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chad valley designafriend model doll - tiffany

About the Chad Valley DesignaFriend Model Doll - Tiffany

The Chad Valley DesignaFriend Model Doll - Tiffany is the first and at the time of writing only DesignaFriend doll to have pierced ears. Tiffany is a trend setter with her super long incredibly soft and delicate wavy hair, comes dressed in a stylish evening gown with appropriate footwear, a cute clutch bag, lady gloves and low hanging gorgeous earrings. Also comes complete with a change of clothes for daytime lunging in the form of a snazzy T-Shirt, stylish jeans, shoes and simple stud earrings. Tiffany comes gorgeously packaged in a carry case with space for hanging clothes on one side and fold-out model runway on the other side. Includes a lovely charm bracelet for your little one adorned with a heart pendant. Your little one can keep all Tiffany's appointments in check with the doll diary, which is also included.

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Chad Valley DesignaFriend Model Doll - Tiffany Reviews

4/5   'Encourages the imagination with both the wardrobe section and the runway. Can store it all away in one box.'

5/5  Sam 'My little girl loves it a lot as it comes one spare dress and earring'

4/5  Nat87 'My daughter collects all of these dolls and loves them Comes with change of outfit a friendship braclet and earings ,although I had to put holes in the dolls ears myself as they was none and images shows the doll wearing them'

5/5  Nanny 'Bought this for my granddaughter for 7th birthday. She had the Darcy ballerina doll at Christmas and loves it, so didn't hesitate to buy this one for her. Bit annoyed that the price was £10 cheaper last year on offer and think the offer price was quite enough for this one.'

5/5  Oz 'My 7 year old absolutely loves this doll. Her friend has two different dolls from the same range and they play with them all together. pretending to have a fashion show!'

5/5  Caz 'My daughter love this doll, I think it's rather expensive for what it is and all the accessories are really expensive. The hair is already starting to look a mess'

4/5  Mc 'My 6 year old Grandaughter was thrilled with her doll. Really pretty with lovely clothes. The only downside being that the earrings would not go through the ears and that was one of the first things she tried to do. It would probably be a good idea if the manufacturer sorted that out. Otherwise a super gift for a little girl!'

4/5  Kerry 'Shes a beautiful doll with a few extra bits i didnt know were included the dress is lovely and the shoes im very pleased loved the box /cat walk thing too'

5/5  Gem 'Gorgeous little doll my daughter fell in love with her'

5/5  Mickey 'Rather expensive for what it is, but my granddaughter is not concerned with that. She loves it and plays with it for hours.'

4/5  Dodge 'Haavent given it to get yet'

4/5  Nana 'My granddaughter love this doll so much she has as for them all for Christmas'

5/5  Mik 'Lovely doll my eldest loves playing with it and it seems well put together'

4/5  Caden 'Our Granddaughter loves this doll a beautiful gift for her sixth birthday.'

5/5  Girl46 'Bought as part of my neices 6th birthday and she loves playing with this doll. Have bought a few other designadoll as presents and impressed with the quality.'

4/5  Iggle 'Bought this doll for 6 year old daughter who lived it at first sight. I thought it was quite expensive but was well worth the money. 2 outfits and accessories and well made. Lovely box to keep her in. Doll is beautiful with lovely hair and a nice face. Clothes and shoes fit well. My daughter is very happy'

5/5  Little Un 'Haven't given it to her yet'

4/5  Dolphin1 'My 8 year old wanted this for Christmas but I couldn't get it as had bought too much already. As it was her first choice for birthday I caved in and I have to say it's a beautiful Doll and although seems expensive you do get plenty accessories and a box that converts into a catwalk and wardrobe. A girly girls dream!'

5/5  Coven 'Glamorous doll granddaughter likes to play with it and dress it up that's all I won't Good clean fun image /// thanks'

5/5  Nomasha 'This was part of a gift to my daughter on her birthday. She loves this brand. The doll and her stuff are so beautiful. I also got her a gymnastics costume from the same brand. They are great for a little girl.'

