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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll

The Chad Valley Tiny Treasure baby doll lets little ones play pretend adult which they certainly love to do! Providing hour upon hour of immersive imaginative play, these fun dolls are sure to become one of your little ones most cherished and loved toys. Amazingly detailed, the Chad Valley Tiny Treasure baby dolls have an authentic baby fresh aroma, super fine soft to the touch hair and baby outfits of the absolute highest quality. A wonderful, stunningly finished doll range.

Chad Valley Tiny Treasures dolls delight little ones with their authenticity. Beautiful to the eye they have super soft hair, new baby smell and are weighted to add to that real new born baby experience. Your most cherished will surely adore having their very own little one and take it everywhere they go!

Tiny Treasure Doll Reviews

'I purchased a tiny treasure doll for my daughter and she loves it, been playing with it nonstop. Very real and life like'

'My granddaughter aged two loved the tiny treasure doll instantly. This little boy doll has a beautiful face and is nicely weighted. Also bought the chad valley denim dungaree set so he now has two outfits both nice quality - I think we'll be buying his blonde sister very soon.'

'My daughter got a tiny treasure baby doll for her 7th birthday and she now takes it everywhere. It smells and feels like a real baby. My younger daughter wants the girl version which worked out well as I got it in the 3 for 2 deals which made it great value. The only thing is I wish there was more boy items like the sleeping bag and changing bag with a blue dummy for a boy but hopefully these will come out in the future. This is a great item for role play.'

'My daughter wanted a doll as her cousin has one so I bought it for her as a treat. Wow she has not put her down since she goes everywhere with us my daughter adores this doll and everywhere we go somebody always asks where we got her from. Well worth the money and this doll is beautiful and smells gorgeous too. This doll is a welcome addition to our family my daughter loves her to bits already asking for the more Tiny Treasure dolls.'

'This is the second doll my step daughter has had from the tiny treasure range the doll is fantastic quality and she hours of imaginative play. Well presented in lovely car seat box'

'Fabulous doll - bought this doll for my daughters 3rd Birthday. She absolutely adores it takes it everywhere including bed. All her cousins and adults liked this doll as it feels like your holding a newborn. It's not too heavy for my daughter to play with very impressed.'

'My daughter purchased this dolly with her birthday money and it's been a big hit. This dolly has been carried everywhere and is very loved! The quality is great and it smells gorgeous! The only down side would be is that it's exactly the same as the girl doll with brown hair, but with blue clothes instead of pink, it would be nice if all the tiny treasure dolls had a slightly different design.'

'This lovely doll was purchased as a birthday present for our 7 year old grand-daughter, who specifically requested a blonde tiny treasures doll. The one we originally got was dark haired, so we had to return to the shop, who kindly called other stores for us and obtained the doll of our grand-daughter's choice. Good customer service.'

'I bought a chad valley tiny treasures doll as a present, it was well received. Had a very likeable face. More realistic look then other kids dolls. Body on the doll is soft and it feels heavy like a real baby. I received a dark haired doll but picture shows a blonde one so be aware you could get either. I'm sure if you ask for a preference in store you would receive as I have done on other purchases.'

'Bought an outfit for my seven year old daughter to go with her tiny treasure doll. Beautiful outfit, excellent quality and it was presented in such a beautiful bag. Very happy with my purchase.'