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Chad Valley Remote Control Dinosaur

About the Chad Valley Remote Control Dinosaur

Run for your lives! Chad Valley has a new King of the dinosaurs with this mighty, walking, roaring remote controlled T-Rex, with eyes that light up. This remote control T-Rex comes with fearsome growling sounds, walking functions and light up eyes. Size H26.5cm. Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included). For ages 5 years and over.

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 3878686
EAN/SKU: 3878686
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Chad Valley Remote Control Dinosaur Reviews

5/5   'Purchased for 3 year old birthday cos he loves dinosaurs and he loves it'

4/5  Jaleo 'Better than I expected.'

5/5  As 'Bought this for a present for a little boy. He loved it...great fun...stomping with lights and sounds. Great pice in the sales...half original price.'

5/5  Dave 'Bought this for a family member's 3 year old. Easy to put together and get running in 5 minutes. Squeals of delight from children and parents asking where I got it from. Really pleased!'

5/5  Jac 'My nephew loves it'

4/5  Bubs 'It works as stated although not wireless my son loved it and it does what says on box'

4/5  Sandra 'Very good for child to play keep them amused for ages really great'

5/5  John 'It was good at walking and the noise was one of the best we he hear'

5/5  Stella 'Bought this for my grandson as he likes dinosaurs, he's only two and seems to be happy with it!'

1/5  Njd 'Our 6 year old got vouchers for his birthday and chose this. It's cheap plastic, doesn't do a lot and the wire from the controls to the dinosaur isn't that long. Think he played with it for about 10 mins before he got bored with it and it went in the toy box. Definitely not worth the money paid.'

5/5  Krish 'Great value offers and my nephew enjoys playing with it'

4/5  Gemm 'Good product my son absolutely loves it only down fall is that the batteries run out quickly'

5/5  Lori 'I bought this item as birthday present for my grandson. He looked the toy. It was a firm hit.'

3/5  Lou 'It was a birthday present for my nephew'

5/5  PierreC 'The toy was such fun and immediately captivated the room of children and, more bizarrely, the adults in the room as well'

4/5  Jane37 'My son loves this toy, he plays with it most of the day'

5/5  Mick67 'Great toy for the kids,got one each for my grandson and granddaughter,the dinosaur,s mouth opens and shuts,my grandson puts his spiderman figure in the mouth and the dinosaur walks around with it,now my granddaughter puts little dolls in mouth of hers,they love these toys ,great buy for the price.'

4/5  MelT 'Youngest grandson dinosaur mad , loved it .'

4/5  Donna 'My son loves it!'

5/5  Oscar 'My three year old grandson loved this gift. Very simple to use but with limited functions however the sound affects and the flashing eyes made up for this. Lots of laughter and well played with over the christmas holidays.'

5/5  Whitney13 'Little annoying but what noisy toy isn't! Son loves it though'

5/5  Nanny Smith 'Bought this for my grandson excellent value for money , very life like very pleased'

5/5  Sallymally 'He hasn't stopped playing with it. Brilliant features Worth the money'

5/5  Amb 'It's great fun, tried before giving as a present, I was well impressed'

4/5  Sara 'I really like it. Bought 4 for my niece and nephews.'

5/5  Kailey94 'Bought for my nephew and he absolutely loves it! Very good quality for the price!'

4/5  AriaM 'Been looking everywhere for one these for a decent price and this one didnt dissapoint. Even though we had tears when the batteries run out we have hours of great fun!!'

5/5  Rach 'Excellents'

5/5  Billyboy 'Brill service great product exalant Christ!as pressy'

3/5  Jen63 'Not particularly good quality for Chad Valley. It was bought for a 4 year old - big mistake! Should be bought for a child who is careful how they play with toys. Sorry Chad Valley but there it is.'

5/5  Holzbols25 'I bought this item for my 4 year old, dinosaur mad godson, and he loves it! I bought this item and discovered that it wasn't working, took it back to Argos and had an exchange with absolutely no questions asked. Brilliant item! :)'

5/5  Kevin From London 'Got this for my son's 6th birthday and he loves it'

5/5  Aisha30 'Good quality real life looking dinosaur the only slight downside is the remote is not wireless so my son has to walk behind the dinosaur so it won't fall.'

4/5  Dkal 'Good toy my bo loves it'

5/5  Danni28 'I got this for my little boys 3rd birthday he is very pleased with it and loves to play it was very easy and simple to put together very happy with all his stuff'

4/5  Tra 'Im sure my grandson will love thus has he like dinosaurs'

5/5  Sam 'My son loves it'

4/5  Kev 'I bought this as a gift for my grandson who is 2 1/2 years old, after he got over his initial first shock after hearing it "GROWL" he absolutely loves it and will not put it down !! he has lots of model dinosaur's but this is the first one that growls !! well worth the money !!'