5/5  Hodgy 'Great quality doll but comes with an extra set of clothes and the box it comes in is a wardrobe one side and a catwalk the other very well thought out. This is for my daughters birthday she will love it.'

5/5  Dani 'Really lovely doll which my daughter loves. On the expensive side considering they don't "do" anything but lively none the less. So many clothes and accessories to buy too which is great.'

5/5  Bubbles 'Bought first doll last November for one of my granddaughters then bought another one in January for another Granddaughter and shall buy another one in October for my other Granddaughter they love them.... Would recommend'

5/5  Jackie 'Bought this for my 8 year old granddaughter and she loves it. Was good value considering you get an extra outfit and box becomes a catwalk on one side and a wardrobe on other side. Would definitely recommend'

4/5  Elle 'This doll is gorgeous and my daughter loves putting the doll's earrings in and dressing her up in her clothes.'

5/5  Liz H. 'Rather expensive but beautifully dressed, doll has lovely long hair and spare set of clothes. Good play value.'


5/5  Jaynyj 'Purchased this for my granddaughters birthday. She collects these dolls and was thrilled with it. One happy child.'

5/5  Sahara 'Got this for my little girlsister birthday she loves it and now has two design a friend dolls and I am sure we will be getting more.'

5/5  NnnyB 'My Granddaughter loves this doll. I thought it was a little pricey but the quality was there. It is as you see in the catalogue which is more than can be said about the outfits you can buy for this doll. I tried to get the Aztec outfit but it is impossible they bringing out a Unicorn!!!'

4/5  Hp76 'Our 7yr old daughter was thrilled to buy this with her Xmas money, thankfully there was one in stock on the,day we wanted to reserve! She enjoys imaginary play with Tiffany & Darcy , it's great that the dolls come with a 2nd outfit'

4/5  WL 'Incredibly expensive for a doll bu daughter loves it'

4/5  Arnie21de 'My daughter saved up the money to buy this herself and has endless hours of play out of it. Great value in her eyes'

5/5  Lea 'This Tiffany Doll is brilliant my 4 year old daughter loves it to pieces. She loves changing its clothes ( we have even had to buy more clothes for it) and she takes it everywhere with her. She has hours of fun making up story's with it to. Definitely recommend this product for any one buying for a little girl.'

5/5  Flynno 'My daughter was delighted when she open her present. We thought she had grown out of dolls but had shown interest in this doll so we secretly bought it for her, what a good buy it was. She has loved dressing her doll, combing her hair and the box which is also a wardrobe to store all the clothes.'

5/5  Bobblin 'Great quality doll. My 8 year old loves it.'

5/5  Lily2001 'My granddaughter is thrilled with her new doll. She came with a wardrobe and catwalk and my granddaughter has played with her for hours, restyling her hair and dressing her up.'

5/5  Cozza 'Great doll. My 7 year old loves it'

4/5  Kathleen 'My 7 year loves this doll ,she has 3 of these dolls they are so pretty and the hair doesn't tangle,which means that they remain in great condition.'

5/5  Ames 'Bought this for my 9 year old daughter she loved it, but unfortunately after only a couple of days all the stitching around the dolls neck came undone. Seems like the head and hair are to heavy for the doll. We did have it replaced but it looks like it will have the same problem. Not what I'd expect after spending £49.99'

3/5  Vicky T 'Tiffany is a beautiful doll with lovely accessories, my daughter was very happy with her. The designafriend dolls are a fab collection of dolls, my daughter has got 4 so far and each one is well made and they have such pretty faces.'

5/5  Maz 'My 10½ old daughter wanted this doll desperately for Christmas. I thought she would be too old for dolls but I was prooved wrong! Tiffany is a beautiful well made doll. The outfits are good quality especially the pink gown. Only slight snag was we had difficulty in getting the earrings in but I used an old pair of mine and pushed them through really hard so the hole was more clearer. My daughter has had hours of imaginative play with the doll and the catwalk accessories. Well worth the price.'

5/5  Cazza '3.5yr old daughter loves it, really good quality and came in nice packaging. Very happy girl on Christmas Day, she doesn't put her down.'

