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Chad Valley Molly And Friends Molly Doll

About the Chad Valley Molly And Friends Molly Doll

Meet Molly and Friends toddler dolls. These cute and cuddly dolls can't wait to play with you. This Molly doll is beautiful with shoulder length blonde hair that she likes to style with pretty hair accessories. Her favourite fashions are trendy layered look outfits with fun tops, denim skirt, leggings and Ugg style boots. 63cm tall soft-bodied non-function doll. Hair accessories included. For ages 3 years and over.

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Chad Valley Molly And Friends Molly Doll Reviews

5/5   'A lovely doll and worth the money.'

5/5  Twisted Angel 'I brought this doll and another from the same range after my 7yr old asked for some toddler size dolls. Really pleased with them. they are lovely looking dolls with nice features and detailing. Lovely size and look fit for purpose. Prob be bit to big for pre-school age children. Really pleased with them.'

5/5  Slim30 'My daughter loves these dolls, hours of fun dressing them up, playing with their hair etc. Fantastic buy'

5/5  SR3 'Buy 1 as present for some one but so happy with the quality at sale price (full price also worth it) decided to buy one more for my little one well.... She is really happy to have such big doll.'

5/5  Sj31 'This doll is great value for money. When I ordered it I didn't realise how big it was (it stands at 2ft tall). My 5 year old daughter loved her the moment she saw her! The Molly doll comes with a brush & clips to style her hair & is very lifelike. Also she has a really pretty face - which is not always the case when it comes to dolls :D My daughter plays with hers non stop. I would definitely reccomend this doll for any little girl! I have since bought another 2 as gifts for my daughters friends'

4/5  Jojo 4 'Bought Molly for my four year old Grandaughter ,she loves her and really likes to be mummy to her ,also she can put proper baby clothes on her,so plenty of choice of clothes .'

5/5  Richie 'My daughter loves these dolls. I've heard many a story about the adventures they have. Great for sparking her imagination'

5/5  Dianne 'Beautiful doll. She is adorable and well dressed. My grand daughter has her sisters and at the fantastic half price I had to get her now.'

5/5  Janey 'This was bought as a birthday present for my granddaughter. She already has a doll the same size so she was delighted to have another.'

4/5  Biff 'I bought this doll as a gift for my niece. She loves it, although I must say it is rather large, but that is more my fault for not reading the description properly. A great item that she plays with regularly.'

5/5  Mummkins 'Bought this for my granddaughter she loves it and the size of the doll is great'

5/5  Michelle91 'My daughter really enjoys playing with this doll especially brushing and playing with the hair! Great value for money and would recommend highly!'

5/5  Annmarie 'This item was good for the price it was at and my daughter really enjoys playing with it'

4/5  Felicity 'Bought Molly for my 3 year old granddaughter and she loved her on sight. My daughter got her a bag of 3/6 month baby clothes and she spends hours changing her. Her 5 yr old sister also loved playing with her, which inevitably lead to augments, so another was purchased and now they play sisters.'

4/5  Nulcan 'Love this doll,well pleased with price paid,good size.Hours of fun ahead.'

5/5  Fatemeh 'My 6 year old daughter chose it herself and loved it from the day she had it. Good size doll for bigger girls. My daughter has lots of fun changing the dolls clothes (using baby sister old clothes) and styling her hair. Although it is not the best quality doll in the world but you get a fare quality for what you pay for. Overall was a good buy.'

4/5  Kathy13 'My granddaughters have named their new dolls and it goes with them almost every where and they love doing different hairstyles and have lots of fun with imaginative play time'

5/5  Lucy 'Very good overall my 3 yr old loves it'

5/5  Ray 'My grand daughter loves this product. The service I received was 1st class. Ordered by fast track during evening, collected next morning instore. Waiting time in store was no more than 3 minutes.'

5/5  Tracey 'This is a huge doll for a toddler and will be taken everywhere. My little girl plays tea party,swings in the park and dresses Molly. She will even pretend that the doll talks and laughs. It quickly become a best friend.'

