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chad valley designafriend styling head doll

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Styling Head Doll

The Chad Valley DesignaFriend Styling Head Doll will keep your most cherished captivated for long time play. Bring out the creative side of little ones with this DesignaFriend styling head and shoulders on heart designed stand, which includes a make-up tray with four (4) eye shadow colours and applicator; six (6) coloured hair braids; lip stick and gloss; a hair band; four (4) sparkly hair stickers and hair brush.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN/SKU: 9059193
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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Styling Head Doll Reviews

5/5   'I bought this for my Granddaughter's birthday and was so impressed I went back and got one to put away for my niece for Christmas. If only I was a few years younger.'

5/5  Masha 'A lovely doll. Shame it is being discontinued. In comparison with other dolls that I researched this one is far superior. The hair is of good quality, equal length making it easier to style and the hair does not easily pull out. The accessories are good too. The make up is good and can be applied to the doll and wipes off easily with wet wipes. The overall size is good from head to base. although there are no suction cups it did not fall over easily. Good value for money.'

1/5  Moolat 'Hair is easily matted and difficult to comb through. One arm already broken after 2 days. Very cheap plastic. Not worth the money.'

4/5  Fifi 'This is a nicer play make up doll than most. The hair is a good length and she looks more natural than some of the others. The hair isn't coming out or too tangled (yet!) As is often the case with these and it seems decent quality. Eyeshadow doesn't stand out much when applied.'

5/5  KT 'Great product, much better than smaller cheaper ones I had previously bought! You can actually brush the hair! My 2 girls love playing with them. Hours of fun! 7 year old has learned to plait and 4 year old loves doing ponytails . Will definitely be buying more for presents!'

5/5  Anohr 'Bought for my granddaughter for Christmas she absolutely loves it, she does makeup on it does different hair styles, a lovely gift for young girls.'

4/5  An 'Good value for money'

4/5  Millie 'My 6 year old granddaughter loved it'

2/5  MrsAshley 'The head isn't evenly balanced due to the tray and falls over. The hair mattered and knotted very quickly and I spent 2 hours combing it through, which broken numerous prongs of the plastic brush provided. The accessories it comes with are minimal. Costs far to much for what you get. Definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone. My 6 year old is so disappointed and won't play with it now in case it messes up the hair again.'

5/5  Annie 'It was bought for my granddaughter and she loves it it is everything it says on the box'

5/5  Jules 'Very prompt delivery and packaged very well. Great quality dolls hair which my granddaughter was over the moon with good to brush and style. Great makeup accessories'

4/5  Rainbowman 'My grand daughter lover the doll she plays with it every day she enjoys styling the hair'

5/5  Norwich 'This was a nice gift to our little girl she loves styling the hair and putting makeup on her. spends hours with Her. great quality for the price well recommended thank you'

5/5  Patriciam45 'Purchased this for my little granddaughter as she loves hair and make up at the moment. A great gift loads of long hair and a good size item. The little make up kit is great too. Hours of fun for a great price. All little princesses will love it.'

5/5  Lou 'This is great quality with lovely length hair my daughter loves playing hairdresser with this doll. Much better than previous more expensive models and much bigger.'

4/5  Gran 'Bought for a girl aged 11yrs. The hair took some detangling at first, but is providing lots of fun and the opportunity to gain skills.'

4/5  Kez124 'Very resilient, the baby keeps Notting up the hair when she has chance and even with my nieces lack of practice in gently removing knots minimal hair has been pulled out! The only thing that could make this better would be a weighted base, as sometimes it has a tendency to move'

5/5  Anon 'Bought this as a Christmas present for my 8 year old daughter, who's really into experimenting with hairstyles. Really pleased with it as the hair is long and silky and doesn't seem to be getting tangled like other cheaper versions she's had. Also like the fact that you can apply make up, and it comes with hair accessories including 2 hair extensions and some play makeup. Like the design with its own base, so easier to use.'

5/5  Haras 'My daughter bought this with some Christmas money and loves it. It's bigger than I thought and seems sturdy enough.'

5/5  Crazy Cat Lady 'The girl enjoys trying different styles on the hair and makeup'

4/5  Mother Hen 'This was one of the cheaper styling heads i had looked at for my 6 year old and i am amazed at the quality. Hair is lovely and easy to brush & style. Not a huge selection of make up but enough to keep children busy,'

5/5  Moo-71 'This is great! For all those who have little princesses this is a great doll to have. Price was quite surprising as others on the market are significantly more! My niece spent so many hours playing with this, I brought some cheap additional makeup which gave more choice. The hair quality is great quality too and doesn't fall out. Only recommendation to the manufacturer is if they can have the hands on the table as niece wanted to paint her dolls nails too!'

5/5  Sandy40 'Great styling head, designs friends have items of quality for hours of fun'

5/5  Chloe 'My 6 year old girl loves this toy! The hair is of great quality and doesn't fluff or tangle and it comes with cute accessories which can be used on both the doll and herself. This kept her entertained for ages. Definitely one of the best hair style dolls on the market and a great price too!'

