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Chad Valley Farm Figures Bucket - 50 PieceChad Valley Farm Figures Bucket - 50 Piece Images

About the Chad Valley Farm Figures Bucket - 50 Piece

The Chad Valley Farm Figures Bucket - 50 Piece is a great way to familiarise little ones about farm animals they may encounter in future or already have a little knowledge of. These life-like 50 (fifty) piece figurines and accessories will greatly assist and inspire your most cherished as they create their own amazing play scenes with an educational twist. Have fun making the sounds of the animals; this set includes favourites such as sheep (baaah-baaah!), cows (moo!), horses (neh!), pigs (oink-oink!) goats (eeeee!) and many more. Size H24.77, W14.92, D14.92cm.

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Chad Valley Farm Figures Bucket - 50 Piece Reviews

5/5   'Highly recommend this set. Bought for grandchildren which they love.'

5/5  Fergy 'My 2 year old absolutely loves this. Great variety Of farm animals with different sizes including baby animals'

5/5  Coxy 'The animals in this tub are very easy to recognise..they bring hours of fun and enhance learning and imagination..'

5/5  Flick 'Good price for what you got'

5/5  Shinioan 'Boy is pulling the buchet out every time comes down stairs to play, he just love them'

5/5  Grandma 'Nicely modelled farm animals in three sizes plus some fencing, troughs, bales of hay and other bits found in a farmyard. My little grandson loves them. Although not yet 2yrs he is fixated on farm animals so is always supervised and not allowed the smallest bits. Good value for money.'

5/5  Tink 'Great for the money my grandson loved it good size animals'

5/5  Jude 'I have bought this for my great nephew for Easter as he loves animals so hoping he will have a lot of fun with these great price to'

5/5  Fish 'Hours of fun with this farm set. The animals are all fairly big so they're safe in the hands of my 1 year old when her 3 year old sister is playing with them! The label on the packaging is a bit odd (cityscape label for a farm?) but doesn't detract from the product itself which we're really happy with.'

5/5  Barryd1865 'These animals are very suitable for quality wooden farm buildings with matching fences etc My 2 year old loves them and I am happy that they are safe for her age group'

5/5  BT0204 'Brilliant for the price and really worth the money my son loves them.'

5/5  Amanda '3 Of each animal in different sizes and poses'

5/5  Bossyboots 'Fantastic quality my son absolutely loves his farm animals would recommend.'

4/5  Nikki 'The farm animals were an added extra to a toy barn that looked a bit bare. My 2year old loves it, would be great if the fence had a gate piece but lots can be done without. Good value for money.'

5/5  Nat 'Brilliant he is very happy with theoroduct'

5/5  Hayrae 'These are of a much higher quality than I expected! An absolute bargain!'

5/5  Sonu 'This is excellent toy for kids to play with farm animals. My kids love to make their own farm house and play with all animals. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend.'

5/5  Giselle 'The price was excellent. The product was great. We had to guess what some of the animals were but it was all good fun.'

4/5  PD 'Good selection of animals and a good price'

5/5  Jackjack 'Great item to role play with a 3 year old perfect gift'

5/5  Bob 'Good service, quick to order , click and collect'

4/5  De 'Lots of different animals.'

5/5  Jay 'Great selection of sturdy little farm animals as well as fences, trees, feeders and hay bales. well worth the money and would definitely buy again for friends and family'

5/5  Gaya 'My 5 year old just love this farm yard set. Most of the animals are big in size'

5/5  Grumpy 'Lots of farm items in a handy carrying pot. My little 4 year old grand daughter loves playing with them. Recommended for the price'

5/5  Tash 'Good farm animal set including a dog and a cat fences and trees. Pleased with item and 2 year old daughter loves it.'

5/5  Jan 'Bought for a 4 year old Very happy with purchase good selection of animals.Hopefully a happy child on Christmas morning'

5/5  Suz 'I really reccomend this farm set! My 2 year old is so happy with it and can play with it all day long.'

5/5  Lisa 'This is a great item for toddlers and older kids. My daughter loves it. You get loads of animals in there with loads of accessories too.'

5/5  Miniator 'Our little one loves animals and going to the farm, she’s been playing with it non stop!'

