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Chad Valley Talk and Touch T-RexChad Valley Talk and Touch T-Rex

About the Chad Valley Talk and Touch T-Rex

Have a roaring good time with the Chad Valley Talk and Touch T-Rex. This engaging interactive and talking T-Rex is not only great fun but has an educational element too, introducing kids to sensory stimulating animal sounds and improves hand-eye coordination. With it's moveable arms, bright light up eyes and talk back function located at the top of its head, this dinosaur is sure to become a favourite thanks to it's uniqueness. Fire up the imagination in little ones with this Chad Valley Talk and Touch T-Rex.

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Chad Valley Talk and Touch T-Rex Reviews

4/5   'This is a brilliant toy suitable for a wide age range. Has large coloured buttons for little hands to press. Makes several noises but isn't too loud. My granddaughter absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Dotty66 'Great product, nephew loved this especially as you can talk to it'

5/5  Chloe 'Lovely item my son enjoys'

4/5  Ros 'Nice toy. A bit cheap looking But good value for little Dino lovers'

5/5  Estelle 'Such a good toy. Very easy to use and very funny. My sons best part is when it talks back and repets what you say. Very cute. Would recommend to everyone.'

2/5  Michelle 'I bought this for my dinosaur loving grandson, I was disappointed as it roars and makes stomping and eating noises but not what I’d class as 'talk’. Disappointing.'

5/5  ADevlin96 'It was the perfect gift for a baby this Christmas'

5/5  Alless 'Father Christmas brought it to our 2 and 1/2 years old boy. He loves playing with it, especially the voice repeat feature. It has also been often borrowed by his sisters (4 and 1/2 and 10 yo) and by us grown ups and we all had a laugh together. It is sturdy and seem to be able to survive the (often rough) handling by his new owner. All in all very good value for money!'

5/5  Michelek 'Bought this for a 2yr 7mth old and he’s absolutely thrilled with it. He really laughs when he presses the head and says something and T-Rex says it back to him. He also loves the stomping and other noises it makes. I’m so glad I got it. Brilliant.'

1/5  Aaron 'Seems the item was already used as had major scratch damage to the eyes and parts of the body, sadly when tried to return the item for a replacement told that our child had caused the damage and wouldn't help out. 2nd item from same purchase that was already broken upon purchase, seems Argos are selling returned items and not checking if they are broken or damaged.'

5/5  Lynne6 'My great nephew who is two loved it. His favourite book at the moment is the dinasaur that roared so good choice! Great roar and brilliant price.'

4/5  Kealy 'I brought this as my little boy loves his dinosaurs at the minute he absolutely moves pressing the buttons and hearing it make noises and also loves the fact that he can make a noise and the dinosaur repeats it. Well worth the purchase happy toddler'

3/5  Mand 'Nice quite dinosaur but a bit boring to play with'

2/5  Kimmi 'Makes a stomp sound with the button on its feet Make a roar sound with other button. Be better if it walked. My sons not interested in it.'

5/5  Cazsupermum 'We bought this for our daughter as she has Communication Difficulties and we thought the voice recorder button would encourage her to make sounds and words. She loves dinosaurs and all the sounds it and her can make'

5/5  Archie1mum 'Brought as a present so didn't see it being played with. It's a good size for small hands & is lightweight.'

5/5  Bronagh777 'Ideal for my 2 yr old grandson.'

3/5  Lilypops 'Makes a couple of noises, thats it. OK for 5 minutes then my 1yr old was bored and hasn't gone back to it at all.'

5/5  Subo 'Got this as Xmas present for little lad and he loves it'

5/5  Stacey 'Bought for my nephew who is 23 months. He hasnt let it go, really enjoys it.'

5/5  Kaz 'Excellent little toy argos had this toy at the best price when I purchased it some retailers where selling it at quite a high price'

5/5  Debi 'Bought this for my 2 yr old grandson, he absolutely loves it, especially the talk back button, I would highly recommend this toy.'

5/5  Dani '1 year old nephew loves playing with this'

5/5  Mummyfinger 'Youngest is not quiet 2 and loves it when it talks back to him. I’ve had him roaring and laughing.'

