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chad valley designafriend wardrobe bumper set

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Wardrobe Bumper Set

Indulge your DesignaFriend doll to the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Wardrobe Bumper Set, coming complete with four (4) stunning outfits for various occasions. If your doll wants to hit the town their is the party outfit, if she wants to chill put with friends there is the causal denim outfit and after a long day change into the nightdress...plus another outfit for everything in-between. It's important to have the right shoes also to finish off that look so there are two (2) pairs included. She can check out the ensemble with the mirror and when she's through hang the clothes on the hangers. There are even drawers!

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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Wardrobe Bumper Set Reviews

5/5   'Do buy it if your kid loves dolls and feels passion to fashion. You will be surprised how they can mix and match the clothes. No dont's'

5/5  Vickimummy 'This is a really good set to accompany the designafriend doll range. My nine year old is loving dressing up her 'girls’ in the different outfits and is having great fun with lots of imaginary shopping trip fun. The wardrobe is sturdy cardboard with a carry handle, so she can take it with her to play at her friends house too. Highly recommend.'

5/5  Andvon 'Our 6 year old granddaughter had this as a Christmas present and it remains one of her cherished presents.'

5/5  George 'Lots of outfit ideas for the doll'

5/5  Dee 'My daughter loves this and u get outfits and shoes with it as to buy them separate they are expensive'

3/5  Ellie04 'Thought this was perfect gift but only cardboard and not very strong. Drawers stuck and hangers bent in no time. Nice idea but cardboard not strong enough.'

5/5  Carls 'The order arrived on the very same day which was amazing, especially on the lead up to Christmas. My neice loved it and hasn't stopped dressing up her doll with the outfits inside the wardrobe. Definetly a good buy!'

4/5  Mags 'Item as expected. All was just ok'

5/5  Granpig1 'Strong, sturdy and a good mix of dolls clothes inside, makes for happy play.'

4/5  Poppy 'I purchased this for my grand daughter's 8th birthday to use with her Lottie doll that she loves. I am sure she will love the change of clothes and enjoy many happy hours playing with it all.'

4/5  Andy 'Got this as a gift for Christmas for the girls (8 & 7), and they both loved it! They have the dolls and this box added to their collection. With different outfits meant they would play going on holiday, going out, and bed time with the dolls which meant a lot of play time and really using their imagination. The box could be a little more sturdier but overall a good buy and good price value.'

5/5  Georgie 'This is a lovely sturdy storage for the dolls clothes. Cute little coat hangers and everything.'

4/5  Glamgran101 'Although this is made of hard cardboard it's well made and sturdy. Granddaughter loves it. The coat hangers were disappointing as they are card and don't fir on rail properly. I'm trying to find different ones online. Think price is ok when you factor in price in shops for doll's clothes and they are lovely on. I ordered more stuff for drawers online from eBay like more shoes,glasses and roller skates and filled drawers with them for Christmas, these were very cheap and fitted doll.'

5/5  Amanda29ktkketkkektktetwjtjwtektkewkktetjtekjetkeg 'This is a lovely item as I bought so much of design a friend items from Argos the last few months this is lovely clothes and shoes inside and hangers my daughter loves and somewhere to store all doll clothing accessories shoes etc'

5/5  Suzie 'Daughter loves all the different clothes with it'

4/5  Nanny 'Although my granddaughter was pleased with his item i felt it was really flimsy. The drawers are difficult to pull out, I'm sure they will be the first casualties. The coat hangers are not fit for purpose either. This isca very expensive item considering the poor quality of the materials.'

5/5  Jay 'Bought for my grand daughters and they loved the present'

3/5  Nurseyvince 'Was requested by my niece from Santa, but looks cheap considering the cost. Had to wrap in the cardboard box it came in. But on the plus side, she seems happy with it, few outfits and hangers came with it and I am sure plenty of imagination and fun to be had.'

5/5  Sullivanls 'I brought this for my daughters Designafriend doll she has, i was shocked at the selection of clothing you get for the price, it’s really good! The chest doubles up as a wardrobe, and you get little hangers for the clothes too. Absolutely brilliant.'

