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Chad Valley 50 Piece Dinosaur Bucket

About the Chad Valley 50 Piece Dinosaur Bucket

Your most cherished can make their own unique wild kingdom with this Chad Valley 50 Piece Dinosaur Bucket, jam packed with dinosaurs, plants and boulders. Set in a mountain scene, look on as your little one is transported to a universe of prehistoric expedition. Incorporates twenty (20) mixed dinosaurs, one (1) mountain scene and twenty-nine (29) plants and boulders. At the point when recess is done, every one of the dinosaurs and their scene can be returned to the container until next time.

Brand: Chad Valley
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5/5   'Son loves playing with these and actually shares them'

5/5   'My little boy loved them. He has hours of fun with them'

5/5   'Lots of fun and games in a complete package...excellent value.'

5/5   'Hours of fun and imagination'

5/5   'Brought as a surprise for my dinosaur mad daughter she was over the moon with it'

5/5   'Our original dinosaur set went missing during the house move. This set was far and away better than the original'

5/5   'My son is 4 and loves playing with all the dinosaurs. It's defenetly worth the price. Colours are nice and all the other bits that go with if make the playtime very enjoyable.'

5/5   'My son's has had hours of fun with these dinosaurs, highly recommend them'

5/5   'These toys are great, really good quality, super colourful and my godson enjoys playing with them so much. Recommended.'

5/5   'This is more than I expected. For such a great price you get a lot and the quality is great too.'

5/5   'Great product, bought as present'

5/5   'Bought for my two year old son and he loves it. Good value for money as you gets lots of dinosaurs plus rocks and trees.'

4/5   'Good selection of different dinosaurs and foliage. Small pieces so beware if you have younger children.'

4/5   'Little one loves dinosaurs its a good collection but the rocks are unnecessary'

5/5   'I bought these for my 3 year old grandson and he absolutely loves them. I would definitely recommend these.'

5/5   'Bought this set for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! Shes dinosaur mad and hasnt stopped playing with them. Nice variance in sizes of dinosaurs and great for her imaginative play with the trees and rocks. Great value product.'

5/5   'The child I bought it for, thinks it's brilliant. It has soo much variety in one box. Plants, dinosaurs of all sizes and range and different size rocks to use for imaginitive play. He still plays with it till this day.'

5/5   'Hours of playing and the container is fab'

5/5   'Great bucket of dinosaurs, 2 year old son loves them'

5/5   'Bought this along with the Farm Animals and i expected both to be small but they aint. Son loves them, plays for hours, great buy! Cant fault the items in any way'

5/5   'I bought these for my two children (son who is 3 years and daughter who is 1) and they have been a massive hit! Especially as the both love a certain CBeebies program and love the natural history museum! They spend hours playing with them. Although there are more rocks than I thought there would be but it doesn't phase them! Would recommend!'

4/5   'There could be a few more bigger dinosaurs but on the whole it's got all the main ones'

5/5   'Our Grandson loved these Dinosours and played with them for hours, highly recommended'

5/5   'This was a gift for my son for his 6th birthday and he is obsessed with dinosaurs. You get the trees and rocks and he sits setting a bit of a park up on the table. Definitely recommend it if your little one loves dinosaurs.'

5/5   'My little boy loves playing with these dinosaurs. They are well made and I feel they will last for ages. He loves using them in his water tray and also indoors at the table. Nice to have the little trees and rocks to go with it so he can use his imagination!'

5/5   'Great jar of dinosaurs grandson takes them everywhere'

5/5   'Great toy, good value'

5/5   'As described, my son loves the dinosaurs'

5/5   'Fantastic amount of dinosaurs with trees and boulders made a good interaction game'

5/5   'Brought these for 4 yr old who loves dinosaurs - heard that he loves them and that ideal as has own carry tub'

5/5   'There was a good mix in the tub for the price- around 5/6 large dinos with 20/25 small dinos and the rest of the pieces are rocks, trees and bushes for them to hide in. Easy to tidy away and carry the tub around.'

5/5   'Three year old twins love everything dinosaur. Great mixture of dinosaurs and trees rocks ect. great for imaginative play.'

5/5   'For that price with such a big bucket of dinosaurs, definitely worth it.'

5/5   'Variety of sizes, a few kinds of different dinosaurs and trees to make a scenery - thanks to my kids I've learned about triceratops and others lol, love it !'

3/5   'All dinosaurs are very good looking but there are too many plants and rocks, bucket can be reusable'

5/5   'Great item, good price, would buy again'

5/5   'My little boy aged 3 , loved the dinosaurs that came with this, kept him entertained for hours , good quality and a really good selection of mini ones and bigger dinosaurs to play with'

5/5   'Good fun for my 3 year old'

4/5   'Im having a great time playing with my nephew, whom I gifted this toy set. He is dino mad and had a large dinosaur but likes these because he could make his own jungle and fighting arena with the trees, rocks and all the other dinosaurs. I think theyre well made and have good variety. It comes in a handy storage tub too so the kids dont lose it after playing. Or in this case, I dont lose anything ; )'

5/5   'Very lovely set, loads of trees and bushes and well as dinos. Well balanced starter set and much appreciated'

5/5   'My son absolutely loves these dinosaurs. There's plenty in the bucket and they're a good quality for the price'

4/5   'Got this for the children I mind it's suitable for 3yrs and over they had great fun setting up the jungle terrain and there were lots of different sized dinosaurs to play with. They loved it.'

5/5   'Bought for my grand son and he absolutely Loves them'

4/5   'Bought as a small gift for our dinosaur mad grandson, and successfully keeps him occupied for hours on end! Plenty to stimulate a small child's imagination. Good purchase, and recommend it.'

