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chad valley designafriend styling salon playset

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Styling Salon Playset

Pamper your DesignaFriend doll with this Chad Valley DesignaFriend Styling Salon Playset. Place your most favourite doll in the sleek chic black and pink styling chair (complete with suction pad so doll stays in place), wrap the a hairdresser's cape around her and place the rollers. It's great to be pampered!

Brand: Chad Valley
SKU: 9059155
EAN: 9059155
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5/5   'My daughter has a designafriend doll and really loves this she can sit her doll on the chair and pretend to play hair dressers. It even comes with a little cape and rollers for the doll, really helps with there imagination and play. It comes in a lovely little box, really well presented. Highly recommended.'

5/5   'Strong sturdy chair. Perfect for the doll'

5/5   'Great to add to the collection'

4/5   'This looks great and daughter was very impressed when she opened it..the suction cup did come unstuck a few times but wasn't really a problem'

5/5   'For the price cant complain, daughter likes it :)'

5/5   'Very surprised at the quality, great value especially as it was in the sale. Bought 2for my 2 granddaughters and put them away for Christmas. They will love them!'

5/5   'She is now able to do the dolls hair without them falling over so this has been a brill buy!'

5/5   'Brought to go with the doll. good sturdy product.'

4/5   'My granddaughter loves this and it was good value for money'

5/5   'Great styling chair, also fits different dolls in it'

5/5   'Bought this for grand daughter, she loves it. Hours of fun for her and her dolls.'

5/5   'Great product and at a great price (bought on offer) was bought for a birthday gift and she was very pleased'

4/5   'Sticks down well and keeps kids entertained, brings a different element to doll play.'

5/5   'Good product. My daughter loves using this for role play, perfect at sale price.'

2/5   'Bought for my granddaughter to go with the design a friend doll she has. I am so glad that I did not pay full price as it was on offer as all you get is the chair, a cape and 2 plastic foam rollers. The chair has a handle on the side that you would assume pumps it up and down like a salon chair but it doesn't do anything. Pretty poor quality and definitely not worth the price.'

5/5   'This item was a great price and my children have had great use of play with it.it is great for the imaginative play'

5/5   'My daughter wanted a chair like this for ages, she loves doing her dolls hair but wanted somewhere to sit them. I was a bit reluctant thinking the dolls would just fall out and the chair fall over but its not the case. The chair has a suction pad on the base so if on the right surface it won't move and the strap keeps the doll in place. I was lucky enough to buy when on offer but would recommend even if paying full price. A very happy daughter.'

4/5   'For my 5 year old granddaughter, she loved it.'

5/5   'The chair is really good. The only potential downside is that I felt I had to buy the doll as well... her hair is very long and perfect for a little girl to practice on!'

5/5   'Bought this for my granddaughters birthday she already has the dolls she absolutely loves it'

5/5   'Great toy my 5 year old loves it'

5/5   'Good value at sale price'

5/5   'I bought this styling salon chair to go with the Keira doll & unicorn onesie for my daughters 5th birthday! Amazing quality, gorgeous packaging & great price! My daughter loves it! Will definitely buy from this range again! :)'

3/5   'A great accessory for the designafriend range. Nice and sturdy,good fun.'

5/5   'My lg will love this at Christmas'

5/5   'My girls love playing with this , they have lots of fun'

5/5   'Great we size for your kids dolls and my daughter loves it'

5/5   'Great item for Kids, hours of play especially when all the dolls need their hair done. This means free time for me yippeee!!'

5/5   'Would recommend highly well played with'

5/5   'My daughter who is 7 years old has spent hours sitting her dolls in the chair and styling their hair.'

2/5   'Very flimsy would have returned if I had paid full price'

5/5   'I love this chair as I use it for my dolls'

5/5   'Bought this for my daughters pals birthday, it seemed to go down great. Along with the clothes that we got.'

5/5   'Value for money and the quality is top notch and the play ability of the product is 10'

5/5   'My daughter absolutely loves the chair she can do all her dolls hair. She loves that there are step by step pictures on the box that shows her how to do some hair styles. It was a bargain to probably wouldn't have paid full price'

3/5   'Good addition to my daughter's collection however not much to it. It looks great just feel it was lacking accessories for the price paid. The accessories are sold separately which for a little girl saving her pocket money is rather a lot.'