4/5  Baylout 'It made a great impact with out granddaughter and she spent many a happy moment with it'

4/5  Chloe 'Good quality toy which went down very well as a present for a 6 year old.'

5/5  Mumof3 'This is perfect for older girls, is taller and more grown up, strongly made & comes in lovely box.'

4/5  Carrmattx 'Bought this for my 7 year old daughter as she was saving her pocket money up and really wanted to practice doing hair. She loves it and spends so much time looking up hair style and copying them. Don't know about the makeup side as she isn't really Interested in that the now'

5/5  Olando 'Brought this one and another which has different things for children to learn how to look after their hair'

4/5  Liz 'Product exactly as described. Bought for and older child interested in hair fashion.'

4/5  JT 'My daughter loves it'

5/5  E25foxy 'My 4 year old little girl bought this out of her pocket money after having a make over herself in disney land. She loves all the different hair accessories and loves to experiment with the make up. The quality is very good hair is nice and thick and durable. The only con about this product is that it could be weighted a bit more on the Base as when she is brushing her hair she tips back a bit'

5/5  P 'My 9 and 14 year old daughters totally love this doll!! The hair is very real and they can style the do alot easier than other dolls heads that we've bought in the past.'

5/5  Gina 'Played with for hours'

5/5  Ciklon 'I purchased this product for my 4 years old daughter she's absolutely love it)'

4/5  Shell 'I got this for my Daughters 9th birthday, she has enjoyed playing and trying out different hair styles. I am also planning on buying another style head for my younger daughter who will be 7 in April as she has enjoyed playing with it.'

5/5  Timotaylee 'She absolutely loved it. The hair so is lifelike.'

4/5  Aisha 'But then again after practising styles and going back to school. My daughter is not that attached to this gift as when we bought it.'

5/5  Lilly Lou 'This ToyDolls design head is perfect for young girls to practice hair styles and simple make up techniques. It has a good play safe design for the ages it's supposed to aim at. I would recommend this toy to a friend.'

5/5  Rinty 'I brought this for my 7 year old granddaughter she lives iit, now she will leave my hair alone.'

4/5  LJW 'Bought for my niece for Christmas. Loves playing with this toy, comes with makeup and hair accessories. Good design and nice long hair.'

2/5  Tracy110 'Grandaughter love's this there is lots to do and hair really thick so was easy to do lots with it'

5/5  Mrsb6 'This was a gift for my 9yr old and she's very happy with it she has other other dolls in this range she's always doing their hair so when I seen they did this I thought it would be perfect she likes the hair chalk the best when she wants it out she washes the dolls hair and redoes it she's not to keen on the makeup as she says you can't tell but it's all about the hair for her she's happy with there for so am I'

5/5  Jobey 'My daughter is very happy with the dolls head. I bought this one as the reviews said the hair was decent quality, and for synthetic hair it is good. It's straight and quite easy to brush and style. I would have liked the hair a little longer but then it's not my toy!'

5/5  May 'I bought two styling heads for my two grandaughters as Christmas parents, they both love combing and styling the hair. Keeps them entertained for hours.'

5/5  Rhubarb 'She loved it and will no doubt spend ages playing with her doll.'

5/5  Nanny 'My granddaughter loved this doll, she will spend hours brushing her hair and applying make-up. An ideal toy for a young girl. Even I as a 70 year old would enjoy playing with this toy.'

4/5  Tam 'I brought this for my nieces cams gift and it's gone down a treat she loves playing with it so I'm happy it was a great buy and good price.'

5/5  Lilian 'This product was ideal for my 8year old grandaughter the hair was able to be styled in any fashion hads lots of accesories and seemed deal for this age group['

4/5  Pamela 1954 'This product has beautiful hair which my granddaughter will have many happy hours styling.'

5/5  Molly08 'My granddaughter plays with this for hours. It has lots of hair accessories and a selection of makeup.'

3/5  Cass 'MY 6 yearold daughter loved it'

4/5  Mandy 'My daughter was brought this product for her birthday, and she enjoyed playing with it, and cousins all wanted one, so had to buy them one each.'

4/5  Audie999 'Great playtime fun'

5/5  Ginaribeana 'I am very happy with this buy'

5/5  Sconie 'Strong and sturdy, my grandchildren have had hours of fun.'

5/5  Kathleen 'My 7year old granddaughter loved this styling head. The hair is excellent quality. Should last a long time. Definitely the best I've seen.'

5/5  Candy13 'Bought for 8yr old birthday gift, she absolutely loves playing with the dolls head, always doing the hair in different styles and she likes to put the makeup on the doll, only little niggle she has said about the doll is the eyes of the doll don't close so when putting the eyeshadow on it's just a small tiny part that it can be applied too but other than that she really loves the doll and is always playing with it. A month gone by and she still plays with it everytime.'

