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Chad Valley Dinosaur Lights and Sounds Assortment

About the Chad Valley Dinosaur Lights and Sounds Assortment

The Chad Valley Dinosaur Lights and Sounds Assortment will catch your most cherished's creative energy, taking them on an experience into ancient times with extraordinary sounds and bright light up eyes. Gather the thundering T-rex, styracosaurus or velociraptor to breath life into ancient fun.

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Chad Valley Dinosaur Lights and Sounds Assortment Reviews

5/5   'My son enjoys very much'

5/5  Mike 'Great product,i wish you could pick which one you want but staff are more than happy to swap if available,makes a good noise if you move the tail and the head lights up too.'

5/5  RCF 'My son chose 2 of these himself for his birthday. Staff made sure he got two different models and were very helpful. He loves the noise they make and the way they light up. Great choice!'

5/5  Abi 'This toy is really good for the price. My son loves, makes a good scary noise which he enjoys.'

5/5  Sargent 'My dinosaur mad 2 and a half year old was very happy with his roaring dinosaur this christmas!'

5/5  Cjjh 'My 3-year old absolutely loves his noisy light up dinosaur. They are well made I'm good value for the price.'

5/5  Collins2003 'Bought as a gift, but my son had one when he was little too and he loved it (probably still loves it!). Has been very well received.'

5/5  Jules 'Easy to make roar!! Goid sounds and not too scary .'

5/5  Stoz 'Little ones loved it they are obsessed with dinosaurs'

3/5  Cookie 'Very happy with this toy an so are my kids'

4/5  Kj 'My 3 yo son loves it.. The roaring gets slightly annoying but what noisy kids toy doesn't. We got 2 different dinosaurs and he's not stopped playing with them'

5/5  Linda 'Bought this for my Grandson for Christmas. As he's really into his dinosaurs I'm sure he'll just love this! I thought it represented excellent value for money and I'm very pleased with my purchase.'

5/5  Kathr 'Grandson wil love these great offer'

5/5  Katie 'Good toy for Christmas'

5/5  Jane 'Kept my dinasaur-mad happy for ages'

5/5  Bigmummar 'Good value for money good product and my grandson loves it'

5/5  Titch 'They are very colourful and my family member is made up with them hasn’t put them down yet'

5/5  Lindy47 'This was purchased as a gift, I was pleased with the toy for the cost. It was bright and attractive, a little dubious about the plastic frilled collar.'

4/5  Dvcimx 'My store only had two of the dinosaurs in stock, so I couldn’t choose what I wanted. But they said I could nip back closer to Christmas to switch. So happy about that :)'

3/5  Karol 'Great fun Dino toy for monster loving grandson'

4/5  Loulou 'My two year old grandson enjoys playing with this dinosaur. Not bad value for money'

4/5  Choochoo 'Great price got it on offer would highly recommend my little one loves it.'

5/5  Abbey 'My little one loves these dinosaurs kept him quiet most of the day'

5/5  Hayley21 'Amazing little toy! My godson loved it!'

5/5  Von 'My grandson loved this and the sounds are good too'

5/5  MrsFenwick 'Bought as a gift and he loved it!'

5/5  Tor 'Lovely fun for kids'

5/5  Hippychic 'Bought this for my Australian grandson & he loves it. It does everything it says on the box, the roaring is loud & the lights make the eyes go red which he gets very excited about. Great buy.'

5/5  Bella 'Great little toy grandson loves it'

4/5  Teaman 'Bought as a late birthday request...disappointing sounds when compared to other toys with sounds etc. Poor quality models. Bought replacements next day.'

2/5  Paula 'Nephew at 3 loved this great sound'

5/5  KelG 'Brought this as a gift for a three year old. He absolutely loves and has many hours of play with his dinosaur'

4/5  CORZY 'Brilliant toy no problem at all . No complaints'

5/5  Kaz54 'Bought for grandson B/day who loves anything dinosaur related'

5/5  Sal 'Bought this as a gift for a five year He absolutely loved it It does what it says on the tin Will buy this for my five year old Great product'

5/5  GemmaD 'This looks much better in the catalogue One dinosaur supplied Looks small and cheap'

5/5  Ringo 'My 4 year old grandson loves them he’s Dinosaur mad would recommend'

2/5  Vee 'My grandson loves his dinosaurs, I got 2 for 1 offer......the sound effect and lighting kept him fascinated, he takes them everywhere, their well made and so worth the price....'

5/5  Donnatango 'The little boy we bought it for loved it. It lights up and roars and looks great. He also shoved it in his paddling pool several times and it still worked fine!'

5/5  Mary 'For my grandsons 2nd birthday he loved them'

5/5  Kiz 'As described my little boy loves it.'

5/5  Iggy 'My grandson love dinosaurs and really loved this toy'

5/5  Paige 'My little boy who’s 3 just gone into dinosaurs and this one seems to be he’s favourite it lights up and makes noises good value for the money'

5/5  Tuffy 'Bought it a kid's birthday present. Good size gift.'

5/5  Lisa 'Great value toy! Lots of fun had playing with this toy!'