4/5  Chunky 'Great value for money, my son was well chuffed with it , hasn't stop playing with it'

5/5  Deri 'I bought it for my son He loves it:-)'

5/5  Chelsea 'My four yr old will not put it down'

4/5  Kashmir 'Bought for 5 years old, good product, great fun even for one year old sibling, nice roar and lighted eyes, small struggle with walking on non carpet flooring, only minus is lack of switch off button.'

5/5  Scosha 'I have purchased this as a birthday present so I have not seen it in action yet, but looking forward to trying it out.'

5/5  Nan 'This dinosaur was better quality than I expected it would be and so life like with the roaring sound and movement, a great hit with our 3yr old grandson and even his 7yr old sister too. A fantastic gift.'

4/5  Mummon 'My son really likes this toy very realistic sounds!'

1/5  H 'Bought this for my nephew for Xmas which he loved as he likes dinosaurs but the only thing it didn't have was an on and off button so for ages it stayed on and then we had to take the batteries out to stop it making roaring noises. So having to take it back as well. Not designed very well as it has no on or off button.'

5/5  Tina 'Please can you tell me how to turn the dinosaur off as I am having to take the batteries out to make it turn off........ Many thanks'

4/5  Sonny 'It made my five year old very happy as she is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. Not the best product but good for the price.'

5/5  Smiley 'Can,t really give a review as yet as this is a xmas present for my 4 year old great grandson who loves dinosaurs, it looks sturdy and as it walks and roars I know he will be a happy little lad with this dinosaur.'


4/5  V4Vic 'I thought the dinosaur fairly robust for the money. The eyes glow and the dinosaur roars as he walks along. My four year old grandson was very happy with it.'

5/5  Percy 'As I say grandson loves it but his mother and father have fun too god price aswell'

5/5  Nanny-me!Mummy-2! 'Our little granddaughter 5 years old is mad on dinosaurs and she loved this one - it roars, moves its head around and its mouth, and walks with using remote control - its just a shame that the lead is not longer! Good price though for good toy!'

5/5  Lucky Mum Of 3 'My daughter is a huge dinosaur fan and this was the perfect gift. Well played with. Very loud and scary which she loves. My little one also enjoys having the noisey dinosaur to one of her tea parties Fab toy'

5/5  Davsdon 'My 3 yr. son was fond of dinosaurs; he knows most of the dinosaurs by name and likens himself to the strength of a T-Rex. I felt this toy would be a great gift for him, so I got it roar on his return from nursery and he ran away from the door. It took us up to 30 mins to plead with him to return that it was a toy and a pretend dino. He loves playing with the remote now but wouldn't go near the toy itself; it's too scary for him. I would suggest different lights for the eye and a faster movement'

4/5  Midge 'My 3 year old granddaughter loved this dinosaur! Her parents think it is great too!'

1/5  Scamps 'Worked fine on Christmas Day but then the controller stopped working, along with the "roar" noise, and this was with very limited use. The toy doesn't move very well across any surface, very slow and the cable from the remote to the toy itself is pretty short which isn't great. I ended up cutting off the cable and my 4yo now uses the toy without the remote function and he has far much more fun with it.'

5/5  Raymond 'What small child wouldn't want one of these, it walks, it roars and has eyes that light up red. our 3 year old g/grandson loves it especially as he can control it with the remote.'

4/5  Jonty 'Bought this for my 3 year old nephew for christmas, he loved it, in fact we all enjoyed playing with it. was quite noisy, but fun.'

4/5  Garyface 'Very pleased with this toy. Loud roars, bright red eyes and a moving head, my godson had a great time with this on Christmas Day. Very easy to use too.'

5/5  David 'Bought for my grandson he loves it he evan left his new bike to play with his dinosaur and is still taking it with him when he plays out'

4/5  Brummy Mummy 'Give yourself plenty of time to get this one out of the box - you're going to need a long thin screwdriver! Apart from the ludicrous packaging this product is good - very scary roar and it walks!'

5/5  Chris 'Very noisy, but my nephew - he is 2 - couldn't stop playing with it. Batteries included, so a bonus. Ready to use.'

5/5  Too-Ticky 'We bought this for our son for Christmas. We're very pleased with its quality. He wanted a walking remote-controlled dinosaur that roars. It does that and he is delighted with it.'

5/5  Mich2010 'Bought 2 of these for xmas, and tried them before wrapping, well worth the money'

4/5  Lottie 'Great present bought for our 3 year old son. He loves it, its easy to operate, and keeps him entertained.'

5/5  Joon 'This is a present for a dino mad grandson,so though he has not seen it yet but I know he will love it,it has great features,and being able to control it himself will be a wow factor.'

5/5  Effie 'We bought this for the 5 yr old grandson of our friends. It was a great success! He loved the remote control aspect of it. Not only does it walk forward but it shakes its head too! Thank you!'

