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chad valley walking dinosaur

About the Chad Valley Walking Dinosaur

Time for an awe inspiring expedition back to the Jurassic age. This remote controlled Chad Valley Walking Dinosaur T-Rex has a soft flexible neck and positionable arms so your little one will have fun posing it. The dinosaur really moves about and makes rawr sounds to amaze little ones. To add to the sense of fun, T-Rex's eyes even glow!

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Chad Valley Walking Dinosaur Reviews

5/5   'Bought for my great nephew's fourth birthday. He loves it, and I'm sure his parents will learn to love it during lockdown.... It roars, it has flashing lights, it walks and it's big. What more could a boy want? Second one of these I've bought (another present for a different great nephew) and they are tough and go the distance - well worth the money.'

5/5  Lea 'My son loves the sounds and walking features of this dinosaur'

5/5  Hemadi 'Many thanks, that was really good quality.'

5/5  Liz 'I bought this as a gift for grandson,he's 4 yes old and loves it,it's a great size,also walks and roars, fantastic gift for kids,money well spent.'

5/5  Spud 'A well made toy with lots of. features good fun for hours and worth every penny'

5/5  Ash 'Got this in the offer with another gift for my little brother’s Christmas presents and... he ended up loving this one more than the ones my parents (and Santa) got him! My brother is 5 and my 7 yo sister also enjoyed playing with it too. Definitely recommend, don’t forget batteries! :)'

5/5  Felly 'My son loved the fact the dinosaur walks.'

5/5  Lindy 'Grandson loved his gift from Santa and Santa loved the fact it was in the sale.'

5/5  Goldengirl 'Great stocking filler for kids'

5/5  Stnsn 'The buttons are all on the dinosaur so a plus point, no remote needed. My kid loves it.'

5/5  Shaz 'Perfect for any boy that loves dinasours'

5/5  CLJWilliams 'My son is two and loves this toy. It's so much fun! A bargain when on the toy deal as well.'

4/5  Mothergoose 'Got this half price in the sale so it was a good toy for the price, I think if I had paid full price for it I would have been disappointed.'

4/5  MissD 'Bought this in the sale for my daughter. She loved the noise it makes when you move it's jaw. The walking isn't great but it does move a little bit. Not sure i would have been as pleased if i paid full price for it but great for the price i paid. Would recommend for a younger child (my daughter is 3) but an older child would probably not be as impressed.'

5/5  Dee 'This dinosaur is loud, proud and crazy! My 3 year old loves it as he is dinosaur mad. I was worried it wouldn’t be sturdy enough however, it has stood up to Christmas Day madness with two other children, it’s stood up to rough and tumble since, it is well-loved and I would recommend it for older children as well; the battery life is good although they are not included, you will need a cross head screwdriver as well.'

5/5  Coates26 'Didn't think it would be as good as it is but my little one absolutely loves it ... can become abit irritating if its been on for half an hour as the sound effects it makes are pretty loud other than that it serves its purpose and is worth getting'

5/5  Hayley 'Very good for the price. Walks and roars with other sounds.'

5/5  Finchy 'Great walking dinosaur Sounds are good Touch press My boy happy with it'

5/5  MumNora 'Worth buying because it’s big and fun to play with. Bought it for my 5 years old nephew and he is having endless hours of fun playing with it. The body of the dinosaur is soft and safe and it moves by just touching parts of the body for the different action.'

5/5  Trinket 'I love the fact this toy walks my grandson thinks it amazing, good value for money!'

4/5  Amme81 'The Walking Dinosaur is great! I've brought two of these, one for my son and one for my nephew. They both absolutely love them, my nephew always plays with my son's when he visits which is why I brought him one for his birthday. It roars and when the leg senior is pressed it will 'walk' a short distance. There is a switch to turn the dinosaur off but it only turns off the walking mode, it would be better if it turned off the roaring mode too. The tail does detach but goes back on easily'

5/5  FA 'Might be scary for younger kids but 4 year old nephew likes it. Makes noises and walks around.'

5/5  Steve 'My son loves this dinosaur it does everything you would want it to do but scary but that’s half the fun.'

5/5  Rocks 'Bought as a present for our nephew and we had to try it out, first of all, to make sure it worked ;) It works brilliantly, he stomps along and is loud but not excessively loud. I like that you have to push the button on his side to activate him so no leaving the dino walking about unsupervised ;)'

5/5  Shandy 'Bought this as a birthday gift for a friend's grandson and he is thrilled with it, the fact that it is very sturdy and well built is a bonus.'