5/5  Flower 'Bought this product for my daughter she loves it she learned how to do platts with it would recommend'

5/5  Lou 'Bought for my niece's 3rd birthday and she loves it.'

4/5  Moo 'My little girl was repeatedly wanting to do my hair so we decided to get her 1 of these.They come with various hair bits & REAL make up. She loved it & has spent hours doing make up and hair styles. The 1 tiny down side is that when brushing the hair it can topple over & it's abit top heavy. The hair isn't like the normal rubbish that tangles and matts. It is really easy the brush & stays tangle free. make up that comes with it is for children & can be hard to remove from carpet etc'

4/5  Cjabroad 'My granddaughter loved it the minute the box was opened and over the weekend she played with it a lot. The hair seemed better quality than the others available. I will know more in a few weeks when I visit again!'

5/5  Oxford John 'Great interest for open minded and experimental kids'

5/5  Bebe '8 year-old wanted to play hairdressers on me, so bought her this doll and she is very happy. As others have said it has silky hair, and doesn't tangle like others do.'

5/5  Rishna 'My son loved it I think his going to the next mua'

5/5  Jerbic 'Bought for my Granddaughter & she loves it'

3/5  Char32 'First one arm broke off and head snapped off base but Argos exchanged it for another one no problem so fingers crossed this ones ok'

4/5  Baz 'This product has given my 6 year old daughter hours of fun and she hasn't stopped playing with it since we bought it.great value and great hair dosent get notty like some other products. Very happy with this purchase.'

5/5  Fox74thCov 'Bought this as a replacement for a previous styling head purchased elsewhere which had been a disaster. I was very pleased with this product as the hair is easy to brush and style and does not tangle like other styling heads. Comes with a range of accessories which can be used by either doll or child. My daughter loves this as she is able to practise styling and plaits and is able to quickly brush styles out to start again. Would definitely recommend as this is the best styling head purchased.'

4/5  Cathyola 'My daughter and her friends are enjoying this head doll thx'

5/5  Debz 'My Granddaughter really loved this she plays with it all the time i think it is real good value for money compared to some.'

5/5  Kate 'Bought this for my niece for her birthday and she loves it. The hair is really good quality and easy to style. There are good accessories with it too.'

5/5  Mezza38 'Got this for my daughter for christmas. She loves it.'

5/5  Milky1cars 'Great product , made a great gift for my daughter !'

5/5  Suebo 'Bought this for my grandaughter she really loves it . the hair is lovely and thick and i have enjoyed playing it as well.nana sue'

5/5  Pink 'Long hair, good accessories.'

4/5  Beechy 'Granddaughters are having hours of fun...ideal gift'

5/5  Maisie2 'My granddaughter was very pleased with this styling head. The hair is nice quality and is thick enough for different styles.'

5/5  Jaypo 'So glad I chose this item before the others I looked at online,she has lovely long hair that a child can sit and style 'til their hearts content and make up to do nails and eyes etc,great buy and a great price'

4/5  Chilli129 'My 10 year old daughter loves this for practising hair styles and experimenting'

4/5  LadyLeanne 'I would have given it 5 star but if brought for a young child who uses just one hand to brush it tips backwards, I will have to tape it down. Otherwise it's a lovely product, the hair is long and easy to brush.'

4/5  Mags2745 'My grandaughter loved this present. She has had a great time with eye shadow etc making up this styling doll head. It does say that the hair is tangle free, this is not true. I spent quite a lot of time trying to untangle plaits. Nevertheless she loves it.'

2/5  Annie 'My daughter was so excited to get this dolls hair but the base is just so flimsy and does not hold the weight of the doll when you are trying to style the hair. It needs suckers on the base to hold the dolls head still when your brushing and plaiting the hair. Will be taking product back to argos for refund or contact Chad Valley direct.'

5/5  Juicy 'This is a great styling head. The hair is nice and long and after 4 weeks use is still completely tangle free! The make up is an added bonus and my 6 year old daughter loves everything about this.'

3/5  Jaime 'My little sister loved this but it arrive with the arm broken off and she so was desperate to play with it we just let her have it without taking it back for a new one. I live in a different country so couldn't return it.'

5/5  Loopy 'My daughter loves this .. Kept her busy for hours'

5/5  Cazzzba 'Our little 8 year old loves this ..always doing fishtail plaits.. its great has got all you need.'

2/5  Saz 'The arms don't move so when my daughter was brushing the hair she knocked the arm that sits under the chin and it fell off, nothing abit of glue didn't fix and it didn't bother her as she is 11 and knows better and only wanted it for hair styling purpose but I think if she was 2 or 3 then it would've been a different matter.'

5/5  Vicky 'An excellent product. My granddaughter was thrilled with this. She played with this all Christmas. It has given her lots of pleasure creating the different hairstyles.'

5/5  Doreen 'Brilliant girls love it played with it fir hours taking it in turns to do the hair etc.'

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