5/5  Chick 'Doll great quality, ex value for money, niece loved it Thanks'

5/5  Stephy77 'My daughter plays hours with her new doll and spend loads of her time doing her hair'

5/5  Lou 62 'A beautiful doll very pretty nice size ideal gift'

5/5  Nicky 'Great present delighted'

5/5  Annie 42 'Nice doll for the price my 5yr old loves it very good quality n good size'

5/5  Jenny 'This is a really lovely doll. She is a good size And has a pretty face and hair. I would Definately recommend her for all little Girls who want a doll to dress and love'

5/5  Jen 'My daughter loves these dolls... highly recommend'

5/5  Jenny K 'The doll is for our grand daughter for Christmas and it is beautiful quality and we know she will be delighted'

5/5  Maya 'I bought this for my cousin 's daughter.. This was an excellent gift for her. She loved it'

4/5  Kelseymoo 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  Magda 'My 5 year old daughter did not break up with her doll. Easy to match clothes (baby 0-3m , 3-6m )'

5/5  Alibobs 'Bought for my grandaughter as a birthday gift. She loves it and calls it her best friend. Looks lovely too. Defintely recommend as a purchase.'

5/5  Sam49 'I bought this doll for a friends daughter for her 6th birthday. She absolutely loved it, carried it around with her, taking off her shoes and putting them back on. Even her little brother and cousins loved it.'

4/5  MrsK 'This is a lovely large doll with a soft body (so nice for cuddling) the hair is not the best quality so I wud advise you not to brush it as it just goes tangled. We have plaited our dolls hair as soon. As we purchased it and have left it like that and it's been fine. Beware the doll we were given didn't come with an outfit as nice as this one! I was cross but my daughter was impatient so played with it immediately, otherwise I'd have definitely exchanged it!'

4/5  Ehsan 'I bought this toy to my daughter since two weeks and she was so happy'

1/5  Mumkent 'I saw the product online and went by good reviews for my little girl who loves to play with dolls. But when we opened it is very heavy and big than you can imagine to give as a doll. My little girl is struggling to carry her doll around. we couldn't return it as we opened the pack. I wouldn't recommend this at all!'

5/5  Monika 'Very nice boll but we got a doll with different clothes ( pink tutu and pink legin) not same as shown on the picture.'

3/5  Micky 'This doll looks very different from what is on the internet ! We are dissapointed as we ve got a doll which is dressed different from what the description said! Her cloths look very cheap ! She was supposed to have a jeans skirt and ugg style boots with blue tshirt, but it ended up having a pink tutu ballerina outfit which looks very cheap! We went to change it and take the one we purchased online but of course none available in blue outfit! It didn't even say that colour it may vary!'

5/5  Julie 'My daughter has 4 of the dolls now well worth the money'

5/5  Valfreyja 'Good quality made doll. I've brought all the dress up products to go with this & my Granddaughter loves it. Would recommend to others.'

5/5  Jean 'Lovely doll, little girls will it'

5/5  Fisherman 'The doll hair is great for my daughter to brush and a good size not bad for the price'

5/5  Sam 'Cute doll, keeps the kids busy for hours'

4/5  Mama Summer 'Very pretty doll. My daughter was very happy with it. Would recommend for a child Atleast 3yrs because it is quite big for a smaller child to carry.'

5/5  Lisa 'Lovely doll my daughter is going to love her'

5/5  Karen From Brighton 'Excellent value,grandaughter loves it'

5/5  Lucky Grandma 'I bought this for my granddaughter, who chose this doll from the Argos website as one of her Christmas gifts; Molly matched all of her requirements; larger doll, dressed in the "right clothes". We had to review several dolls before we successfully acquired Molly sporting the right dress code! The staff at both Argos stores were totally amazing in ensuring that we got what we wanted for this special occasion, THANK YOU ARGOS'

5/5  Granny 'Just what was requested.'

5/5  IanB 'Bought as a xmas present for my grandaughter when she took it out of the box the look of delight on her face and she could not stop playing with it ...only hope now we can get enough clothes etc to keep up with her'

5/5  Watts 'Looks good quality and good for money, but won't know until Christmas what it's really like'

5/5  Dianne53 'Lovely doll my granddaughter loves her!'

4/5  Caz 'My daughter loves these dolls.she plays with them all the time.she will be so excited on Xmas day.'

5/5  Shazzi61 'Excellent birthday gift that my Granddaughter wanted and she was over the moon with it. Plays with it for hours as does her sister who has Evie, one of Molly dolls friends.'

4/5  Sharon 'I bought this doll for my daughters 6th birthday and she loved it. Well recommend.'

5/5  Pam 'My 6 year old loves her Molly Doll. Very sturdy doll. She has a lovely face and hair that is easily styled.'

5/5  Anna1 'This doll is lovely, she is very pretty and not scary like other dolls I have seen! Very durable and looks like it will cope with the rough and tumble play! Well made, love it!'

5/5  MummyK 'Lovely doll. Big size - toddler sized doll. My 3 year old loves this, and so does my 8 year old. They've got 3 each now! Durable, lots of fun with dressing and undressing, as well as the usual pretending to feed them, etc. Dolls have lovely long hair that is perfect for brushing (preferably with a tangle teaser, otherwise normal brushes pull out lots of the hair) and it can be continually re-styled.'

