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chad valley designafriend scarlett doll

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Scarlett Doll

The Chad Valley DesignaFriend Scarlett Doll is love to be active and move about in casual wear. When she's not in active competition she'll down the park brushing up on all her football, netball and tennis skills. Scarlett comes with a vibrant red fitness top and matching shoes plus dark sports leggings. Scarlett soft body makes it a doddle to style her plus her super fine and soft dark hair is soft to the touch. Contains DesignaFriend charm bracelet that little ones love to collect.

Brand: Chad Valley
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EAN/SKU: 2576374
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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Scarlett Doll Reviews

4/5   'Bought for my daughter's birthday as she was crazing me for one, she's very happy with the doll and hours of fun has been had. However I think they're quite expensive for what they are and especially the accessories that you can purchase separately. I also found that most of the accessories were out of stock, which was disappointing.'

4/5  Jord 'I am satisfy with my purchase'

5/5  Dolly Buyer 'Very good price, exactly what my daughter wanted.....fab little doll !!!!'

5/5  Sharron 'Bought this doll Boxing Day for my partners little girl. She was expecting one for Christmas, sadly, because of the high demand she didn't get one. I saw Scarlett was available on the website I went out to get her. Firstly I was quite impressed with the packaging, she was beautifully boxed with tissue paper around her. The clothing was lovely and well made and she was slightly bigger than I was expecting. She has beautiful thick hair. Overall a good quality doll for the price @ £20.'

5/5  Cc 'The service within the store was fast and efficient, particularly as I just purchased the items online whilst in the store to be fast tracked as the queue was too long. I was in and out within 10 minutes. The Doll that I purchased was very much appreciated by my child, and she loves plating with it. The ps3 game I purchased was great.'

5/5  Mummykins 'Bought one of these dolls for my granddaughter for christmas, she loves it and plays with it all the time. The doll came beautifully packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and in a box. Would definately recommend to anyone wanting a lovely gift for a little girl.'

4/5  Dastie 'I think the price was reasonable for the product. I received a late notice for a gift idea and within the time space I am glad I was able to afford it ASAP. I did not use it personally it was for my niece but she seems to really enjoy it and talks about it being her greatest Christmas gift . In all I am satisfied'

5/5  Liz 'Well made and worth the money'

5/5  Kim. 'Fab product. Bought for my niece as a Christmas present and she loved it. Her hair is gorgeously smooth and shiny and nicely packed. Would highly recommend this product.'

5/5  Shopper 'Beautifully boxed, well made doll with quality accessories. A lovely gift for any child.'

5/5  Pearly 'Very good quality my little girl loves her Scarlett doll'

5/5  Stacey 'My daughter loves this doll would highly recommend'

5/5  Kaitlin 'My little girl loved it, plus it's a beautiful doll and look forward to getting more so my daughter can have a collection'

5/5  Nona 'My 8 year old always loves these dolls and loves dressing them up and playing with them.'

4/5  Carol 'My grand children love these dolls and there are numerous accessories available'

5/5  Jenjen 'My daughter absolutely loves this and it even comes with a cute little bracelet. Now she wants the whole collection and accessories . definitely ideas for birthday'

5/5  Baby 'My daughter loves these dolls and has the complete collection. Each doll has its own little roll to play. One is her car buddy, another is her film buddy, one comes to get her hair done lol the list goes on. You would assume the dolls will get tatty but they are durable and well worth the £19.99'

5/5  Fox 'All I can say that this was perfect for my little girl, and to see her face when she got the doll she put on her list,it has the same name but my scarlet has one t , and this one has two, she has had some accessories with it and other dolls , but now looking at the house ha ha, will need a extension soon.but overall lovely product and so many other items to go with it . : ) very happy mummy x daddy :)'

5/5  Maz 'This is a beautiful doll, well made with very trendy outfit including little sporty shoes, leggings and top. She has long black shiny hair and big brown eyes. I bought it for my 9 year old granddaughter for Xmas and she loves playing with it.'

5/5  Janieb 'My great granddaughter was thrilled with this doll'

4/5  Zoej 'My step daughter loved this as her birthday present'

5/5  Robyn :) 'My 10 year old daughter loves these dolls & the outfits that can be bought for them this is actually her 2nd doll so far'

5/5  Kim 'Scarlett doll is beautiful my girl is going to be over the moon with her'

5/5  Stagg 'Lovely doll :)'

5/5  Tc57 'My granddaughter will love playing with her'

5/5  AJ 'The scarlet doll is perfect just what my daughter wanted she has hours of fun playing dress up with many different outfits, it keeps her happy so I'm happy'

5/5  Lynette 'I was worried that where the price was so cheap the doll would not be that durable. I can say 100% I was wrong, this doll is amazing, my daughter loved it and all the accessories she got with this for her birthday. The fact it comes with a bracelet and every time you buy a new accessory to go with the doll you actually get another charm to add on to the bracelet is actually a cute little add-on.'

5/5  Kitkat21 'These dolls are amazing value with an amazing variety of accessories. Wonderful prices and exceedingly collectable.'