5/5  Mumofgirls 'My daughter had so much fun hanging all the clothes up and sorting accessories into tasers. Now to just get her to do her own ☺️'

3/5  Jean 'Looks ok, my granddaughter asked for this for Christmas, so it was what she wanted. Thick cardboard wardrobe? Hope it will last? Four sets of clothes inside, but cardboard clothes hangers? Surely better quality clothes hangers could have been provided?'

4/5  Rb211 'This was bought as a Christmas present for my niece. She really loved it and it is lots of fun to play with - HOWEVER The wardrobe is actually made out of cardboard so won’t last long... a lot of money for what it is really...'

4/5  SAL 'Lovely little set to go with chad valley dolls, am sure she will love the wardrobe very cute.'

5/5  Kayla5963 'It’s an xmas present for my daughter but opened it up and got all that was in the picture! She will love this when she get it! Great price also!.'

5/5  Jamie95 'Looking at the price for individual costumes I thought I’d give this a go instead due to double the amount of outfits I’d get for the price. Wardrobe was a hit smaller than I thought it would be but the outfits never disappointed, very good quality and designs. Will be loved on Christmas Day!'

5/5  Misst 'Fantastic value for money my 7 year old love it, comes with a couple of outfits and matching shoes would definitely recommend.'

5/5  Chaucer 'The designer friend wardrobe was loved by my grandaughter. It was the perfect gift.'

5/5  Jayne 'Lovely and compact item. Bought this item for Christmas for my 8 year old daughter whom saw it in the catalogue and put it on her wish list. She will not be disappointed on Christmas Day.'

5/5  Stacey88 'My daughter loves dressing her doll brilliant price defiantly worth the money'

5/5  Looby0387 'I got mine in sale definitely worth getting as u get 4 outfits. My little girl loves it'

5/5  Durrant88 'Fab little wardrobe with 4 outfits for the dolls! Great size too as didn’t want one too big! Hangers are a bit flimsy But other than that great value for money'

5/5  Haylz 'Great wardrobe for the dolls clothes'

5/5  Miggy 'Hours of fun for any little girl'

5/5  GlamGran 'Bought this as a birthday present so hope it’s well received. It was a great price in Argos, where I usually buy toys for my grandchildren as it is nearly always the cheapest as they have such good offers'

5/5  Vicky 'Looks great quality but has been stored away for Christmas so not fully opened yet'

5/5  Stacey 'Happy with this item.comes with outfits too.'

5/5  Lee 'Great toy my daughter loves it got a variety from this range, took advantage when the Toy Sale was on . Fab'

4/5  Mumofthree 'A fab addition to the design a friend dolls set. Great to keep existing outfits in too.'

4/5  Teddybelly 'Brought for my daughters 9th birthday. Great little gift and comes with four outfits which is great. She loves her dolls and this was just perfect.'

3/5  Serge 'Unfortunately this wardobe did not contain the items shown, it had the dolls clothes from a previous version of the item which we already have. Not impressed as will now have to return it.'

4/5  Jan 'This item is ok for the Chad valley dolls but not compatible with other 18inch dolls. My daughter is getting loads of playtime with it and loves dressing up the dolls. There are certain items that dont fit other 18inch dolls so make sure they are compatible first but otherwise the items are good for the value paid'

5/5  Nana 'My 7yr old granddaughter loves her wardrobe I was pleasantly surprised after reading some of the reviews saying it wasn't very sturdy I thought it was great and the outfits fit her doll lovely great purchase very pleased'

5/5  Moz 'Daughter loves her birthday present'

5/5  Christine 'Designer friends can be expensive this is a good little carry case with outfits, good value for money'

4/5  Wendy74 'I thought this was poor value for money as it was only cardboard and looked flimsy, but my grand-daughter loved it and she has been quite careful and it is still going strong.'