4/5  Sam 'My 7 year old loves this dinosaur it was good value for money and the lights and sounds are good too'

5/5  Chez 'Good size for holding and easy for a young child to make the dinosaur roar noise, my grandson can manage this and he's only 2.'

5/5  Lyns 'My Donn loves this gret size and sounds'

5/5  Nan 'It is still in one piece, so must be well made. He is still playing with it, so was worth the money it cost.'

4/5  Fawwad 'My son 4 year old loves dinosaurs and he is happy that he got a new addition to his collection'

4/5  Sharon 'Excellent value nephew loves them great sound effects excellent detail been back today for another 1 .'

4/5  Granny 'Do Happy with item worth the money excellent'

5/5  Amanda 'Great realistic dinosaur will give hours of fun for my nephew'

5/5  Ched 'Present for Grandson - very popular'

5/5  Chris 'Great toy and lots of fun'

5/5  Ahb 'Brilliant price and good product we only have one but will be getting the others.'

5/5  Zo 'Good value for money Not too small either'

5/5  Jo 'My 3 year old son loved this and the realistic roar. It's durable as so far he hasn't managed to break it. Durability is a must with toys I purchase for him.'

5/5  Menekse 'I haven,t open it but it was for a little dinosaurus fan.'

5/5  Jonathan 'Purchased 2 and they were very popular with a couple of dinosaur mad kids.'

5/5  MacD 'Well and accurately described. It fitted in well with my Grandson's other related Dino toys. The fact that it has sounds and lights made it a favourite straight away.Value for money.'

4/5  Janet 'Bought for my four year old great nephew. He loved them. Excellence from Chad Valley'

5/5  Fastelelectrics 'There are 3 models available and you will not know which ones the shop has in stock before you collect your items. In my case the local Argos store only had two in stock and both were the same model. I had to ge to a second store to obtain a pair that were of different designs. The eyes light up and the dinosaur roars when you push the head forwards, although all dinosaurs make the same noise regardless of species. They are well made and there is plenty of good play value in these toys.'

4/5  AuntirG 'Excellent toy, noise and lights - what more could a 5 yr old ask for?'

5/5  Ange 'Good dinosaur and lit up as well.'

4/5  Fee 'Cheap and cheerful. My 4 year old son loved it'

5/5  Buddy 'Looks good not sure how good it is in action as bought for Christmas present'

5/5  Funsize 'Great toy with lots of fun had by it'

4/5  Jacqui 'Really effective sound, my son plays for hours with this toy'

4/5  Secret 'My son love this toy, it’s flashing it’s eyes, is brilliant toy'

5/5  Amie 'It’s an amazing toy my nephew loves it the only thing I could say about it is that it could be bigger, & the way it’s oights up is a little creepy but over all it’s a fantastic toy absolutely brilliant'

5/5  ET 'For my nephew.. loved it'

5/5  LJ 'A fab toy with flashing lights and sounds. Hours of play!'

5/5  Yolly 'My granson is dinosaur mad, he will love playing with this toy.'

4/5  Js 'Great product son loves it'

5/5  Grandad 'Great for all kids to play'

5/5  SilverbackBikerSteve 'The box was a little beaten up but it protected the toy well. product exactly as described and I'm sure it will be well received as it is a stocking filler for Christmas.'

4/5  Sheila 'Great toys for 3 year olds.'

5/5  Jenpenpoo 'My son loves his dinosaurs so was please with this. Good size toy.'

4/5  Ann 'Great gifts for a child's birthday party my son went to really pleased with them'

5/5  Zenny 'Brought for my nephew he loves it'

4/5  Top10 'The Dinosaur is very realistic and makes great noises. My 4 year old Son loved it.'

5/5  Kaz 'Great toy, my son loves it. Fantastic on the 3 for 2 offer'

5/5  Debo 'My nephew loves them'

5/5  Jade 'Dinosaur is brill it lights up and makes sounds which my little one loves'

5/5  Shell 'Bought as a gift, great!'

4/5  MamaBear 'Well made, realistic design & markings a plus that the dinosaurs have both moving legs & arms I'm really pleased with this purchase & so is son he absolutely loves them!'

5/5  HV10 'Great product, and feels well made. It would be great to have an off switch as it does like to roar!!'

4/5  Grev 'Be sure to follow the age restrictions on the packaging'

5/5  Rebjay92 'One dinosaur supplied in pack.'

4/5  Wrigmummy 'Not what I expected at all bought for my daughters 3rd birthday and its quite sturdy but the eyes flash red and it makes a feeble roah. Expected a little bit more for the price a little disappointing.'

5/5  Hans 'I bought this as a present. The description states 'assortment’ so I was expecting more than one dinosaur. The description is very musleading as only one toy cane in the box. The packaging was very cheap looking. I plan on returning this item.'

5/5  Brian 'My lad is obsessed with dinosaur and he loved this product'

1/5  Cath 'Lights and sounds fab cath'

1/5  Xxhale22 'Lights up and makes noises which for a 3 year old is a must he has played with this for hours and insists on taking Bob (the dinosaur) to bed I'm going to get the others as they were a big hit in our house'

4/5  TD 'Son loves it :) and plays with it a lot!'

4/5  Brad 'Lights and sounds good.'

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