5/5  Jay 'Great value for money and sturdy to play with'

5/5  Chez 'My daughter sees the adverts all the time for this doll n begs me for it so it's all wrapped up ready for Xmas'

5/5  CWTCH 'Daughter loves designa doll range . They are really well made ,pretty, loads of different outfits to choose from. Just recently purchased Scarlett for daughters birthday once again a lovely doll her hair is so lush . Defiantly will buy again xx'

5/5  Xsteff 'My daughter has been collecting these since they have come out and just got her some more for her birthday she loves dressing them and playing with them'

5/5  Laura1985 'My daughter bought when it was down in price and she was over the moon with it. Ovarall great lots off playing time happy girl'

5/5  None 'My daughter loves the doll, plays with the dolls with her friends'

5/5  Happy Mum 'This is the second Designa doll I have bought for my daughter and she loved it just as much as the first. They are super quality and have lovely, kind faces. I know that sounds odd but some dolls can look a bit mean or vacant!! The outfits seem to be standing up well to being swapped and changed over frequently. Very happy with this purchase.'

5/5  Leggy 'A girls best friend .'

5/5  Sarah 'Lovely doll. My daughter loves it'

5/5  Becky 'Great product daughter will love it'

5/5  Maria 'Fantastic Doll !! Hard to pick which doll to buy .. So Going to buy whole collection. .'

5/5  Chalky 'Bought this doll for granddaughter and she just loves the doll. Lovely presented in box and in tissue paper.'

4/5  MummyGee 'Bought this for my 7 year olds birthday, she loves the doll and all the accessories to go with it. Also was on sale for £15 so even better value for money! The stitching of the clothes were already coming away and this would be the only downfall! But this doll is value for money!!'

5/5  Sarah 'Looks really good'

5/5  Veronica 'My daughter just loves these dolls her friends and her plays for hours with these dolls another beautiful doll to add to her collection'

5/5  Micky 'My 9 year old says its the best doll she has every had. Enough said'

4/5  L D 'Great quality and my wee girl loves this doll'

4/5  Loui 'My 8 year old daughter loves this doll. She has 3 of them now & wants more. Great quality & price'

5/5  Manspants 'Love these dolls - need a bigger house to manage the collection'

5/5  Tinabbear 'A very pretty and well made doll. Great accessories.'

5/5  Sammyvrob 'My daughter loves these dolls! She can spend hours dressing them and doing their hair....well worth the investment'

5/5  Sky 'My daughter loves these dolls, plays with them for ages highly recommend along with the other products that go with them'

4/5  Natjb 'Excellent doll looks great'

5/5  Mum Of Many 'My daughter loves all of the Design-a-Friend dolls, she has three now... and wants the the whole collection!'

4/5  Sophie 'My daughter loves this doll. It's like a miniature version of her so she thinks it is fabulous.'

5/5  Www 'Big size for a doll and it comes in a lovely box so didn't have difficulty wrapping it up.'

5/5  SharleneR 'This is a gorgeous doll and daughters love it! They both play with Designafriend dolls and love them. Good price and definitely recommend'

5/5  Kaos 'My daughter has the whole collection of designa Friend dolls and loves them all. She didn't realise that this doll had curly hair from the picture and from previous experience she knows that the hair can not be combed without making it frizzy which she was a little disappointed about. However she still likes her and is delighted her collection is complete - until the next name is released!!!'

5/5  Gran 'This doll was bougt for my granddaugter and and she loves it. She takes it everywhere with her and treats it like a child.'

4/5  Tee 'This was a gift for my little cousin, who is three. She will not put this doll down. It was a great purchase. The only thing I would have liked is if the doll was a little darker.'

5/5  DeeDee 'I purchased this dolly for my bestfriend's daughter for her 2nd birthday. When I collected the doll and opened it was I was amazed! Absolutely beautiful. Anyway my friend's daughter loved it! It's all she ever plays with now. Refused to put the doll down. Hasn't been apart since. I would highly recommend. I'd even get one for myself :3 the outfits and playsets you can get are so cute!'

5/5  Adelle 'Again my daughter loves days and will be getting the full collection'

5/5  Momo 'My 4 year old niece was thrilled with her doll, which was a birthday present. In no time at all she had all the doll's clothes off and back on, and she has great fun with it!'

3/5  Jamjet 'Bought for my granddaughter. The doll is ok but accessories are difficult for small children to use. Shoes are not easy to put on and neither are some of the clothes.'

5/5  Welshlady 'I bought this for my grandaughter to add to her collection, she loves it.'

5/5  Jemma_91 'I purchased the Lucy doll. She is lovely. Complete opposite to my daughter who has blonde hair and blue eyes. The hair is a good length. Dolls just perfect'

5/5  Pimble 'What can I say, I have a happy daughter who is over the moon with her new doll.Beautifully packaged, she loves the outfit and spends ages doing the dolls hair. A good quality product.'