5/5   'Authentically designed with a suction pad base, allowing doll's hair to be brushed with gentle pressure without movement to the chair. It's quite robust and the chair also swivels for even more realism. The chair comes with a cape and two sponge rollers. The price is reasonable, but I feel a brush, comb, clips and a few more rollers should be included. I would recommend this product.'

2/5   'Very disappointed! Its small, flimsy and cheap. It was also missing the cloak . I bought it in the sale and would definitely not pay the full price for this. There are far better from other doll ranges. Poor !'

1/5   'Poor quality, not fit for purpose as the doll does not sit properly on the seat, suction base does not stay in place,only 2 hair rollers supplied, could have done with more being supplied as the designer friend dolls have lots of hair.'

2/5   'This looks great on the packaging but the doll doesnt sit very well in the seat she is too big for it and so isnt that easy to use for a 7 year old'

5/5   'Great price, never seen it before in any other shop.'

5/5   'My daughter loves this to go with her designer friends dolls very good priced and brilliant quality very pleased with this product'

4/5   'It was a Christmas present for my daughter and she has lots of fun playing with her dolls while doing various hairstyles.'

5/5   'This has to be the best gift for any little one with a DesignaFriend doll. Hours have been spent 'hairdressing' without any parent input!! Secures really well to glass table/laminate etc via suction cup underneath and holds doll firmly in with belt. For any parent needing respite from having their own hair 'styled' by children - this is the perfect way! Very sturdy toy, well made and does the job it's designed to. Well done Argos!'

5/5   'Much better than I expected. Chair has suctioned base, so it doesn't move when positioned.'

5/5   'My granddaughter has 2 of the DAF dolls & lots of accesories she loves the salon doing her dolls hair etc hours of fun reasonable price too'

4/5   'Great toy which my daughter loves playing with. The little cape is nice and the rollers work well. A comb would have been a plus though.'

5/5   'Perfect addition to the house and the wardrobe my granddaughter loves it.'

4/5   'We gave twin granddaughters the chair and the styling trolley and the reaction from them was great, they loved them. Dolls will have the full pamper treatment!'

2/5   'The chair is really well made and very cute. The accessories are really rubbish and no very well made. We do use our own hair accessories instead. I brought this in the sale and it seems a good deal just for the chair.'

4/5   'A cute accessory for your design a friend'

5/5   'Better than expected! Not yet used as its for Christmas'

4/5   'The belt is badly designed. It's not long enough to go around the dolls lap and fasten properly. Very awkward for my daughter to use. Velcro or popper would have been a better design.'

3/5   'Ordered this to go with my granddaughter's designer friend dolls but I do think the accessories are expensive for what they are .'

3/5   'Bought this for my Daughter to go with the wardrobe number set and the Amelia doll-3 for 2 offer!!! It's not opened yet so not sure on the value, durability yet but being free in the offer I'm sure the quality of it will still provide hours of imaginative play!!!'

5/5   'This styling salon chair, which fixes to any flat smooth surface, provides a stable way of securing designafriend doll, whilst styling her hair. My granddaughter loves it & spends hours curling and styling her doll's hair'

5/5   'A pretty addition to use while styling dolls hair and pretend play.'

2/5   'For what you get I think this is overpriced. The designer dolls aren't designed to sit so it kind of defeats the purpose as well! My daughter was thrilled with it for about 2 days but I've yet to encourage any further use....here's hoping that will change.'

3/5   'My daughter got this with her Christmas money along with one of the dolls. The dolls do not fit in this properly think it is quite pricey for what it is although she does enjoy playing with it.'

4/5   'She got the dolls for Christmas and loves doing the hair. However being a salon chair you would think a brush would come with it.'

4/5   'Great for styling Designerfriend dolls hair, keeps my 7 yr old daughter happy for hours.'

5/5   'Great product. Quality could be better but price reflects that. My daughter loves it The chair has a sucker bottom that you can stick to a flat surface that is great!!! We bought Sophia styling doll with it. Great products'

1/5   'Designa friend doesn't fit into the chair as I was led to believe it would.'

5/5   'I got this to go with the design a friend Sophia doll which has the hairdressing set with it so completed the set perfectly and good quality with a belt for the dolls to keep then in the seat. Daughter loved it'

3/5   'The designa friend doll does not sit in this propley over priced for what it is but my four yeat old likes it'

4/5   'Both my girls love this set Age 8 and 9 Not to big so easy to store away'

5/5   'Fantastic accessories for doll purchased. Been and bought more since.'