5/5  Pudsk 'This is an excellent sturdy tub of farm animals - really quite big and heavy! Lots of little extras such as gates and troughs in addition to all the usual farm animals. They stand up quite well when played with and pack away tidily in the tub.'

5/5  Lisab7575 'The Buckett of animals was a great present for my daughters birthday shes had many hours fun already playing with them all and will continue to do so.'

5/5  Kate 'My nephew was happy with this gift'

5/5  Kangeroo 'Amazing value, great size animals, every one stands upright, very life like, any child will be delighted with them.'

5/5  Fyfyn 'My nephew wanted a play farm for Christmas, but it came with no toy animals. The set is just what I wanted and was much less expensive than the same set on some on line sites.'

5/5  Ailsa 'My daughter loves all of the animals and enjoys using the gates and hay bales. Great purchase for a great price'

5/5  Smooshy 'My little boy loves it, huge variety of animals and bits and bobs!'

5/5  Nana 'Good size animals, worth the money'

5/5  Luci 'Little boy adores the farm animals. Fab value'

5/5  Jess 'Got these for my near 2 year old to start teaching her animals and noises etc! The amount you get in there is amazing! Good variety, all the animals are in different positions so it’s not boring!'

5/5  Dicko 'Excellent for young children's education'

5/5  Betty 'Good quality brought for my son would recomend'

5/5  Nick 'My daughter loves the farm animals. You get a good selection of animals for the price. Thanks Argos x'

5/5  Glen 'Large figures. Lifelike. Grandson loved them.'

5/5  Becky 'My little girls loves her animals, great for learning and role play!'

5/5  Brenda 'Cute little collection of farm animals, fences, trees and troughs. Granddaughter loves playing with them.'

5/5  Brogan 'Great product, great price'

5/5  Linda 'I bought this farm set for my grandson and he loves it. He plays with the animals for hours. I would definitely recommend this.'

5/5  Ashleigh2283 'I was expecting a small tub with tiny animals but that is not the case with this product! Large clear tub with big and small animals, 3 year old absolutely loves it and plays for hours! Great but, great product, very well made.'

5/5  Paige 'My son loves it definitely recommend'

5/5  Jaggs 'Bought for my two children, and they both love them! They play farms and can see the toys lasting a long time. Would recommend as they love animals!'

5/5  Kk 'Hours of fun and lots of imagination'

5/5  Kassy 'Daughter loves playing with it. Entertained for hours.'

5/5  CG 'My son spent hours using his imagination and playing with his farm animals. This was the toy my son played with the most from all his birthday presents'

5/5  Sally 'Good value collection of farm animals'

5/5  Beth 'My son absolutely loves this farm animals figures he is constantly playing with them I would recommend them to my friends and family Hundred percent 5 star from me Amazing quality and amazing toys'

5/5  Mom 'I bought it for my son and he loves playing with it plus the animals are a quite good size and there is no choking hazard'

5/5  Lozza 'My 2 year old is obsessed with animals. These were at a great price and thought they'd be able to help him tell the difference between each animal and since having them he's learnt majority of each animals name! Couldn't be any happier with this product and the progress it's helped my son make!'

5/5  Julie 'Good price and quality toys'

5/5  Screens 'Well made and good quality and more characters than expected'

5/5  Hev 'Fast delivery,nice sturdy set..I work in a nursery and the children just love playing with the set..Well worth price and a lovely container to keep farm in.Would recommend'

5/5  Helensr86 'Really good value for he price, the animals are great, the fencing isn't so great and breaks easily but I have a very happy 2 year old who enjoys playing with this'

4/5  Kate 'Bought these for my friends daughters 2nd birthday, when she said that's what she wanted i thought they looked like a load of rubbish, but she absolutely loves them and plays for hours with the animals. Great value for money and i would highly recommend.'

4/5  Bracken 'Lovely little play set. The animals are chunky and easy to hold, hours of fun to be had. The only downside is there are not enough fences as my son pointed out.'

5/5  Lyn 'These farm animals are excellent value, they're a good size and plenty of them to keep little ones happy.'