3/5  Holly 'The sensors were not very responsive so didn't actually do what is was supposed to!'

3/5  Lauren 'My niece requested this for her 3rd birthday. It did what it was supposed to - roared, walked and its eyes lit up (red - bit scary! ;-)) I think it comes in various colours; the one we received was green. All good, though it was a shame that the box was battered when we went to collect it and there were no others available.'

5/5  Sam 'Great for dinosaur lovers'

5/5  Tony 'My grandson loves this'

5/5  Victor 'My grandson loves this guy so much he comes to dinner. Can't put him down.'

5/5  Hayleyjaco33 'My son loves the dinosaur, he copies the roaring the dinosaur does, he takes it everywhere he goes, even bed lol, I would definitely recommend this item'


5/5  Ali 'My son's obsessed with dinosaurs and he loves this'

5/5  Chippiex 'Nice toy lots of sounds good value well made'

5/5  Ringo 'Grandson loves it makes different sounds well worth the money would recommend'

4/5  Nanaytonoah 'This is great value for money my grandson is obsessed with dinosaurs and he won’t put this down'

5/5  Nick 'He absolutely loved it, great sound and effects'

5/5  Piui 'Amazing toy and easy to used'

5/5  Val 'Looks good, made well very good dinosoar roars and movement good.'

5/5  Jacqui 'A really fabulous dinassour with special effects. My great nephew loves it.'

5/5  Floss 'This was brilliant my great grandson loved it and would definitely recommend this'

4/5  Mel 'Value for money, any dinosaur lovers dream.'

4/5  Prabu 'Very nice and cute sound is amazing'

5/5  Grissley 'Excellent the grandsons loved them'

5/5  Devina 'My Grandson spent many happy hours playing with his new best friend.'

5/5  Jollytots88 'My little boy loves his dinosaur. Plays realistic noises and walks, great toy.'

3/5  DC 'Was impressive to begin with but over time (less than a year) the mechanical parts do not work as well as they used to, so it’s more like a geriatric dinosaur these days. There are jokes there, it I wouldn’t dare make them...'

5/5  Sue 'Excellent value for money'

5/5  Nic 'Brilliant gift for my nephew, rolls across the floor well and he loves the noises it makes.'

5/5  Susieq 'All pluses three year whose birthday gift it was for played all day with it'

4/5  Lez 'Whilst this product has lots of good features it is a bit delicate for any 2 to 5 year old to be playing with. Plenty of scary noises and the range of movement is impressive but it wont take much to break it. You want them to play with it but how long will it last?'

2/5  Cov1 'I bought this for my 3 year old son and we were quite disappointed. It didn’t walk as it stated it did and the tail kept falling off. Perhaps we may have got one that wasn’t in great condition, as compared with others? I don’t know.'

5/5  Dave 'Good toy with sounds & walks'

5/5  Becks 'This dinosaur is great it walks , stomps and roars , my son being a big dinosaur fan this is now his favourite one so far ! Woukd defiantly reccomend this toy ! Love it'

3/5  Borogirl 'Smashing dinosaur great sounds and walking action. Only downside However, tail is separate and has to be pushed and clicked in place very easy to break falls off when dinosaur starts walking. Had to return first purchase because of this ! Although if your child is not too heavy handed with it should be ok'

4/5  June 'My 2 year old nephew was so excited about the many action of the dinosaur, easy to use a, walks, roars and breaths'

5/5  Sam 'The kids absolutely love it'

5/5  Sham 'My grandson loves his walking dinosaur'

4/5  Lorri 'My grandson will have hours of fun playing with this dinosaur toy really good value.'

5/5  Mommy 'My son had this for Xmas and loves it, although it scares the dog a little lol'

5/5  Alex 'It is noisy and only has on and off button, so either flat out walking and roaring when it's on, or stops ( obviously) when it's off.'

5/5  Youngn2722 'Late purchase for my Son's Christmas stocking. Really good value for money considering the functions of the toy.'

5/5  Ells81 'Bought on special offer for Christmas for nephew. He loved it, thought my boyfriend was going it to steal it from him he was that impressed with what it could do. Perfect for any dinosaur lover'

4/5  Emma81 'Bought this for my little boy for Christmas. The Dinosaur walkes, roars, eyes glow red. My little boy loves it. I would recommend if your child likes Dinosaurs.'