5/5  Kirsty 'All I can say is omg so cute, lovely presentation and the outfits and shoes are super cute, also has mini hangers, prefect addition for your designer friends collection'

5/5  Leah 'Clothes are good quality and the wardrobe is very sturdy. The hangers could be a little bigger and stronger as the clothes don’t hang very nicely.'

4/5  Pops 'Great value for money.'

5/5  Rachel 'She was thriiled to recieve this from Father Christmas'

5/5  Julie 'So much better than I thought it would be well worth the money'

5/5  Mumto2 'I bought this for my 2 daughters as their dolls clothes were getting all over. It fits loads in and the drawers are good for the charms and shoes. Fits clothes and shoes from other 18inch doll brands too. We currently have 12 outfits and 6 pairs of shoes in. You get 4 (or 5 can't remember) hangers get some thick card and draw around them and you can make more worked really well'

5/5  Caitlin 'This was a good purchase . Thought it would be thinner so nice to find it is quite sturdy the bar for the hangers is metal which is good and better than a plastic one, easy to carry to other rooms and clothing choice is good to .'

4/5  Anny 'Grandaughter loved the little hangers and enjoyed organising her dolls shoe collection. She thought the car pyjamas were cute.'

5/5  Jojo0503 'This was recommended to me by a friend for my 4yr old as she has the doll already and i would also highly recommend this, its the wardrobe and outfits and accessories for the designafriend doll. great value, daughter has lots of choices for her doll'

5/5  DeeDee 'Good Value. Wardrobe includes 4 outfits, one pair of sandals and a pair of glittery shoes. The outfits are a warm onesie type pajama for winter. Summer pajamas consisting of shorts and a top. Glittery trousers and pink top. Summer skirt and top. Lots of fun changing dolly's clothes for my granddaughter. Purchased for her fifth birthday. I bought her a doll, and a set of outdoor clothes for Christmas, she loves them.'

5/5  Rubyjudey 'Absolutle waste of money! Bought this for my 5year olds birthday and was disgusted with the quality. The hangers are no where near the size they are in the picture , the clothes that go with the designer a friend dolls won’t hang on them as they are that small. For the money you would at least think they would make them plastic but they were cardboard and wouldn’t last five minute. I returned this to Argos for a refund as for that price I expected a lot more for my money!!'

1/5  Lo 'My daughter loves that it is a wardrobe to hold her clothes, but also she can close it and take it somewhere else too. It holds lots of clothes and seems quite durable.'

4/5  Eloisee 'My little girl was made up with this product as she wanted it badly. Clothes inside are wonderful and well worth the money. Although she was happy with the quality of the wardrobe itself I thought it seemed weak, it's only thick card really, not convinced it will take much bashing about being opened/closed a million times! It's still worth it as an Addition to the growing dolls collection.'

4/5  Alexsnan 'Great product, fun for three year old. Fantastic service from Argos. Thank you'

5/5  Smam 'My granddaughter loved this to store her dolls clothes in'

5/5  Lucy 'This wardrobe was great value For it’s price... you get 4 beautiful outfits with it...'

5/5  Josaphine 'My daughter bought this with her christmas money and she loves it! Quite a decent price because of the clothes it cones with, as they are expensuve on there own. !'

5/5  Lena 'Just as catalogue showed'

5/5  Kriistiee 'Cardboard wardrobe so not as good quality as expected. Comes with lots of outfits and accessories. Daughter was very happy with this'

4/5  Kayb 'Good value for money when I bought it I didn’t realise it already had clothes in. The clothes are a little tight on the dolls though. My little girl love it though'

4/5  Carol 'Brought to go with the Milly doll, the reason I put 4 stars is because it's made of cardboard and not sure about durability although appears very sturdy and was much used over the Christmas period. Would recommend to add to dolls as it's a good size and is compact and tidy to store away.'

4/5  HannahB 'Great starter set of clothes included for the dolls, and it doesn’t take up much space ! Brilliant for storing future clothes, sets but hangers would be great included with extra clothes to add to wardrobe or the option to buy a hanger pack'

4/5  Jewels 'Was concerned would not be worth the money but it is very sturdy and easy to carry around. Lovely clothing included.'