5/5  Hayclay 'This was the only thing my 6 yr old daughter asked for. We bought it for Christmas and she hasn't put it down.. was slightly worried when I picked it up as I was expecting box to a lot bigger. It's just an average size doll. A bit pricey but worth every penny to see my daughter happy. Good quality and the box is actually sturdy so you can put her away in between use. Also doubles as a catwalk'

5/5  Jc 'Such a beautiful doll. My daughter loves playing with it. Bought more from the range since her birthday.'

5/5  Minime 'Beautiful doll my daughter loves it . Also the case is brilliant for keeping it clean.'

5/5  Chez 'A beautiful looking doll which comes in a strong cardboard carrier that doubles up as a wardrobe and even a catwalk! A second set of clothes and shoes are included. High quality and good value for money.'

5/5  Jules 'Lovely doll my 5year old niece loves it .'

5/5  Sarah 'My daughter loves this doll. It comes with amazing accessories and her hair is lovely which any little girl would love to style and brush.'

5/5  Happy Nanna 'Looks amazing good quality my granddaughter loves it'

5/5  Ben 'Superb and beautiful doll'

5/5  Twiz 'Just seeing my Grand Daughter's face on Christmas day when she opened the box was worth it, she played with the doll for the rest of the day and was amazed at what there was in the box.'

5/5  Ceetee 'Pricy doll but daughter fell in love with it. Dropped a few stars a play set box is after all just cardboard.'

5/5  Ruby 'Nice doll but at £50 a bit expensive.'

4/5  Bernie 'A fantastic purchase. The doll is every little girls dream. She was a Christmas present and was a huge success.'

5/5  Zwinsky '...for a doll that can't even sit down. Soft textile body with plastic legs, arms and head. No joints at elbows, knees or ankles/wrists so it can't do much except stand or sit with legs out. Lovely hair, but it soon got tangled with use. Main outfit is a bit fussy and belongs in another generation.'

3/5  Morse74 'Bought this for my 8 year olds birthday, she loves all the design a friend dolls and this is certainly her favourite.'

5/5  Zan 'My daughter wanted this doll for Christmas but I thought it was over priced. As the months went by and she was still asking for it, I caved and begrudgingly bought it for her present (it did help that it was £10 off Black Friday). However, once I saw this doll in person, I can agree with the price. It is very well packaged and extremely good quality. It has spare clothes, glittery shoes, handbag and jewellery, its own sturdy catwalk/ wardrobe. I am very happy with this purchase so is my daughter'

5/5  Jay16 'The look on my granddaughters face on christmas morning after mass was priceless, she jumped up and down with joy, the doll was more than i expected, she know has the full collection and they are very durable, a true gift of joy..'

5/5  You 'She loved it on xmas morning'

4/5  Kayleigh 'This dolly is the best dolly a little girl can have she lovely playing with it everyday from Christmas Day. Lots of accessories and outfits Excellent doll No fault at all'

5/5  Smithy 'My eldest daughter was very happy with her new designer friend doll she was really over the moon when she recieved it sayin it was the best thing in the world'

5/5  Adrian 'A well packaged doll which doubles as a wardrobe on one side and catwalk on the other. My 9 year old daughter is still playing with Tiffany and the wardrobe almost daily and keeps pushing for more DAF products from the catalogue.'

5/5  Emily 'Extremely well made! Was very shocked at quality of this product! I actually ordered more design a friend dolls! This doll is more expensive than other design a friend dolls but trust me you will not be dissapointed with this strong, beautifully made doll. Only this doll also comes complete in a carry case which opens into a wardrobe with mirror. Myself and my daughter are very happy and are now collecting them all ☺.'

5/5  Cadie 'Bought this for my 9 year old daughter, who loves the doll. She has 4 other dolls from this collection all of which are made/produced to a high standard. Would highly recommend this to any little girl. The only one negative thing I would say is that we need coat hangers!'

5/5  Happy Dad 'My daughter got this doll for Christmas and absolutely loves it. As well as been able to buy separate clothes to have fashion shows especially as her friends have similar ones where the clothes are interchangeable. The doll comes in his study and handy to store the doll in. Would recommend to all parents who are thinking of buying one for their children.'