5/5  3 C's 'Not just another doll, this one is beautifully made and just the right size!! She's been played with for a few weeks now and her long shiny hair is still perfect. She's easy to dress too. My one annoyance is the dolls are very generic. Dark hair dark eyes. Blonde n blue eyes. My Girl has dark hair n Green eyes!! Nice sporty dance outfit. I wish it was possible to choose the clothes they come with!!'

5/5  Vale 'Real value for money. Well made and quite large. My 8 year old niece was over the moon with this doll'

5/5  Crusoe 'Good purchase experience, good staff, enjoyable purchase, would recommend to others.'

5/5  Rose76 'Really lovely doll, with very pretty eyes and gorgeous long silky black hair, my little girl adores her! Lucy comes in a lovely dance top and leggings which you can mix and match with other clothes in this range. Best of all I purchased her when she was on special offer, so even more of a bargain!'

5/5  Mrs Gail Fearn 'I have put this away for Xmas but my granddaughter as 2already she just loves them'

5/5  Hales 'The doll I bought is brilliant and of good quality, will definitely be buying another'

5/5  Freya's Mum 'I bought this for my daughter instead of a journey girl or our generation doll, I think this one is easily a match for either of those and much cheaper!'

5/5  Zoe 'Bought for my 6 year old, she loves it. Hours of fun .'

5/5  Zzzz 'Lovely doll and lots of different outfits to choose from. Great buy.'

5/5  Lj13 'Bought this doll for my little girl as she had seen it advertised! She loves it! I feel she is a bit young for her (3 years old) but she loves playing with her hair and putting all her clips in! Like the idea of buying additional clothes once she is interested in that!'

5/5  Harley 'A very happy girl adding design a friend dolls to her collection'

5/5  Suzi 'Designa dolls are very well made dolls and they come in a wide range of styles'

4/5  June 'My 7 year old niece loved it.'

4/5  Murdy6 'As I myself don't play with dolls, it is hard to write a review, but my grand-daughter is extremely happy with it and the furniture set. she is very imaginative with her doll play and absolutely loves it.'

4/5  Ash 'My daughter wanted to spend her birthday on this doll, to be honest I thought it was going to be a waste. But in fairness she has played with it every day since and has now spent more money on an outfit for her. The doll itself looks like it will last, good hair that my daughter can brush and doesn't all fall out. Overall I happy with the purchase.'

5/5  Linda 'This doll was a lot bigger than I expected, it is not flimsy and the hair is amazing'

5/5  Nickee 'We love this dolls as collectables. We save her pocket money to extend each dolls wardrobe.'

5/5  Lu 'My grand daughter was very pleased with this doll'

5/5  Js 'My 8 year old bought this with her birthday money, she loves her! Is a pretty doll, looks good quality too'

5/5  Hayley 'My daughter is currently collecting all of these dolls and there never left behind, she takes them everywhere, they are extremely good quality and great value for money, fun and fashionable definitely recommend them best thing I've ever bought and money certainly not gone to waste she plays with them everyday :)'

5/5  Allic 'My twin girls love their dolls, they have only had them for a few days, but they go everywhere with them.'

4/5  Natty 'Bought this for my granddaughter as well as the onesie having so much fun'

5/5  Nutty Nannie' 'Bought this doll for my 8 yr old grandaughter, who loves it. It has beautiful long hair that can b combed, plaited + styled many different ways. (for this reason wd have liked to keep the doll for myself !!) You can also purchase additional outfits and accessories for these dolls, which is a useful extra gift to give when it comes to birthdays etc.'

4/5  P 'My niece loved this and I was impressed with how reasonably priced it is. For anyone who's heard of the American Girl dolls, these are a great substitute for us who can't frequent the states. Great buy.'

5/5  Heth 'So pleased with this doll as same as advertised thanks'

5/5  Jacqui 'Lovely face'

5/5  AJ 'Perfect little doll :)'

5/5  Happy Nan 'Excellent quality product..granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Red25 'I bought this doll for my 9 year old daughter, out of a group of about 5 different styled dolls this one is one of the cheaper in price and i feel worth what we paid. Shes soft bodied which makes it comfortable to hold. Her clothing is easy to remove and its possible to purchase further items seperatly making the play value good. Overall a very nice doll.'

5/5  Tracys 'My daughter loves these dolls, good all round quality materials and prices'

5/5  Paida 'I brought this for my little sister and she loves this as all the clothes can be removed and it enables you to be able to buy more clothes and shoes to be able to customise the doll. I would highly recommend this doll as it is good value for money and well built so the duralabilty will be able to last for long'

5/5  Chelle 'Haven't given it to my goddaughter yet but my 5yo (almost 6yo) has seen it and fallen inlove with it she wants one too. The clothes and doll are made perfectly no imperfections.'

5/5  Lou 'Can see why these dolls are becoming collectable. My daughter loves the charm bracelet that comes with them.'

5/5  Sami29 'My daughter loves her Lucy doll and spends ages getting her ready for the day and then ready for bed at night, and with so many outfits to choose from her new best friend always looks amazing!'

4/5  Sueann 'Was birthday present for our granddaughter who was very pleased with it.'

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