4/5  Victoriabiscuit 'My grand daughter loved the Molly dolly but in my opinion when comparing it with the Evie dolly bought six months earlier for another of my grand daughters the quality was not as good. The reason for this was The Molly doll does not have as much stuffing in the body and consequently does not stand/sit as upright .'

5/5  Sophia 'I got this for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it! A real hit and very good value for money.'

5/5  Top Bird 'Good value, outfit different colours than shown. Well made.'

5/5  Steven987 'Really high quality I think I bought six of these in the run up to christmas and every girl that recieved one loved her, easy to dress and undress they are easily loved'

4/5  Derderred 'My daughter is 7 years old and i got her this doll for xmas, she loves it, a great sized doll for the older little girl'

5/5  Jen 'Well made sturdy doll. She is now somebody's best friend.'

5/5  Caroline 'Present for my 6 year old grandaughter who enjoyed dressing her doll and doing its hair, especially liked the pygama outfit bought seperately'

5/5  Jess 'This is good value , i bought one last year and was very impressed'

5/5  My 5 year old daughter bought this when on sale with some birthday money. She loves the fact you can dress her in bigger size clothes than her baby doll. Molly doll has lovely features and looks realistic! She fits nicely in a larger size pushchair. A good value buy. 'We bought as a birthday present for 3 years old girl.she's very happy!'

5/5  Bought thiis in the sale for my daughters birthday. she was amazed by the size of t and it has become her best friend. she takes it everywhere wiith her and has bathed it and washed its cothes. 3-6 month baby clothes fit this as well so no need fr expensive items 'Claire'

5/5  My 9 year old daughter brought this doll with her birthday money and was very pleased.its a very sturdy doll that doesn't break like others dolls and has a full head of hair so you can be very creative. Very pleased worth the money 'Sarah'

5/5  My daughter has been wanting one of these dolls since before Christmas. She bought Molly with her Birthday money and is very happy with her purchase. She enjoys dressing her and askes me to help with the hair. The only thing I would say is it would be nice if her eyes closed when she is put to bed. Maybe a few outfits would be good too. Though she does fit baby clothes, approx 3-6 months. 'Asia'

5/5  Nice looking doll, good quality at an excellent price. Only drawback is hair which goes frizzy with enthusiastic brushing. 'Mumof5'

4/5  My 7 yr old has enjoyed this large doll, she is quite nicely made although her hair has got matted quickly. Overall I was pleased with the doll and thought it was good value for money. 'Aemonie'

4/5  Bought as a xmas present for grandaughter now its her best friend, takes it everywhere 'Lexi'

5/5  My daughter (age 6) loves this doll. Fab size. Definitely worth the money. Really pretty doll too. 'Burty'

5/5  Doll is very pretty and well made however I think this is a bit pricey considering it doesn't do anything. 'Kaz And Chris'

4/5  Excellent product and service 'Mum Of 2'

5/5  My grandaughter loved this doll she is age 7, stands in bedroom, can try hairstyles, also purchased nightware for doll. Spends sometime every day playing with doll 'Midge'

5/5  Great doll my daughter love's it 'KIERA'

5/5  Great value for money and my little girl loves it. 'Jeanette'

5/5  Bought this after long time looking for a substantial product it met all my expectations. Really great product well made and presented 'Darren'

5/5  Very nice doll. My daughter loves her. You can buy for doll baby clothes (3-6 month). Only one minus - the dolls hair. When they are released, they look jagged.. 'SKODAMAN'

5/5  Bought for grandaughter - sure she will love it! 'Danileil'

4/5  This doll is absolutely great. 'Terry'

5/5  Our daughter wanted the Molly doll for her 7th birthday, and brought it out of her 'birthday money' she received, Molly now accompanies us everywhere we go, ideal doll for being a 'best friend' 'Alaya'

4/5  Bodie 'I bought this for my niece's birthday along with 3 outfits, she absolutely loved them'

5/5  Josh 'Highly recommend for toddlers'

5/5  Julie 'This dolly was purchased from you for our grand daughters 5th birthday! That's not unto 9th November but from what I see she will be delighted! Wanted to buy extra clothes for Molly but unable to accass. Would have been great if Argos stocked them TOO!'

4/5  Cathy 'Gorgeous doll well made girls will love it'

5/5  Mumofthree 'Bought for my 5yr old niece and she is besotted with her. Would definitely recommend to a friend.'

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