5/5  Tinx666 'Great item, great quality. worth the money'

5/5  Welshwitch4 'Far better way to buy selection of outfits as far better value than individual outfit costs.'

5/5  Georgina 'Another brillant present. Looks small but at the mo is filled with not just their clothes but babies as well.'

5/5  Busymum 'Awesome Christmas present!'

5/5  LJ1980 'Does what it is supposed to. Quite sturdy. Drawers are smooth. Perfect for little girl to hang up her dolls clothes.'

4/5  Cjd 'Gorgeous little set with nice outfits. The kids loved it'

5/5  Willow 'My niece was very pleased with the wardrobe and items inside and they fitted the doll from the same range perfectly'

5/5  Heather 'My 7 year old loved this. The wardrobe itself is made of cardboard but is strong enough to store all the essentials and the coat hangers went down well. Maybe not robust enough for a much younger child but I know that it will be treated carefully so happy it will last. There were 4 outfits and 2 sets of shoes and could be mixed and matched so lots of different outfit combinations. Already well loved!'

5/5  Harper 'Lovely product for the price'

5/5  Twinmummy 'Bought with the Abi doll as a gift for a 7yr old. Well received'

5/5  Debbie9 'This was bought for our 9 year old granddaughter. She is delighted with the set. The wardrobe opens out and closes for easy transport with a handle. It is cardboard and would not stand up to much rough play. There are several nice outfits in the wardrobe and the set is good value.'

5/5  Amie 'My daughter loves this , these clothes fit the doll it's ment to and it's brilliant to keep all other accessories in too'

5/5  Rav 'My daughter absolutely loves this'

5/5  Jo1992 'Brought 2 of the design a friend dolls for my daughter as she loves to play and dress up dolls so this was the perfect addition. They clothes are lovely quality and very fashionable.'

5/5  Chez 'My daughter like playing with it'

4/5  Lj 'Brought as a Christmas present but I am sure my daughter will have hours off fun playing with it'

5/5  Emma 'My daughter is so happy with this wardrobe and finds it very easy to open and carry. She hangs all her designafriend clothes and accessories inside and absolutely loves it.'

5/5  Vikki7 'I have this ready for my 9 yr old for Christmas. It is a bit smaller than I thought it would be but its really cute she will love it!'

4/5  Bex 'I think this is good value considering the price of one design a friend outfit, would have preferred the outfits in the picture as the ones we received were not as nice as the ones they have advertised, however my daughter will still love them.'

4/5  TracyB33 'Good looking loads of clothes well worth the money daughter loves it'

5/5  Adele 'The bumper set is great my daughter loves it and was great value'

5/5  KevC 'Great set of clothes as an add on to your doll. Good range and options to change into. Good price also.'

5/5  Rebecca55 'My granddaughters will love this for Xmas'

5/5  Rob 'MY 11 YEAR OLD LOVES IT'

5/5  Chelle1 'My daughter loved getting this for her birthday. Great product!'

5/5  Hazelb 'Wardrobe looks sturdy but clothes could be better quality. This will be a Christmas present and my granddaughters will love dressing up the dolls. Lets hope the clothes quality and durability is better than than they appear'

4/5  Loli 'Very happy as buying these outfits individually would cost alot more and you get the wardrobe , good price , and in with the 3for2 deal , so was able to buy these for both my Granddaughter 's'

5/5  Nanlove 'Pretty collection of clothing and shoes for design a friend doll in a nice box which doubles upas drawers and wardrobe, good value too!'

4/5  Lp 'The clothes fit my daughters Lola doll well. They could be a little cheaper but she loves them and I got them on the 3 for 2 so can't really complain though I might if paid full price. If your daughter loves changing her dolls clothes these are a must.'

5/5  Jenwren78 'Great item, my little lady will love it. Its for Christmas so can't comment on durability etc.'

4/5  Nan 'Good value clothes and great idea with wardrobe'

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