4/5  Rachi 'My son wanted this for ages after seeing a friends son with it. He was due to have it for Christmas but bought it for a treat instead as my son mentioned it on a daily basis he loved it that much! It is big, loud and walks, great for a dinosaur fan. Only downside is the remote doesn't have an off switch Overall great value for money and fab toy!'

5/5  Antie Tizzy 'I bought this for my nephew who is dinosaur mad he is very happy with his dino and it works well he loves it.'

5/5  Do 'My 4 yr old grandson was absolutely delighted with his RC dinosaur. It lives up to the description.'

5/5  Osaur 'Didn't think much of it from illustration, but our grandsaurus boy aged 4, loved it despite having so many dinosaur toys. So did we! Ssh! Loved the eyes lighting up and roaring and the walking. Grandmasaurus & Grandadsaurus.'

3/5  Cheryl 'My grandson likes hisdino the eyes light up i think its a bit strange quite reallistic if your little boy is into dinos and monsters he will love it.'

3/5  Deb 'My 6yr old daughter is majorly into anything dinosaur and this was the star of the day. All of the children at her party were watching and patiently waiting to have a go on it. The controls are very basic so are easy to use. My only niggle with this product that I do not own a mini screwdriver and there for had to make a special purchase in order to fully remove all plastic parts that were holding it in place in the box. That said I would absolutely recommend this toy to a friend or family member.'

4/5  JACK 'Bought this for my grandson's birthday. Although it states 5+ my grandson is only 3 but can operate this no problem and he loves it!'

5/5  Deb 'Our 4 year boy loves this,great toy'

5/5  Elaine 'Bought this 'dino' for my grandson's fourth birthday. He just loved it and loves 'scaring' people around with it's realistic roaring sound and it's walking plus flashing eyes. A brilliant product.'

5/5  Cynthia 'My grandson was delighted with the dinosaur, very realistic'

5/5  Ian 'Lots of fun on xmas day with my 2yr old grandaughter she loves it good price'

5/5  Mum Of 2 'I think this dinosaur is great, my son absolutely loves it and I think it was a bargain. Would definately recommend to everyone. Although lead could have been a bit longer but still a fantastic toy.'

5/5  Paige 'Got this as a Christmas present for my partners nephew & he loves it :-) he was very happy with it & hasn't stopped playing with it. Would definitely recommend buying it.'

5/5  Maureen 'Got this for my three year old grandson he loves it'

5/5  Daniele 'We bought this toy for our 6 years old dughter Christmas present, she loved it. Occasionally when we have same of her little friends to stay and play this the everyone's best toy.'

5/5  Tiggy 'My 3yr old loves it. Laughs his head off making it walk across the floor growling. Great fun'

5/5  Roz 'Second one we have bought as grandsons love it'

4/5  Liz F 'My grandson loved this dinosaur & enjoyed playing with it. As he is 'heavy' on his toys we were pleased with the ease its 'innards' could be accessed for repair. Be sure to have a screwdriver available to unpack the beast as it is impossible to play with until all the support packaging has been unscrewed.'

4/5  Davina 'Bought this toy & took it straight out of the packet, it seems to be made well & the noises are fantastic. A decent size & should be hours of entertainment. Glad that I bought it on sale, we'll see how long it lasts.'

4/5  Jackie 'My grandson loves this we got it for his birthday.'

5/5  Mary 'My grandson loves this he will not put it down'

5/5  Tracy 'Brought this for my little boys 5th birthday and he was delighted with it, we'll worth the money'

1/5  Kam 'Very poorly designed. Used up batteries within a couple of minutes, is supposed to walk, but didn't!. Basically not worth the price as it is of cheap quality. The child I bought it for was very disappointed as we had to return it for something else.'

4/5  LynKay 'This was puchased as a birthday present which hasn't come yet, so unable to give a true valuation of this'

4/5  Bought for my nephews birthday, he loves it! 'I bought this for my grandsons 4th birthday and he loved it. Only downside was I didn't realise it had a wire joining the control to the dinosaur I thought it was wireless, this hasn't stopped my grandsons enjoyment.'

5/5  Brought the remote control dinosaur for my son and he loves it best toy i brought forhim 'Franco3'

5/5  Well worth the money the young man played with it all day 'Nia'

5/5  My six yr old grandson loved it,the sounds are great and we were the best grandparents ever!! 'Alan'

5/5  My 3 year old loves dinosaurs so was delighted to find it amongst his xmas pressies. Simple controls makes it easy to use. 'Janedoe28'

4/5  Xmas present for my 4 year old grandson, he loved it. 'Claire'

5/5  I bought this for my 3 year old nephew who is dinosaur mad for a Christmas present, it was the highlight of his day when he heard it growling! 'Lesley'

5/5  0 'Diddly'

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