5/5  Snowball 'Bought for my grandson and he absolutely Loved them.'

5/5  Tor 'This bucket includes a good mix of good quality small and large animals and scenery as well as a big bucket to keep them in. A brilliant present for any child.'

5/5  Vicky 'Good size animals especially for little hands. (Was brought for granddaughter, 22months old) There are alot of fences, rocks, trees , troughs ,but still worth the money. Great buy'

4/5  Leanna 'We like the animals, but the extra bits (rocks?, fence/trees) are a bit rubbish in comparison.'

5/5  Jade94 'I Love Playing With These With My Little Lad'

5/5  Karen 'Good value for money'

5/5  Vilmante 'My toddler can't get enough of those animal figurines, she makes noise which they do. Very entertaining and educational.'

5/5  Bootse 'Hours and hours of fun.'

5/5  RubyTuesday4 'My Grandson loved them.'

5/5  Fdebrieux 'I bought this for my 3 year old daughter and she loves it. She has been playing with it a lot and for extended period of time (not a given with ANY toddler!). The quality is very good even though the scale is a bit off: one of the goat is much bigger than the horse and the cow!'

5/5  Fiona 'My child loves the box and the animals! Lovely set for a very reasonable price!'

4/5  Steve 'Lots of different animals in different sizes. For the price, it's well worth it. May daughter loves them.'

5/5  Harsh 'It was really nice toy for kids to enjoy...water storage is a bit wobbly and can't stand on its own but that's fine.'

5/5  HeatherBee 'Ideal first farm yard for toddlers to play and learn all about animals. The fencing is pretty much useless, but the animals are well made.'

5/5  Cathy 'I like the fact that each animal has a family so that the child can learn the names when they are older.'

5/5  Jasperellie 'Bought these for my 2 year old grandson as he lives animals.'

5/5  Tray 'Great price and size not tiny Animals so better for gripping witg little hands'

5/5  Krasi 'He likes them a lot. Good size. Very pleased with them'

5/5  Polly 'Great item! Plenty of variety of both animals and props and fantastic quality. Highly recommend!'

5/5  Amelia 'Very happy with the farm set, even a few weeks down the line. A good range of animals, lots of hay, and the kids have loved using real water in the troughs.'

5/5  Bbongox 'Bought for my grandchild very pleased with purchase'

5/5  PS22 'Great set of animals, and really good quality :)'

5/5  Amanda 'Fantastic farm animals at an amazing price, similar sized in other shops where slot more per animal. Very happy with my purchase and so will the children I bought them for.'

5/5  Sec 'The animals are a good size and not flimsy. Also a good variety and comes in a very handy storage jar. I have bought them to keep at my house for my Grandson but they are so good I am going to buy another one for him to have at his own house as he loves farm animals.'

5/5  Vibhi 'The farm kit had all the animals kids typically love! My son absolutely loved the gift and spends at least an hour every day building the farm and playing with animals. He learns the animal names, their little ones and also the sounds these make. Glad I bought this!'

5/5  Goblin 'Excellent value for money, very realistic and nicely made toy animals. A very good selection of farm animals was included, a very pleasing toy for any child.'

5/5  Chezza14 'Sturdy well made animal toys which are perfect for my two year old'

5/5  Judemac 'All tidy in a lidded tub this farm animal set teaches young children about animals and their sounds and environment. Helps with their education.'

5/5  Simonfromcardiff 'Great quality animals but the fences are poor quality but overall for the price it's great..'

4/5  Toby 'Animals are very cute. However 50 pieces it is not- too many pieces of fence and other..'

5/5  Dawn 'This farm set is very good. Plenty of animals and the fence is included so the child can have the animals fenced off like on a real farm. Very good value for money'

4/5  Dragon 'Good value for money - granddaughter loved the animals'

5/5  KJ 'Bought these for a four year old who loves animals. The figures are very well made, nice colours with good detail. Very good value for money!'

5/5  Tsdnk 'My daughter got a farm for her 5th birthday and no animals this was perfect and she uses her other toys to "visit" the farm and the animals on school trips definitely worth the money amazing set'

5/5  Anna 'Easy to handle for little people - realistic farm animals - great for imaginative play.'

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