5/5  Regina 'This I purchased for my grand son he loves it a good present'

5/5  Jane 'Kept him busy most of christmas day'

3/5  BoaConstrictor 'It's not worth full price. I bought it at half price and felt that was worth it. The tail keeps dropping off but other then that my 3 boys love it.'

5/5  Bella12 'Easy to use with sensory buttons, bargain getting it at half price. Great present!'

4/5  Biggie 'Very good product. Bought it as a present will be buying another one'

5/5  JB8AK 'We bought this toy for our Grandsons 3rd birthday, He is currently obsessed with dinosaurs. He absolutely loved it and pressed all the buttons for the different impressive roaring/breathing sounds and to make it walk. This toy is now one of his favorite's and is played with daily. No hesitation in recommending this for dinosaur fans.'

4/5  Sarah 'This is a good product but the tail comes off very easily.'

5/5  Meadow 'My two year old son is dinosaur crazy and he loves his new walking roaring dinosaur. I would recommend to any other dinosaur crazy children! Great price too and good value for money.'

5/5  Charlie 'So I got this for a relative! He absolutely loves dinosaurs! I didn’t think much of a toy being such a big inspiration or the next thing he would be obsessed with but his mum said he adored it!! Apparently he wouldn’t leave it alone and it was the only thing he would play with on Christmas Day and didn’t touch any of the other presents the family had got him! I’m actually amazed at his reaction and his love for it! Definitely worth it!!'

5/5  Vicky 'Wasnt really expecting anything great for the price but was proved wrong,this is fantastic value for money with exellent features.'

5/5  Hannah 'Absolutely brillaint especially for the price. Really walks and roars. My daughter loves it.'

5/5  Mattica 'Brought as a present all little ones loved it. Brought on offer for half price; not sure I would pay full price but I understand why it’s expensive it moves and is very interactive'

5/5  Hayldy 'Well worth the money my little boy loves it'

4/5  Rendzsa 'Its in 2 pieces,and i have to put it together everytime my son plays with it,its just comes apart easily.:( But roaring really good,walking is fine.'

5/5  David '3-years old grandson loves this as he's a dinosaur fan.'

4/5  Tiredmumof5 'Seems sturdy enough to last rough dinosaur play. Makes great sounds and the light up eyes make it extra scary. The walking movement impresses my son and all his little friends.'

5/5  Russell 'Looks good was a Christmas gift for my nephew . So I have not seen it working.'

5/5  Nicky 'Bought as a christmas gift my son loved it he was bemused with it for the entire day . Great toy for your little dinasour fan.'

5/5  Ami0326 'I bought this for my 3 year old grandson for Christmas, and he just loved it! It has bright red glowing eyes, it roars and it walks! It seems quite sturdy and should provide play value for quite some time.'

5/5  Holly 'My son loves this dinosaur'

5/5  Nannie 'Fantastic value for money. Our grandson loved it. Great service too.'

4/5  MrsLady 'It really is a good dinosaur and very well made. It roars and walks and eyes light up. The only thing is it was so good my grandson was scared of it and he asked me to put it outside!! I think it would be beter it the eyes were not bright red.'

5/5  Janet 'Bought for my 4 year old great nephew. He loved them, brilliance from Chad Valley again !'

5/5  Shazzy 'My Grandson absolutely loves this Dinosaur'

5/5  Hlc403 'Brilliant Christmas present for my nephew loved it would not put it down. It is very durable'

5/5  Kristof 'My 2 year old boy absolutely loves this Dino'

4/5  Sarika 'A good toy for kids .'

5/5  JWo 'Bought for my friend's 5year old grandson. Apparently he loved it. Don't forget to include batteries if it's a gift.'

5/5  Flibble 'Fun toy giving loads on enjoyment :-)'

5/5  Cookie 'A lot bigger than I thought it would be'

4/5  Olivia 'My two year old loves it! Although after two days the button to make the dinosaur walk stopped working!'

4/5  Jessica1471 'Kids really enjoyed this dinosaur, 3 & 5 year old. It's quite loud which is great for kids, but not my ears lol.'

5/5  MrsT 'Fun gift for a little boy. Interactive elements very good. Packaged nicely. Bargain as bought in offer bundle.'

5/5  Pam 'This was bought for a 3 year olds Christmas present. The little boy LOVES it. The Argos website and collection was very easy and quick. Will definitely use the Argos website again.'

5/5  Ejohnson 'Nephew loved this dinsour'

5/5  Klb89 'This dinosaur was bought for a little boy who is autistic and he loved it'

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