5/5  Stoz 'Hours of fun was had with it'

4/5  Trudles82 'Not as interactive as we thought it would be and not what we expected but our son loves it, I'd say ok for younger children around 2/3 but dont think it would hold an older childs interest for long'

4/5  Patricia 'My 2 year old grandson loved this from the very second he saw it. His own little roaring dinasaur. It has a friendly look to it so not at all frightening. Very cute and entertaining'

5/5  Gerne 'Bought this for my grandson it goes everywhere with him'

5/5  Kim 'My nephew loved this item'

5/5  Jellibabe 'We have brought loads for the grandchildren and are now shopping for Christmas'

5/5  Familyiswhatmatters 'This was bought as a gift so I haven’t seen it out the box but it’s a great size, colourful and sturdy. Ideal for young dinosaur enthusiasts!'

5/5  Rosanne 'This is a Christmas present but it looks like good fun'

5/5  Monica 'My little one absolutelly love it! He love records his voice and roooarrr like dinosaur! I can honestly recommend this product!'

4/5  Crystal 'My son is happy with this toy finds it funny'

4/5  Aim 'Brothers obsessed!!!!'

4/5  Sharon 'Perfect for a 3 year old makes different sounds not to loud,,'

4/5  Emilee 'I brought this for my two year son old as lately he has become obsessed with dinosaurs, to say he was delighted with his new toy would be an understatement. He especially loves the light up eyes feature, this is great for me also as it’s perfect for bedtime.'

5/5  Al 'Wanted something like this for son as he loves dinosaurs and then found this at a great price'

5/5  Cats693 'Good size, not too much hassle for cleaning up. Kids will love it!'

5/5  Debbie 'Bought for a present. Seems good thanks.'

3/5  KML 'Okay for what it is I got it in an offer at the time so for what I paid can't complain.'

5/5  MrsWilson81 'The voice repeat function is great fun for siblings or friends..... and parents.'

5/5  Krissy 'Great value for money. Toy offers hours of fun for any child crazy about dinosaurs. Very happy.'

5/5  Halestone 'This t-Rex has been brought for Christmas for my 2 year old son, so we haven’t played with it but looks good & I read the reviews which said good things about it'

5/5  Luckyshopper 'This is good value for money and a quality product. Bought for my 2 year old cousin who loves it but his 5 year old cousin also loves it. Boys love dinosaurs but also hasn’t promoted and fighting like so many toys these days'

5/5  Chazz 'Its fun and im hoping my kids enjoy this very much as i brought it for my son for christmas as i thought he would enjoy it as hes obsessed with dinosaurs atm'

5/5  Sarah 'The price it good for what you get out of the toy keeps the little one entertained'

5/5  Carolann 'Great toy lots of features, lots of fun and great price'

5/5  Misty 'Fantastic toy well worth the money'

5/5  Zuf 'Great little dinosaur for my son, sure he'll love it.'

5/5  LL 'Great value for money, my 2 year old son loves it!'

5/5  Ary 'Very nice,funny,.thank you very much'

5/5  Elicia 'My little boy plays with this for ages and loves it !!'

5/5  Bushmummy 'Great toy grandson loves it very sturdy n lots of entertainment value for money 100%'

5/5  Shelly 'I brought this for my friends son birthday. Absolutely loves it! The noses and the fact it lights up as well. Really good value for money'

5/5  Amanda 'Got it for my sons birthday as he loves dinosaurs x'

5/5  Lily 'Great toy for dinosaur fans nephew enjoys playing with it'

4/5  Gekrgia 'Great toy my son loves jt'

4/5  Anon '3-year old liked this toy, we were a little disappointed when opening to see that it was for 2+ rather than 3+ as stated in the description, it looked a little young for the birthday boy!'

3/5  Polyanna 'This is a Christmas present. I am sure my nephew will love it. Good size and value for money.'

5/5  Barbie 'I know the boys will love these they are both chatter boxes'

4/5  H1 'Something a bit different and really exciting! Caused quite a stir!'

5/5  Ct04 'This is currently sat waiting for my child to open at christmas, good quality product I know they'll love!'