4/5   'Fab little chair with an extremely competitive price, comes with the little curlers which is cute and fits the our generation dolls and the new large comfy dolls nicely. Looks the part and my daughter loves it, she's 5 yrs old.'

3/5   'I thought this was expensive for what it is. Especially compared to other things in the designa friends range which is priced well.'

2/5   'Unfortunately other products were not available for over two months so purchased this as an alternative. Disappointed that other accessories did not go with it but had to be purchased separately. However they too were unavailable. So from an Argos point of view it was a bit of a disaster for xmas for grand daughter.'

5/5   'The chair is great it can spin round and the lever at the bottom makes the chair suction to a table, which is a clever idea. This was out of stock at all our local stores so took a trip to London to get this, but made the day extra special. Toddler dolls also fit this chair nicely and barbie sized dolls at a push as head only just reaches the top so harder to do hair. But works brilliantly with designafriend dolls and all others this size. Very pleased with purchase as purchased in sale.'

5/5   'Worth the money'

5/5   'Bought to go with Sophia the hairdresser DF and the other hair accessories lovely made chair,had no problems keeping the doll sat in it unlike other reviews just tighten the waist strap really tight,has suction so doesn't fall over. Would definitely recommend to add to your collection.'

5/5   'My daughter played with this chair for hours Leaning to do hair styles for her own hair too'

5/5   'Granddaughter really pleased with this very excited as she loves her dolls.'

5/5   'Great and cute'

5/5   'Bought for Christmas looked at it, it is good quality and will provide good opportunity for imagination will have a happy little girl on Christmas morning'

5/5   'Great bargain on sale, OK quality but does the job'

4/5   'Looks great and is a good idea. Used to have a lot more accessories with it tho!! I love the fact that it can be anchored to a flat surface for stability.'

3/5   'My granddaughter loves this even though it's not generation chair but similar she still likes'

4/5   'What can I say. My grand-daughter seems very happy with it.'

5/5   'This chair was solidly made and the Designafriend dolls sit perfectly in it, bought with a Designafriend doll for my Granddaughter. It was a great hit.'

5/5   'I bought this styling salon along side the bed and wordrobe for my daughters 7th birthday to go with her design a friend dolls and she was so happy and as played with them for hours even my 3year old enjoys playing sittin her dolls in doing their hairs!! Definatly value for money!!!'

4/5   'This chair is quite solid, suction base helps to keep it steady, although be careful if you are heavy handed as don't think it will take much to break the base, Dolls don't always sit properly in the chair, however no complaints from the kids'

5/5   'Granddaughter delighted with styling salon. Well made and functional - give her additional play with dolls. Very pleased.'

4/5   'Very happy with product, design a doll fits in chair Granddaughter plays with it for hours Reasonable price'

5/5   'Fantastic accessory to go with other products. It works well.'

4/5   'My daughter loves this and having had a quick look over it it seem quite sturdy. It has a suction cup on the bottom under the base so it doesn't fall over during play and is a decent size.'

4/5   'Granddaughter enjoys playing with this toy'

5/5   'My daughter loves to play with her dolls hair so this is ideal'

4/5   'Bought for granddaughter, she loves it, happy.'

5/5   'Definitely worth buying'

5/5   'My little girl has had so mu for putting her design a friend doll Jessica in I and doing her hair I thought it was that good I told my sister about it and she went and brought her little girl one thanks so much Argos never had a bad thing yet xxxx'

4/5   'My granddaughter absolutely loved it, so it was a definite hit.'

4/5   'My G Daughter, aged 7, already has Designa Friend dolls & sets of clothing. Her other love is hair styling, so this was a perfect match. So I was very popular.'

3/5   'The item is a good accessory when bought with the doll. However it is highly priced. It has no function apart from providing a seat for doll whilst styling hair. Should be cheaper or sold with doll.'

4/5   'My daughter loves this, however as the dolls can't bend their legs they can't sit on the chair property'

5/5   'Daughter is very pleased with this, hours of fun so far.'

5/5   'Exactly what it said in the catalogue, little girl is going to be very happy!'

4/5   'Got this chair has grandaughter has dressing table sure she will love it xmas prescent'

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