i have to help to open it'

4/5  QueenBee 'Great interactive toy with lots of imagination. They vehicle are great!'

5/5  AbSab 'This was a Christmas present and though I was unsure about the quality when I ordered it, I was pleasantly surprised. The only down side is that you have to be really careful when removing the small military figures. I would recommend you cut them as opposed to twisting them out as you may be in danger of breaking them. Other than that its a pretty good gift, and my son was very happy with it.'

4/5  Bri 'My lad is 4 and loves this he plays with his brother who had the army ship great fun for them good price. only down side is the front keeps popping off but is easily put back on son just needs some patience with it.'

5/5  Lisa 'I bought this for my son for christmas and he loves it, the quality isn't excellent but that's reflected in the reasonable price.'

4/5  Miss Cargill 'Fab little set total value for money plane a lot bigger than expected my son loved it'

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