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chad valley designafriend wooden sleepover bed

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Wooden Sleepover Bed

Chad Valley DesignaFriend Wooden Sleepover Bed is ideal to stimulate the creativity of little ones as they play at doll sleepovers. The wooden bend and mattress includes a pull out drawer located underneath acting as the second bed for dolls to spend night-time or naptime on...either that or they can stay up chatting exchanging the latest spooky tales they've heard!

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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Wooden Sleepover Bed Reviews

5/5   'Bought so my grand daughters dolls could go to bed in a bed similar to theirs and next to them in their rooms'

5/5  MrsOz 'Far more durable than cheap plastic ones that cost a lot more'

4/5  Cookie1098 'The bed was easy to build and of a good quality. It was heavier than I expected! Fits two dolls well.'

5/5  Leah 'Decent material and easy to assemble.. 6 year old even helped! Used as sofa and bed for dolls. My daughter said it should have cover and pillows though! Lol'

4/5  Lynn 'My little ones have The our generation beds and wanted an extra set, this is a very sturdy bed and they absolutely love it. My only minus with this is that it only comes with one set of bedding and one one mattress. But we’ve ordered some on EBay and got it sorted that way!'

5/5  Dad74 'Excellent gift strong and sturdy but you need to remember it needs built and will take time'

5/5  Mish 'Got this for my daughter for christmas Very easy to put together'

5/5  Spanz 'Easy to put together perfect size kids love it'

5/5  Nanny 'My 5 year old granddaughter loved this bed for her dolls. We made sure it was ready to use after she unwrapped it.'

5/5  Anna 'Easy to put together all parts labelled so simple to follow instructions to put together.'

5/5  Blue 'Good value for money'

4/5  Talker36 'Different colouring however same design. Lovely addition to my daughter's collection.'

5/5  Brit78 'Easy to put together and durable. My daughter is loving playing with it!'

4/5  Sparky 'My daughter has wanted a bed & a sofa for her dolls & this meant I only had to buy one item as can be both. Fits well in her dolls house. Easy to assemble. Bought in sale so not bad for the price especially as daughter plays with her dolls most days.'

5/5  Louby 'My daughter bought this with her birthday money and loves it. Its not too huge but can use with all 4 of her dolls. Easy to assemble and quick'

5/5  Heffa77 'This is the perfect little dolls bed, I love the under bed - doesn't take up dp much room when not in use. My daughter loves this highly recommended!'

5/5  Sioux 'This is yet another winner from the DF range providing hours of imaginative play'

4/5  Coopeel 'A very well made nice looking bed for the designafriend range of dolls.'

5/5  Shoesrfab 'Looks good. Haven't put together yet but looks like my daughter will love it. Other designafriend products are excellent, so this should be too.'

4/5  Hayley 'My 8 year old daughter bought this with her birthday money, it was much cheaper than a competitors bed,. Easy to put together and quite sturdy. She uses the drawer underneath for the dolls clothes.'

2/5  Lindanannylinda 'Very over priced. Bought it for my Grandaughter, I would never have bought it , if I had seen it before purchasing.'

4/5  Smellycat26 'The designafriend bed is easy to put together and nice and sturdy. My daughter was very pleased to receive this for Christmas now 2 of her designafriend dolls have 'proper' beds. It comes with a slim mattress and one blanket to use as mattress for additional pull out bed, but no pillows, so we made some. Would have given it five stars had it had 2 slim mattresses and a pillow for each bed, but easily remedied and still lovely.'

5/5  Mumof8 'Well made and very sturdy, provides hours of imaginative play, daughters loves it. Fits perfectly into dolls house.'

4/5  Katyloufreebush 'My daughter loves this. Easy to put together and decent quality. Was disappointed as on the website this looks white but it is actually grey.'

4/5  Loopy 'Nice to have 2 beds .'

5/5  Clair 'Daughter lives this after santa bringing it. Easy to build and looks great..'

5/5  CBGB 'Easy to assemble, good quality'

5/5  Clive 'Turned up with in 4 hours of ordering it is couldn't believe how fast it was .. great service argos x'

5/5  Barb 'Bought as a gift for a very happy little girl'

4/5  Yolly84 'Product is exactly as advertised. Really easy to assemble, seems fairly durable for what it is. My 6 year old is very pleased that her designer friend dolls have a sofa to sit on that changed into a bed.'

3/5  Rach 'The bed was easy to put together, my little girl plays with it all the time with her dolls, it’s cute and sturdy well worth the money :)'

5/5  Katie 'This wooden furniture is very easy to put together and for the price is very good quality. Very happy little girl.'

4/5  Knicky 'My daughter wanted this bed so much, she loves designer friends and wanted this to add to her collection. You have to put it together, but this is simple enough. It is made out of a good quality material. You can use the underneath bit as an extra bed or my daughter uses it for storing designer friend accessories. Great item for DF fans.'

