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chad valley 2 player laser command

About the Chad Valley 2 Player Laser Command

Pow! Pow! Pow! Use infra-red guns to aim accurately and strike at your opponent ten (10) times to win with this Chad Valley 2 Player Laser Command game. It's sporty fun for friends and all the family and has an impressive fifteen (15) metre range.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN/SKU: 2486268
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Chad Valley 2 Player Laser Command Reviews

3/5   'I dont think they are amazing quality and the instructions aren't very clear on how to play the game. The kids like them but they didnt understand how to use them or find out who won'

3/5  Nan 'Not the best thing Iv bought for grandchildren'

4/5  EMi 'These were bought for our 4 and 6 year olds, they were played with once and forgotten about, they are noisy even when not firing, going to get them out again when it's nice weather maybe out side they will be better'

5/5  Dougie 'My Grandchildren loved them they want to bye more so there friends can play to'

5/5  Mrsm 'Perfect for my 2 nephews! Great fun and keeps them entertained'

3/5  Pinklady 'You have to get quite close and aim right at the senser.'

5/5  Demii 'Keeps my son and his friends entertained - good buy'

5/5  Emily 'Leads get tangled if get too over excited but kids love it good range great fun'

5/5  Nicola 'Good for the price would recommend this toy'

5/5  Pinky 'Lots of fun Love the colour'

3/5  SamG 'A bit annoying sound after a while. Controller could be better designed to show shots etc. Strap buckle very cheap and inferior quality as it broke on day one of use. For quality of product should have been cheaper in price.'

5/5  Destar 'We have had lots of fun playing this laser tag game with our son. Great quality and great price, we highly recommend this item.'

5/5  MumNora 'My son had endless fun with his friend playing with the set.'

5/5  EBee 'Bought this for my 2 and 5 year old. A little complicated for the 2 year old but he still tries! It’s a good game and gets them running around away from screens. I’d prefer it if the guns were not attached to the belt and if the belt had shoulder straps or just a more secure method to attach as it falls off my slim daughter. The constant beeping it does is annoying and could use an option not to have it.'

5/5  Steph 'Packed away for my son for christmas.looks fun and im sure he will enjoy.'

5/5  Harley 'Fun game for the kids'

5/5  Broken 'Bought for a birthday present. One happy boy . I would recommend'

3/5  Skerritt 'Looks good but i thought there was lights on the side for when they got shot so they knew how many life’s they had but it doesn’t just makes a noise it’s been out of box once and put back away !'

5/5  Kick 'Fantastic item light waight and fun'

5/5  Toni 'Make sure you have all the right batteries'

5/5  Sue 'Great fun kids love it'

5/5  Atif 'It is good kids love this one'

5/5  Carole57 'Bought for my grandson ready for christmas so havent used it for any length however I bought as a deal and was reasonable quality for the price can't wait to do battle'

4/5  Nina 'My son and his friends love playing this'

5/5  DanB 'Great toy, hours of fun at an excellent price.'

5/5  DanielleRW 'My son wanted these for his 6th birthday. He loves them. Really simple to use, hours of fun out of them!'

5/5  A1985n 'Boys just cant put them down !'

3/5  Akay 'To be honest we were a little dissapointed. these really are just annoyingly noisy and boys got fed up with them very quickly.'

4/5  Kat 'Good value for money and jazmin was great with helping my nephew choose a toy'

2/5  Giobbe 'The pistol target buzz is quite noisy and it can be very tedious in the long run. My girls didn't like it very much and they got bored soon'

5/5  Jane292 'These are very good value for money, very durable. Chad valley toys are always well made and good quality. Great for kids old and young. Great alternative to the leading brand.'

1/5  Jo 'Couldnt take the screws out of the back to put batteries in because all the plastic snapped. I didnt want to leave any stars as my son was disappointed. But this page doesnt give me that option.'