5/5   'Great range of different types of dinosaurs and different sizes. Good quality figures and super scenery including rocks and trees.'

5/5   'Great product for my little boy,thank you'

5/5   'Brought as a gift. Best priced dinosaur set I could find. Sturdy tub with carry handle is great. I would recommend this'

3/5   'Is a good set but very flimsy and the smaller dinosaurs are easily lost and stood on and hurt like Lego'

5/5   'This ie well worth the price and quality'

5/5   'He take one of the dinasaws with him every where he gose, he love making a florist with the trees'

5/5   'My 3yrs boy has so excited,'

5/5   'Got this for my little one but as hes only 2 Ive given him the 4 big dinosaurs out of the bottle, and put the rest away until hes bigger. The big dinosaurs are ideal, even the stegosaurus isnt too spikey for a little one to play with, its not made of brittle plastic but rather soft plastic. My little boy loves his dinosaurs. Id recommend them.'

5/5   'Lovely collection of different kinds & sizes of dinosaurs. It was a gift for a 3year old boy in love with dinosaurs, so perfect gift for him. It comes in an easy to carry bucket..very pleased :)'

4/5   'Plenty of things for my daughter to play with. Well worth the price!'

5/5   'Lovely set of dinosaurs highly recommend'

5/5   'It is recommendable. kids love the different variety of dinosaurs'

5/5   'Bought these for my grandson as he loves dinosaurs. Good value when bought with another item such as farm animals set.'

5/5   'Lots of hours spent playing with these'

5/5   'Bought two boxes of these for my great nephew's. I purchased them after reading the reviews. I wasn't disappointed. Great size of box and full of different kinds of dinosaurs and scenery. A box of fun!'

5/5   'Good value ,my 4 year old loves them.'

5/5   'Little girl loves these! Shes mad on dinosaurs and I found these, couldnt have been happier! She couldnt wait to get home and play with them!'

4/5   'Purchased as a gift, good value and nephew really liked it! Only issue is pieces are small, keep that in mind when considering age range of child.'

5/5   'The little boy I bought them for was thrilled with them,good value for money.hours of fun'

5/5   'My little boy loved this product he plays with them for hours great value.'

5/5   'Daughter loves dinasours so this was a excellent pick, hours of fun playing dinasours take over the world and eat everyone. Would recommened'

5/5   'Great variety of items within the bucket. Child is very happy with this'

5/5   'Great fun and quality contents for the price'

5/5   'Well worth buying. I got them for my sons 3rd birthday and he loves them!'

5/5   'Great toy , solid dinosaurs, in a sturdy container.my grandson sits for ages playing with it.'

5/5   'This was excellent bucket of dinasores'

5/5   'Great value for money. More dinosaurs than I thought would be in the tub. Overall satisfied with my purchase and shall be purchasing again.'

5/5   'My 3 yrs old really likes it the quality is very good solid and hard unbreakable'

5/5   'My son is just getting into dinosaurs so wanted to buy him a selection of dinosaurs to play with. Very happy with this bucket of dinosaurs. Good selection and comes with some plastic rocks and trees. Very happy with my purchase.'

5/5   'Bought it for my friends child . He absolutely loved it. Good quality for the price.'

5/5   'Epic toy and great for young children to learn about dinosaurs.'

5/5   'Bought this for my grandson he is 2 he loves them and we layed them all out then sent his mum the photo and she had to show he every five mins because he loved looking at them then had to come round as soon as possible to play with them.'

5/5   'This set of dinosaurs is very good. Plenty of dinosaurs in the pack and very good quality'

3/5   'There are 4 big dinosaurs and quite a lot of small ones plenty of trees and small rocks but one huge plastic rock thing which fills up the rest of the space, not as many as you think due to this.'

3/5   'My son loves this as he is massively into dinosaurs. Nice cheap and cheerful product. Good value'

5/5   'My son love it! Cheap and very good quality.'

5/5   'Good value packet of dinosaurs. My sons loves this product Great value'

5/5   'Lots of bits for the price, very happy little dinosaur lover!'

5/5   'Good value,toys seem decent quality'

5/5   'Really good for little ones, good selection'

5/5   'Bought two buckets, one for farm animals, one of dinosaur execellent value great grandson loves hem'

5/5   'Bought these for my granddaughter as she is animal mad, she has played with them non-stop since I bought them'

5/5   'Superb for role play and lots of different sizes and variety of dinosaurs !'

4/5   'Lovely present for toddler'

5/5   'A good toy that my child is enjoying, the price is good.'

5/5   'Lovely set for a friend's toddler Hebwas elated with them'

5/5   'Come complete with scenery and both big and small dinosaurs'

3/5   'This bucket of dinosaurs holds many trees and rocks but a disappointing number of dinosaurs. There are only four large dinosaurs any many small ones. Very disappointed, however my 5 year old grandson loved it!.'

5/5   'My son loved them so much he don't stop playing with them'

5/5   'I bought this for my son for Christmas and he absolutely loves it! The additional trees and rocks enable us to put together the scenery and make playing much more fun. Highly recommend.'

5/5   'There's a good quality and range if figures and the box is jam packed., Made for one happy little monster!!'

5/5   'This set includes a great selection of dinosaur several different scenery items such as trees and rocks. Fantastic for pretend play with the little ones, and is excellent value overall.'

5/5   'A good selection of dinosaurs for imaginative play'

5/5   'Perfect for any dinosaur fan'

5/5   'Bought as part of Christmas gift for my grandsons who love dinosaurs. Lots to keep them occupied. Youngest plays with his dinosaur presents all the time. Recommend.'

5/5   'My son loved these...'

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