5/5  Sarge 'My daughter loves the design a friend range - and I find that the while range is affordable and good quality.'

5/5  Sally47 'Easy to assemble nice quality'

5/5  Ethers40 'It’s really easy to put together took me 10 mins'

4/5  Laurane24 'Really lovely bed for daughters doll and she plays with it every night the only thing that would of made it better would be a blanket to go with it.'

4/5  Bonnie 'Easy to put together and great quality although i didn't think much to the soft furnishings. No covers or pillows'

5/5  Aimee 'Very suprised by the size and weight of this. Very big and sturdy and two dolls fit nicely. Easy to build.'

5/5  Claza 'Easy to assemble. Daughter loves putting her designafriend doll to bed. The drawer is useful to put all her clothes in to.'

5/5  Katy 'I didn’t realise I had to build it (silly me) but was very easy to do and was built in minutes. Good quality product and daughter very happy.'

5/5  Anita 'This dolls bed is excellent quality and easy to put together..... I'd already purchased the wardrobe which was also of great quality.'

5/5  Ma74 'This is perfect for my daughter's dolls. She is very please with it. Was very easy to put together'

4/5  Gin 'I know my little girl will love it for her dolls'

5/5  Maw 'This is a christmas present but sure our grandaughter will love it'

4/5  MrsL 'The bed is a great design, my daughter tucks the lower bed in during the day and uses it as a sofa until she gets one for Christmas. She has two dolls so it’s perfect. I do think there’s a lot missing from the collection, like bedding for this item and extra hangers for the wardrobe.Theres not a lot to them for the price but if she’s happy I’m happy.'

5/5  Hotstuff 'Although it is a little pricey I would recommend I will have one very happy girl christmas morning as I've bought the whole set. Played with a friends and my daughter had hours of fun and actually cried she didn't want to leave it (MY DAUGHTER IS 3 AND I WILL HOPE THIS WILL LAST FOR A GOOD FEW YEARS) DEFO RECOMMEND'

4/5  David 'My granddaughter was delighted with the bed.'

4/5  Determum 'Brought for my 6 year old. Good size very strong. Only quibble is with the covers and pillows could be better sizes but overall my child loves this, especially beside her bed'

4/5  Maxine 'Great for my daughters dolls, wasn't to keen on the price of it at first but it's well made and we got it in 3 for 2 deal too. We made our own bedding for it and it looks good!'

4/5  Becks79 'My 7 year old daughter bought the Design a Friend bed with her birthday money. It needs to be built but this was very easy, my daughter managed most of it with guidance! Very well made for the most part but I agree with others that it could be made even better by putting a bottom on to hold the sliding bed when it is pushed in. All in all my daughter has been really happy with it.'

5/5  Becks 'Strong, sturdy and easy to assemble. My 6 year old loves it'

5/5  Mummyof5littlemonsters 'My daughter really wanted this pull out bed so it was bought as a treat. She was over the moon with it and plays with it everyday. It was easy to build too.'

5/5  Donna 'My daughter loves this bed. Her doll sleeps in it every night next to her own bed. It's well made and sturdy. Another great addition to the design a friend brand.'

5/5  Alan Bull 'She loves it'

4/5  Kellycolor 'I thought this item was a bit pricey but my little girl loves it, it was easy to put together and doubles up at a sofa for the dolls.'

5/5  Patty 'Bed and pull out are a hit with my granddaughter & her 2 designafriend dolls. Only negative is that there is no base/shelf to house pull out bed. My son says he will cut and fix a base on it from thin ply. I made two pillows and duvets, but now see there is a sleeping bag & pillow available in the range - well done Chad Valley!'

5/5  Heidi007 'Leigha has enjoyed this toy a great deal since she bought it wiv a Christmas gift voucher from Argos couple weeks ago. Very good quality sturdy product.'

5/5  Granny 'An extra gift to go with granddaughter's two dolls. We felt would add to play value and it has! Very well made. We put it together in no time following pictures. Granddaughter age 9 was big help. Now her dolls have a day room while she's at school and beds for night time.'

4/5  Fred 'Brought this with money off the whole range is over priced but my daughter loves it'

4/5  Amy P 'Bought as a present to use with appropriate dolls. Gave hours of fun'

5/5  Fairycake 'Nice solid, my 8 year old loves it to play with her 2 designa friends dolls. It perfectly complements the white wardrobe in the range.'

5/5  Zara 'Good quality product, would definitely recommend it and buy again. My daughters use this all the time and it teaches them to share'

5/5  Caz 'My girls love this...great item, as expected'

5/5  Vetty 'This bed is solid and built for purpose. My daughter has had hours of fun with this item'

4/5  Agl 30 'My 8 year old daughter loves this designafriend bed! She's had lots of fun having sleepovers with her designafriend dolls. Would have been nice if it had come with blankets for the dolls but my daughter still loves it. Would recommend for any designafriend fans.'