5/5  Ionut 'My boy it's love it and me also because we play together very nice'

3/5  Hugz 'I bought this as a Christmas filler and to see how my 5 and 7 year old liked them. The guns worked well and we all had great fun playing with them. Although coloured you can hit any receptor, even your own, so we didn't need to team up if we didn't want to. Ours quickly broke after a few weeks unfortunately with a bit of rough play and not being careful by running through the wires attaching the receptor and gun. Typical of young boys.'

5/5  Sarah 'My kids love them have played for hours'

1/5  Lou72 'Sadly this disappointed us. I brought it for my sons 8th bday but it wasn’t what I thought even after reading mixed reviews. It had an annoying continual screamy noise so your opponent could hear you, and half the street. Sadly I wouldn’t recommend.'

4/5  HKG 'Bought for my 10 yr old son, always wanted lazor tag but found most too expensive. Saw this, thought it was worth a go for price. Pleasantly surprised. Packaging looks basic and babyish but what's inside is ok. Constant beep when on which my son didn't like as he couldn't sneak up on componants but that's not a critasimn really. You can probably get ones which are far better but I'm happy with this purchase and would recommend.'

1/5  Chan26 'Clearly faulty and resold'

4/5  JJ 'My son loved it, he a great time playing with fhis toy with his friend.'

2/5  Kloaf 'Whilst on it constantly beeps loudly to simulate a heart beat which is very annoying . Quite good fun to play although my sons hasn't played with it much since he got it still goes back to his favs football or Lego'

2/5  Claire 'The kids played with it once, and soon got fed up, as a wire attaches to the belt and easy to pull too hard. Wouldn't recommend this.'

5/5  Emma 'My boys enjoy playing with these'

4/5  Betty123 'Not played with yet, looks good'

4/5  Annie 'Was a little confusing at first but once we figured it out it was loads of fun, kids enjoyed it during the day. Adults enjoyed it after the kids went to bed, was a great time!'

4/5  Sam 'Great fun. Me an my boy played for hours'

4/5  Danni 'Lazer guns are great use battery quite quickly.'

5/5  Yolly 'I bought this for my grandson, he will love it.'

5/5  Me 'This is a Xmas gift so not seen inside the box but from the outside looks good.'

5/5  Jules 'I bought this for a Christmas present so it hasn't been used x x'

5/5  Lou 'Haven’t used them yet as they where bought for Christmas but they look like loads of fun would be had'

4/5  Happy 'Daughter loves this hours of fun'

4/5  Louise 'I'm sure it will be enjoyed by my 4 and 10 year olds'

4/5  El 'Bought for 5 and 4 year old sisters- this is the only toy we've found that keeps them playing nicely together for hours! Sturdy, light and east to use- this is my girls' favourite toy at the moment.. would definitely recommend.'

4/5  Chan89 'Bought for my son for Xmas. I think he will enjoy playing this with his sister. Good buy.'

3/5  Neo57 'Its nice for the kids for one time but after that my son got bored and has fogotten where he kept it.'

5/5  Paula 'This is a Christmas present for my grandsons, so dont know if it is ok yet.'

5/5  Cat 'Brought this as a present for my nephew, it's very good quality and he loves it. Reminds me of the old laser tag parties they used to have years ago. Would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Christie 'My son loves it - great present for his sixth birthday'

5/5  Leanne 'I bought two sets of these in the hope that they would work together and they did. Brilliant fun for everyone for hours! The kids and big kids really enjoyed this!'

4/5  Will 'Great fun for my 4 year old son, but just a little too hard to get the right fit'

3/5  Alfonso 'My sons played with this once then got bored very quickly as the belts didn’t work very well so they couldn’t easily work out who was winning. It hasn’t been played with since'

4/5  St 'Great product for the kids'

5/5  Gemma1984 'Our son enjoys playing with this and feel it was worth the money I spent on it. Can't think of any negatives on it really'

5/5  Exhaustedgranny 'I brought these for my grandson, they are great to use outdoors as well as indoors. So far he's had hours of fun with his friends as well as willing adults as they can be altered to fit different sizes. Just add batteries and energy and you're good to go!!'