5/5  Happy Nana 'We got this for our 4 year old granddaughter for Christmas and she was so excited absolutely loved it and played with nearly all day and it was great listening to her make up stories about what they were doing i.e going on holiday, going out for a meal and of course having a fashion show.'

5/5  Ti'n 'My 7 year old started collecting the designer dolls range last Christmas, she loves this doll and her dress is stunning and the quality is excellent. The doll itself is very pricey but it was worth seeing the smile on my daughters face.'

5/5  Sam27 'My 4 year old daughter loves this doll, everything about it even the box is extremely well made would highly recommend'

5/5  KAD 'My 7 year old daughter received this as a gift for Christmas. She was thrilled with the doll but even more excited when she realised the box opened out into a catwalk and area for her doll to get ready. She's had hours of fun with it already. Great buy.'

5/5  Sonia 'Lovely doll, great quality and detail. The dolls are really worth the money.'

5/5  Proud Mum 'Tiffany doll was a Christmas present for my daughter she absolutely loves it the perfect present for a little girl who loves fashion thanks argos'

5/5  Nanny Kay 'This is by far my granddaughters favourite doll so very stylish beautiful hair and all the accessories that is with it makes it great value as well as present'

5/5  Polly 'Grandaughter loves her .Got wardrobe ( no coat hangers). Clothes are exspensive like buying for a child. Going to cost a fortune for other accessories.'

3/5  N/A 'My granddaughter loved her doll'

5/5  Jase Death 'Great doll well made product'

5/5  Pre 'My daughter has 3 in total. Great detail and quality'

5/5  Middle Age Mum 'Fantastic great for girls of all ages.'

5/5  Jaz 'This made her day.'

5/5  AL61 'Beautiful doll great accessories my granddaughter loves the doll and her gorgeous gown. Would recommend for any little girl who loves beautiful things.'

5/5  Shaz 'This doll is stunning and comes in a very beautiful box'

5/5  Akb 'I will buy further accessories for this doll'

5/5  Jay 'My daughter finally got her for xmas after waiting awhile, she loves playing with her and styling her hair best fashion doll yet'

5/5  Kaz 'My grandaughter loves this doll .'

5/5  Mam 'Beautiful doll, my little girl absolutely loves it and the catwalk and wardrobe it comes with,it's all great for the price, she's has other designer dolls so is over the moon.'

5/5  Cheryl 'My 6 year old really wanted this doll for her birthday and I did think it was a bit pricy for a doll, but she was very well pasented in a catwalk box rapped in paper. The doll , hair and clothes where good quality and she came with extra clothes and a charm bracelet. Iv even got another one in the sale for my younger child x'

5/5  Mandy 'This doll is absolutely stunning can't wait to see my daughter's face when she sees it .'

5/5  Abiba 'Bought this as a Christmas gift for my 6 year old daughter. So is still wrapped, however when I opened it was amazed at size and quality. I know my daughter will love it! Also got a discounted price because of Black Friday.'

5/5  Lau 'My daughter has the collection of these dolls, they are beautiful and spends hours playing with them.'

5/5  Gemm 'Great doll a little exspensive but got in when 3 for 2 was in so can't really complain 7 year old loves it'

5/5  Maria 'Was on the must have Birthday list for my 8 year olds birthday. Lovely looking doll. But has hardly been played with all week.'

5/5  Mm28 'My daughter loves these dolls and all their accessories. Thus is a beautiful doll with lots of lovely extras like the earrings. There was 20% off when i bought otherwise I probably wouldn't have paid full price as it is expensive.'

4/5  P.b 'Very impresses with my item for the price and quality, exactly as advertised'

5/5  Mum Of 2 'My daughter loves these dolls she has 2 the great and afordable'

5/5  Chelsydeb 'Lovely doll and extras'

5/5  Petrapeo 'Excellent product & definitely worth the value would highly recommend'

5/5  Ashs79 'Gorgeous doll in beautiful box soft bodied my almost 4 year old will love it !'

5/5  Me 'Lovely doll. My 9 year old loves her and my 4 year old wants her!!'

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