5/5  Sal 'The bed was packed very well and the instructions were brilliant. Granddaughter extremely happy , takes it everywhere .she is 10years old.'

5/5  Eve 'Lovely doll bed, very sturdy and looks good too!'

5/5  Rach26 'Bought this fory daughter to use for her babies. I liked the idea that the bottom bed you can push back in when not been played with'

4/5  Me Too 'Have purchased as a gift but already have one for daughter, very durable and great play with dolls'

4/5  Janey 'Once put together it's a really durable toy'

5/5  Lynn 'She's got the whole collection for Christmas, spent loads'

4/5  Dan 'Fits great in the designa friends dolls house'

5/5  Rose1 'This was bought as part of a Christmas present for a little girl so it hasn't been used yet but it looks good and quite solid after assembly. I am sure she will have endless play with her dolls with this item of furniture'

4/5  Bernie 'Good quality with enough room for a couple of dolls. Daughter loves it.'

5/5  Maz 'The product is easy to put together, is exactly as described, looks good.'

5/5  Manspants 'Lovely bed set - would be nice if it came with a duvet and pillow though'

5/5  Sewing Bee 'Great bed for two dolls. Easy to assemble. Granddaughters love it.'

4/5  Sarah G 'My daughter has had a lot of fun with this bed. It needed building (like a real bed). It's quite expensive for a doll's bed but has provided much enjoyment in role play.'

5/5  Starr 'Good quality and easy to put together - lots of fun!'

5/5  SER 'It looks good, strong and was way to build.'

4/5  Paddy 'My girls love it and use it for their two design and friend dolls. Great as it's not taking too much space and it's sturdy. Shame there is no bedding.'

5/5  Madgooner 'This bed was purchased for my granddaughter's birthday present. She was completely blown away with excitement. One very happy little girl. Now we may have to put it together.'

5/5  Tricky Dicky 'My Grandaughter was highly delighted with this product'

4/5  Mummywarbucks 'A nice, pretty, practical piece of toy furniture, but a little over priced.'

5/5  Emz31 'Great product. Easy to put together, took about 10 minutes.'

4/5  Chelleellie 'My daughter had asked for this for xmas and again for her birthday. I think paying the full price is too much for this item but i had a voucher sent to me from Argos so decided to buy it for my daughter's 9th birthday. She was over the moon with it and now her dolls have somewhere to sit and sleep.'

4/5  Memsden 'Got this for my 6 year old daughter to go with her dolls, it was a little tricky to assemble but quite sturdy once together, she loves it, but i have to say its quite a lot of money for what is a bit of plyboard and a few screws'

4/5  Sun Moon And Stars 'My daughter absolutely loves this, she wants the whole collection :)'

4/5  Mel 'My daughter loves all things Designafriend and this didn't disappoint. Really great that there is a pull out bed as well as the main bed for other friends to stay over. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because it wasn't a bargain but it is nicely made.'

5/5  Elizabeth 'Took about 5 mins to build, now my daughter enjoys putting her designa friend dolls to bed, she also uses as a settee in the day. Very happy daughter.'

4/5  Chris 'Very quick to put together, nice easy instructions with not too many screws ,quite sturdy ,only downside is that when you lift the bed it leaves the draw type bottom bed on the floor ,it seems that could do with another piece of thin wood at the bottom to keep it all in one .Our granddaughter loves it especially as had homemade bedding to go with it.'

5/5  Bev 'My little girl loves this thank you'

2/5  Danielle 'My daughter really wanted this and after it being out of stock for nearly 2 months I eventually managed to get one just before Christmas. However on opening it the handle of the bed was split! A disappointed daughter (why would Santa give her something broken) unfortunately as expected it's all out of stock again!!'

5/5  Nanny 5 'The design a friend range is great, Granddaughters love them , lots of clothes and accessories to choose from The furniture is great to play with too.'

4/5  David 'Quite well made, got it for my daughter, she seems happy with it.'

5/5  Sam28 'Brought as a Xmas present looks really good can't wait for my daughter to open it and start having loads of fun'

4/5  Jenny 'Overall good product. Easy to assemble, fitted together well. Fairly strong but would be better if there was a base for the bottom bed to slide onto. Not easy for a child to carry.'

5/5  Patch2804 'Lovely dolls bed which pulls out to make 2 beds, solid wood great quality, shame it doesn't come with quilts though!! My 7 year old daughter loves it.. Very pleased with it'

5/5  Designafirend Buyer 'My daughter loves playing with her designer friends and all of the accessories'

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