4/5  Jessica 'This dinosaur is amazing my little boy has learnt so much from it great toy and I would highly recommend 1000%'

4/5  Jbroad 'Not got it out to play with yet as its a gift for Xmas but she loves anything dinosaur'

5/5  Charlie 'Great grandson just loves dinosaurs and this one is very funny as it repeats what you say to it in a child like voice which in turn makes you laugh.'

5/5  Katygator3 'This is a cute little thing, easy to install the batteries, noises clear but not too loud. Bought for a three year dinasaur fanatic and he was well impressed with it. He’s hardly put it down and he sits with his baby brother playing with it and they both have giggling fits over the sounds!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant toy.'

5/5  Ste 'My son love it so much he takes it to bed with him.'

5/5  Agata 'Worth the price my boy absolutely loves it'

5/5  Vin 'Good value. Looks fab. Children love it and spend long hours playing with it'

5/5  Shannon1 'My boy loves it, Great present.'

5/5  Laurg94 'Excellent quality! Bought as a present for my nephew who is dinosaur obsessed!'

5/5  AmberB 'Perfect size and easy to play with, makes sounds that a young child can copy too'

5/5  Tabir 'Good gift for my little brother and provided hours of fun.'

5/5  Bubu 'My 3 years old sun enjoys playing with it specially the repeat back in funny voice feature, even my 5 years old daughter joining him'

4/5  T21 'It has lots of buttons with noises on it which my grandson loves'

5/5  Cleaner 'Good toy kids love it'

4/5  Nicole 'So good for the price !'

5/5  Mummazee 'Bought for my 3 year old grandson and he loved it,, had everyone making it talk which he thought was great'

5/5  Andy1964 'Bought for my grandsons 3rd birthday ,he loves it and plays with it all the time,money well spent'

5/5  Shaan '2 for 15 is such a fantastic deal. Bought it for my 2yr old son and all the family play with it (all ages). He loves to say his name as the dino repeats. Makes him so happy. Would def recommend this toy'

5/5  Mazt 'Lovely, well made product. Ideal for my 3 year old dinosaur mad grandson. He likes the growling noises it makes and the fact that he can record his voice.'

5/5  Emma87 'Great little stocking filler for Dino mad young toddler. I say young toddler because it doesn’t do lots of different things so won’t engage most older toddlers for too long but the things it does, it does well. So great for a dinosaur mad young one that’s just starting to discover things and definitely good value for the price.'

4/5  Jo 'This was bought as a Christmas present for my 3yr old son. He loves playing with it and the talk back feature is fantastic, he's forever talking to it so it repeats him. Definitely a must buy for any toddler dinosaur fanatic'

4/5  Lauren 'Was Christmas present for my new phew he loves it'

5/5  John 'Didn’t know it recorded you for few seconds when you press head button. My 1 year old loves the noises and light up eyes.'

4/5  Nannie 'Bought for grandson who loves it a lot very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  HRM1995 'This is good for the money but i expected it to do a bit more than what it actually does. It makes a few different noises and it's eyes light up but that's about it. It's good for younger children but older children may get bored quickly.'

5/5  Carly 'Product is really good for the money however the packaging I felt made the product look really cheap and was almost embarrassed to give as a gift however the product itself is great value for money'

4/5  Lollipop22 'Great little toy good value for money and nice for the little ones to interact with.'

4/5  Chez70 'It was great for my niece and good value'

3/5  Jor 'Great little dino friend !!!!! Would recommend'

5/5  TVF 'Brillant, was brought as a Christmas present and was loved.'

5/5  Cutie 'Bought this for my 1 year old neice for one of her xmas pressies. She loves him repeats all the noises he makes and she can use the record function alone. This dinosaur makes her very happy.'

5/5  Al2015 'Little one loves this. Can play back your voice but only once, makes two different sort of roars. Good toy for a little one'

5/5  Skelper 'My grandson loves this and so do i, never knew you could record yoyr voice irs fantastic well worth the money'

3/5  Mat 'Brilliant toy for a little boy who loves His T-rex'

5/5  Iram 'Excellent value for money....easy for toddlet to use.'

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