5/5  Petal92 'Brilliant game. I brought it for a 4 birthday and it went down a treat. Lots of fun for kids (and adults)'

5/5  Stacy 'My two sons loves playing it together well worth the money would definitely recommend to any friends'

5/5  Bex7551 'We bought this for my 6yr old as a treat and he and his dad had hours of fun with this, it tired both of them out and i had a relaxing night as they went to bed early! A win for everyone!!'

5/5  Catchingwidow 'Had to travel for this as wasn’t available in local stores but worth it as it was a present for someone'

2/5  Mum 'Its quite hard to hit the other persons target. The kids lost interest after 1 round.'

5/5  Buyer1991 'Another Christmas present for the little one however all family enjoyed ! Great entertainment out of this and great price to!'

5/5  Leighann 'Got for my 5 year old son. Loves it'

5/5  Blackpanther 'Easy to use and fun'

4/5  Ros 'This was a Christmas present for Grandsons they seemed to enjoy themselves, once they got the hang of it.'

4/5  Lanski 'Great buy for the price. Bought guns as a Christmas present for my friends twin boys. They love them'

5/5  Rldaw 'Great for getting the kids up and moving!'

5/5  Laho 'Great product bought as a gift for my nephew. He was very excited!'

4/5  Hels 'Very, very noisy. Belt loosen as you run and occasionally knocks the on/off switch off but a great buy for two spirited boys'

4/5  Gemma 'Got these when they were on offer 2 boys love them'

3/5  Lucya24 'Great fun for kids and adults to join in'

5/5  Mie 'My son loves this but it doesn't always register when you get hit but good for the price and my son is happy with it so that's all that matters'

5/5  Bmw23 'My two kids enjoy this both useful inside an out keeps them occupied for ages'

4/5  Beechy89 'Thought this was really cool toy, i no my lads will love it. Not been played with yet as its a xmas present'

5/5  Kingns01 'Good value for money, not just fun for the kids but fun for me also, Can't fault it or Argos :) Cheers'

5/5  Cupcake24 'It was a very boring nothing happens when u shoot each other just has a constant annoying noise and a noise when u shoot waste of money and time'

5/5  Kaz 'Bought for Christmas present took out box looks good sure kids will have fun with them'

3/5  Kayzi22 'I bought this for the summer time for my children to play and they loved it kept them busy for a couple of hours, the only down side the straps to hold the target around your waist kept coming lose other than that they are fab.'

4/5  Cissy 'Shame there's no volume control.'

4/5  Hoppy 'Great toy good quality gets the kids outdoors to play running around having fun'

4/5  Greenie73 'Not ad, but could be better. Wire connected is to short and the target zone is way to small.'

4/5  Jenbos 'I bought this for my sons to use whilst on holiday & they really enjoyed them. They aren't great quality as one of the wires has now snapped which means they are both useless. They lasted our weeks holiday so I supposed they served their purpose but wouldn't expect them to last long with energetic kids.'

3/5  Matt 'Great value for money, Me and my 5Yr Old loved playing this. Takes me back to my younger days. Note: The range isnt the best on these when playing outside but still worth the money and fun'

4/5  PresentBuyer 'Kids love it. I was surprised by the wire (in a wireless age) between the gun and the belt. And it is quite loud.'

5/5  Stacey 'My little boy hot this for Xmas and he plays with his little sister they love them. Great buy and great value for money'

4/5  Keg 'My two boys love these they have had lots of fun and so has their dad and grandad.'

4/5  Vix 'Bought this for our children aged 3 & 8. Apart from it being quite noisy, it's given them hours of fun shooting each other(!) We've enjoyed playing it with them too & it's a good way of getting everyone active & playing together. A well made product at a great price.'

5/5  Sandy 'The clip snapped so we have to tie it around the waist. My 8 year old loves playing with it, with a friend'

5/5  Tpglas01 'Bought for my 9-year old and it's great fun, even for us adults! Quality seems fine but I'm not sure how long it lasts because of the wire connecting the gun to the shield...'

4/5  Rogueweasel 'Doesn't cost a lot, but does the job. Our 4 year old loves them. Sometimes the shots don't register, but other than that they're pretty good'

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